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New 'Delta Plus' COVID-19 strain being investigated, but is it more contagious?

New 'Delta Plus' COVID-19 strain being investigated, but is it more contagious?

2021-10-24 4:47:00 AM

New 'Delta Plus' COVID-19 strain being investigated, but is it more contagious?

A new Delta subvariant COVID-19 strain has been designated a 'Variant Under Investigation' by the U.K., saying early evidence suggests it may be more transmissible compared to Delta.

, are of this Delta subvariant."Viruses mutate often and at random, and it is not unexpected that new variants will continue to arise as the pandemic goes on, particularly while the case rate remains high," UKHSA chief executive Dr. Jenny Harries said. "It should serve as objective evidence that this pandemic is not over."

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More investigation is needed to confirm if the strain, which has also been detected in Canada and theU.S., is indeed more contagious than the Delta variant, the UKHSA says."As AY.4.2 is still at fairly low frequency, a 10 per cent increase in its transmissibility could have caused only a small number of additional cases," Francois Balloux, director of the genetics institute at University College London, told the

Science Media Centreon Tuesday. "As such it hasn't been driving the recent increase in case numbers in the U.K."If the subvariant is in fact more transmissible, Balloux said the difference would not be the same as the one brought on by the Delta variant, which was far more contagious than any strain in circulation at the time.

"We are dealing with a potential small increase in transmissibility that would not have a comparable impact on the pandemic," he said.A small number of cases of the new strain have popped up in Canada, but it's unclear if it's more contagious than the Delta variant, according to Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Rasmussen said the U.K.'s robust genomic surveillance, which sequences about 10 per cent of the positive COVID-19 cases they have, may be a reason why they have detected more cases."In many places, we still don't have the surveillance capacity to find these variants if they emerge," she told CTV News Channel on Wednesday. "They also might not be emerging. We haven't really seen anything that indicates that this is becoming prevalent in Canada."

Dr. Rasmussen also believes it's likely the vaccines currently deployed in Canada will be effective against the subvariant."The vaccines that we currently have are quite effective against original recipe Delta," she said. "Of course, we should wait and see, we should take a look at it, but there's really nothing that stands out to me as a concern as far as vaccine effectiveness against this particular sublineage."

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The new Delta plus eh? The continuation of this man-made strain sliding in with a high five to take over? This is the 4th time you have retweeted this in 2 days.... give it up already. Maybe do some real journalism. Find a real story thats not covid related. Please stop. Enough already. We are all sick and tired of hearing about more variants. How about not reporting unless it is determined that the vaccine isn’t effective towards it.

The unvaccinated need to get their heads out of the sand. People who are vaccinated are not afraid of you but afraid for you. Yes everyone knows the vaccine is not 100% and can still be spread but it 95% better than 0 Here we go folks. Buckle up, the next wave of lockdowns are right around the corner with this new round of bullshit.

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I think ppl shouldn’t fly out of Canada Now it is Delta PLUS? What's next? Delta Ultra? Will that be the Christmas or the Easter variant? Really? This going to go on for another 10 years! LMFAO!!! more contagious but less lethal is the usual pattern shibainucoin Delta Plus Pro Max. That’s the name of the new GPS fish finder I just bought. I never caught any Covid and I likely won’t catch any more fish either.

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Ontario reports 492 new COVID-19 cases, 12 more deathsThanks for reporting the numbers! The hidden comments below are people afraid. It's ok. We got them!

Don't care to know this anymore. Or is it less contagious? Or is it deadly? Or is it mild? Or should it be called Delta Plus Minus? Or Delta Minus? Or Deltus? Or who cares? This is not news. No. But if media says it is, and people keep believing them, we keep losing Oh ffs give it a rest already Soon to come the delta executive.

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Canada considers what to do with millions of unused COVID-19 vaccine dosesRoughly 6.6\u002Dmillion doses have been distributed to the provinces but not yet used, and there are an extra 13 million in Canada\u0027s central vaccine inventory I’ll take a third Pfizer, as recommended by the CDC, please. Tam is hopeless. Simple , we send the excess to third world countries or any country that may need them. Second; we question who orders (up to) 180 million doses for a population of 38 million people, to the tune of 9billion dollars. Third: find new fiscally responsible procurement minister. Here is though give it to Cuba And other poor countries if virus lives there it will continue to spread since we stole there vaccines

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Saskatchewan Health Authority considering next stage of triage plan amid COVID-19 crisisSaskatchewan Health Authority executive director Derek Miller says a committee will prepare its recommendation to move to triage’s next stage اور متعدد علماء جن میں ڈاکٹر اسرار احمد جیسے مستند عالم بھی شامل ہیں کے مطابق وہ مسلمانوں کا وہ عظیم لیڈر کئی دہائیاں پہلے پیدا ہو چکا ہے۔ وہ لیڈر کون ہے؟ اسلامی کُتُب میں وہ رہنما امام المہدی کے نام سے جانا جاتا ہے۔

No thanks I’m waiting on the Delta 13 pro remember rat poison, kills off 100% of covid-19, if you ingest it, or inject into you neck like a good sheep poetry Okay fine. After reading the article not a big deal. I’m all for vaccines and safety etc. Just knock off the scary headlines please. It’s like you are trying to keep things in turmoil.

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