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George Floyd, Derek Chauvin

New charge in George Floyd death could make officer’s conviction easier: prosecutors

New charge in George Floyd death could make officer’s conviction easier: prosecutors

2020-06-04 8:28:00 AM

New charge in George Floyd death could make officer’s conviction easier: prosecutors

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison on Wednesday added a more serious second-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin .

ReutersPosted June 4, 2020 1:21 amUpdated June 4, 2020 1:22 am4:13George Floyd death: Minnesota AG say new charges ‘fit the facts’ unearthed in process of arresting 3 other officers Read more: »

They have to convict. I fear for the US if these ^&^! shake the charges. Awful sad to see his son there. Hope the paid thugs will realize this isn’t an opportunity for free Nike (but they can rot too as a poli company) and other “goods”. They won’t, but let’s see what else they bring. The world is with that family, not the rioters.

Minnesota raises charge against fired officer in George Floyd case, charges 3 othersMINNEAPOLIS \u0026mdash\u003B Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will increase the charge against a fired Minneapolis police officer to second\u002Ddegree murder in the death of an unarmed black man and level charges against the three other fired officers in a case that has led to more than a week of sometimes violent protests across the United States, the Star Tribune newspaper said on Wednesday.

UFC star Adesanya joins George Floyd protest in New Zealand -'We need you to speak up, we need you to say something...' UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya joined a growing group of prominent athletes condemning the killing of George Floyd . Interesting since the UFC is pretty much the most racist pro sports organization out there. That's saying a lot considering the NFL.

George Floyd death: Derek Chauvin charges upped, all 4 officers are now facing charges George Floyd , an unarmed Black man, died after pleading for his life as a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest. This is no longer justice. We are simply appeasing the mod. If this happens it will be the fall of justice. Sorry but Chauvin is walking, no way they can prove second degree, should have stuck with third and it would’ve been a slam dunk Sad. Nothing would've happened with the Aubrey case if the people were not outraged. Nothing would've happened here again if the people we're not outraged. Maybe, hopefully... One day.. we'll get it right. ✊🇨🇦

Blackout Tuesday may hurt awareness efforts after George Floyd death, advocates sayThe movement could unintentionally silence Black voices, doing more harm than good, advocates say. I think the riots, looting, arsons, and the beating of innocent people in the streets by black thugs have already done more harm than good for their cause, don't you think? Allowing AntifaDomesticTerrorists to take over the show was a YUGE mistake. They are PLAYING YOU You can refer to them as people you know... I'm against prejudice/racism! There are many good black folks! This does injustice to them! This violence, looting, shooting, destruction, hurting people; & they want us to be on their side against racism? Why aren't good blacks standing up against this?🤔 George's brother is!

‘We’re not stopping’: Thousands break NYC’s curfew to protest George Floyd deathMayor Bill de Blasio doubled down on a citywide curfew, moving it up from 11 p.m. the night before, but rejected urging from President Donald Trump and an offer from Gov. Andrew Cuomo to bring in the National Guard. You mean like this? Was this before or after he looted target and burnt Foot Locker to the ground?

George Floyd death: ‘Dangerous’ police chokeholds under fresh scrutiny worldwideImmobilization techniques where officers apply pressure with their knees on prone suspects are used in policing around the world and have long drawn criticism. Bear in mind...if we didn't have smartphones with video there police everywhere would deny such a tactic was ever used But they KNOW first aid,breathing and pulse are1 Globalnews come on, be a stronger voice for us!