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NDP, Greens pledge to improve access to health care and surgeries for transgender people

Meanwhile, the Liberal party said 'a lot of hard work still needs to be done — including in the realm of access to health care.'


Access to certain types of health care such as hormone treatments and surgeries can be costly and inconsistent for many transgender people in Canada. elxn43 cdnpoli

Meanwhile, the Liberal party said 'a lot of hard work still needs to be done — including in the realm of access to health care.'

“Certainly any role the federal government could take up in terms of making improvements would be welcomed by all.”

While health-care services are under provincial and territorial jurisdiction, federal parties are making specific promises related to improving health care for transgender and non-binary people.

It also pledges to develop a national action plan to ban conversion therapy for minors in Canada and to work with provinces and territories to support “eliminating this practice in all parts of the country.”

The Green Party platform, released on Monday, mirrors the NDP commitments on supporting access to gender-affirming health care and banning conversion therapy. It says that the party would negotiate the Canada Health Accord to expand services including access to gender-affirming health services “such as hormones, blockers and surgery.”

The Liberal government also said earlier this year that it wanted to explore criminalizing conversion therapy at the federal level.

Until earlier this year, a private clinic in Montreal was the only place in Canada that offered gender-affirming lower surgery. And while many provinces cover patients travelling to another province for health services, patients are often left to fund their travel and accommodation costs.

MacBeth came out as transgender in 2017, after her wife became pregnant with their second child. She met with a health-care provider to start transitioning with hormones and was eventually referred to a health centre in Chatham, about two hours from her home.

READ MORE: Toronto home to first public hospital in Canada that offers transition-related surgery

“Even when their surgery was covered, most people still had to cover a number of costs out of pocket, including travel costs, accommodation, aftercare facilities, and aftercare supplies,” the survey states.

In May, MacBeth became one of the first patients to undergo the surgery there. “I just feel so much better,” she said. “My life is better.”

“Physicians had limited understanding of appropriate interactions with trans patients, including correct use of gender pronouns,” the authors wrote.

Read more: Globalnews.ca

How about paying for herbs & supplements for autoimmune diseases instead of health care paying for chemical pills & antibiotics by large pharamacy companies that are making us sicker for those that have lupus & Lyme disease. So the rest of us have equal access to these surgeries Ie) breast enhancement? My crooked teeth? Thinning hair? These things make up how I or others feel about themselves to. Equality for all right?

More tax dollars being wasted! My mother just died waiting for hospital and doctor care .... but since she wasn’t a headline trigger word story Liberals NDP or Green Party don’t focus there All elective, shouldn't be funded by the taxpayer. Should not be funded by taxpayers neither should IVF to conceive babies

Don't modify the Canadian flag. Either use the flag or the LGBTQ flag but not a combination of the 2. TheWestBlock ElizabethMay theJagmeetSingh How about improving access to health care for the general public! That’ll be great Justin. You’ll finally be able to get that gender reassignment surgery you’ve been wanting.

This is totally insane!! The govt did not cover my penis reduction surgery! 😉 Does this mean all the surgery paid for privately in the past would be refunded if now covered? Sex change reparations!! I can see it happening.

Elizabeth May pitches Greens as holding balance of power in minority governmentThe Green Party of Canada says every policy in its platform -- from the economy to health, foreign affairs, immigration and transportation -- is viewed through the lens of the climate crisis. Yuuuup.... just like in BC. Guess my opinion on that! 😡 They will still be useless when Sheer and the Conservatives win a majority. drunken Liz

Only 2 genders unless your physically deformed. Someone wants to change who they are pay for it yourself. Oh yeah? Well I want my hormones paid for as well. Mine aren’t covered by my drug plan. It would help Trudeau when he does his transition. Then you should cover breast implants, plastic surgery for all. While at it, how about animals? they are human too and deserve better treatments.

Good when are they going to offer free plastic surgeries for everyone else Mommy needs some new boobs and Botox. I feel like a 20 year old but unfortunately am twice that. You want it , you pay for it ! Now that children in public school can choose if they want to change their sexual orientation it is going to get a lot more expensive.

Wtf?seriously there’s ppl with ❤️ problems and there’s a waiting list that never ends due 2 shortages..dnt u guys think it’s priority to find drs to people with health issues that wasn’t a decision they made instead of something a person wanted knowing the circumstances 😡😡😡! The World Heath Organisation has ruled that it's transphobic to say that being trans is an illness. It therefore doesn't require subsidised healthcare in the same way someone suffering from cancer does. You can't have it both ways I'm afraid

This is like government funded plastic surgery. I'm all for a trans person doing whatever they please in life but making the public fund this kind of thing is extreme and over the top.

Greens pledge to regulate tech giants to ensure only ‘verifiable identities’ on platformsIs it possible for a government to enact this type of regulation, and would it actually address the problems the Greens have referenced? Global News asked three experts. This is stupid....there are plenty of reasons for anonymous accounts that have nothing to do with trying to trick people. Second, right now I can put my account at my real name...Fred Smith, does that make you feel better? it shouldn't my name isn't Fred Smith. What this tells me is that the Greens have a ordinary soccer mom's understanding of how technology works and a pretty rudimentary understanding of how misinformation is spread. Only being able to use social media if you give a social security number? They’d lose all their users. Phone number is already a stretch

But if they're not ill, why do they need 'health care'? Being transgender is not an illness according to trans rights advocates. There is no reason then that public healthcare money should be used to pay for such “treatment”. Can’t have it both ways. Absolutely no! This is horrible. This must be fake news.

Kinda torn on this issue, smoking and overindulged drinking/drugs have links to cancer and those are also personal choices people make. Should we stop paying for that treatment? Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I should be paying for someone’s boob job but It’s a slippery slope. The government should not be paying for this, this is an optional surgery.

With the cost of diabetes meds and the condition of cancer treatment in this country trans hormones should be the last thing on the list! I won't be paying for that this surgery and hormone treatments, cosmetic surgery for transgender persons should be covered under private insurances not OHIP and other provincially paid and tax payer funded ones.

Canada needs more full time front line healthcare workers. Canada need to address “Hallway medicine “. Well, this country doesn’t fork over a dime for fertility costs and many other health related issues so until that happens, I don’t think anyone should be having their boobs paid for.

LIVE: NDP Leader Singh makes announcementNDP Leader Jagmeet Singh makes an announcement and speaks to reporters, LIVE NOW. And nobody cared Hurry up and finish, schreer needs to get ideas to make a plan NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh makes another STUPID SOCIALIST announcement on how to DESTROY Canada’s ECONOMY I shall pass and then VOTE 🗳 for the CPC on October 21/19

So, I broke my back, and couldn’t get physiotherapy after discharge.... I would prefer to look after the injured and people who NEED it. That community is over entitled, and needs to relax. We had a gay mayor in Wpg 20 years ago, we accept you. letsmoveon How about we put money towards access to health care , physio , dental , hearing aids ? Make the pensions better for those who have worked all they’re lives and then be able to live

Hmmmm pandering much? DNA and body parts do not lie. The brain is the item telling the individual that they are in the wrong body. Therefore it is a mental disorder and should be treated as such. When a person suffers from depression, they don't change body parts, they treat the brain. no way.. this is a personal journey involving choice to change ones gender.. this journey should in no way be funded by tax payers...it is wrong.

Because that's not health care, its cosmetic surgery. Seriously? Surgeries for transgendered people? That why we need MaximeBernier in to put a stop to this non sense crap. What a waste of money. What about the vets who are asking for to much? Politicans are favoriting the 1%? Wow lots of buying votes not 🤣😂

I don’t CARE taxpayers money should not be used for these choices. 770CHQR DIY

NDP promises to build 500,000 new affordable homes in 10 yearsThe NDP is promising to build 500,000 new affordable homes across the country in 10 years, if elected. What’s the definition of affordable housing? I pay 1200$ for a bachelors suite....Is this affordable housing! I would like to know what theJagmeetSingh thinks Affordable housing means, like what would rent look like in those buildings? The $5billion is coming from taxing corporations which will impact jobs and tax money flowing back to the govt. useless commie nut So taxpayers have to house those who choose not to work.....

i dont think tax payers should be paying for transgender surgeries and millions of dollars in treatments , hormones and cosmetic for one to change ones gender.. tax payers are presently funding such items under the liberals.. What about our wounded veterans and senior citizens? This is 100% an elective surgery and taxpayers should not be putting a dime towards it

Elective medicine shouldn’t be taxpayer dime. That’s not “healthcare”, it’s a choice. Meanwhile seniors that require hip and knee replacements can go fuck themselves and wait in line. Let Provinces decide. Stay in your lane. Who would have thought removing your penis would have been costly and inconvenient

GlobalNational Government Health care shouldn't include this type of personal choice surgery.... only need health procedures and medicine should be included.

NDP unveils policy promises in Quebec, including expansion of language lawThe Quebec-specific platform aims to re-engage voters in the province who once carried the party to Official Opposition status. cdnpoli elxn43 Good thing he won’t ever win. This pandering needs to stop. Talk about dividing a country! theJagmeetSingh just lost my vote.... likeheevenhaditinthefirstplace 😂 He is no Jack Layton

LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder TrudeauMustGo WelfareMedia PPC2019

Evening Update: The latest on arrested intelligence official Cameron Ortis; U.S. says attack on Saudi oil facilities came from Iran or IraqElection 2019: Bernier to join leaders’ debates; Greens unveil platform; Liberals vow child-care support Must have some BIG batteries on these drones! The attack almost certainly came from the within Saudi Arabia, probably from the Eastern Province. To suggest otherwise is dim witted. Attack on Saudi lol facilities came from the Globe and Mail. Press freedom applies to everyone, where's my colum? Why would anyone believe the US intelligence service? Been there before. That war is still going on. Give world domination a rest US. Stay out of it.

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