Baby Boomers, Lyman Stone, Millennials, Munk Debates

Baby Boomers, Lyman Stone

Munk Debates – Lyman Stone: Baby boomers have ruined the future for millennials

Munk Debates – Lyman Stone: Baby boomers have ruined the future for millennials


Munk DebatesLyman Stone : Baby boomers have ruined the future for millennials

The opportunities that a young adult will have to achieve a flourishing life are much narrower than they were in the past

Those in their 20s and early 30s are suffering from greatly reduced opportunities and outcomesSince the recession, household wealth has recovered for households headed by people older than 35. If your household is headed by someone over 35, then odds are that you are wealthier than you were before the recession. If your household is headed by someone under 35 then odds are you have not experienced any recovery. Household wealth for people under 35 has continued to decline.

I’m not declinist, but the reality is that for young people today, it is much worse now than it was a decade or two decades ago. I don’t deny that baby boomers have made excellent generational contributions. But just because some people made a very good contribution does not negate how they’ve set up the next generation to perform. Millennials will not experience the same opportunities that were afforded to their parents, and the baby-boomer generation is to blame for the situation young people now find themselves in.

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Terrible generalization, many not all boomers. Quick look through these replies and it's obvious boomers have grossly over-inflated egos. The only thing Boomers ever did for the generations after them is dig us a grave. Narrowed perspective, and very limited opinion piece. What, no mention of Gen X? We had to suffer the control of boomers as well, but at least we still made something for ourselves. Millenials are simply a giant step backwards for humanity, and they can blame themselves.

Yeah yeah yeah, and we boomers accused the generation before us of multible wrongs and generations after you will accuse you for their present day wrongs / every generation accuses the previous generation of mucking things up Yeah. I worked and paid into my pension for 42 years but it's my fault. It's not. I know many people that have found jobs with low wages immediately after being unemployed. I guess it boils down to whether you want to work or not. Low paying jobs are a stepping stone. Take it.

Bahahahah Without the foundation that the baby boomers have built, there would be no future for millennials at all. Hahaha !! Dumbest headline of the day !!! ... and with Trudeau as PM .... THAT’S saying something !! Baby Boomers drove the car over the cliff then handed over the keys and all the blame to

To me the biggest difference is that boomers had parents and grandparents who lived through terrible times. World wars, the depression etc. Boomers for the most had a new beginning but always had real personal reminders of true hardship!

8 Tips To Make Weeknight Family Dinners EasierAdvice from parents for having weeknight meals with their kids.

Generational culture warfare is a sign of a very unhealthy society. We need the wisdom of age combined with the energy and enthusiasm of youth. One doesn't work without the other. Why of course the millennials have to blame some one. God forbid they actually take responsibility for something. The embrace of Marxism and Collectivism has done this. Not the Baby Boomers

It is was millennial that were in place instead of boomers there would be NO future at all I am proud of the fact I worked hard for every damn thing that I have and I am not paying for anybody's degree. No, First Nations have. Except we paid for their educations, financed their 'gap year' , helped them buy their first houses and welcome they and their kids back home if need be. It's really tough to be a millennial! What a bunch of whiners!

Sorry, but they don't know what hardship is. But they could google it I guess Millennials will never ever blame themselves for the shit stains on their underwear. It's always somebody else's fault. I as a boomer am proud for ruining their lives. Apparently we should have tried a lot harder, useless millennials don’t deserve anything.

OK, boomer: A ‘Bachelor’ for seniors is on its wayIn order to be eligible to be selected for the 'Untitled 'Bachelor' Senior Dating Show,' applicants must be legal residents of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). I'd rather be single. Those shows are ridiculous and now have spiraled into the realm of stupidity! steeletalk culture. Hopefully, people of a certain age won’t want to contribute to a filth culture.

You mean those boomers who created the internet? The boomers who created cell phones and cell networks? The boomers who created entire industries and millions of jobs? Those boomers? For God's sake. Don't start idiots The crybaby generation, their contributions have been so outstanding they can scold others on theirs. 🙄

Garbage. Complete and utter garbage, Nat Po. Unfortunately, this article has some truth to it. Baby boomers have been feeding them with a gold spoon since birth and they still are today. Most of them are in their 30s and still expecting mom and dad to offer them support. These kids will never learn to be independent.

Lyman Stone: Baby boomers have ruined the future for millennials! What 🐃💩! Baby Boomers did well, so can Millennials. Many Baby Boomers believed in the Protestant Work Ethic, Millennials think they are entitled. Every generation has its challenges and has overcome them.

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‘Urban-green-left zealots’ are hurting future of Indigenous people, Jason Kenney saysAfter Teck Resources pulled the plug, Kenney vented his frustration in a phone call with Trudeau. People in both offices say the call went poorly ah yes because we know the 30 years of oil boom has helped them so much... He's right Kenney could not even wait one minute to have discussions with the federal government without going to social media. It is time to grow up and discuss issues before pointing a finger. Reminds me of a couple of kids saying I am going to tell on you first.

Cutting salt likely to prevent future heart disease, even if you're not at risk nowA new meta-analysis on lowering salt intake found strong evidence that cutting dietary sodium reduces blood pressure in those with existing hypertension, but it also reduces blood pressure in people who are not yet at risk. Did you run this by David Suzuki before you decided to tweet it?

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