MP visits homes across Nunavut, says people are 'basically living in mould boxes'

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Nunavut’s NDP MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq is urging the government to do more to provide safe housing in her territory after she visited several communities and saw widespread mould and poor living conditions.

“We know the need for safe housing and safe spaces is immense throughout Nunavut, but to actually see it first hand is something that has been extremely eye-opening … people are basically living in mould boxes,” Qaqqaq told CTV News Channel on Saturday.

Safe and affordable housing are longstanding issues in Nunavut. For years, the Nunavut Housing Corporation has described the situation as a housing crisis due to a lack of affordable homes, the high cost of construction and cramped conditions in existing spaces. The commission found that,, 38 per cent of tenants lived in overcrowded conditions, with that number rising to 72 per cent in some communities.

Last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the territory and pledged $290 million over eight years in conjunction with Nunavut. At the time of Trudeau’s visit, more than 4,900 people were on waiting lists for public housing.“It’s been made very, very clear that the federal government likes to talk about reconciliation but does not, through their actions, actually value Indigenous lives and Inuit lives,” she said.

Qaqqaq said five communities she visited all have at least 100 people on a waitlist for public housing. She described theQaqqaq has been documenting her tour onto show the water-stained homes and rusting pipes that she said haven’t been fixed because of lack of funding. She said her goal with the tour is to raise awareness in hopes of fixing the problem.

Ceilings, windows & a furnace room in Kugaaruk. People deserve homes that are sustainable & SAFE. Communities struggle to keep up with the demand, there isn’t enough $$ or access to materials is extremely limited. The fed govt is restricting Inuit from living in healthy homes


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yesitsme_Imhere Hmm?

Canada’s record with Indigenous People is appalling- When UN Council on Human Rights are urging Canada to improve its treatment of Indigenous people - it’s time

And millions being spent on Governor General's place. The gov't sure has its priorities right 🙄

There's only so much a nation can do when the people demanding/begging for money insist on living a parallel society. It seems the traditional way of life is more suited to Northern living. Subsistence/harmony over Doritos/chaos.

Thought we arnt supposed to be going to people's houses?

Why is it the nation's problem that these houses are neglected by the occupants?

Maybe do like everyone else and build themselves some housing and respect said housing ..

Then move.

Trudeau hates Indigenous Peoples and would rather line his own pockets = WE Charity. Trudeau moved faster than lightning to fund a Real Estate Holding Company of the WE Charity. 'Since then, Qaqqaq said the federal government has yet to put those goals into action.'

More time giving a shit about their own living conditions might so the trick.

My brother in law was part of the sixties scoop it ruined his life. Please look into the real history of what our government did to our indigenous people they need to be lifted up not judged. That goes for anyone who is struggling

All houses can be mold havens... its why you maintain your home and use soap and javex and other cleaners to prevent it... or would you like the govermnent to do that for you as well...? 🤔

Have a niece teaching in Nunavut, might want to address the incest acts and drug abuse issues amongst the many other things that their community turns a blind eye to first. 9 yr olds telling teacher to fk off, grade 5 students smoking, illegal alcohol being made...more funds pls

Bit of bleach and elbow grease. Problem solved. Oh, and upkeep must be on a regular basis because you know, the harsh climate and all.

or buy a dehumidifier if ur home is damp. just sayin

No worries it will become a real issue should a Conservative ever get elected because as long as Trudeau runs the country for some strange reason FN's fully accepted lies & empty promises from the Trudeau Govt.

I thought the Liberal Government under Trudeau was looking after this issue along with providing clean drinking water? 🤔

Oh FFS!!!! Enough already!!! Stop asking for money if you’re not willing to relocate out of these God forsaken places!!!!! OR What money has been given To whom was it given? Why have there been no improvements made? Where is that money now?

Send cleaning supplies and deduct them from any cash they might have otherwise received.

Cool, so the government will pay for repairs on my house? Silly me, I've been fixing things myself!

How many homes does $900 million buy in Nunavut?

My niece teaches in Nunavut, how about the ppl fix the incest within their community,all funding gets spent on drugs,tobacco etc..she has witnessed this first hand and ppl talk to much blaming government.. please get a life

This is untrue. Justin Trudeau has been PM for 5 years now and he promised he was going to fix this

I've got a crazy about get a job, save money, get a mortgage and buy a nice home?

I heard that the government gives First Nation members free homes. Granted, somebody may have been pulling my leg. So here is a teaching opportunity. How you approach is all about you, not me.

Experiment with a basic income for Nunavut.

Really? That sounds warm. Mud retains heat.

Whaaat, brown people complaining? Unable to take care of themselves? And demanding things? No one could have predicted this

We MUST do better.

That’s a you problem

Well stop giving them houses and make them earn them then they won’t treat them like shit.

The government doesn’t help me clean my house or put in an air exchanger 🤷‍♀️. Why would they need to do this to Nunavut homes? bleach CleanUp ActLikeAnAdult

This is unacceptable. While partisans are arguing over dresses, ministers, whether something is a scandal or not, & other such pointless bullshit, this is the reality people are living in. Everyone needs to step the fuck up & demand better. We need to -do- better. Come on folks

How about investing in some rubber gloves and bleach?

Are chiefs and town officials living in the same conditions?

The more air tight and efficient the worse the condensation and mould. Without the air exchange like a hole in the roof in traditional structures of northern people the MoistnessOfBreathing Dooms them

What exactly would they be living in if colonization hadn’t happened?

What have they done with all the money they have received for decades. Maybe they'll all be better off if they blend into Canadian society & earn a living like the rest of us. Handouts don't work.

Maybe the Indians could pay for their own homes. Nobody buys me a house.

Funny they where beautiful new homes not thAt long ago.

Appalling. They should come first and we should feel blessed to be here. Why isn’t this an outrage ? We’ve seen Blisters on their faces! If I lived with mold & my kids had blisters CAS would scoop em up .They deserve better after all they’ve given us. Shame on us as a country!

You know what would help? If we give more of our money to foreign countries. That surely will help our own people right? Right?

But the Trudeau “Liberals” had a contest to see who could build housing They made a big deal out of it as though they actually cared about Indigenous Canadians Despite the fact companies around the globe have been building in remote locations for decades

Not far from the truth ..... except the government workers . Their homes are fine !

Yup thank you liberals and NDP. Not focusing on the public but their own interests.. typical.

What did they live in before ‘mould boxes’?

But Canadians are nice and wholesome..

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