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Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine, Masks School Manitoba

Mother sues school division for $200K for requiring face masks

A woman took a Manitoba school division to court for more than $200,000 in damages for requiring her children to wear masks in school, a move she said was a breach of their rights.

2020-09-25 5:15:00 AM

A woman took a Manitoba school division to court for more than $200,000 in damages for requiring her children to wear masks in school, a move she said was a breach of their rights.

A woman tried taking a Manitoba school division to court for more than $200,000 in damages for requiring her children to wear masks in school, a move she said was a breach of her children's rights, and was seeking a court injunction to allow her kids to go to school with no masks.

In the claim, McKenzie said she was seeking $210,000 collectively in damages for various breaches of rights and privacy, as well as $1,000 for every day her children missed school. She also requested a court injunction preventing the division from requiring her children to wear masks in school.

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On Thursday afternoon in Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench, Justice Gerald Chartier dismissed the claim, saying that McKenzie failed to persuade the court that irreparable harm would be caused if the injunction was not granted.In a written endorsement, Chartier wrote that McKenzie had written to the principal of her children's school, which is the division, claiming an exemption for her children having to wear a mask for reasons including mental, dental, medical and personal choice.

Chartier wrote that after a discussion with the principal, McKenzie provided doctors notes to the division which said "for medical reasons, this patient will not be able to tolerate continuously wearing a mask."In the claim, McKenzie alleges the division "responded by questioning the credentials of the doctor being that he was a physician in Ontario, and the contents of the note."

Previous Manitoba guidelines required facemasks for students in Grades 4 to 12, as well as in any Grades 3/4 split classrooms where physical distancing cannot be maintained, adding doctor's notes are not required for exemptions.Those guidelines were updated by the province on Sept. 18, while the case was in trial, to say school divisions may request a doctor's note for exemptions to facemasks.

The new guidelines say exemptions can only be made based on nine exceptions, which include exemptions for people with a medical condition unrelated to COVID-19, people with deformities and people with PTSD who are triggered by a face covering.In the claim, McKenzie said the division disregarded the province's earlier policy by requiring a doctor's note, and breached the rights of her children.

But in his endorsement, Chartier said her arguments "lacked merit" and said he was not satisfied McKenzie "established irreparable harm should this injunction not be granted.""I am satisfied that the COVID-19 policies in relation to masks in schools are required for safe operation of the schools," Chartier said in a written endorsement. "And while the policy acknowledges that the knowledge of the wearing of non-medical masks is evolving, the wearing of masks can play a role in reducing transmission of COVID-19."

MOTHER ASKS FOR SEALING ORDER ON CASEMcKenzie also submitted a motion for a sealing order, which would make all the documents in the case closed to the public and media, saying there is "identifying and confidential" information throughout the documents.

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She told the court since the media began reporting on the case she has received "hateful emails."Chartier would not grant a sealing order saying it is a matter of public interest."You shouldn't be surprised that an issue like this is of interest to the public," Chartier said.

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Maybe the teachers and parents of students should sue her for failure to wear a mask It is totally amazing how many completely stupid people are walking around out there. Absolutely shameful that someone would be trying to capitalize on this crisis at the taxpayers' expense. It's frivolous actions like this that make people dislike lawyers.

Wow! Give it a rest, Karen.. Some people are just plain stupid....! 👍👍👍 Great!! Now let's do Ontario And who is she going to sue when her kids get sick? Take money from a school division that is likely already struggling to support its students and staff. Condemn those that are trying to keep everyone safe. Trying to benefit from a global pandemic... How Pathetic.

No it's not breach of their rights school is protecting the children and everybody else around them. Good, fight back. Sylvie_Jazzy CDC in the States just released some survival numbers for kids 0-20. The survival rate is 99.997%. What the fuck did we shut everything down for? Oh yea, an election in the US.

good for her. I hope she wins! RoccoGalati lawsuit she didnt win ,did she The crazy. It cuts deep. TruegritG Yass! Go mom! Sure there are going to be Court cases Is she suing them for making her children wear shirts to school? Or shoes? Or pants? About time some parents with children who are school age stood up. I would have a long time ago had I had kids in public school

Covidiot Throw it out Stupidity. They walk amongst us! She's a R*t*rd that likes giving money away to lawyer's for stupid reasons that make no sense. Moron Thank God for mothers who will fight for the future of their children. She should have gotten more, much much more. Requiring children to wear masks at school is abuse. Teachers should have spoken up but they didnt.....says alot about how concerned they are for kids.

TalismanOfTruth NoMasks Good for her. Asshole 🤬 Takes all kinds; sounds pretty selfish to me. It’s not that other avenues of learning weren’t made available Serena_writes Vancouver teachers have a VERY hard time accepting the no extra school fees ruling. They are so lazy! They demand participation in endless, pointless 'field trips' with punishment for all who decline. All I did was fight all the way thru high school.

Serena_writes EndLawlessLockdown This sets an important precedent! Nobody can force masks on kids which don't even work and may actually increase risk. If they don't want her kids in school, give her child's education funding directly to her. She can find other maskless options like pods. Good for her.

Good for her! More Canadians need to fight this insanity! Mass compliance equates to mass control! Keep obeying and living in fear. It’s just a mask, it’s just a vaccine and it’s just a chip. How naive and complacent Canadians have become...It shall get worse... Aesome. I love it. I hope she wins The victims of Covid-19 should sue her for Homicidal negligence. They sue her for infringing on their rights of Good Health. 'Their Stupidity, my life'

must be duuuumb and thirsty enuf for money suing Rylee1909 Nice! If I had kids I'd be suing the first school division that tried to implement racial supremacy into my kids. BLMIsATerroristOrganization Give. Me.A. Break........ Don’t like it. Home school your brats instead. Don’t breach my rights, or the rights of others, because you’re a stunned c*nt

Awesome!👏👏👏 I hope more parents will do that!!! Bankrupt teachers unions!!! Home schooling is an option. Teach your own kid without putting other families at risk. Or is this one of the many parents that gave up on teaching their own kids when they realized how challenging it is to teach children a set curriculum. It’s not easy. Protect our teachers!

This seems to be coming up quite a bit. Lawyer Rocco Galati is suing the Canadian Government over Covid. I hope she had to pay all the court fees. What a waste of time and money She expects the school to pay $1000 for every day her child missed...of a free education? She needs her head examined. Good practice for a practicing lawyer

Now that's a milf I hope she loses lots of money. I want to drink copious amounts of beer with her! and are we still calling it Manitoba I thought it was peopletoba.....🤷‍♀️ Good. It is. Hope she wins Good. Hope she wins. Lots of covidiots in this timeline. Masks don’t help. Awesome! Everyone needs to start suing for child abuse and violating human rights

Good, hope she wins. 200k for masks? We can send her a box for 12 bucks. Made in China She will NEVER win. That will set a precedent and EVERYONE will then be entitled to sue the school boards. Good! Push back now or live on your knees under authoritarian rule. Up to us Our economy would be back open and roaring by now if it weren't for these idiots.

Then homeschool! My friends are homeschooling their child while my other friends have chosen to send theirs to school! Representing this sort of claimant ... not a good look for Cdnlawyermom. I hope the school division was awarded all costs. Frankly, I think the MBBarAssn should be having a look at this issue.

Good! Oh you poor entitled lady What an irresponsible parent!! Sad to see she is raising the next generation of irresponsible people. What a great example she is setting for her children! RedneckMichelle 'Said'... Mmmm, no....'IS' a breach of your rights, her rights, everyone's rights. I guess protecting her children and other people’s children from Covid 19 is a breach of rights! Honestly some people are just stupid.

lol, a valiant effort from a COVIDIDIOT who should have had the logical sense to understand why masks were mandated and who was actually responsible. How did she pass the bar? Am guessing this was for 2 second of fame. What about my right to live? You are raising very selfish, stupid and ignorant things

Academy award winner! CanadianPM This is the problem She should be charged with miss use of courts time. This thread has attracted sheep like a bear to honey. do seatbelts next 🍿 Then do hardhats and safety boots after that sue the pants off them Keep your kid at home. Solution solved. Bravo Momma! Masks are child abuse and any parent that doesn’t see that...YOU are part of the problem.

What a toolbox. All about me. And screw everyone else. Outrageous A underlying frustrated emotionally angry woman who isn't happy with herself or life, looking for a vent to spew her venom with her lawsuit. Should spend her legal fees on a psychiatrist If she doesn’t want them wearing masks she can homeschool them.

Absolutely. Hurry up let’s get that violation of human rights ruling that will stop all of this. Maybe wink at the judge and get a restraining order for the media and it’s weirdos to stay away from schools who look and act like death doctors of the plague. Good Doesn’t surprise me she is a lawyer. Another nut case, send her to the USA with the other nut cases.

Fucking Karens here we go! Your child is special we know so sick of people and there whining 🙄 Keep them at home then! Selfish people This mother putting her children and other people at risk over their rights, others also have a rights to to be safe and healthy freetheJays Good, hope she wins. I think it should be up to the parents to choose to send their kid to school with a mask or without. It seriously impedes on learning. Many kids with learning disabilities need to watch people's mouths to fully understand what is being said to them.

What will be your response if you are in the other side that your child got the virus from someone that is not following the basic principles to allow your child to be safe, crazy how people think this is about “your rights”. They end where others begins Going to see more of this. Leave it to Manitoba. The butt crack of Canada.

Masking children is child abuse. Look at the data not your feelings of fear. Why are the courts allowing this to even get there...... Seriously Somebody broke 😂😂😂 Oh yes I am going to take my local municipality, Canadian tire, Canadian superstore.......etc as they make me wear a mask, and for there staff not smiling under there masks. What the fuck wrong with this stupid woman and the ass of a judge.

Well done Judge Chartier 👏 Madness 🙄 Why? I wonder if she puts her kids in car seats air makes them wear a seat belt...what a breech of their rights This case should be thrown out but she should be punished for her entitlement. 'F' the other children who could be affected by her brats. Health comes before rights especially when other people's health is concerned! Quite the mother to get into the public eye!!!!!

She will have to prove her children have suffered a loss, it’s already been proven that a mask does not restrict breathing. It’s just uncomfortable to wear. Boohoo, put on your big girl pants woman and do your part as a Canadian citizen. I’m so tired of the arrogance of some people who think they are above all others and don’t care what the regulations are and refuse to wear the mask. Don’t be a dick, ya don’t like wearing it, shop Amazon and stay the hell home

Good job, I hope she wins Give her the money and then take away her free health care. She will need the cash for medical expenses ..... The judge handled that brilliantly. Tossing out every incomprehensible argument made by that “lawyer.” Totally laughable. Good for her. How DARE the government try to protect her and her family!

$200K lawsuit? Great parenting! What an absolute idiot. Let the children stay home and do on line schooling. They won't have to wear a mask then How much money was spent defending against this ridiculous claim? At least it was dismissed. Make sure she pays their lawyer fees in full on top of her own lawyer when this is over and done with.

Good for her for standing up for her kids human rights and tyranny. Thank you to the judge for setting a precedence. Let this be a lesson to the rest. WAKE UP REJECTS. Oh god she’s nuts She will lose. some people shouldnt have children Not sure this is crazy or stupid, maybe both She can home school her children

Why do stupid people make mask wear an affront to their rights!?! It’s proven to help stop the spread of the virus. So selfish. What the ... , crazy people Crackpot. No merit to her case whatsoever Buhahaha! Best story! Good god. I hope the court finds this to be frivolous and I hope she ends up having to pay everyone’s costs.

This woman is a hero!! Good for her. Hope she wins. TruthOrDie1 Bravo! STOP fearmongering, fascism & theft of rights JohnsHopkins : 99+% will be cured by doing NOTHING Stanford Dr John Ioanniddis 99.6% survival ScienceMatters Experts at sickkids SWAtlasHoover & countries worldwide: send children to school NoMasks NoSocialdistancing

20 bucks for the hardhat, 13 bucks because of the meat inspector, $3 for each time you wore the seatbelt, and don't get me started on flossing. Good for you 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏 I hope you win Bitch looking to make a quick buck but turns out she's not that good a lawyer! Is this a frivolous law suit On Thursday afternoon in Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench, Justice Gerald Chartier dismissed the claim, saying that McKenzie failed to persuade the court that irreparable harm would be caused if the injunction was not granted.

Covidiot! She should be sued for being negligent and irresponsible! Damn ignorant parents who show no kind of respect for others and teach her children to be just as irresponsible and negligent. That’s why society is breeding kids who are selfish and careless and who no respect for others. This is awesome news for once let’s see more of this this is how you make changes this shit is pathetic

Hope the school board seeks cost when she loses So refreshing to see some common sense for a change! Does she believe that all the rules in the school contravene their rights as well? 😔 What rights are being breached? just give the family free body bags :) I think we should wear masks indefinitely. I wish my formative years were spent like this...

Glad to see Americans haven't cornered the market on stupidity So when she hops in her car & takes her kids with her she doesn't use seat belts or child safety seats either right? She sounds like a real intelligent woman..hope she's on the hook for the $ the school board spent defending this stupidity.

How is it possible to even be able to register a lawsuit against the school board for doing what the government told them to do Money grab ! Fricken dough heads...God help her if her kids spread the virus. Ounce of prevention.... Lawyer after getting her retainer... freedom to infect others with virus? Where can I donate to all the other parents who would like to counter sue her for endangering their children amd creating amd unsafe Learning environment.

It's not like masks and hygiene are new inventions. COVIDIOT And she FAILED ... And if her kids get sick Will she sue them for that too Why are there so many stupid people? 🤔 Unreal. What about the rights of others not to get covid? I'll she have to pay court costs when she looses. Gov't can't afford to be in court defending itself against selfish individual.

COVIDIOT Such bullshit! Homeschool dc She is right. Grifter. McKenzie also submitted a motion for a sealing order, which would make all the documents in the case closed to the public and media, saying there is 'identifying and confidential' information throughout the documents. this is of interest to the public,' Chartier said.

Sue her for being stupid Give her kids ventilators instead... Move south Karen. Because some of you sheep need to hear it, masks are proven not to work. If any one k ows the name of the lawyer she used... Let me guess, a religious nutcase like the ones I live beside. Sooooo pointless.... All Rights but no Responsibilities?

Wow CTV I see you censoring tweets proving the virus was man made. You WILL reap what you sow. Nonsense... the mixture of entitlement and fragile will in people these days is disappointing... My first thought before reading the article was what lawyer would take that case on? Reading the article explains it. Not only represent herself and children but request that the documents are sealed. Nice try. Glad it was dismissed.

Breaking: In other news, a BC woman is suing the Abbotsford school board because they made her kids wear pants to school. It's reported that the pants caused undue chafing and reduced the kid's ability to 'spike' during volleyball practice. Volleyball had been cancelled BTW. She has no right to harm others. She can homeschool her way.

'but muh freedumz' is a disgusting (and irrelevant) response to a deadly, novel, global pandemic. This is not Merica eh ffs .. 😳😳🔨 Because it is. It’s also a hazard. Oh FFS. It is a breach of our rights, I hope she wins! Why are The Politician (s) Global Elite (s) and MSM-News World Wide Fighting Trump with everything they have ? Are They still trying to keep Sex Trafficking Children and Dope Selling and other VERY SICK Secret (s) a SECRET PPC WeKnow QuantumConnected

Wrong country, Karen Who will she sue for seat belts? Hope her kids never work in a restaurant and have to wear a hair net. Gasp Covid - 19 BIG STORY – PLEASE SHARE !! PCR test is testing for genetic codes that every human has and ( NOT THE ‘VIRUS’ ) Lawyer, Krista McKenzie might wanna opt for a new career. The one she already has isn't working too well for her.

Surprised she stopped at $200,000. May as well have asked for a million. Some people looking for an easy handout. School board should sur her for stupidity. If that is a breach of their rights , why not sue for wearing seatbelts, for wearing clothes Her lawsuits are endless I hope the school to make her pay their legal fees and some.

I hope she has to pay all court costs.. Karen incoming Must have more money than brains! stupidity knows no bounds. Smart move!!

Wearing a mask may reduce how sick you get from coronavirusThe main benefit of face masks has been to protect others should you be infected and not know it, but new research points to the benefits being two-fold. realDonaldTrump I dont mind wearing a mask. Im not interested in breathing in anyones germs anyway So is it a 'concrete' sign, or 'may' it reduce sickness? Can you spin it any harder?

Scott Stinson: Why do the NFL's head coaches have such trouble with properly wearing a mask?They also, perplexingly, seem to have a difficult time figuring out that the mask goes over the mouth and nose Try yelling for 2 hours while wearing a mask. It slips off constantly. Because they know it’s bullshit, and it’s hard to keep it on when you know it’s bullshit. Breath in via the nose and breath out from the mouth. Respiratory droplets ffs

For Canadian police, wearing a mask is often at the officer's discretionWhile some police departments in the United States order officers to wear masks whenever they interact with the public, Canada's largest police departments do not. Rules for thee but not for me. Corruption at the highest level. Literally NOTHING about COVID is consistent. Hence the nation's fatigue and frustration. They've got a union to defend them. Regular citizens don't.

40 people had a BBQ at an Ottawa park. Days later 105 people are quarantined for coronavirusForty people gathered in a park for a BBQ and there was no social distancing and no masks worn for several hours, according to Ottawa health officials. Sigh. Till people figure it out and stop with the stupidity we are not going to beat this thing. Having a BBQ is not stupidity. Spitting in the face of a stranger is stupidity. Natural selection !

RCMP not accommodating bearded Sikh officers, organization saysWorld Sikh Organization of Canada says national police force won’t let Sikh officers on frontlines because of concerns about wearing masks over beards globepolitics Why? Not a good week for the RCMP. 🙄

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