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Morning Update: WE Charity registers to lobby Ottawa, lays off staff

Morning Update: WE Charity registers to lobby Ottawa, lays off staff

2020-08-14 1:19:00 PM

Morning Update: WE Charity registers to lobby Ottawa, lays off staff

WE Charity's executive director Dalal Al-Waheidi attributed the scaled-back operation to fallout from the pandemic and the controversy around the federal student volunteer program

, months after receiving the now-cancelled contract to run the federal student grant program. Executive director Dalal Al-Waheidi said the charity didn’t think registration was necessary under lobbying rules.WE Charity disclosed 65 communications dating back to early 2019 with federal officials or ministers in 19 different departments or institutions. Among the 18 individuals listed as the charity’s in-house lobbyists, Craig and Marc Kielburger are not included even though they have talked to ministers.

'Black Olives Matter': Ontario bar owner apologizes for sign that sparked outrage Ontario hospital lays off 97 registered nurses amid pandemic citing 'financial challenge' Trudeau dangles national childcare system in throne speech with few hints of fiscal restraint

Story continues below advertisementMs. Al-Waheidi also testified that WE is laying off 67 full-time and contract staff in Toronto, while closing its office in London and putting another 19 employees out of work. She attributed the scaled-back operation to fallout from the pandemic and the controversy around the federal student volunteer program.

Marc, left, and Craig Kielburger, co-founders of the charity Free the Children, speak at the charity's We Day celebrations in Kitchener, Ont., Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011.GEOFF ROBINS/The Canadian PressThis is the daily Morning Update newsletter. If you’re reading this on the web, or it was forwarded to you from someone else, you can sign up for Morning Update and more than 20 more Globe newsletters on our

.Israel, UAE reach landmark diplomatic dealIn a landmark deal that the United States helped broker, Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday thatthey will normalize diplomatic ties, forge a broad new relationship and firm up opposition to Iran.

The UAE did not recognize Israel and had no formal diplomatic or economic relations with the Jewish state until now, making it the first Gulf Arab country to reach such a deal. Palestinian leaders has denounced the deal as a “stab in the back.”TDSB can’t ensure smaller class sizes, warns Toronto schools may not be ready in time

A few weeks away from the fall school term, Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced Ontario is “unlocking” $500-million from school boards’ reserves to improve physical-distancing measures. But the Toronto District School Board said it would “not be prudent or good financial management” to dip into its $131-million reserve, which is saved for benefits and long-term disability insurance. The board added that

.Story continues below advertisementOntario’s four major teachers’ unions also threatened to go to the labour-relations board over what they say are unsafe conditions. Read more: The Globe and Mail »

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court justice and pioneer for women, dies at 87

The justice had recently revealed that her cancer had returned after an earlier battle with the disease.

The TrudeauCorruption gift that keeps on giving They shouldn’t even be allowed to apply while being investigated, and banned from lobbying if found guilty. This government is so hypocritical it’s sickening.

WE Charity registers to lobby Ottawa, lays off staffIn its filing to the federal lobbyist registry, WE disclosed 65 communications with federal officials or ministers in 19 different departments or federal institutions, dating as far back as January, 2019 Seems legit A little late on registering to lobby no? Now that the Morneau and Trudeau families have been layed off do they qualify for EI

Evening Update: Israel and UAE make historic pact; Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai speaks outAlso in the news, Bank of Canada cuts mortgage rates and WE Charity lays off staff Israel is being given a free ride as it steals from Palestinians and runs a gestapo-type infection in the West Bank even as 'settlers' invade with weapons while Palestinians remain unarmed in their own land.

WE Charity laying off staff, looking to sell real estate in TorontoWE Charity is scaling back its operations, making dozens of layoffs in Canada and the United Kingdom and looking to sell some of its real estate holdings in Toronto. Looks like their plan to steal our money failed. Bunch of thieves. WEScam Hmm, are they trying to pay back the taxpayer money with WE assets so that no one looks to see where they put the original amount? (in personal, numbered accounts, perhaps?) they probably hate PM Trudeau now lol

WE Charity Registers As Lobbyist, Lays Off Dozens Of EmployeesThe charity said its financial position has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and “recent events.' Enough WE Such a shame. They do great work with youth empowerment and school programs. Ask Dougie Gilmour

WE Charity now registered to lobby, executive tells Commons committeeDalal Al-Waheidi, WE Charity's executive director, told MPs the organization submitted its registration with the federal lobbyist registry on Thursday. How convenient. After the fact. Also, they did not seem to answer who in govt gave the green light, questions re WE's Quebec operations (to get back to the committee with answers), did not seem to answer why May 5th & could not say how much in total paid to Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. cdnpoli PierrePoilievre I remember Craig Kielburger coming to my school as a kid. We were expected to worship him; to look up to him; to feel guilty that we weren’t just like him. I thought he was a pompous ass (though 10 year old me likely used different words). Kids often get it right, don’t they?

WE Charity lays off dozens in Canada and U.K., looks to sell real estateThe charity has been embroiled in a political controversy since the Trudeau government chose it to run a now-abandoned youth volunteer program. It’s as if a big business deal just fell through can't fund your little project when you don't have Trudeau funding you guys money through the back? how do i join? i want millions of dollars too