Huawei, Five Eyes, Hong Kong’S Special Status, Magnitsky-Style Sanctions, Covıd-19 Outbreaks, Montreal Bars, Ontario Bars, Migrant Workers

Huawei, Five Eyes

Morning Update: Canada is now alone in Five Eyes without Huawei restrictions

Morning Update: Canada is now alone in Five Eyes without Huawei restrictions

2020-07-15 1:20:00 PM

Morning Update: Canada is now alone in Five Eyes without Huawei restrictions

Also: Bob Rae asks the federal government to consider the consequences of following the U.S. by imposing sanctions

The Bloc Québécois also repeated its call for the Prime Ministerwhile the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner investigates whether he broke federal law.Quebec manhunt stymied by dense forest:The search for a man suspected in the deaths of his two daughters has settled into

Ontario reports 2,578 COVID-19 cases; fewest number of tests in 2 weeks O’Toole condemns U.S. Capitol riot, says no place for ‘far right’ in Conservative Party Meet the Bidens, the new 'first family' of the United States

that could take a long time.Family of Canadian orphan stuck in Syria taking Ottawa to court:Amira,, ended up detained at a camp after her family was killed in an air strike. Her uncle in Toronto recognized her in photographs circulated by an NGO and has been urging Canada to bring her home.

Amid calls of racism, Edmonton CFL team says name invokes pride in cold weather toughness:Nunavut NDP MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, who is Inuk, said the explanation ofspeaks to the club’s incompetence and the need for the team to change its name, which is now the subject of a review.

MORNING MARKETSVaccine hopes boost global markets:World sharesclimbed towards a four-month highon Wednesday with the euro and oil in tow, as hopes for a coronavirus vaccine offset rising tensions between the United States and China. Britain’s FTSE 100 was up 0.82 per cent just before 6 a.m. ET. Germany’s DAX and France’s CAC 40 gained 0.94 per cent and 1.25 per cent, respectively. In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei closed up 1.59 per cent while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng finished relatively flat. New York futures were higher. The Canadian dollar was trading at 73.61 US cents.

Story continues below advertisementWHAT EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUTWhat does a prime minister have to do to get himself in real trouble?Andrew Coyne:“Senior Liberals raise funds for WE. WE hires their kids, and promotes the party leader. The leader, once in power, directs public money back to WE. Keep it up, however, and one day this all might turn into something of a scandal.”

Trump’s racism isn’t new, but now it’s destroying America“Racism in America – and it must be acknowledged that Canada is not immune to this scourge – will not go away with the defeat of Mr. Trump.”TODAY’S EDITORIAL CARTOONDavid Parkins/The Globe and Mail

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Mistake banning Huawei 5G tech based on advice from fools like Trump/Pompeo. Asian countries as well as Russia, Iran, N. Korea will be leap years ahead of the West with 5G. Security?We have techs capable of surveillance of 5G Network. Real reason? US wants to lead in 5G-has zilch Ban Huawei Canada needs to let the Chinese Government know that we will not be held hostage.

Opium War 3 on full display by The West Consortium, similar to what happened in Opium War 1 & 2. The West trying to turn China into Russia, Iran and Venezuela. Let's see how all this pays out in 5 years. acoyne 🤦‍♂️ It's important to remember that the PM and his Cabinet are currently in a bind due to the Meng/Two Michaels situation. You can be sure that CCP will take as much advantage of this as possible.

Canada should follow so that the US prism spy program can work freely against any Canadian. cndpoli acoyne The burgers at Five Eyes are terrible. Telus and Bell won't be using Huawei in their 5G. The private sector isn't waiting on our corrupt and useless government. acoyne Huawei is an arm of the communist dictatorship of China and has no place in Canadian 5G infrastructure period. Meng Wenzhou is the LESSON & the 2 Micheals in prison we must to HEED NOW!

Ya, let’s fix that eh. Is it even vaguely appropriate to be dragging our feet on this? What’s the alternative? Fuck Huawei and the CCP; May freedom reign! A Security Risk for Canada and all Western Nations- No Huawei- Chose an other 5G Company. They're waiting to see what happens in the November election, crossing their fingers for Beijing Biden.

Looking at canada's recent performance, it will do US bidding Canada should take its own decisions with peace and pacifism like a free and independent nation. It should not fall on the toes of other powerful nations.

Morning Update: Ottawa did not enforce protections for migrant farm workersPoll shows majority of Canadians support more aggressive measures toward China Why flights are not opening in India international students This makes me ill. Come on, Ottawa!! Step it up and enforce. Canada needs these workers. Let’s take care of them! Surprise it was probably racist in their view

Evening Update: Britain cuts Huawei from 5G network by 2027 in policy U-turnIn response to concerns about China’s tightening grip on Hong Kong, Boris Johnson purges Huawei from the country's fifth-generation plans Smart move. Hope Canada will follow.

Coronavirus Update: Most of Ontario to move into Stage 3 of reopening on FridayJuly 13: Most of Ontario, excluding Toronto area, will move into Stage 3 on Friday; Canada-U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel until at least Aug. 21, sources say In area, not in population.

PM Trudeau to update on COVID-19 response, face WE Charity questionsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau will be addressing Canadians on the federal government's latest COVID-19 response plans, and is expected to face a series of questions about how the now-cancelled controversial aid program to be run by the WE Charity came about. I look forward to him testifying under oath Canadians want... We're giving it to them... We need to do better... Learning opportunity... Come on folks, let's fill out the BINGO card. Going to tell us 'we' made a mistake & 'we' have to do better. He never does anything wrong, its always 'we'

Canada now only member of Five Eyes alliance to have not banned Huawei from 5G networksOpposition parties renewed their criticism of Ottawa after Britain’s announcement barring the Chinese telecommunications giant from its networks More evidence of the GoC's inability to quell Chinese encroachment. More incompetence from this liberal government Shame

Canada tweaks rules to help foreign students enroll amid COVID-19 restrictionsThe changes come after Canada ramped up approvals of new study permits for foreign students in May, even though the country’s borders remain closed to all non-essential travel $$$$$$ So Canadians are all up in arms about Americans stopping in Canada but are ok with opening the doors to students from god knows what toilet bowl countries. Talk about hypocrites. I wonder if they'll have to Quarantine ?