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More than 600 Pakistani girls and women were sold as brides in China, but diplomatic ties threaten investigation

More than 600 Pakistani girls and women were sold as brides in China, but diplomatic ties threaten investigation


More than 600 Pakistani girls and women were sold as brides in China, but diplomatic ties threaten investigation

Victims described undergoing forced fertility treatments, physical/sexual abuse and sometimes, forced prostitution, reports Associated Press. An alleged report contains accounts of organ harvesting

Since the case was first put together in June, pressures to maintain relations between Pakistan and China grounded any efforts to catch traffickers to a halt. In October, a Faisalabad judge acquitted 31 Chinese nationals charged in connection with the trafficking. Several of the alleged victims refused to testify due to threats or bribes. The government has also sought to halt the investigation, going so far as to transfer Federal Investigation agency officers pursuing trafficking networks, activist Salman Iqbal told AP.

The revelation follows an AP investigation from earlier this year, which found that Pakistani-Christian girls are at the highest risk of being trafficked as brides to China, often because the families belong to one of the poorest communities in Muslim-majority Pakistan. Many of the brides, after travelling to China, find themselves isolated in a region where they require a translation app to ask for a glass of water.

“The Chinese and Pakistani brokers make between four million and 10 million rupees ($25,000 and $65,000) from the groom, but only about 200,000 rupees ($1,500) is given to the family,” a senior official, anonymous due to proximity to the investigation, told AP.

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As one of Chinese, I have to say, yeh, we do like some foreigner girls but only pretty white girls and obedient Japanese girls, not black, not Muslim, not Indian. Firstly Chinese like light color skin in traditional, secondly they smelled weird making us feel sick. I’m surprised, China supposedly hates Islamic (Uigurh).

It is truly sickening that there is ever a scenario in which the protection of the fundamental rights and lives of a country’s citizens can become threatened and undermined by diplomatic ties. Who are we to judge other cultures?

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