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Humpback Whale, Marie-Eve Memulle

Montreal’s rare humpback whale sighting draws crowds and concern

2020-06-03 11:06:00 PM

Montreal's notorious humpback whale visitor was still seen swimming and splashing around the waters of the city's old port on Wednesday. READ MORE:

.Since the whale’s arrival on Saturday, it has not affected maritime traffic according to authorities at Port of Montreal.In a statement, officials said they will be keeping a close eye on the mammals’ movements to ensure that commercial shipping does not negatively impact the animal’s health, as ships pose a serious danger.

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“We are really asking the collaboration of everyone who wants to go on the water if ts possible its best for the whale’s safety,” Muller said.Officials say the whale also poses a danger for small pleasure crafts who get to close.While recently the whale has calmed down, it’s been seen breaching dramatically in the water.

“You would not want to a 9.5-metre animal on you,” Muller said.Naturally, humpback whales are native to saltwater but they can survive in freshwater for weeks and even months on end, Muller said.Story continues below advertisement‘They can be oblivious’: Caution urged on the water after humpback sighted in Vancouver

However the long stay in the freshwater could be harmful to the animal, the emergency response network has noticed some skin irritation already developing on the whale.Diet is also something that is unknown to experts but Muller says they are known to be able to go on without eating for weeks at a time.

READ MORE:Whale-watching tourists witness humpback rescue off coast of Nova ScotiaNo efforts are planned to force the whale from the waterway for now.Emitting sounds of killer whales or even towing the animal have been used in similar situations, but experts fear it may do more harm than good.

Optimistically they hope to see the whale head downstream on its own within the next two weeks.“I know it’s hard to hear but sometimes the best action is to is to let the nature do its work.” Read more: »

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