Mississauga, Toronto express interest in holding celebration for Bianca Andreescu - TSN.ca

Mississauga, Toronto express interest in holding celebration for Andreescu. MORE:


Mississauga, Toronto express interest in holding celebration for Andreescu. MORE:

Bianca Andreescu's hometown of Mississauga, Ont., as well as neighbouring Toronto, are eager to hold celebrations for the Canadian tennis star.

"I've just been seeing everything on social media but damn, if that happens, that would be so crazy," said Andreescu, Canada's first Grand Slam tennis singles champion."I was not expecting any of this. But I can get used to it. It's been pretty cool."

Mississauga city council passed several motions on Wednesday to honour Andreescu, including giving her the key to the city, naming a tennis court in the Churchill Meadows section of the city, and naming a street after Andreescu, with Crombie tweeting a picture of an"Andreescu Way" street sign.

"In the letter, the mayor explained that the City of Toronto is pleased to help celebrate her win in any way that she would like," said Don Peat, spokesperson for Tory.

Andreescu is not expected to return to tournament play until the Beijing Open starts on Sept. 28.

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Well of course Toronto wants one. They can't stand seeing Mississauga being in the spotlight.

Mississauga, Toronto express interest in holding celebration for Andreescu - Sportsnet.ca'We’d like to honour her as her hometown, her birthplace, where she went to school when she was young, and where she trained at the Ontario Racquet Club.' 🇨🇦 Andreescu’s US Open victory lap may end with parades in Toronto and Mississauga. SheTheNorth Bianca won a tennis tournament. Parades? Really?

Opinion: Canada’s inferiority complex can now rest in peaceBetween Bianca Andreescu’s Grand Slam singles win and the Toronto Raptors’ championship, Canada is swaggering – and rightly so, especially given our myriad other advantages Globe_Sports Why do you feel inferior, you're best sports aren't universal, but they are brilliant 🙂 Globe_Sports No, Canada’s inferiority complex can rest in place. Globe_Sports 💜🏆💪

LIVE: Bianca Andreescu speaks after historic winTennis star Bianca Andreescu speaks to the media in Toronto after her historic U.S. Open win, LIVE here 11 a.m. ET.

She The North: Where do we start with Bianca Andreescu? - Sportsnet.ca'To me, that’s what made this so damn impressive. Not only did she win the U.S. Open, she dominated the greatest of all time.” timandsid broke down Bandreescu_'s historic performance against Serena Williams en route to her USOpen crown. SheTheNorth timandsid Bandreescu_ Keep in mind everyone that Williams has lost her last 4 Grand Slam finals in 2 sets. Having said that, beating Serena at the age of 19 in front of a raucous NY crowd, in two sets in her first Grand Slam final is A-MAZING! timandsid Bandreescu_ Leave Serena out of this. Serena at 19 years old would have absolutely destroyed her. It was a great win so enjoy the moment. She needs about 20 plus more slams before she gets named in the same sentence like that. Eazydoesit timandsid Bandreescu_ Dominated? Relax guys. She beat the goat who is still working herself back to top form.. but was good enough to steamroll herself through to the finals. This historic win is great enough as it is without the exaggeration and hyperbole. Thanks.

‘Humbled’: Bianca Andreescu speaks to media in Canada after capturing U.S. Open title'I'm just going to keep striving and hopefully win many more grand slams from now on.' Bandreescu_ FarahNasser Thank you for stopping by the Global News studio and congratulations on your win, Bianca! SheTheNorth 🇨🇦 FarahNasser READ MORE: Bandreescu_ FarahNasser LeBron too? Wow! SheTheNorth Bandreescu_ FarahNasser She is adorable

Bianca Andreescu sets sights on No. 1 ranking, more Grand Slam wins - Sportsnet.caCanada's Bianca Andreescu has bigger goals in mind after winning her first Grand Slam title on Saturday at the U.S. Open.

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