Ilhan Omar, Ahmed Hirsi, Divorce, U.S. Representative

Ilhan Omar, Ahmed Hirsi

Minnesota Rep. Omar files for divorce from husband

Minnesota Rep. Omar files for divorce from husband


Minnesota Rep. Omar files for divorce from husband

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar has filed for divorce from her husband, citing an 'irretrievable breakdown' of her marriage.

MINNEAPOLIS -- U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar has filed for divorce from her husband, citing an "irretrievable breakdown" of her marriage.

When Omar was asked at the time whether she was separated from her husband or dating someone, she told WCCO-TV "No, I am not." She has since declined to discuss her personal life.

When asked specifically whether Omar had an affair, Driggs did not answer but referred back to his statement. Omar's office did not return a message seeking comment.

The claim that Omar married her brother was repeated by President Donald Trump, who has made Omar a frequent target of attacks on Twitter and in public, including one rally in which he said Omar and three other Democratic congresswomen of colour should "go back" to their home countries. All four women are U.S. citizens, and Omar is the only one who wasn't born in the U.S.

In late August, a Washington, D.C., woman, Beth Mynett, filed for a divorce of her own, claiming Omar had an affair with her husband, Tim Mynett. Tim Mynett has worked as a political consultant for Omar.

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'Some people did something' from her brother or actual husband the one she cheated on :) hahahaa Correction........Brother Ahhh that's to bad is it her brother or the other guy. Does she have another brother she can marry now? Porn stars have more class than this woman. How many husbands has she had? Her own brother too... she literally used a fake marriage to commit tax fraud as well. Not to mention writing a letter to ask for light sentences for Somalians who tried to join ISIS from her state.

Maybe she has another brother she's interested in. Oh brother. The face of the New Democratic Party. Much like the Liberal Party. She doesn't have to live ethically. So must be a slow news day in Canada. No one cares about her love life or her camels. Just another “cut & paste” tweet chosen & purchased by for their Canadian Audience. It’s been an extremely slow news day in Canada, eh ? It’s easy to buy news from AP & retweet it to Canadians, eh ? God Bless Canada ! What if Canada didn’t stare at the USA all day ?

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I mean, you might get sick of the guy considering you’ve known him since birth Which one? Her brother or one of the other 2? Makes sense Man, it’s hilarious watching idiots expose themselves here in the responses. If you think Omar married her brother, proving it should be easy: go. A lot of disgusting trolls ripping a strong woman, they must feel so disgusted with their life to throw such depraved statements about her. Poor rotten fools dressed in ragged clothes wishing to be in her place, dreaming they could ever be like her, but don’t have what it takes

trump 2 omar 1 If you’re keeping score You mean divorce from her brother. Brusband Wait, which one. Her brother or the 1st and 3Rd one? She should be impeached herself.

New York Yankees sweep Minnesota Twins, move on to ALCS - TSN.caThe New York Yankees dominated the Twins for the third and final time on Monday night, sweeping away Minnesota with a 5-1 road victory in Game 3.

You mean brother Ilhan Omar, The one who marries her brother and mocks the nine eleven victims. Why is this in the news? Her personal life should be private At least he can continue to be he brother 😳 She will soon be able to start dating another brother. How is this news? brotherLover Husband/brother. Aren’t they related ?

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And that would be NOBODYS business,period. what man would want to be with this? This is for all the trolls I just blocked. Sorry, I know y’all don’t play well with others, but you’ll have to share. CTV you mean brother or cousin Must be Trump behind this. Come on now! Someone actually married this ? Sucker

That's going to make for awkward family reunions if this husband is her brother that she had married. Her brother or the other husband!? Her brother ? Politicians are persons too. I wish her and her family the best and privacy during this transition.

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CTV CANADAS VERSION OF CNN AMERICAS BIGGEST RACIST NEWS NETWORK.. Well she better divorce her brother to ,that way she can have at it with her lover,the other married man ,what do people call this? HOMEWRECKER. You mean her brother? Who cares. Marrying her brother wasn’t legal in the first place. Is that the brother husband or the cover up husband?

Which one? Why you giving news for an adulterous American who married her brother? Shocker From another mother

U.K. PM Boris Johnson battling to overcome opposition to Brexit dealFrench President Emmanuel Macron has said the EU will decide by the end of the week whether an amicable divorce deal is possible. Pixie__Feet :( Well it's about time they finally left. Simple idiocy.

Vote Lacy Johnson 2020. Fantastic now she will be more of a left wing nut 🥜 Correction - brother. Which brother ? Her brother? Who? She has more brothers? The new face of the Democratic Party. Progressives here are jealous. Which one? Her brother?

Woman turns in fiancé accused of robbing bank to pay for their weddingThe suspect claimed he needed the money to pay for a ring and a wedding venue the next day, according to Texas authorities. Dude is so romantic.

Which one? Her brother or her actual husband? Which one 😂 O’Canada loves this genres from CTV news, eh ? Adulterer and fraud Maybe her brother will take her back Still brother and sister though .. right?

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