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Minister says pandemic help, including military support, approved for Saskatchewan

Minister says pandemic help, including military support, approved for Saskatchewan

2021-10-23 11:56:00 PM

Minister says pandemic help, including military support, approved for Saskatchewan

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says the federal government has approved a request for pandemic aid in Saskatchewan, including military support.

Blair also says the Canadian Forces will "provide communities the support they need to fight the pandemic."Blair's office earlier confirmed it had received and was reviewing a formal request for assistance from the Saskatchewan Party government.

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The minister says on Twitter that Ottawa is also in talks with the province to provide additional help from the Canadian Red Cross and other health resources.Eight critical care nurses with the Canadian military began work at an Edmonton hospital earlier this month after the Alberta government also requested help with its surging numbers of COVID-19 infections.

"We will always be there to support Canadians, and will have more to say on the situation in SK shortly," Blair tweeted late Friday.Saskatchewan has already transferred some COVID-19 patients to Ontario.Data from the health authority for this month shows Saskatchewan had the most residents in intensive care units per capita than any other province at any point in the pandemic.

Earlier this week, the province released modelling that shows hospitalizations are likely to increase until December, unless restrictions are reintroduced, and health care might not return to sustainable levels until March.The Saskatchewan Health Authority said Friday it may need to activate the next stage of its triage plan, as COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to overwhelm the health-care system.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 23, 2021. Read more: CTV News »

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Vaccine passports will makes things even worse as it give the privileged the ability to spread the virus with impunity. Vaccines don't prevent spread, just keep you pitta the ICU for the most part. Catching Covid vaccine or not is a deadly game of cat and mouse. British Columbia is needed of help or the entire province of British Columbia is gone

Because vaccinated people believe the vaccines don’t work unless everyone gets vaccinated are really mad at people who believe vaccines don’t work 18 months late! Cancelling needed surgeries & treatment; ppl dying; ICU patients being meditransported out of province & military support...yet no State of Emergency re-instated & no other public health restrictions. Unbelievable..oh wait it's Saskatchewan

Also, how many folks needing their surgeries are still waiting - because of Scott Moe's FAILURES! Saskatchewan has had about 30-40 Covid-19 deaths per week during the 4th wave. SHAME ON SCOTT MOE! This should never have happened! This 4th wave in Saskatchewan is squarely on Scott Moe's total FAILURE as a Premier. By the 4th wave - they had enough vaccines and knowledge. But Scott Moe CHOSE to ignore and removed ALL health protocols!

Imagine a pandemic so severe and deadly that you can fire doctors and nurses and in the same breath cry for military assistance.. Are people really this ignorant? This is the shittiest script writing and acting thats ever been done Great... one of the provinces hit the least by pandemic is being sent military support? Can someone explain this to me like i am 4.

I have heard three sirens this entire year. Lmao.

Canadian military to provide COVID-19 support in Saskatchewan | Globalnews.caFrontline workers battling the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan are about to get some much needed help from the Canadian military. Are they giving out the usual; foot powder and Cepacol? 5 antiviral drugs for treatment of Covid 19 Antiviral treatments that can be taken at home to keep people with COVID-19 out of the hospital are critically needed. They can only handle 80 ICU patients? Wtf is going on with the health system?

Canada approves Nunavut's request for military help with Iqaluit's water emergencyThe federal government has approved a request for the Canadian Armed Forces to help with the water emergency in Nunavut's capital.

Canada approves Nunavut's request for military help with Iqaluit's water emergencyThe federal government has approved a request for the Canadian Armed Forces to help with the water emergency in Nunavut's capital. It’s taken this long to get approval! No wonder we can’t count in the feds fir anything! Why did they have to ask for military help? Why didn’t our PM simply get off his surfboard and send it?

PCR travel tests remain because Canada’s not ‘out of the woods yet,’ Tam says - National | Globalnews.caCOVID-19 PCR travel tests aren't going away yet, despite Canada lifting its non-essential travel advisory that was put in place at the start of the pandemic, Dr. Theresa Tam says. 🤡Honk But the election campaign was a great time for cross-country travel. The double standards are illogical and beyond frustrating. cdnpoli Tam don't know Shit....The virus is gonna spread no matter what. Vax doesn't stop it so why are you being a hypocrite.

Saskatchewan Health Authority considering next stage of triage plan amid COVID-19 crisisSaskatchewan Health Authority executive director Derek Miller says a committee will prepare its recommendation to move to triage’s next stage اور متعدد علماء جن میں ڈاکٹر اسرار احمد جیسے مستند عالم بھی شامل ہیں کے مطابق وہ مسلمانوں کا وہ عظیم لیڈر کئی دہائیاں پہلے پیدا ہو چکا ہے۔ وہ لیڈر کون ہے؟ اسلامی کُتُب میں وہ رہنما امام المہدی کے نام سے جانا جاتا ہے۔

Safe houses for Afghans who helped Canadian military and NGOs will be 'scaled back'Some Kabul safe houses, where hundreds of Afghans who helped the Canadian military and non-governmental organizations are waiting to flee to Canada, are set to be closed in two weeks because of lack of funding. Those C man BITCHes PLANT their GHOST SOUL into the family, teach the kids to harm this family, harm the Dad, the Mother. They are feeling CONFIDENT on manipulating everyone's BRAIN and THOUGHTS. The CCP has never changed from the very beginning. Suppress different voices, spread propaganda and misinformation, conduct massacre, just as it did in Xinjiang, Hongkong, Tibet, on Tiananmen Square. Violate the international norms, break international laws and conventions! Taliban acts in Afghan exactly as the evil CCP in mainland China! The CCP is the power behind the scenes! The Taliban will collapse easily once the CCP is taken down! Unless the evil CCP is taken down, tragedy will repeat again and again around the world!