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Editors' Choice, Justin Trudeau

Michael Higgins: Trudeau may be shameless, but we shouldn’t be

Michael Higgins: Trudeau may be shameless, but we shouldn't be

2020-02-13 2:54:00 PM

Michael Higgins : Trudeau may be shameless, but we shouldn't be

If the prime minister achieves his dream of securing a seat on the UN Security Council, he will be able to shout in triumph, “We are back.” But at what cost?

We shall certainly be back at a UN table where Syria is the most talked about issue, where efforts to secure a ceasefire, let alone peace, in that hellish conflict have failed abysmally, and where members were recently told by one of their own top officials that the people in Syria feel abandoned by the world.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaulting ambition is seeing him glad-handing with some serious human rights abusers in the hopes of winning UN votes and thus allowing him to make his vainglorious boast.This week showed once again just how unwieldy and unworkable, as well as inept, incompetent and impotent, the Security Council really is.

If you thought it couldn’t get worse in Syria, you were wrong. More people have fled the fighting in Syria over the past 10 weeks than at any other time in the nine-year-old conflict. Reuters reports that people are fleeing the rebel stronghold of Idlib in droves. The UN’s own agencies warn that the city is at risk of becoming a graveyard.

Since December, 700,000 have fled — mostly woman and children. Reuters says another 280,000 people could flee from urban centres if fighting continues — that’s almost a million people displaced in just over two months. Of Syria’s 17 million people, 11.5 million are either refugees or uprooted in their own country. We’d have to empty Toronto, Montreal and most of Vancouver to reach that kind of number.

If you thought it couldn’t get worse in Syria, you were wrong. And the UN Security Council does nothing. Nothing.Less than two weeks ago, one of the highest officials at the UN, Mark Lowcock, the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs, gave an impassioned briefing to the Security Council because Syrians feel “totally abandoned by the world.”

“They don’t understand why this council is unable to stop the carnage amongst a civilian population trapped in a war zone,” he said. “Their message to you is essentially the same one I relayed when I briefed you on 30 July, ‘We are afraid. Please help us. Make it stop.’ ”

He might as well have raved at the moon.This week, he wrote a piece for Britain’s Daily Telegraph decrying the inaction of the Security Council.“When will the carnage stop?,” he asked. “I have briefed the UN Security Council month after month on the consequences of inaction.

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“Since last summer we have seen deadlock and division. Calamity can only be avoided if Security Council members, and those with influence, overcome individual interests and put a collective stake in humanity first. That requires difficult decisions, especially from council members with veto powers. The parties to the conflict have a legal and moral responsibility to respect international humanitarian law.”

One of the council members with veto power is Russia. Russian war planes also happen to be bombing Idlib. This is a conflict of interest that I am sure does not keep Russian President Vladimir Putin awake at night.Yet Trudeau would have us believe that only by being appointed to this august body can Canada truly be back on the world stage. On Sunday, he said the Security Council was where matters were “discussed” and “debated” and Canada needed a “voice” at the table.

To this end, the prime minister has spent this week trying to convince countries to back his bid for this glorified talking shop.Countries like Ethiopia, a member of the Security Council, which, since 2006, has refused to allow UN special rapporteurs on torture, freedom of opinion and expression, peaceful assembly and others access, according to a 2019 Human Rights Watch report. And Senegal, where homosexuality is punishable by up to five years in prison and which Trudeau’s own briefing note said, “African women and girls still face discriminatory legal barriers, unequal access to resources and sexual and gender-based violence.”

Trudeau said he has discussed human rights with all the leaders he has met — he has just avoided raising those issues in public.Perhaps the prime minister is driven by hubris, blinded by arrogance or desperate for adulation, but he is determined to secure a pointless and powerless seat at the Security Council so that “we” can stand proud.

If he succeeds, we should hang our heads in shame. Read more: National Post »


The clown will surely milk his way in! More than 11 million people are facing food insecurity and more than 1.6 million are on the brink of famine. “There is no food due to the ongoing drought, and some believe that this has been brought by ancestral spirits,” Joel Mugoya said. Witch doctors use the cover of traditional medicine to extract money from the greedy and gullible. Developers, businessman and even politicians have pursued child sacrifice believing it will bring financial gain and success.

The ritual, which some believe brings wealth and good health, was almost unheard of in the country until about three years ago, but it has re-emerged, seemingly alongside a boom in the country's economy. Human sacrifices have been recorded throughout history, occurs in many countries, including India, Indonesia, South Africa, Gabon and Tanzania. One traditional healer in Uganda, when asked, pointed to the story told in the Bible's book of Genesis.

“There are other cases that we suspect involve witch doctors. There are bodies that have been dumped in the bush, they have been found there with signs of sacrifice. There are 30 missing children in the last three months.” Could care less who owns a private newspaper, but to continue to support a bias CBC with tax dollars is ridiculous. Never voted for Trudeau but not surprised that he is absent on his vanity project while the nation simmers. Fuck the UN.

Buying votes from poor countries. 🙄 The Magical Mystery Bribery Tour continues. Trudeau giving away lots of our tax payer cash to African dictators in return for their UN votesJust like snclavalin. Quid pro quo.He backstabs the only real democracy in Middle East, Israel to please them cdnpoli cdnmedia onpoli

It's called a start for changes in this Africa Country. Mike, what Trudeau says & what he’s actually doing are 2 different topics. What he is actually doing is setting himself up for a long term cushy UN job in the future, maybe the Secretary General position. Please find out what he is actually doing, it’s not “influence” $millions

wonder if he showed them the family album meanwhile he's making Canada look like Africa, no development, no trains, corruption galore So many fancy dress opportunities on this trip. It must be killing Trudeau. dreamsofindia 'Trudeau said he has discussed human rights with all the leaders he has met — he has just avoided raising those issues in public. It's called diplomacy. How many countries are members? Are all of them corrupt? We have to work with everyone not just the ones you deem acceptable.

I’m sure our hard earned tax dollars are going to help these poor souls... just ask the presidents brother LOL Remember blackface 'The National Post may be shameless (in it's Trumpesque trolling), but the majority of CDNs are not.' There, fixed it for you. It's stunning how far the has fallen. National 🇺🇸Post seems to think that PM’s are only able to do one thing at a time... does not bode well for 🇨🇦 if one of their Wall🇺🇸Street owners picks the next CPC_HQ officials. TBH they are doing a crummy job so far. Tantrums, broken promises and billions to the wrong folks

Canada getting Seat at UN Security Council. Speaking of shameless, imagine getting paid by the Canadian version of Fox News. National🇺🇸Post Like his father before him, the junior has a massive Napolean complex!

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HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaWhen law is in opposition to rights, why ought it be 'respected'? This guy says Laws must be respected...the guy who attempted to interefere in the RuleofLaw by trying to have the PPSC reverse a decision not to grant a company facing corruption charges, a DPA. His words have absolutely no weight when it comes to Rule of Law Canada cdnpoli acoyne How about obeyed and enforced?

David Staples: Chaos has come to Canada under Trudeau — and it could quickly get much worseIf the PM does not make the right moves in the next month, things will become more intense and have a different flavour Canadian's voted for this. Enjoy the divisiveness. I’m a bit shocked it’s taken us this long to follow the rest of the western world but it was bound to happen, protests and riots have become more frequent and common during the 2010s. Canada has never been so divided, unity crisis, FN’s are revolting, foreign policy is in tatters, East vrs west, men vrs women etc and all under trudeau. He needs to go.