McKenzie discusses the conversations on racism from his forthcoming book

McKenzie discusses the conversations on racism from his forthcoming book. VIDEO:

2020-06-03 4:28:00 AM

McKenzie discusses the conversations on racism from his forthcoming book. VIDEO:

Guest host Mark Roe with Jamie McLennan and Jeff O’Neill are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie to discuss conversations included in his upcoming book with 2 black men who detail their experiences with racism while playing minor hockey at the same time as he did McKenzie himself in Scarborough, Ontario.

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Classic TSNBobMcKenzie, using this devastating event to sell his book. Anyway to make a dollar First Nations, Natives of canaDUH and USA know All to well about Racism and White Privilege, that has been here for 500+YEARS now. First Nations, Natives have Sacrificed and Suffered More than ANYBODY in N.A. real HISTORY needs to be Heard,Taught in ALL Schools.

a white canadian guy writing a book on racism? Gotta be a comedy book, right?

Hockey players speak out against racism and discriminationWith many athletes speaking out against racism both inside and outside the hockey world, Jonathan Toews and Mark Giordano are among the latest hockey players to discuss the topic. I thought all white hockey players were racists who ought not to speak on the matter due to their 'privilege'? Can someone please stick to one narrative? You're making it very hard for a mindless sheep like myself to follow along with who I'm supposed to shun from society.... I dont care

Video: How a shift away from globalization after COVID-19 could leave Canada behindNew York Times columnist and political commentator David Brooks discusses how politics and society will be different after the coronavirus pandemic during a conversation with Rudyard Griffiths of the Munk Debates. This guy is also ensuring that “All Canadians Get Left Behind”. Good riddance Much agree as globalization being the free movements of people, goods and services have lifted so many out of poverty and not only increased the size of the middle class but their individual wealth. Enabled many to make money sitting at home spouting conspiracy crap on YouTube..

'Anti-black racism is real': PM Trudeau calls out Canadian racism after Floyd protestsAmid protests in Canada following the police-involved killing of George Floyd, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says 'we can't pretend that racism doesn't exist' in Canada. That's rich JustinTrudeau : 3 times blackface (at least) Cut Indigenous man's hair to humiliate him Raged at Black female caucus member Pressured then fired Indigenous Cabinet Minister Called Jagmeet Sing 'Marge Simpson' He is the racist and has no moral authority on this issue. NONE.

Canadian Black And Anti-Racist Groups You Can Support NowHow you can help fight anti-Black racism and police brutality here in Canada too. The Media coronahoax Well obviously they don't even speak English. christel_D Thank you!

Large crowd gathers in Moncton to protest racial injusticeA large crowd of anti-racism protesters gathered in front of Moncton City Hall on Monday. Lol Wow, they finally got a 'ALL lives matter' sign? That's...surprising What msm considers large...most people consider small. LOL TruthIsHard bias DefundMSM

Raising an ally: How to talk to your child about the death of George Floyd, anti-Black racismIf you have a child, they’ve probably seen some of this coverage. Here's how you can talk to them about racism: Don't take any advice from the media when it comes to race & race relations they are dishonest & don't have a clue. Your lens is foggy and pointed in only one direction THIS PLEASE RACISM DIVIDES