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George Floyd, Black Lives Matter

Massive Black Lives Matter mural painted near White House

Massive Black Lives Matter mural painted near White House

2020-06-05 7:49:00 PM

Massive Black Lives Matter mural painted near White House

'The section of 16th street in front of the White House is now officially ` Black Lives Matter Plaza,'' Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser tweeted.

2:04Mourners gather for George Floyd’s memorialMourners gather for George Floyd’s memorialBowser has complained about the heavy-handed federal response and called for the removal of out-of-state National Guard troops. She says their differences highlight the need for D.C. to be a state and have more control over its internal affairs.

Canada-U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel until at least Aug. 21, sources say Federal government awarded Trudeau’s half-brother $12,430 contract last year Three people rushed to hospital after North York shooting

On Thursday, as the protests turned peaceful, she ended a curfew imposed after people damaged buildings and broke into businesses over the weekend and Monday. Read more: »

to Sick Where is the 'White Lives Matter' sign? Oh riiiight... you would call that racist. But singling out blacks is a-ok. Hypocrites. I think tax payer dollars could be better served doing something else. LEBRON JAMES IS PART OF THE PROBLEM, HE IS BRAINWASHED, AND IS BRAINWASHING YOU!!! It's a shame that Donald Trump can't read.

If George had not been passing obviously bad/ counterfeit money, which is a serious crime, he would not be dead. George needs to assume some responsibility for what happened to George. Lets pretend its not Vandalism because we're afraid to arrest or upset the Blacks now. Muriel Bowser should condemn the defacement of public property in DC. Instead, she is proudly sharing images. Trump brought in the military when rioters started vandalizing historical landmarks in DC. She wants the military to leave, so BLM can wreak havoc.

And just like that anti-black racism was solved More pandering 24 Sussex Drive, next But not all Black Lives Matter!!! St Louis Good idea! When are we having BabiesLivesmatter or BlackFace painted in front of 24 Sussex ottawacity AllLivesMatter TrudeauBlackface TrudeauRacist SystemicRacismIsaLie TrudeauMustGo CDNpoli

Paid for by the DNC y’all Nice....when are we having BlackFace Crescent in front of 24 Sussex ottawacity AllLivesMatter TrudeauBlackface TrudeauRacist SystemicRacismIsaLie Racism pure and simple Yeah, it matter so much that when black people kill black people in neighborhoods of Chicago, NY and elsewhere, you see a whole bunch of white people fighting for justice too.

Global news...a union extension! BEAUTIFUL It's ok. Black lives do matter. Re Trump: When people accuse someone else of something I like to verify it. So I find out for myself by watching and listening to everything they say and do. Same with Trump. If you do the same you will find he actually supports the black community

REPORT CANADIAN NEWS! CANADIAN MEDIA MEDDLING IN US ELECTION !!! FAKENEWS Wow , we leave in a time where road painting and sidewalk crossing means justice and equality. What a joke. Did they miss the 'V'? Well some black lives matter Yes. They do matter. Ooooo! Yesssssssssss One street in DC got renamed, you guuuise! Racism’ing is now over.

Ohhh that's not a good idea Make every trump hotel BLM sanctuary BABY LIVES MATTER! 233 lost per day in Canada. No one speaks for them? Is that the bunkered down White House that is double fenced, surrounded by increased police and military police presence, where American protesters were gassed to clear the way for a photo op? That White House?

Yes they do. If black lives matter then why you killing each other and destroying each other’s livelihoods Gross.

Over 1,000 people gather for Black Lives Matter protest in LethbridgeChants of 'Black lives matter' and 'Indigenous lives matter' could be heard through downtown Lethbridge on Thursday afternoon, as more than 1,000 protesters gathered at city hall to protest against racism. There ain’t nonblack people in Alberta. Settle down Karen

Australian officials move to block Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney over coronavirus outbreak concernsPolice had originally approved gathering, but attempting to cancel it now that thousands expected What would the world do without the covid excuse? Smart people. Haha! Let them. Nobodycares!!

'Now is the time': Emotional John Boyega addresses protesters at London Black Lives Matter rally'Star Wars' actor John Boyega rallied crowds at a large London protest against George Floyd 's death on Wednesday, telling demonstrators that 'now is the time' to demand racial equality. Covid-19 seems to be a Marxist conspiracy - it only affects gathering when not sanctioned by the Liberal left and crypt-communists. Nobody is in danger if the gathering is for 'good reasons'. But he doesn't say anything about Disney making him small on the Chinese poster for Star Wars. Stunning and brave... Money talks I guess...

Conversations That Matter: Food and fossil fuelsConversations That Matter: Food and fossil fuels

Protesters To Hit Streets Of Ottawa, Toronto To Honour Black LivesThe demonstrations are meant to take a stand against racism and police brutality What happened to 'if you leave your house you'll kill my grandmother!!!' Canadian policing needs systemic overhaul.

Marches in Ottawa, Toronto to honour Black lives lost at hands of policeDemonstrators plan to march from Parliament Hill through Ottawa streets in mid-afternoon today to honour Black lives lost at the hands of police. I want off this planet. You have all gone insane. I hope these Yahoo's don't yell to loud Dr Tam: Go to protests, but don’t yell. Yelling can increase the risk of spreading the virus. Meaning stay away from already economically deprived and desperate small businesses downtown as they are preparing for violence and looting. They are boarding up their stores. The BIAs DT and the media have access to the same information. Unfortunately the MSM is hiding it.