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Masks problematic for asthmatic, autistic, deaf and hard of hearing: health advocates

Masks problematic for asthmatic, autistic, deaf and hard of hearing: health advocates

2020-05-21 10:45:00 PM

Masks problematic for asthmatic, autistic, deaf and hard of hearing: health advocates

Face masks are dangerous to the health of some Canadians and problematic for some others, health advocates say.

"Be very aware of those with different types of cognitive, intellectual disabilities, those who are hearing impaired and others," Tam said."Don't assume that someone who isn't wearing a mask or is wearing something different doesn't have an actual reason for it."

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Asthma Canada president and CEO Vanessa Foran said simply wearing a mask could create risk of an asthma attack.She said if a mask inhibits the ability of someone to breathe in any way, it's recommended to not wear one.Foran suggests asthmatics wear a mask in their homes for 20 minutes to test their comfort level before venturing out, and also to head out in cooler weather.

"Wearing masks means breathing hot and humid air, so that can trigger asthma symptoms," she said."We say if they cannot wear a mask, they must ensure they're maintaining physical distancing and practising good hand hygiene."Foran said people with severe allergies might also find wearing a mask difficult at this time of year.

Dominique Payment, family support representative for Autism Canada, said people on the spectrum have trouble with sensory processing.They also have tactile, olfactory and nervous-system hypersensitivity that wearing a mask could aggravate."It could cause some serious challenges," she said. "Because their senses are so heightened, it affects everything."

Payment has two children on the autism spectrum. One is anxious about masks because he associates them with having his teeth cleaned at the dentist, which he dislikes."Unfortunately this whole COVID situation and everyone wearing masks can cause some anxiety for these children because they are associating with not-so-positive experiences."

Payment said having children put a mask on a favourite stuffed animal, or choosing a fabric colour and pattern for a mask, could help prepare them to wear one.The deaf and hard of hearing can't read lips covered by an opaque mask, which also muffles sound for those with partial hearing.

"Typically hard-of-hearing individuals rely more on lip-reading. Masks are still a challenge for deaf people," said Wissam Constantin, vice-president of governance and membership for the Canadian Association of the Deaf."The sign for tired, you can sign for tired, but depending on your mouth movement, it will emphasize how exhausted you are.

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"It's not only about lip-reading. It's about facial expression."Constantin said he laboured to communicate with masked employees at a grocery store this week."I just wanted them to lift up the mask to tell me what they were trying to tell me," he said.

"The workers did struggle. Of course, they have their own concerns. It is a really difficult situation," he said."That situation is definitely lending to more isolation within the deaf community."We really rely on facial expression as a form of communication, so the masks are a barrier in making those connections in the community."

Alaska-based company Rapid Response PPE has developed face masks with clear shields so the deaf and hard of hearing can see facial cues and lip movement."That could be useful," Constantin said. "If the ministry of public health thinks they're safe, that would really help if we were able to see mouth movement."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 21, 2020-- With files from The Associated Press. Read more: CTV News »

Funny how people are getting so pissy about wearing masks yet those same people didnt cancel their February and march break trips due to their entitlement Problematic for CRITICAL thinkers too. Just don’t wear one they aren’t mandatory. Wear a shield then instead of a mask if asthmatic stop the silly nonsense. WhereTheMask

Deaf people be like speak up! Always looking for the special cases. Life’s not fair get over it and make the best of it. Ventilators are worse. Coffins are far more 'problematic' than that. IsNoPrincess Good points. I did notice the article was what appears to have been very painstakingly written to ensure not to offend if at all possible. However, while the advice for autistic children was good, there was as in almost all such cases the assumption autistics are children only.

Problem solved Mobile personal bubbles... invest now Meh, I’d rather need my puffer from wearing a mask than a ventilator from someone’s sneeze Margie40787582 STOP Yeah they are, but honestly I’d rather be inconvenienced for as long as I have to be out. I know my son will have issues with them, hoping he won’t have to wear one.. pipe dream

Everyone else, please wear your fucking masks! As I have asthma it's hard to wear my mask as it makes it harder to breathe If you can't wear a mask get a face shield . Also problematic for non-sick people who don’t want to look like a knob Lots of this bc I can't hear anyone anymore I’m deaf in one ear so I need to read lips or lean over with my good ear and say WHAaaaaaaaaat ?

Coronavirus is also problematic to asthmatics on its own. Take it up with nature at this point. I quit. Everyone just whines that this sucks. You’re right, it sucks. But it’s what we have right now. Who would wear a mask madefrom india google mask india Also people who don't look to look like giant tools and people that believe in the culture of Canada where we don't cover our face

I have asthma, I’ve had no problem with wearing a mask. CTV FAKE NEWS You are sooo far behind the curve now. YOU... ARE .... BUSTED ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE That is gonna be a hard issue to fix I am getting in the habit of wearing one to protect others. I am appreciative of those who also wear one to protect me.

Oh FFS , is DEATH better Masks make you sick. Don’t wear them. No one except for medical professionals need to wear a mask for long enough for it to have an effective. If you are that I’ll you shphouldnt be out. Put your mask on before entering the store. Take it off after. This is not rocket science. Then stay homev

A shield is a good alternative to a mask. Nearly 60 countries have mandated it. Both Theresa Tam and CDC have changed their minds and now said EVERYONE should wear it in public places. Those who still say no are as stubborn as Trump! They work OK for the hard of thinking, tho. Also very ineffective. Ventilators are worse. Coffins are even more problematic.

They are for people who have small ears and big heads like me too unfortunately.... Wait until the weather gets warmer and people are required to wear masks - many will pass out! Ford, William and Tam, where are your masks? Just curious. As someone who is hard of hearing, it really is difficult for me to understand somebody wearing a mask as I cannot lip-read. My hearing aids are great, but I still rely upon seeing people’s lips to hear properly! 😕

Ok? CTV_AvisFavaro Just figured it out? Breathing your own exhaust not a good idea? Then stay home because it's hard on everyone... i saw an older woman walking by with a mask on. looked like she was struggling to breathe, like cutting off your hand to get rid of a hang nail! Face shields. OMG...... this is coming from a national news outlet!! You got a kindergarten class running the newsroom

It's now recommended that Canadians wear face masksCanada's chief public health officer is officially recommending Canadians wear non-medical face masks when maintaining a two-metre distance isn't possible. Dr. Theresa Tam told reporters that the language on masks has shifted from 'permissive' to a 'specific recommendation.' It should be mandatory in grocery stores, malls, doctors office anywhere there’s a grouping of pple Canada DougFord JustinTrudeau fordnation JustinTrudeau CanadianPM 🖕 Hit ❤ if you're not going to wear a mask.

Face masks can be problematic, dangerous to health of some Canadians: advocates'Don't assume that someone who isn't wearing a mask or is wearing something different doesn't have an actual reason for it,' Canada's chief health officer warned. Global, Some people are and live worse then pigs globalnews Wtf is wrong with people. Leaving your covid 19 trash perpetuates this virus.

Face Masks Could Cause ‘Serious Challenges’ For Some CanadiansFace masks could make it harder to breathe or understand what people are saying Way to point out the Obvious One of many articles that all say that if 80% wear a mask, it will almost eliminate community transition so, if you are not in that small group that have valid reasons for not wearing, just wear it Yeah like being really bad for our Health 🤗

National direction on use of face masks coming today: TrudeauPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says a national recommendation on when and where Canadians should be wearing face masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is coming later today. Non surgical masks are ineffective and even then not really effective when in use by the laymen. It's all false security.

Public Health Agency of Canada now recommends wearing non-medical face masksCanada's chief public health officer is officially recommending Canadians wear non-medical face masks when maintaining a two-metre distance isn’t possible. so dont wear masks is what im hearing So where are we supposed to get these masks?

Evening Update: Tam upgrades advice on wearing masksAlso: Women in Canada disproportionately affected by COVID-19 She should resign, this evil of a woman. She might have saved lives if she did this from the onset.. Austria said from the start.. everyone in public wears masks. hey began to reopen their businesses a couple of months ago. This stupid woman has wearing masks delayed for 3 months !