Marni Soupcoff: Carleton cancels the police

Marni Soupcoff: Carleton cancels the police

2020-08-14 6:57:00 AM

Marni Soupcoff: Carleton cancels the police

The school’s Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice will no longer be allowing student placements with the RCMP, local police or prisons

These other changes seem unlikely to achieve the ICCJ’s sought-after state of social justice and will likely prove to be mildly ineffectual, in the way that so many exercises in academia are. Yet it is its decision to end the student placements that stands out as a destructive policy change, as it will take away the opportunities that students have previously had to experience the very institutions they are supposed to be studying, and perhaps even helping to improve.

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AdvertisementThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedIt is almost as though the criminology faculty has had an adult temper tantrum. It has decided that Canada’s police and correctional services are so systematically racist that they are “impervious to reform.” So it is now giving these institutions the silent treatment, teaching them a lesson by pretending they do not exist.

I would argue that this is not a great strategy in any conflict. But it is especially illogical when the institutions being pointedly frozen out happen to have enormous power and presence. “Prisons? We don’t deal with prisons,” Carleton may say. “We wash our hands of prisons.” Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people will remain incarcerated. The only difference will be that Carleton criminology grads will no longer have seen first-hand how prisons work, or even how racism may play out in them.

If you look up Carleton’s Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice on the web, you will find a section for students called “What can I do with my degree?”Here are some of the career opportunities and job titles the university lists, to give students an idea of what they might do with their Carleton education: police officer, inmate records co-ordinator, correctional officer, detention officer, guard, correctional rehabilitation officer, juvenile detention counsellor, bailiff, undercover investigator, parole officer. I am no criminologist, but I strongly suspect a student aspiring to any one of these positions would benefit from a prison or police placement.

AdvertisementThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedOr maybe that is the point. Maybe the criminology department is hoping that it will stop graduating future police officers, correctional officers and the like. Maybe the idea is to limit Carleton criminology grads’ career opportunities. For the greater good, of course.

On Tuesday, Lara Karaian, a member of Carleton’s criminology faculty, posted a link on Twitter to the department’s statement about ending student placements with police and prisons. Several people identifying themselves as graduates of the program responded with disappointment.

“I did an ICCJ placement at (Correctional Service of Canada), evaluating efforts to strengthen offender-staff relations,” Alex Yeaman wrote. “I now do community-based work diverting youth from courts, partnering with universities on evaluation. Institutions are improved when partnered with universities. This is a bad idea.”

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In response, the best Karaian could do was to gently correct the graduate’s conclusions about his own experience. ”I would argue,” Karian tweeted, “that your collective university experience made you the critical thinker that focuses on criminal diversion, not one placement at the CSC. Different placements could have led you to the same place.”

Apparently, admitting that even a single corrections placement might have done some real good for someone who has taken the Carleton-approved approach to crime (criminal diversion) is a bridge too far. Better to speculate about alternate realities that would have better served the Carleton criminology department’s worldview.

AdvertisementThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedIt is a shame that the school has chosen to respond with an institutional emotional outburst to a problem that could truly use creative solutions from up-and-coming criminologists and future police and prison workers. Fortunately, though, the Carleton criminology department’s eminence is not such that its short-sighted grab for attention will prevent progress in criminal justice reform.

The thinkers and actors with the rich experiences needed to implement real improvements to policing and prisons will still graduate from quality criminology programs around the world. They just won’t be graduating from Carleton. Read more: National Post »

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Students should cancel Carleton This is completely ridiculous how are u supposed to be a criminalologist if you don’t learn about the police & corrections two very important elements in the criminal justice system. Again liberals going to far. Lol Carlton. Better know as last chance U The best will not be influenced by the worst. Makes sense to me. It's ok to cancel programs that defeat the purpose of the program. Too many white penises and their matching belief systems.

eamorris_ They are entitled to do this, but the worth of their degree becomes much lower. The best students will not invest there, nor will the best faculty waste their careers pushing propaganda. White people are the new black people. They’re likely going to lose students . No worries that’s easy, no 911 calls to be answered at Carlton. Good luck with that.

So if students cannot be placed with RCMP, or local police , what are their other options, PI ? That is just a whole new level of stupid! All for the sake of virtue signalling! How bout you fire all of them? Criminology profs now in the job market- you stupid(ed) yourself out of work. Let me get this straight ... Carleton Univeristy's big idea to end 'settler colonialism, white supremacy and systemic racism' is to end a program that helps the police find more educated applicants? 🤔

Maybe it's time for Carleton to be cancelled. so the best and the brightest future detectives and cops will attend other schools where an internship with a service is available, talk about shooting yourself in the foot Unbelievable. This country gets dumber and dumber, but sadly this is what you can expect from Carleton University. Its gone so far to the left it can no longer be considered a learning institution. Police and Corrections depts should not hire any of their grads. Not qualified.

LessonsInTheRidiculous CarletonUFail FundThePolice BackTheBlue A moronic move from the University. Why don't they form the students to become better police officers, etc instead of cancelling the placement. It does not solve a thing on the issues that needs to be changed. It only proved the university was poor in delivering their program.

Whis going to enforce the aggressive mask laws? eamorris_ Won’t students who are serious about these careers simply attend another university? Carleton may as well cancel their program in its entirety. defundcarleton ' It has decided that Canada’s police and correctional services are so systematically racist that they are “impervious to reform.”' But they are. And what it takes at this point, is a separation from the current system. To invoke actual Change

Hopefully OttawaPolice stops providing service to the university Reality tends to knock people upside the head pretty hard DefendThePolice I hope you report on the consequences. Carleton Criminology and Criminal Dept offers new course Hug A Thug. MattWolfAB And then what happened?

Carleton’s criminology school ends student placements with police over failures to address racismCarleton’s Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice said in a statement Tuesday that the move will affect about 22 student placement positions in the 2020-2021 school year My Alma Mater, I'm proud to say. Good lord. We're really letting the leftwing wackjobs take over aren't we? This is actually happening? 🤡🌎

Carleton University's indictment of police creates controversy among criminology schools and law enforcement agenciesThe wave of international protests over racism within policing sparked a dramatic re\u002Dassessment of student field placements with the RCMP colonialism you mean the advanced culture that dominated a stone age society and created the modern world? what's to apologize for?progress? DefendthePolice These are the people who are influencing our young at an impressionable age. It’s past time that parents have to get some control over these left wing radicals. 95% of profs in university belong to this dangerous group.

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