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Video, Man Spitting On Produce

Man kicked out of Massachusetts grocery after allegedly spitting and coughing on produce

Man kicked out of Massachusetts grocery after allegedly spitting and coughing on produce

2020-04-06 3:55:00 PM

Man kicked out of Massachusetts grocery after allegedly spitting and coughing on produce

A grocery run became more tense than usual at a Massachusetts Stop & Shop this weekend when bystanders tackled a man to the ground after he allegedly started coughing and spitting on the produce, according to witnesses.

Mann posted the video to, along with a comment alleging that “some guy … was coughing and spitting on the produce.“He fought an employee and good customers took him down until the cops arrived,” Mann wrote.In the video, which has racked up nearly 90,000 views, three men appear to be holding down a third in the check-out aisle of a grocery store, with one man lying across the alleged spitter’s back to keep him down.

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“Come on, man,” a voice can be heard saying at one point.COVID-19 is spread largely through droplets produced during a cough or a sneeze -- hence why health officials have been urging the public for weeks to wash their hands frequently and stay isolated indoors if they are feeling symptoms of being ill.

The video has been corroborated by the social media news verification agency Storyful.Police said in the news release that an investigation is ongoing.“At this time, we have no reason to believe the individual has COVID-19,” they added.They said he was transported initially to hospital “out of extreme caution,” and has been banned from the Stop & Shop.

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Some people are so stupid. Jail Make him work in the morgue that holds the bodies for those who passed away from the virus for a month, see if that changes his attitude He should have been reported to police and have his photo circulated on social media. Give him the NEEDLE. Disgusting! Should be charged as terrorism!

WTF is wrong with people. Seriously Idiot. In Canada we arrest this kind of people so many Morons!! Thats the taiwan has done it since day one , mandatory mask , if caught without , in jail. Mean while nothing shut down. Grocery stores need to price-tag everything to help prevent contamination. Utterly DISGUSTING

Who does this? Should be made to pay for the groceries and jailed, this is a bio-terrorist threat !! Told someone this news story. Response? 'He should be locked up until COVID19 issue ends, forced to pay for all food wasted, and fed food that's coughed and spit on every day by a different person.' Very fair. Some would go further.

Nothing like a few weeks in jail won’t fix? They’re coming out of the woodwork! Chinese lady spitting on food arrested the following day when she returned. Should have been kicked in the teeth Well, get him back to his hospital room. Everything will be better again at lights out, Mr. Crazy. What is wrong with people?

Grocery store employees are essential during coronavirus, but they’re scaredEvery day, grocery workers are restocking toilet paper, eggs, produce and canned goods as fast as the items fly off the shelves amid the coronavirus pandemic. They absolutely should be praised along with the truckers. Thank you❤️❤️❤️ 👏And so they should! GRATEFUL💕

This nurse demonstrates just how fast germs spread even if you're wearing glovesIn an off-the-cuff Facebook video, a former emergency room nurse decided to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to spread germs at a grocery store. uspoli cdnpoli pnpcbc UKpolitics auspol polcan eupol nzpol CTVppv Is it not strange that all of our 🇨🇦 PublicHealth 'Officials' are singing from an alternate hymn book? Many people are dying! Looks like someone else is tired of everyone’s stupidity. You can just hear the exasperation in her voice. Ppl aren’t stupid -I take that back

Detroit bus driver dies of COVID-19 after ranting about passenger who openly coughed“I feel violated. I feel violated for the folks that were on the bus when this happened.” 🇹🇼There’re 23.78 millions people in Taiwan, but they just have 363 cases since January. 🇨🇦 Ottawa has just 1 million population, but we have 345 cases until April 4, 2020. 😷This is the difference of asking people wearing masks or not😷 MasksWork Someone coughed near me no mask 3 feet away can’t believe people are so ignorant they ought to be arrested. In that man’ case for his premeditated murder

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