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Madonna calls Canada ‘boring,’ offers NYC apartment to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

'It's got the best view in Manhattan. Incredible balcony,' Madonna says in the video.

2020-02-05 12:39:00 AM

“Hey, don’t run off to Canada. It’s so boring there,” the singer said in an Instagram video.

'It's got the best view in Manhattan. Incredible balcony,' Madonna says in the video.

Like A Virginsinger received multiple complaints from audience members at the previous evening’s show over her simulated masturbation while singing the hit song.READ MORE:Local police officials threatened to arrest the star on obscenity charges if she didn’t tone it down a notch.

Trudeau wades in on racial unrest in U.S., says anti-black racism is also a Canadian problem Police say black man in Florida fatally shot after pointing gun at officer George Floyd death: Colin Kaepernick offers to pay protesters’ legal fees

Story continues below advertisementIn a scene of her 1991 documentaryMadonna: Truth or Dare, she calls Toronto a “fascist state,” saying: “Remember that in the United States of America there is freedom of speech.”At the beginning of her second night in Toronto that year, she asked: “Do you think I’m a bad girl? Do you think that I deserve to be arrested? I hope so.”

She wasn’t arrested at the end, despite not changing up her raunchy act one bit. No word yet on whether the semi-royals have replied to Madonna’s offer. Read more: »

Yes u look good Poor mado .you just need to say in your ny app. And have fun 😂🤣 Wasn’t she banned from Canada? I was pretty young still I think so I can’t remember. I know she was almost arrested for performing ‘Like a Virgin’ in Toronto lol no wonder she thinks we are BORING! Lol 😂 I’m pretty certain Duke & Duchess have different Moral. 😂 Moving On.....

Poor madana she running out of ideals for attention..she is irrelevant these days I have only one thing to say... I take boring anyway over having Trump to run my country. Your not only boring but OLD and UGLY She’s gotta be kidding or she should be. I feel very lucky to live in Canada. Boring...? not even close...please just go away Madonna... no tours for you in 🇨🇦 😂🙂

She wants to rent out her New York condo and get 100,000 a month rent for it. pandsreid Hey, if boring includes universal healthcare and less violent crime by gun nuts, then count me in! 🇨🇦 also isn' nearly as celebrity mad as the USA. Could this explain a certain aging performer's 'boredom'?😁 Fuck Madonna

Bye bye has been Madonna clearly u don't know a thing about Canada. Stunning scenery, friendly, polite humble people, diverse cultures, wonderful food, amazing artists, talented musicians. Going from private plane to hotel to stadium to hotel to airport doesn't qualify you as an expert. wrong Yes Madonna traffic, pollution, concrete jungle that smells like as is far better than Victoria Canada said NO ONE EVER!

Tranquility nature beauty life is much better than noisy busy artificial life in New York. Sorry salerno_luis I hope she stays in the states Just what they wanted, more attention. Thanks Madonna She isn't jewish is she? Canon what Canada is part of the Commonwealth countries they can live there for free I don't blame them for running Canada. They have their freedom and they respect their Royal heritage

It’s simple really. shhhhh I'm offended!😂😂😂 More entertaining than her newest album Speaking of boring. Madonna, your act is old and irrelevant. Ok Boomer Madonna proving once again how irrelevant she is.. enjoy your view. Madonna just shut that over done month. I’ll take Canada over your lame music any day. At least Canada isn’t past it’s prime date and won’t give up.

Madonna has more filler than actual face. Did madge say it in her “British” accent? Oh yeah the NY paparazzi would love that. Boring Maybe just not interested in classless talent😳 I’ll take boring over the dumpster fire the USA has become. Hey Madonna don’t come back to Canada to perform, you obviously don’t know Canada...oh I remember the last concert I attended, made us wait two longer a fan of Madonna👎

Says the crazy chicken from toon town. People need to get a life rather than be obsessed with a woman who made a joke. Canadians and Americans do not want to pay for their million dollars of security. America says 1776 Harry, pay your own way 100% or get out forever. You are boring Mad Dog. Harry, Meghan and Archie you are welcome to rent my condo on Lake Ontario, Humber Bay West with breathtaking views of the downtown Toronto city-scape. Take in the ROM, McLaughlin Science Centre, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ripleys Aquarium, Canada’s Wonderland

That’s why they love it! 😆 Madonna Canada is the best place on this earth we are proud that Canada try to shelter displaced people and also set an example of heart-based, harmonious and diverse community, which respects, accept and appreciate the uniqueness of everyone. This from a person who hasn't been interesting since 1986.

This chick drinks her own piss and I'm supposed to gaf about her opinion? We don’t want your “royalty” in Canada anyway. Wtf is this game of thrones? Imagine believeing in royalty in 2020. Tell that old has been to mi d her own business She's trying to stay relevant Sorry Madonna I have already offered them to use my 2 bedroom condo with great views over Victoria Harbour.

Hey, Madge... There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people. Madonna always had a thing for NY, it’s no secret and it reflects in her songs. However, considering the shit that the US is going through right now....I’ll take my « boring » country any day, thx. I’m gonna slap a bitch I’ll take “boring” over Trump any day!

What’s it like to be bored?Madonna 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🇨🇦 ♥️ Be hard to pass that up! Plus Canadians would be off the hook for their security costs! It’s boring if we don’t like you Hey guys, Madonna was just joking. Harry & Meghan are the Royal couple. They cannot stay in a concrete hut in NYC. Who is Madonna ? Lol

Well at least we can fill our boring days with the best beer, potato chips and maple syrup😜😜😜😜 ya , but we didn’t elect trump , now , did we Fill in the blank... “Madonna doesn’t like Canada 🇨🇦 because ________” I’ll start....because Drake rejected her cougar-kiss Uh.... FU madge What a. Crappy thing to say

And your still relevant? Madonna? She's about as relevant as the Macarena...😝 Irrelevant It’s very boring for Madonna here. Many many many sold out concerts she’s toured through our beautiful country. Guess her fans here are boring to her but not her pocket book. Anything Madonna would find boring, is okay by Canadians!

Canadians should ban all Madonna music on the radio until she apologizes. The Canadian Press is just plain stupid, why give this woman, air time, all she wants is attention I thought the whole point of them moving out of England was so they didn’t have to live at an old lady’s house. They look happy to me! 🤷🏽‍♀️

She removed the insulting part of her comment from post! CanadaIsNotBoring CanadaTheBeautiful HowRude Madonna HarryandMeghan That’s rude of her...... USA n orange face trump r the laughing stock of the world.. Remember when she was relevant? Me neither. Who would want to b an American these days.. lol

Somehow I believe their priorities are different than hers. fakeAFMadonna Boring? Oh yes. Jealus? And it is great bc it is virgin and safe and clean from all the artificial hollywood sight, sound and other lifestyle garbage you and your likes help produce, live in, or let run in your vains to prolong your ...non-boredom. Do not spoil it, stay away.

Well, if Madonna says so... Who cares what Madonna thinks. We are not a celebrity hungry group up here. They will I think be able to live for the most part peacefully and privately in Canada. Because Madonna matters. Hopefully, they take her advice. When are they going? Soon I hope. Good. Let them go to NYC.

Madonna should stay in her own lane We are too reserved in Canada for Madonna! Saw her concert in Toronto too over the top for this reserved Canadian. Proud to be English decent! and they can all go live there happily ever after--and Madonna can pay for there security team too cause I didn't agree to pay it out of my Canadian taxes!

This is why people shouldn't idolize celebrities. Their arrogance, and ignorance, knows no bounds. Calling Canada 'boring', is absolutely absurd. Madonna is still alive? Hire a realtor, Madge, if u want to rent out ur condo H&M are on the way to being like many useless European couch royals (in the “New World”) of the 1950s. Plan is to “house guest” in houses of famous royal fans for the near future, with CDA paying security Parasites cdnpoli

Meghan is pretty much an honourary Canadian, she knows what's up. Well consider me no longer a Madonna fan, such an ignorant statement! So don’t bother touting in boring 🇨🇦! Canada is a wonderful country and I like it here regardless of what the singer says ) omg!! Please listen to Madonna and leave. Madonna suck on it! We're still part of the UK. You're having a war in an election because you're going to a monarchy or dictatorship because he didn't like the UK! Your country is dangerous and scary. Do not come to Canada at all!

Her apartment probably smells like cat piss and moth balls Why would Harry & Megan want to raise their kids in that filthy expensive hell hole, NYC? Yuck! Madonna if you don't have anything to say don't say anything at all. Cunt Don't worry, this couple is Hollywood bound for sure. They are just taking baby steps to get there.

When the Nazi take over the USA she will be begging to come here ... said the boring singer... Canada is better than the states at least I’m not worried 24/7 that I’ll get shot or have a fool for a president Lmfaoo I live in Canada and can confirm what she said is true What a great friend Madonna is ...... to Canada. Thanks . Material girl. 😘😘

Madonna? Didn't she used to be somebody? I'll take boring over gun violence any day!! Huh... I didn’t know Madonna was still alive Madonna is so boring, she had to hardly wear any clothes to get people interested! She can’t even sing! True but we’ve got a little problem called Trump It is true but don’t say it you could hurt other people feelings

Canadians and mostly Torontians are not able to accept any criticism even if it is constructive. That Canada is safe, there is job an a decent level of life doesn't change the fact that it is boring as hell. Madonna is correct! Hahahahaha yeah... 'trade the rainforest for the lights and drama you were trying to escape in the first place!'

That Madonna has a cheek calling an entire country boring. Boring is a matter of opinion. However, her comments about free speech and fascism are only true in her birth land where there is a slow moving coup to fascism. I guess that is why she move to Portugal ....Madonna should call it a day and get fitted for a walker.

Please take the “woke illuminated” couple!! What a difference 🤗 This isn’t news. Who caress? And Madonna is an insignificant twit, whose opinion counts for nothing Boring huh? I guess Canada and Madonna have something in common then. Okay Madonna, you know when your old and boring when your songs end up on the oldies station! And kids ask who is Madonna? First of all only reason why you don’t like Canada because the last concert you suck, you made all your fans wait hours and you hardly played.

rather be boring than washed up, Madonna! Madonna, boring with our universal healthcare, being safer (US mass shootings), being politically progressive, accepting diversity? Maybe before talking smack about another country, you should take the time to learn about it. Or try saying nothing at all. Madonna

I don't really call this news..maybe delve into some of Turdeau's illegal activities . Sorry..I can't pay you anything. Are we boring because no one is packing? She's boring. Old, & should have hung it up 20 years ago. We Canadians have no use for a grandma to swing on a pole. Her ego & opinions are not welcomed by Canadians. We are too polite, but in this case, I say, 'suck it' Madonna

not a great impression to give a large fan base, what a material girl! I don’t think they left their Royal duties to try and live a more “exciting” life. I believe they are here in Canada because of our far stricter privacy laws. Come on Madonna you’re smarter than that....aren’t you Harry will be the New Monarch of Canada.

I'm sure us 'boring' Canadians will remember that the next time she wants to do a tour through our beautiful 'boring' country...🙄 How rude. It's easy to see why they would move to Canada. It's a beautiful, stunning haven. New York however... Couldn't think of anything worse. Like her recent concerts. Yeah Madonna this is boring

Hey Madonna given how little time you've actually spent in Canada, I respectfully think your opinion is just wrong and wildly uninformed. I used to think I wanted to see her in concert but not now, I wouldn’t waste my money on someone who insults my country She’s pathetic and can’t sing! She sounds like a school girl!!!

Maybe she has only been to Toronto for a concert Who Madonna Harry take a look at what is being offered tell her to look at her life🤓🤓😫. Madonna is just an old sorry 'has been', with her phony British accent, is now totally irrelevant! Well the last thing Madonna understands is natural beauty 😂 No biggy, not everyone has to love us.

Living in our democracy can be boring, but Canada’s artists, writers, poets, musicians, actors and comedians use their genius and creativity to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Theyve been in Canada for a while. I'm sure they know what it's like by now. 😂😂 Screw you Madonna, what so you can say, Oh they sublet my apt. I know them blah blah blah, they want quiet without the likes of drama filled ppl like you.👅😉👉👉

As if Madonna knows anything about Canada... She needs employees Well she isn't wrong Speaking of boring ... hi, Madonna. Well I mean her last Vancouver concert was VERY boring so kind of her fault if she’s the entertainment we get? Madonna notrelevantanymore Madonna can eat shit. As a former New Yorker, I love it. And I love Canada - the people, the food, the music (RIPNeilPeart), the cities, the beauty of its pristine nature, the animals, etc. Quite an exhilarating country! 🇨🇦

Material girl, you have no idea. But if your willing to support blue blood welfare recipients, knock yourself out. You are boring, Madonna Cunt F**k you, Madonna We don't have to prove anything to anyone. Let everyone enjoy what they perceive as prosperity and fun. I can imagine how not having Trump, guns, walls, and imprisoned kids can make us seem boring. Does she want to rent out her place and earn some extras? Let them have fun. 😊

Madonna please consider leaving my country out of your next tour. We won’t be able to handle all the excitement🙄 🇨🇦 Who cares what she thinks 🙄 Lol people don’t get insulted! There is a big difference between beautiful and fun. Example: a club can be ugly but be fun! So naming gorgeous scenery doesn’t necessarily mean fun. And NYC is literally fun and one of a kind.

Hahahaha Sorry hey JKeeganParis If living without Dump and the Republicunts is boring, that's where I want to be. It's great living in Canada - 'the true north strong and free'. And far from boring! They can always visit New York City - like Disneyland. Where does Madonna live these days anyways? Ha! This coming from HER?!

I think Madonna shoukdgebanned from Canada! Pretty sure Xabada helped make her $$ Madonna is always desperate to be relevant. She’s an old “has been” who actually never was even a good singer. She’s always trying to be shocking when now , she’s just pathetic . Sorry Madonna. Don’t bother coming back. Stay in your New York Apt. Canada is much to beautiful for you.

her career is boring Since Madonna hasn’t been mention in a while she needs to say something stupid to be in the news again 😛 You are so wrong on so many levels!! Canada is Great!! I agree. These freeloaders should go to New York City. NYC is still the US Madonna. Most exciting thing Madonna has done in the last 15 years is kiss Britney and Christina at the same time. I bet they both still regret that.

She says as she inhales the trash scented highway air, and sips from her baby-blood Cthulhu smoothie to keep her youthful and relevant. Canada is beautiful but it is boring. Socialism at its best Well, she's not wrong, but I kind of like it that way. Yeah. First, offer your home to people who are actually homeless and poor. Second, Canada is relatively boring--a good thing cuz trump is not our president, yet.

We are far from perfect and that would make us boring. Grateful to have been born and raised on the East Coast of 🇨🇦. I love our four seasons. Boring, maybe. But it’s SAFER! The biggest win is not having Trump and his Republican stormtroopers and gun-toting supporters. It’s a no brainer - Canada is the BEST place to live!

If anyone is an authority on boring, it’s Madonna. Pot calling kettle black, comes to mind. Never liked her music anyway What’s a Madonna? Will she pay for the extra security too?.. 😂 A free hand out hey...they'll take it Perfect take them! She’s not wrong. Don’t mind the residual gonorrhoea on the mattresses, we can get new ones delivered.

yes, we are boring, please take these kissing cousins Madonna Who's Madonna? This coming from one of the most stuck up woman Madonna on the planet who moved to the most boring and pompous countries in the world that still relies on pomp and pageantry...ya were boring! mexit Madonna I can offer you my 3 bedroom apartment looking at Lake Ontario to experience serenity of Canada. Unlike America, people here don’t gun you down because they don’t like your face. MadonnaSucks

any place in the USA is boring Please acceptMadonnas offer FRick needs Frack Says the queen of irrelevance. 👀 How boring are we. Lucky Americans with all their health and mass shootings. Sanctions only work when you control the world currency. Why bcuz we all don't act like strippers and show our crotches on stage? I'll take boring over slutty any day

Like she would know Madonna who? Can we get tips from someone of our generation like hmmm Justin bieber or Drake Not some washed up scrambled egg In other news, Madonna tries to stay relevant while most people in their late teens to early 20s ask who she is, while everyone else says 'oh shes still alive?'

Is madonna hurting for money? Maybe boring Canada can start a GoFundMe page for the poor material girl. I have five bucks usd. I got you girl! You can't give a concert in Toronto and then pass judgement on Canada. It's wayyyy too vast, and has wayyy too many different cultures and environments. In reality, there are bits of the whole world in Canada.

I take this as a complement from her. But, I love how people can VISIT the second biggest country in the world, see 1 or 2 places and use that info to pass judgment on the country as a whole. I'll visit Marfa, Texas for 2 days and tell you what I think of the USA lol. As if Madonna is relevant. Markle would fit right in with the sleazy, degenerate Madonna crowd. How Madonna was allowed to buy and import poor children from Africa is terrible and shocking.

She doesn't understand that people who are trying to escape the spotlight rather be in a boring place, as they can afford living in Toronto. Opposite to someone who could no longer afford living in NYC, moved out and now are trying to rent out a flat. A quote from my mom that I shared with my international ESL students who completely agreed with the statement. 'Canada is a boring heaven, *(insert another country) is an exciting hell.' You move to Canada be left alone, raise a family, have good health care, and education

Think boring is a good thing, considering what the usfaces, guns, trump, etc. We have beauty, serenity, and no trump! If she thinks the United States is not boring, then I’ll take boring any day. Mass shootings, private healthcare and a criminal for president. I’ll take boring any day. Yes, it is boring here in Canada. 🙄 Harry and Meghan should leave and take Madonna’s offer. We don’t want to pay for their damn security.

Madonnas, fame is up, she is desperately trying to drink the coolaid by be relevant . Sorry Maj. your time has passed. Washed up.. And as a Canadian former fan of la whatever we’re calling ourselves today, i’d rather be boring in a gorgeous country, than stand out for the outlandishness of a career in free fall.

Great idea Madonna... we don’t want them! Why do Canadians care what a pirate hooker thinks We pride ourselves with boring because boring is peaceful Madonna.Maybe you should try that out.The US hates peace. Madonna Canada (not Canadian) is Beautiful and Not boring … peaceful, quiet. They left ENGLAND because of Press (constantly hounded), not having space, for a calmer peaceful life. New York would not give them that, it might be worse then what they dealt with in England.

Ok thats no respect. Done with her music. She's being disrespectful to her own Canadian family ancestors. Just showing her ignorance. But hasn’t she heard - Harry & Meghan have brought us plenty of razzle dazzle! Canada and NY are both Socialist but NY is going extreme. Stay in Canada Because she's living in über non boring Italy right. And doesn't want 2 be in hideous NY. King Cuomo is thee worst. If we had voted in LarrySharpe NY would be exponentially cooler. Apart from boring it's a liberal cesspool. But what do I know? HarryandMeghan MakeMoneyMoves🇺🇸🇳🇮

Didn't realize Madonna was getting desperate for money. She needs someone who will sublet her apt.? Lol. You are boring she didnt say that in her British accent again did she She just wants to screw Harry Boo If a Conservative leadership candidate makes reference to this at Pride this year, which social media service will explode first?

Hey Madonna , you sure don’t mind out boring $$$ boycott this old hags music. Hit her were it counts in the pocketbook. Let’s show her how boring we r Free health care, no guns, legal marijuana, beautiful scenery, poutine! Yup... sounds boring. There’s probably more murders in a month in NY then all of Canada for the full year. I’d rather live somewhere boring then to live somewhere looking over my shoulder all the time

Maybe they’re just a lot smarter than the material girl. At least Canada doesn't have Trump! Madonna just pissed because Canadians call out bullshit when we see it. I think they prefer “ boring “. Not cool Boring is Madonna’s career as she got older. 🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦 “Like a virgin”, you don’t know jack... These comments are odd. She didn’t say it was ugly, she said it was boring. Why aren’t y’all posting pictures of city nightlife or the various activities one can participate in, in Canada, along with the pictures of mountains? Like it’s a pretty mountain but...

The irrelevant trying to stay relevant I guess we don’t have “enough mass shootings & hate crime events in 🇨🇦 “ to keep Madonna excited!!! They have to live where granny's on the currency She needs her nap. We Canadians arent living daily soap operas & constant drama-filled days like King Trump's land. Harry & Megan know better.

Boring == Not Batshit Crazy Yeah u escaped the photogs hounding u, wanted peace, Madonna says Canada is boring so better go NYC where more photogs will relentlessly hound u & make ur life a living hell. 👍Madonna can stay there, she doesn’t need to visit our beautiful country. Since we’re so boring. Says the has-been with the fake British accent

Says the has-been with the fake British accent OMG! Here we go .... Madge, you had your day, now get dressed, go home and shut up. We’re tired of seeing you make a fool of yourself. You know nothing about Canada? Stop trying to be relevant. Canada is amazing! So proud to live here! Not boring. Dear Canada, We apologize for Madonna's remarks. You have a stunningly beautiful country and warm lovely people. You also have much better health care. Signed, USA

Well we love our country! 💕 Madonna desperately trying to stay relevant is boring. Wow Madonna. It’s not boring here. If u don’t like it don’t come here but I guess it was k when you were touring and making money from us Canadians. Madonnas opinion matters how? Shes as relevant as Britain is a part pf the EU

Where they could never walk freely around the city. Don't hate us because we're better, safer, kinder, respected on the world stage, we have a diversified country, have universal healthcare and we love our country. So bye Felicia!🤨 I believe she's still bitter that the Toronto Police tried to stop one of her shows...

NY doesn’t want them there let them stay in Canada Hey Madonna, aside from saying Canada 🇨🇦 is boring and MeghanMarkle and PrinceHarry shouldn't come here. You forgot to mention our boring 2019 NBA Basketball Championship Winner, The Toronto Raptors WeTheNorth Good publicity stunt though.🤔 I'll take boring over having to teach my children how to hide under a desk incase some lunatic comes in shooting. Which we don't do in Canada because we have GUN CONTROL!

Watching the sunset in North Vancouver, overlooking the city in a restaurant on the mountain is far from boring. who the hell is taking life's advice from Madonna? LOL. Insults are the last ditch effort of insecure people trying to appear confident. all these nasty comments about Madonna are gross. We can do better. Have a look 👀

Canada is not boring. Maybe she is boring. yes go to New York we don’t care, Canada has paid for most of their shit already! Madonna, love you girl, I do. But we live in a place where Rush Limbaugh gets a Medal of Freedom—if we ever had an edge on Canada it is long gone. Who is Madonna? That's just the jealousy talking. They'll have a more peaceful stay here anyways. disappointing to hear her say this about a country where she has a large number of fans that have supported her music for decades. A bit of a slap in the face. Not cool, Madonna. thanks madonna... in that case, the boring beavers will rise against you - watch out girl Canada is part of The Commonwealth. You should have stayed in school longer Madonna, lol

You know what's offensive? It's the fact that a non-event like that hits the headlines. Come on Canada, don't give it too much importance. We know you're a beautiful country. This opinion might have been relevant in 1989. Loosely held together bag of fillers and Restylane depository says what now? Shut up madonna. I am proud of my country. 🇨🇦

That’s right rejected so called royals, don’t come here, we don’t won’t ya....and speaking of boring, you’re at the top of the list Madonna Trump is your Preident.....with that nasty evil lying cheating corrupt sorry excuse for a human being as the Commander in Chief, why would any intelligent person choose the Untied States over Canada.

Dusty pussyfolds having ass So Madonna has now reached the point where she can t even make a joke without ending with mentions in every major tabloid around the world ? Boomer Madge is out of touch. Studio 54 days are over. Just a footnote in history books about the decline and debauchery of American culture. Nice grab for attention Madge. Vancouver BC is absolute HEAVEN. I'd choose it over NYC in a heartbeat.

Boring, but peaceful, go to Trump land and enjoy ur 500 dollar ambulance ride 🤚 😭 Now let me add this -It’s her opinion so what wfc seriously society lol always jumps up /down -easy every one let her talk about nothing, not a big deal ! Canadians calm down. It's a joke. Who is she anyway ? Over the hill old bag !

Madge I think that's what they're looking. Some of us call it peace. Apparently Madonna wasn't paying much attention to what they were looking for and it wasn't a place where the paparazzi are already sitting and waiting to take photos 24 hours a day 7 days a week! There’s only one thing Canadians can say: Sorry, eh.

RobMoses I think boring is precisely the point. avoidmadonnadrama It’s always so much fun when completely irrelevant celebs jump on any news story to get some attention to their hasbeen lifestyles. Madonna 🤮🤮🤢 Madonna not one person in the world asked your opinion. Shut it. Canadians are probably pleased she isn't a fan of Canada. She apparently knows very little about Canada anyway or she wouldn't be talking it down.

U can stay in concrete jungle but some people prefer paradise. Canada ❤ Montreal is not boring and French Canadians cannot care less about the British royal family... did she lie? Madonna 😴😴😴 Poor hag her sarcasm Well Madonna you obviously have never seen the Battle of Alberta and you never driven on winter roads but blowing snow heart rate can get a little bit up

I hope she knows.... Staley park in Vancouver Canada is bigger than Central Park. Plus...she’s trying to stay relevant. Quavo couldn’t help you with champagne rose!!!! Try harder darlin! People paying too much atention in this makes me realize Madonna is kinda right Anything to stay relevant 🙄 Tacky Madonna!

Really Madonna and your opinions are relevant about anything past 1995 how? She’s not wrong and we don’t care. Boring to city trash is dead “quiet” nature Keep thinking it’s boring and go away I'll take British Columbia over NYC any day. 🇨🇦 Canada is an upgrade from UK. No sane person wants to live in the damn UK, it’s boring and backwards!

And when have we ever taken Madonna seriously? Yeah, I thought so. I mean it's tough to compare a city to a country when you've only visited four major cities that only provide tall buildings, traffic, noise, and expensive living conditions rather then taking in the rural life. Most of you are missing the point. She never said Canada sucks, or isnt is. She just said its boring, it is tho. But you keyboard warriors gotta find a battle....or you know, they'd be bored

This headline, coupled with the pictures, are SENDING ME. Think I can speak for Canada when I say efffff Madonna So boring, it makes me want to be bored everyday!! BoringCanada LargestBoringIntactForest 31000BoringFreshwaterLakes BoringSocialMedicine BoringHighQualityOfLife SuperBoringGrundyLakeOntario 👇

Said the woman who USED TO sing really well but now dresses like a pirate with fetishes 🙄 Been to both NY & Vancouver twice: New York is like Marmite. Vancouver has something for everyone & is more welcoming. So Canada 🇨🇦 wins! MeghanAndHarry Madonna Madonna She’s funny ! She worrying about Harry and Megan when she should be ashamed that she made people loose time in money for her horrific madame x tour ! Cyndi Lauper would never do that !

What an airhead. Boring is great. Boring forces you to entertain, amuse yourself. Wasn't she arrested in Toronto? That's why she doesn't like Canada. Pushed the limits too far....Madonna needs to retire.....she's cancelled half her shows already....hint hint hint... Yeah, escape paparazzi and unwanted scrutiny by *checks notes* moving to a central park penthouse with a well known address.

Oh Canada. ... I love Beautiful British Columbia, Vancouver and its AWESOME polite, friendly and loyal friends! Canada was great then Trudeau came along and f it all up Madonna who? Thank you Madonna. Also, why the hell are you still on Instagram? Really Madonna the world is watching the mess that’s going on in your country whatever you wanna say about Canada that mess is not happening here. Pick up the crap in your own backyard

Im not listening to Madonna anymore! VanessaGillieo Madonna must be bored &need some new toys for her playpen or💰- You guys over the pond sud see her on famous UK Chat Show GrahamNortonShow - she soo bombed; dead air, deluded, hyper defensive = car crash TV not someone to be taking advice from - anyway she lives in 🇵🇹

We got walmart Ugh I’m so bored with all the not going broke from basic healthcare. Ruth__Gilmour Canadians are losing their rights under Trudeau. Life in Canada is becoming oppressive. Well,madonna has a played out wizard sleeve.shes gross What a snub from a snob. Said the alien to the Prince 👾 I would be offended, but I can't argue with Madonna when it comes to partying. But these are both Commonwealth countries 🇨🇦🇬🇧

Adults get to decide where they want to live. Why do you care?! Canada doesn’t need your approval, Madonna, nor do they! shutupnooneaskedyou Madonna, Would you rather live in peaceful quiet spot in Canada or would you like to live in a crowded city like New York. Raise your family in a New York Apartment? Yes, how exciting.

I guess we won't see Madge for a while north of 49. The rich always look after the rich Sweet our plan worked. ...says a member of the Illuminati to a fellow member of the Illuminati. Lmao Please go and leave Canada! We don’t want to pay tax to elitists Says a person that would move out of the USA if Trump became The President. Lol

Seeing Meghan & Harry in Trumps USA is better than Canadians paying for their security! Sorry girl. What a twit. That’s right. And always will be. Everyone stay out. Is her apartment not wheel chair accessible? Canada 🇨🇦 is thes best 😍 Madonna who? Canada is boring? Fuck Madonna Coming from a f***ed up person, Who cares what she said. Her words mean nothing! She's lacking of attention, so she try to get some. Shame!! Proud to be Canadian! 🍁

That’s right Madonna we are boring. No need to come here thanks! Seriously? Is that even a joke? How petty of Madonna. She is as old as my mom. Retire I love Madonna but I disagree 100%. I love Canada. I want return to live there. The best time of my life! I guess she doesn’t spend too much time in Canada 🇨🇦 enough to know this kind of thing.

Sounds like someone is jealous. Canada is anything but boring. Most Brita aren't impressed with Madonna so that would probably be a no go. Does anyone really care what Madonna thinks anymore Ya, New York... so they can get shot, like John Lennon. Great offer. Piss off Watch out, John wick is Canadian 🇨🇦☝🏽

Madonna cancelling her shows due to supposed 'injuries', angering fans, and still trying to find relevance by stepping into the royal headlines ForRent 😅 when you get old you think everywhere is boring 👵 rude Madonna should know Canada is the most beautiful country with beautiful people I wish she grow up and act like a mature adult!

I don’t think you are getting it. Harry and Megan want boring. They are looking for peace to be together and raise their son. The Canadian place they are enjoying looks wonderful. GREAT. You can have em. And keep em. john_jakester When you see it while on your back it probably is boring. ☝🏽🇨🇦☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽❤️❤️❤️☝🏽❤️

They don’t think so. Maybe different lifestyle choices than you. Younger and in love. Who the hell cares what this boring hasbeen thinks? 🤣 Perfect! Will she provide security too? Well don’t ever come here then. It only boring if your boring, it’s all in your perception cdnpoli Isn't she someone famous? I mean, didn't that aging singer up and move to England some time ago? How BORING!

Boring? That’s Madonna in a nutshell. MADONNA, THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU! YOU'RE SO BORING. CANADA IS ANYTHING BUT BORING WITH ALL WE HAVE. JOKING OR NOT YOU'VE PISSED OFF ALOT OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE. 🖕🖕🖕🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡 That old lady's mother was French Canadian 🇨🇦 Who would want to rent a old lady's apartment?

MADONNA, YOU'RE THE BORING ONE. LEAVE US CANADIANS ALONE. WE'RE ANYTHING BUT BORING. Madonna is still bitter that Drake was grossed out by her Coachella 15 kiss 💋 🤢 So you think Canada is boring, tell me on this post-Brexit, State of the Union under impeachment, caucus without results day, what’s wrong with a little boring?

Yeh Canada doesn’t have Trump to make it interesting 🧐 Madonna's short cut to Royalties? Wake up! They are not so Royal anymore! It’s true though 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ Let them go! But they won’t for at least 5 years. Meghan doesn’t like the most successful president the US ever had. Sure the 🇺🇸 even wants them🤔, 🇨🇦 does not need them

Why doesn’t she live in her apartment if it’s so great. Only two bedrooms, can’t even hold all their luggage , where are Megan and Harry and Archie going to sleep🙄🙄 Must be our lack of gun violence and general ability to function without starting wars Who's Madonna? Madonna it’s butt heads like you with there liberal agendas that they are leaving. More people than ever are moving out of New York as well as California. Why would he move were more liberal ignorant a** individuals like yourself live?

From all of us Canadians 🇨🇦, to you Madonna! How is Retirement? Over the Hill 80’s POP Princesses for 💯 Alex! 🙄 Yes go to NYC, Canada will fine! No seriously you go! We are Good thanks! who? Madonna who? Oh that 80's pop singer🤔 -she still around? Madonna Canada Is Awesome! Most safe places are considered boring but at least you are free and left in peace.

If she’s taking the tab !! Madonna or Trudeau hum... Hell no we don't want them. Keep that gold digger away. Okay, Grandma! Time for your NyQuil and plastic surgery. Just cause you pay 20 year olds to hang out with doesn’t mean you understand want millennials want.....You are so irrelevant and no one really cares about your opinion. Didn’t you do to school with Donald Trump?

Sorry Madonna what’s boring is a 60 year old woman writhing across the stage, and considering it edgy and powerful. That’s boring. Canada 🇨🇦 isn’t. Please stay in NYNY. It's so boring not having to be worried about being shot in the street by every lunatic with a gun or end up homeless because you're working class and you broke your leg.

Wasn’t this idiot saying she would come to Canada if Trump was elected? Yes i guess psychotic and crazy is much better eh Madonna lol Moving to Madonna’s apartment? Gross It's called drama free!! Not boring, she's just attention seeking Has anyone ever really given her thoughts any consideration? Does anyone even care? Seriously? Who cares what she thinks and who cares where they go?

Vancouver is great, rest of Canada is very boring Boring. Lol. I guess we need gun violence to shake the boredom Who? She just being nasty because drake didnt want her crusty butt. Now she has to throw shade at all of Canada. And Madonna's music has been boring for 35 years. Yeah proud and boring just stay away!!! madona

They will prolly be all over North America raising Awareness about issues they truly care about! It's going to be a Brilliant time! Canada is not boring and is the perfect country for Harry, Meghan and Archie. If we are to criticize a country, let us choose the UK which protects a pedophile but which hunts a soldier and his family.

That’s what happens when your fame gets old and you get desperate for media attention! One would stoop to anything as it shows!!!! Your truly; Proud boring Canadian!!!! Well Madonna is old and boring so she should know. Live look at the Rockies getting called boring: News flash Madonna...they're looking for a boring zen like lifestyle and BC (Canada) can give them the best of both lifestyles, come visit them, they'll show you around!

Typical American arrogance I guess she’s never hiked, swam, camped, fished or partied like a Canadian. Good riddance 👋👋😅 Oh perfect we don’t want Madonna here anyway ✌️ 🇨🇦 yeah the clean air SUCKS gosh I HATE BReathing and seeing mountains ugh what EYE SORES saaramirkovic Who listens to Madonna anyways? She is done. No one cares.

LMFAOOO Problem why would they give up free healthcare to be close to trump’s empire I may become a Madonna fan yet. We don't want them anyway She’s not wrong. Madonna, irrelevant as ever. Ok...boomer Meghan wants to be a Kardashian. New York or Bel Air, BC is just a stopover for her and the Prince turned Frog. She's calling the shots, and she'll be bored as f in BC in no time.

Imagine being Madonna and thinking you are still relevant or that anyone cared about your opinion on Canada... Madonna you’re boring 🙄 Ok grandma Didn’t Madonna live in Scotland and Lisbon Hardly the most exciting places in the world. And in Canada the media won’t spend every day of their lives destroying them. They can live in peace. And Madonna, your old and dried up - no one is listening to you anymore. Your music is iconic don’t get me wrong - but it’s time to put the mic down.

Madonna you need a really good spanking with a leather strap to leave welts! Canada is Great! But they have affordable healthcare... ;) She owns an entire floor in the aura building in Toronto on bloor & Young. Madonna is terribly ignorant. Not surprised. I used to be a fan of Madonna, as in I was born in 1984 and grew up listening and enjoying her! But not anymore! Because of this statement, she has shown her Canadian fans, in my opinion, that we mean nothing to her! shameonMadonnaforsayingthat

Is she still relevant? Sigh Must still be bitter about that Toronto show. Blond Ambition tour I think. So boring not having to worry about getting shot grocery shopping. She is not wrong depending where you live and if you hate winter. Edits playlist SAID NO CANADIAN EVER! She is not wrong. I say go for it--gets us completely off the hook for their red serge errand boys

Who? She’s right, we don’t have 40,000 gun deaths a year, our water is clean our air is perfect and there’s no trump. I think Harry got it right madonna needs to be filling that tooth gap with a chiclet and not worry why Prince Harry and the Queen of Canada are living in the best country in earth mind yer bidness vieja

She's just mad her Workout/Party gym in Toronto failed. We get it. Washed up Madonna needing attention like usually. At least this time she’s not faking a British accent or making out with mentally unstable Popstars in a rediculous attempt to look sexy. OHHHHH CANADAAAA Madonna did not have a problem with Canada when she took$800 for two tickets and gave us a terrible show. Please don’t come back. CanadaProud

Dont take advice from someone who wears a fake eyepatch Oh,so she’s not British anymore? fakeaccent LOL CANADA IS SOOOO BORING!! Madonna have fun in your one park in the middle of the city !! Granny is still pissed about that concert issue so many decades ago. Keep calm and retire; it's just too painful to watch her perform now.

Her head is empty!!! Maybe they want boring Kind of reminds me of fighting some of the Stoon Blades players in High School. Lmao😂😂 🤣 you're adorable, kiddo. she should go back to suckin off hillary lmfao Really Madonna , calling out names to a beautiful country ! Shame on you . Iam glad to live in Canada not USA

She’s so irrelevant why would anyone care what she says 🤷‍♂️ 🤡 Please 🇺🇸! take them! Madonna's boring. 7.5 million for a 2 bedroom apartment? richAndStupid As boring as her desperate attempts to stay relevant? Please, please, please go rent Madonna's apartment. Then she can pay your security costs. Madonna is known part of the dirty state. Sad lots liked her. But same as msm.. once you sell your soul to the devil. There’s no light to save you. Hope you’re pure Harry... the good guys have the truth.

She was kicked out of Portugal, she wanted to ride a horse in the museum and they said no Wow. What a primitive mind Madonna has. Maybe they should run to Portugal A shaddap Madonna. And back in those days, no country liked you, including your own. Not just Canada. A superficial narcissist like Madonna would have trouble understanding why a quiet low-key lifestyle is appealing. I would imagine in NY Prince Harry, and his wife would be waist deep in the paparazzi lifestyle they are leaving. Watching the SOTU makes me want to move to Canada.

radioman253 Yes, perfect go stay with Madonna. This Canadian doesn't one cent of tax payer dollars subsidizing any aspect of your woke hypocrite lives. This boring Canda has give to world lots of good singers and other artists. Madonna you miss the point entirely! They want to be boring! (or what you would find “boring”) They want to enjoy their family & nature 🌎🌻🌿🌱🐾🕊🐿🦌🐟🐙🐢🐍🕷🦋🐝🦇🦉🦅🐸

Madonna doesn't know $!+ about Canada. Canada has a leader the U.S. has a tyrannical misogynistic dictator. We The North Unless you like winter and hockey Madonna is a has been!! Ok boomer Madonna who? She’s obviously being mischievous, she’s joking and her video is not worth any second look. Right!! Because the states is exciting, what with the mass shootings, mass incarceration, caging of children, overt racist attacks, etc. I'll take boring thanks!! 🇨🇦

It's boring they should permanently leave and never come back. These 2 love the spotlight. Beauty is truth , truth beauty that is all Madonna needs to know. It seems like “boring” sort of is the point for them at this point. Madonna take 'em! We cant afford the security bill I agree, go live in the USA. Have Madonna pay for your security.

Just because you've become boring as an artist doesn't mean you should take that out on a beautiful country like Canada which btw isn't even remotely dull. Madonna. She's not wrong. Canada sucks noodles Madonna persona non grata in our beloved 🇨🇦 Madonna, they already moved here three weeks ago. Where have you been?

Hi from ‘boring’ Canada!! 🖕🏻 It’s so boring up here in Canada without guns and Trump 🤷🏻‍♂️ I hope they take her up on the offer I think boring is what they are going for. Lol Super disappointed to hear this. I love Madonna.. Sad that she doesn't know how amazing Canada is! She clearly has not experienced the magnificence and beauty or met any of the kick ass people who live here... maybe one day she will.

Nothing boring in the West Coast ! Loving this beautiful country! NY has nothing on us :) we are way nicer around here Just adding to the list of reasons i dislike her... Madonna is BORING. Ass-kissing by dangling the 'rent my apartment' carrot to the Totals 😝 I think this is going to be a history repeat of King Edward VIII. Married a divorced American, left RF and did what these two seem to be doing; going from one posh accommodation, by invitation, to the next! Basically freeloading!

Says the 80 year old has been who’s desperately trying to look 20 and contains more plastic than bottle factory. canadastrong. canadaproud. canadafree Dead to me Madonna 🇨🇦 Madonna Canada is far from boring! rude misinformed Ok boomer How is Canada boring? Bish is crazy Boring? I don't think so! Respectful is more like it ❤

F you madonna You HAD a lot of fans here... Don't bother coming back, you're not welcome! 🇨🇦 Isnt Madonna in la isla bonita. When did she move to New York? Sure, I agree. Canada is boring. Not having mass shootings on a daily basis is boring. Having access to healthcare is boring. However, giving up the beautiful and amazing Canadian nature to go live in an apartment so you can have a view of a couple of trees isn't boring. 🤣🤣

Sad. She will do anything for attention. She probably thinks this is a brilliant tweet but it is really just sad. History will show she was a better marketer than singer / artist. This tweet represents High School mentality and creativity. Not nice Madonna! Bye Bye Half Baked Harry and Nutmeg! Congratulations you just played yourself

Good idea!! Why does Canada want them anyways?😂 Boo, Karen. A whole bunch of “celebrity” nonsense. It’s unCanadian, eh. 👎🏼 She's trying to be relevant....again. People still care about what Madonna says? Canada is like an enlarged WA ST, which completely disregarded WDT papers and sold the GMO weed hoax. Americans aren't as kind to born royals, unless they're from morally strong families... a nice marketing theme, however.

Sorry! I would take boring Canada over the shit storm of NYC any day Just trying to get into the spotlight in any way. Tsk tsk. Thru the clean Canadian air I can smell her boomer desperation What an American comment. Come take our money then badtalk us. You stay there with your Trump and leave Harry & Meghan safely in Canada.

Canada is way cool. LyndaE222 Don’t care what Madonna has to say. She has nothing if value to listen with this exception! Thank you from Canada for helping to get these too ex-royal free loaders! Is Madonna even relevant anymore? Is this her shitty attempt at a come back? What's wrong with being boring?

The only thing boring is you! Sorry we don't have daily shootings to keep us on our toes 🤷‍♂️ Madonna is boring She nailed it Too busy raping young men to enjoying the great outdoors huh? 😂 Please, listen to her! NYC can have you! So thankful that we're boring. Never move to Canada Madonna. Lol, not sure what folks are getting so upset abt ..

Canada is boring? No one or anything is as irrelevant, or as boring, as watching Madonna & her struggle to be current. Some people just can’t deal with honest, friendly, clean, real life. Sorry, Madonna. old_soul_2 So Canada is boring eh? We have beautiful lakes, gorgeous mountains, and oh yeah a normal prime minister of our country... compare his twitter feed to your president’s..

Don't worry guys this is 'has been madonut 'calling attention to her has been fame screw her will not pay a penny to her Looking at the impeachment circus and a significant portion in Americans still support him.....I'll take boring 😏 Modanna?! C’mon! madonna We just love our boring Canada thank you very much !!!! 🇨🇦

But where is the lie? Canada is the definition of boring 💯💯 Canada is only boring when madonna's music is playing. No longer in vogue. I also remember when she said: I gonna leave US when D.Trump will be voted for president. Simply leftist stupid bit🤮h. Honestly the states can have them. There’s more to life then drinking babies blood ..,

Have you been to Canada madge?🙄... keep them there we don’t want them anyhow 😡 Is Madonna still revelent? radioman253 thanks, Madonna- Love watching liberals massacring one another... So disappointed in you, Madonna. Is Madonna irrelevant? Madonna canada poll no guns here though YES! We need more famous people telling people thinking of moving here that it’s boring and not a good place to live. Spread the word. Thanks Madonna

Yeah, come to the place where you’re not likely to be shot. And have free health care. She is so dull 😴 🇨🇦we are not only awesome, we don’t have Trump 🇨🇦 Uh..kind of the point. Boring as we dont tolerate the level of paparazzi they are avoiding. Madonna's not taking into account that the U.S. taxpayers would never pay for H&M's security. Only Trudeau has the audacity to force taxpayers to. Besides, they're in Vancouver which is less than a 3hr hop, skip & a jump to Hollywood. They get the best of both worlds this way.

Yes, it's interesting that not one celebrity has moved to Canada since Trump has been president. Hard to believe celebrities are full of shit. Madonna still relevant? How boring! shinangovani Boring? Madonna has clearly never seen Murdoch Mysteries. Grandma says what? If you mean we don’t have a trump. You’re right. We are boring. Happily boring. Normal boring. Good guy boring.

Madonna is boring. 😂 Madonna is right. Nothing exciting here. Nothing disturbing either (except Trudeau) Ok boomer. Canada Madonna ... LOL Yes Canada is awful! Don’t come here!! Kindly eff off and get nyc to pay your security bill We are not boring! Now. Excuse me. It’s time for my nap. Madonna Madonna who Wait she’s still hanging around...

volatilitysmile In fairness, she’d know ‘boring.’ madonna Yes our clubs are closing earlier... but the young are safer!! There are certainly large swathes of boring in Canada with some small pockets of interest. Why would I, a Canadian, accept commentary on what’s boring from someone whose personality involves a fake British accent.

If you are a boring person...than Vegas is boring too!! Yes we do not shoot eachother... we are proud of who we are! Madonna well next time you think of booking concerts in our boring Canada don’t! Why would you come anyways right? It’s so boring in Canada! Oh wait you’d come for the money right? Wow and to think you are considered some kind of a pop icon? For whom the dumb?

yes please leave and go join the plastic echo champer of US cleberities... you wont be missed and our taxes will be spared ... Canada is boring Madonna she’s just stupid and the world should know that! Bored people are boring. Someone’s thirsty for attention. She's boring, not Canada..getting old... Being dissed by Madonna is absolutely the BEST +ve reference a country could get... 🥳

Madonna, your opinion of our beautiful country, Canada, is irrelevant. Go back under that rock you've been living under since the early 90s...Trying to be relevant again isn't working... We have muskeg, snow, beaches, fishing, maple syrup, lacross, mosquitoes, wood ticks, polar bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes, coywolves, parks, nude beaches, poutine, tundra, waterfalls, Pow Wows, jigging, beavers without boarders, leeches & Two Royals.

She can take those free loaders in and pay for their private security while she's at it. Just like a prayer, I'd like to send you there What's wrong with being boring? Madonna is not wrong Who cares? It means she'll never move here and I'm good with that. Her Mom was French Canadian so that makes her boring too!

What would she really know if she’s only performed here. Who wants to live south of the border? No self respecting Canadian. We have so much more here Cocaine is a hell of a drug Hope that’s an offer they can’t refuse. Buh bye. Dear Madonna You are old enough to be Harry’s grandma...and you aren’t hot anymore. So 🖕

Ok boomer madonna Dear Madonna Canada says ok boomer. Madonna trying to stay relevant. 🙄 Only boring people would find Vancouver Island boring. Madonna? Wow, who in the hell listens to Madonna in the year 2020? Fighting for someone to hang around with. It’s over lady, time to for pasture. The Queen 👑 Madonna has spoken - Canada 🇨🇦 is canceled ❌ (jk obviously- stream MadameX )

so can she pay for their security? Well now, don't bother to come back this way for concerts!! Does her apartment come with bulletproof vests? You have the option to never come to Canada. Add some context to the story, please. She was almost arrested here in the 80s during her Blonde Ambition tour. I think it's kind of understandable why she's never really trusted us since, however, she could always visit for a bit and change her mind.

To think I was just singing along to a Madonna song in our small town grocery store...less than a half hr ago. Guess our Canadian stores only play boring Muzak. This comment kinda pisses me off! Guess that’s why I stopped listening to her after the 80s. She got boring! She is not wrong,but that is what they want.

Yeah, listen to Madonna, she’s a tea goooooood role model. Madonna is just trying to find someone to try to impress with her fake English accent. Canada is fine without Madonna’s approval Yeah go to the US.. specifically New York so you can get followed around by paparazzi and hounded just like you did in the UK yeah that's what they're looking for Madonna

Hahahahaha!!! Well she's not wrong 😂. Says the American with a British accent. Let's play what's better Canada or The US? You can't use things like food or Hawaii. I'll go first: ryanreynolds Maybe they want boring may be they just want to be alone She is from Michigan! Lol. Borrrr-iiinnng. Nobody wants to live in a country led by Trump especially Canadians. Meaghan and Harry picked the right country. Madonna lives in London doesn’t she?

Madonna is still a thing? Garbage is still in the US... Fuck Madonna Madonna is right! Canada sucks Madonna saw her concert a few years back. Was the worst and most boring concert I’ve ever been to. Not just boring but dull. But Madonna, they NEED to hover around Vancouver Island so extra security (that we Canadians allegedly pay for) are KEPT away from the dead marine life washing ashore. Explains 'Special Weather' alerts & poweroutages in USA too, right nytimes?

Wonder how boring Canadians are when they buy her concert tickets...🤔 That's good! We don't want her kind up here anyhow. 🤣 Madonna, the thing is, Meghan already ran off to Canada long ago, leaving her homeland behind. I think with the Money they have, the ex royals can buy their own place in NYC. Please Go back to whatever it is that you do!

I was only bored once....It was at a Madonna concert. truestory Stick to singing, badly Not enough plastic surgeons and exploitable male models for her in Canada? Simonlevrai007 I'll take boring anytime, Madonna ... Madonna has been trying so hard (& failing) to stay relevant through 'controversy' for the past 20 years. It pretty sad, actually. Her age has nothing to do with it. Cher is a great example of how to maintain longevity/popularity and not alienate your longtime fans/supporters.

I hardly doubt that Harry & Meghan would want to rent a place from Madonna Leave it maddona to be rude self-centred and disrespectful Canada may be boring, but we sure laugh a lot! 😂 🇨🇦comedians Jim Carrey Mike Myers Dan Aykroyd John Candy Eugene Levy Catherine O’Hara Leslie Nielsen Norm Macdonald Seth Rogan Martin Short Rick Moranis Howie Mandel Russell Peters Madonna 👉🤡

Good stay out It takes a galaxy brain to offer a multi-million dollar apartment to a couple living in a multi-million dollar mansion because you think they should move to a country you don't live in anymore. Lmao. Take them and her. Sorry you think we are boring. 🤪 we think you are a dried up has there. 🤪

Did us Canadians just get trolled by Madonna Oh Madonna trying to stay relevant. 😂 😆. So cute. There there gramma Maybe they were looking for a little boring for a while? Who gives a flying poo about these people you call this news?.. Useless news useless people.. Sorry b*tch not everybody's rich like you.. Her existence is boring. Here music is boring.. Lol 😂 After making money off Canadians she's calling them boring... Lol

Umm, they lived in the best city in the world IMO (London) and they moved - not to Toronto (where MM has ties) and not even to Vancouver. They moved to Vancouver Island. I don't think they care about being bored right now. Thanks, Madge. Stay relevant some other way. Madonna StayHome Eh Canada Who is madonna?

Well that's rude! She’s finally entered the “get off my lawn” years of her life. I think Harry and Meg are looking for a little boring these days. I would imagine we're on the same scale of boring as Great Britain is. They will fit right in. You didn't want us there after the revolution, don't ask us to go there now.!! United Empire Loyalists!

Boo Madonna I guess it's 'exciting' in America where you have to watch people die in medical poverty 😣 Agreed. Stay away. Sincerely, A boring Canadian. Get a wheel chair bitch ! Thanks Madonna! Off you go then, Harry and Meghan!! Buh-by now..... Who cares what someone says? Canada can be pretty laid back. And that’s ok 👌🏻

Canada is certainly not boring, however as a Canadian, she is 100% right. Manhattan blows almost anywhere in the world away. It's almost not even fair to compare them. I think they want the boring! That’s why they want to live on the island! Madonna your current career is boring 🙄 Blands have more fun.

She’s right Yes,it is better that they move to USA rather than Canada. Yeah. We're happy to be boring on this side because your alternative is far too exciting and excruciating (and sad) The comments in this thread are a thing of pure beauty. 🇨🇦❗️ Who cares. Let them go there Take Madonna's advice and move to the US where Americans can pay for your security costs.

She’s desperate for attention Tell Madonna she's Full Of _____! Sorry, but what you call boring, we call civil Tell her not to come to Canada anymore. I don't want used gross skeletors here If ya want them here then feel free to scrape the extra money off your pay checks! She lives in Portugal. She stopped living in nyc years ago. Leave Canada be.

Great! Madonna can take harryandmegan. The majority of boring Canadians don’t want to support a parasitic Monarchy that condones the rape and sex trafficking of underage girls. Metoo Epstein PrinceAndrew HarryandMeghan MeghanMarkle Royalfamily Girrrrrrl Madonna Canada is not boring! She spilled some tea 🍵

thanks ....enormous vagina lady ...much appreciated ..signed hung up... Also, they aren’t nailing their feet to the ground. She's an old washed up has been lol. Yeahhhh tell that to Snoop 😏 I wish Canada stayed 'boring' in people's' mind. Just another land of plenty with amazing landscape and great people. It is cold here but not boring (unfortunately?). We are also funny bunch JimCarrey, Howie Mandel, Mike Myers, Seth Rogan, Russel Peters, Martin Short

Madonna is washed up and no one cares what she thinks. Well to be fair Canada doesn’t have the excitement of other major global cities What's boring is listening to a 60 year old women sing about being a virgin. She’s missed the point of them being here, they would be hounded in nyc I wonder how much money she came performing in Canada. Don't these musicians think when they write stuff... how many fans she may have disappointed? So dumb

Excellent news!! Precision: Madonna offers to “sublet” her Manhattan apartment. How generous! She is irrelevant so who cares what she thinks🖕 Not Madonna talking about boring 😂 Sometimes boring is good Canada 🇨🇦 is the best part of North America. I. Am. Canadian!! Eh. Take off Madonna, you Hoser! Boomer says what

Don't worry Madonna, you haven't been exciting since 1994. They can stay in NYC I’m American and I LOVE Canada 🇨🇦 more than everyone can imagine. 😉 Has been Madonna.. whatever. Boring means Canada will never elect an ass like Trump. Yes, yes, Canada is sooooo boring! Pack up and go to NYC or California! Everyone now! Canada is so boring! Go to the USA where life is exciting ;-)

And, coming from Michigan, She would know. Huh, interesting. She sure doesn’t mind Canadian money when she comes here on tour. She's been through so much.... Madonna sorry but... madonna ok boomer. Did she say it with her British accent? She surely would’ve sounded more convincing. but can whatshername find it on a map? Far from boring and I find her remark insulting hope what fans she has here remembers that next time she wants to play here.

What has she been doing the last 8 years that’s so exciting? Last I remember is her Super Bowl performance in 2012. Madonna ...Canada is boring why, because there is not a lot of related gun violence compared there in the US? Yes please go to NYC. Maybe boring is what they want! Take floppy legs' advice!

I'm trying to claim asylum elsewhere. I wouldn't suggest Canada as a destination for anyone the way I'm treated for years now. This ongoing hostage scenario isn't pleasant and no Human or Civil Rights obviously compounds the issue. If Trump, mass shootings, & Nazis are considered exciting, then I'm proud to be boring.

Go to bed Madonna today's generation doesn't even know who you are! Madonna the hussy called Canada ’boring’. She is angling for a threesome with Harry & Meghan in her NY apartment! She’s just mad that Drake dissed her when she kissed him 😂😂😂 she’s never liked Canada since 😂 cdnpoli Madonna says it's boring in Canada. Well, if she joins me for an afternoon tour of Toronto's Gardiner Museum of ceramics with dinner afterward at Swiss Chalet, I'll explain to her why she's wrong.

So not boring. Weed is legal, people are largely welcomed and we celebrate it with massive multicultural and inclusive festivals, great theatre, great music and comedy...tons of beautiful green...and we are really largely very nice. So, maybe they feel at home here for a reason. Canada is definitely less exciting than what is going on in the US these days. Other than the booming US economy and more choice re: innovative drugs, Canada's boringness is fine by me.

Wait, that singer from the 90’s said what? I’d be interested in seeing what that geriatric stripper does for a good time. Probably has nothing to do with being outdoors. FO madonna. Madonna is so passé & Meghan is so présent ! She’s not wrong. We are indeed boring AF. Madonna Is boring Madonna, you’re boring and your music has become boring.

Imagine thinking Canada is boring 😅🙄 Canada is boring? She obviously hasn't been to one of her concerts in the last decade and a half. Yes, she’s an authority!!!! Too boring for Madonna but for 35,000,000 Canadians its awesome. Back in your cage, troll!🦶 It's not that boring, if American entertainers see fit to meddle in Canadian affairs.

OK boomer She is 100% right. Please go to NYC Megan and Harry. 👎😒 Sure, if one defines 'boring' as not having at least one mass shooting somewhere in the country every day of the year, then yes, Canada is 'boring' Looks at news. Doesn't mind things being a little quieter on Vancouver Island. Cheers! 😉☕

Go to hell Madonna! Please feel free to stay away from Canada. Madonna is a washed up hose bag . Ya I said it . Lmao Wait -- Madonna is still alive? Hey Madonna - If you haven’t been paying attention, Harry and Meghan don’t want a life in the spotlight - if they did, they’d stay in England. They WANT a “boring”, easy-going, normal life and Canada has a lot of everything to offer, especially in Vancouver & Ontario.

Please take the offer. It'll save us millions!! You see the crazy south of the border for the last 3 years? Yeah, I think the world could use some boring right about now. And when did Madonna turn into kyles mom? JEALOUS MADGE ? Besides the U S ISN’T IN THE COMMONWEALTH! Stunned bitch doesn’t understand. They’re a young couple, newborn baby who’ve been hounded by the poparazzi and want to escape the limelight and have some privacy. Ya, New York, good choice. I think Canada is exactly what they want!

Maybe Madonna got boring and civilized mixed up 🤦‍♀️ dstairs1 I find Louise Ciccone aka Madonna boring. The Stones never thought Canada was boring. Anyone still care what Madonna thinks? Lol That name rings a bell - wasn't she popular about 30 years ago? Free healthcare will do that. And also the lack of mass shootings.

Better be boring than filled with terrorist like you Canada do not need old hag like you Madonna keep your crazy A** out of here 🐐🚽🧻 What a great endorsement from Madonna. If a washed-up 80s popstar thinks we are boring, we are obviously doing something right. Last time I checked, the pair weren’t moving to Manitoba so they’re fine.

Dear Madonna, Bored people are boring people. Both of them are boring to Canadians... I think “boring” is what they’re going for not trading one paparazzi-laden city for another. jfyfe Time for Canadians to Boycott Madonna ! She still mad about that Toronto incident? That was like the 80s. We're far more sexually laxed now.

Irrelevant and worn out hag. She can have them and she can pay their security Bills. It really blows my mind that in a time of growing Fascism and Autocrats people are Glorifying Monarchy. If you are not in favor of Trump, the UK Monarchy should be more repulsive. I think the former royals found London too “ exciting”. If you want to get away from privacy violating paparazzi, Vancouver Island is the place to do it, not New York.

Only boring people get bored, Madonna. Dangerous to stay in her apartment. Madonna has been boring her entire career. Never taken seriously. I restained myself from commenting earlier b/c I didn't quite know how to craft it in a clever way. Still don't it's a mash-up b/w keep yr Murican nose out of how they wish to live & raise their child AND who in there right mind knocks beautiful BC VancouverIsland VictoriaBC

Guess she doesn't want Canadian fans? Dear Madonna Canada is beautiful Thank you Crazy American woman says what? Madonna who? Yes it's super boring here, please don't come. There's nothing to do here, you'll hate it. Harry, Meghan and Madonna should stay out of Canada for their own good - don't even visit, just to be safe

So there are not enough boy toys in Canada? When she’s laid more pipe than a plumber and sucked more thru her nose than vacuum - ya we boring I guess. They don't give a shit about your opinion Madonna..take a walk. Ciccone Madonna is such a B! Your best tune was Isla Bonita Madonna! Come on ppl. Who really gives a rat's ass what anyone thinks. It's her opinion. Shes trying to stay relevant. Dont like Canada? Dont come here. I'm fine.

what trying to be in the news.. it seems .... Hey madonna wasn’t it the Canadian Toronto dentist who fixed your tooth that time you came for one of your boring sold out concerts? It’s true. Canada is boring and we like it that way. A has been trying to be relevant. Move to Trump land? No they aren’t stupid

The only reason it’s boring here is you don’t have to zig zag and duck from all the gun fire Ain’t that the truth and the worst place to live as long as all those thieves keep stealing all our money and giving it to terrorists Slow news day? Says a senior citizen Madonna irrelevant Too bad she feels that way...

Perhaps a little, depending on where one lives. Guarantee it's a hell of a lot safer than anywhere in US, given the gun culture. And the fascist in WH. Global, you missed quoting the part where Madonna insults BuckinghamPalace and the QueensGuards too lol! Madonna going to Madonna!⚠ Well at least it's safe here! 😏🇨🇦

And you can stay where tou are - in Trump’s company It is boring compared to the United States! She’s not wrong! Like I'd ever listen to the advice of someone who fakes a British accent... girl, you're American, and it still doesn't make you fancy. 🙄 Wasn't Mad Donna gonna flee to Canada if Trump was elected? She changed her mind

Madonna? The has been (or never really was)? Bye Who is she again....Madonna hasn't been relevant since the 80s so no one cares about her opinions. We have world class sports events, world class skiing resorts, some of the best scenery anywhere on earth, hmmm I can see why its so boring here lol! Fuck Madonna Stay in the US!

Poor Madonna. So woefully ill-informed. Boring is as boring does. Reconfirms her arrogance as well as ignorance 🇨🇦rocks Typical American! Please take Madonna up on her offer! Who’s Madonna ? Come to Brampton, we will put a spice in your love. Luv my Canada. You Madonna have only seen Canada for her hotel window ! As a proud Canadian 🇨🇦 Welcome to Canada Harry and Meghan ♥️

Yea, the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, beautiful lakes, streams, rivers and parklands are boring. May as well be stuck in an apartment with a view of one park 🙄 Them moving to NYC would take care of the security costs on taxpayers. Yes, Canada is boring! Lol Obama would differ. Bitch After being relentlessly pursued by paparazzi to the point of being unable to lead a peaceful, normal life with their young son, I'll bet boring sounds like a dream to them. That said, Canada is far from boring & I'm pretty sure Harry & Meghan know what's best for their family.

How dare she?! HowDareYou Was the $$ you were paid when you performed in Canada boring? 🇨🇦 I have lived in Canada my entire life (in four out of ten provinces & three territories, so far) and would never use boring to describe my beautiful country. If you are bored here, you would be bored anywhere & everywhere. 🦋💙

Madonna is boring. Canada rocks! 🇨🇦 Canada is a Boring Zero influence and Pathetically Powerless Country!!! Who is madonna? Booo, 🖕! Canada is the BEST! ❤️🇨🇦 I guess it depends on your personality....I am a nature loving sort and am never bored here in Canada. I'd take boredom over Trump. 😝 Canada is boring, but then again, so is Madonna. As for Prince Harry and Meghan (or 'Megan' as Madonna spells it 🤪) are more than welcome to sublet your place. Nobody here wants to pay their security bill anyhow.

Says now totally boring Madonna!!’ I love Madonna, I am huge fan but I disagree. America is dangerous, the gun violence, racism, Trump, third world health care system. I can go on. Prince Harry and Meghan are smart Canada is safe. The Vancouver area I hear is beautiful with the mountains, and nice weather.

Sorry but no one is going to step into the USA to live until the GOP is out of power. I hope they accept her offer. Bye, Madonna. The difference is we want them and don’t want any part of her living here 🇨🇦💜 I'm sure H&M are not interested in meeting any stds that might be in that apartment Screw Madonna. Canada is awesome

Fuck madonna, but material girl is a catchy tune Can someone Ask realguyritchie if Madonna is boring? Blissfully boring. Boring! I don’t even think she’s spent any time here! I wonder... does Madonna still have that faux British accent? Asking for a friend b/c I don’t care anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Take up her offer.....PLEASE!!!! Good riddance!!!!

Who cares what that washed up tranni thinks about Canada. Our awesome healthcare, diversity, no kids in cages, and super strict gun laws are boring Lmao!! I’ll take boring over the alternative any day!! Madonna... stay in NYC, Harry and Meghan, we welcome you! Move wherever you want, canada, US, or anywhere else in the world. My only issue is that if they want to be financially independant then that includes paying for their security our of their own pocket and not hanging that price tag on the tax paying citizens.

Excuse me Madonna, Canada is not boring!! Who? Madonna.. your plastic face is getting boring 😝 It's ok with me if they want to move to NYC. Ah, Madonna always inserting herself to maintain relevance. ..said the has-been to the gold digger and le petit prince. Poor Madonna! She's bored and she is boring😝

Oh yes. So boring without all of those mass shootings. Who the f:;k is Madonna And why does she look like she lives under a tarp! And someone removed her front tooth ! Oh wait , that’s a space , my bad ! Fine, let Madonna pay for the extra security True patriot love in all thy sons command 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

LMAO Says her from Bay city Mi.some cheek. What is wrong with Americans? 250 years ago they told the British to get lost. Now they are falling all over themselves whenever a British prince gets married, or shows up on TV? Hey America, want a British prince? JOIN the COMMONWEALTH! Envy much? Madonna doesn’t like Canada because many of her friends perished in Drumheller

Better boring than a dumpster fire. I thought Megan and Harry were running away from paparazzi why they chose Canada. Sorry if here people care less about super pop stars like Madona but hey if they want holofotes go to NYC and LA or go back to UK Surely it is NOT boring to be in beautiful nature surrounded by good people of Vancouver island.

It's only boring if you aren't involved. Well maybe there are less illegal drugs available. Besides that, it’s not the USA, and we have far less gun nuts. But Conservatives are working hard at changing those things. Special love ♥️ and greetings to Saanich people in Vancouver island 👋👋who closed the caffeteria for hunting journos, refused to take journos who wanted to make photos of Harry and Meghan house- to boat and help to security to localize journos.

Madge giving advice? Hahahahahahaha breathe hahahahahahahahahaha ... Her grasping at straws to remain relevant in 2020 is what’s boring. Also, Canada is one of the few countries world wide that can accommodate her MASSIVE EGO! She should be grateful to our beautiful country Offers to sublet the couple her awful 2 bedroom apartment ahahahaha I’ll take 🇨🇦 over an apartment. Thanks, Madge

Madonna exactly how much time have you spent here in Canada better still how much time did you spend with Meghan Markle before she was a Duchess - my guess is none. Madonna desperately clinging to relevancy any way she can. Madonna has been boring since the 80’s ended. I'd rather live here than in the U.S. Its more peaceful here. cant stand her. never did

Madonna is the boring one. Who needs Hollywood and US style Orange Drama? In 🇨🇦 we can expend our energy on things that are actually healthy. Madonna is still relevant? Canada don't want them .. North America don't want them.. Wasn’t Madonna going to move to Canada when Trump was elected? No? Oh right she was going to blow up the White House. Did any celebs follow through and move to Canada? 😂

Dear Canadians, you are great people! 🇨🇦 You have demonstrated to world how normal society must behave with journos, not everything could be sold! ❤️

No Christine Sinclair, no problem: Canada thumps Jamaica 9-0Canada hammered Jamaica 9-0 Saturday to qualify for the semifinals of the CONCACAF Women's Olympic Qualifying Championship with one group game remaining.

Health Canada should rethink funding in fight against opioid crisis, report suggestsThe paper obtained by The Canadian Press suggests federal officials should focus funding where service providers can prove they are helping people with opioid-use disorder

Toronto-bound Air Canada flight set to make emergency landing in MadridAn Air Canada flight bound for Toronto from Madrid is set to make an emergency landing after experiencing an engine issue after take-off. Hopefully all Passengers and crew members will land safely I would like to reiterate that riding AC Boeing is like a possible suicidal, instinctive intension. Please fellows, try other flights for the sake of your lives.

Air Canada Boeing 767 to make emergency landing at Madrid airport after ‘technical issue’Spanish pilots union SEPLA said on Twitter, without citing any sources, that part of the plane's landing gear had fallen off and gone into one of the engines. Are Boeing shares are going to take another tumble lol aircanada what is going on with your landing gears, my lord. Update please!

Toronto-bound Air Canada flight due to make Madrid emergency landing after engine issueThe airline says a Boeing 767 carrying 128 passengers is circling Adolfo Suarez-Barajas airport to use up fuel and lighten the jet for landing A Toronto-bound Air Canada plane has made an emergency landing at Madrid’s international airport after pilots reported an engine problem and tire rupture shortly after takeoff

China praises Canada for not following U.S. travel ban on coronavirusA spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised Canada for not following the U.S.example of enacting a travel ban in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Fancy Socks is bought buy China, of course he won't do anything to harm them! He'll harm Canadians though! Trudeau will lose his job if he continues to swap common sense for China's praise. He needs to protect Canadians from a major coronavirus outbreak. cdnpoli As long as China is happy, who gives a sh*t about canadians anyways.