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Cdnpoli, Peter Mackay

MacKay calls Edmonton counter-protesters 'Good Samaritans'

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay calls Edmonton counter-protesters 'Good Samaritans' #cdnpoli


Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay calls Edmonton counter-protesters 'Good Samaritans' cdnpoli

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay stands by his comments applauding counter-protesters in Edmonton who dismantled a rail blockade just hours after it was erected.

After facing backlash that he was politicizing the issue and supporting vigilante justice, the tweet was deleted from his account and followed up with further clarification.In defence of his tweeted statement that the pipeline activists are “thugs,”He also criticized the government for their inaction seizing the situation and mitigating further escalation.

Keep up with the minority Parliament: Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletterMacKay said under his leadership as prime minister, he would more clearly signal the government’s support for the RCMP and regional police officers to enforce the rule of law.

In the full interview airing Sunday morning, MacKay outlines his policy positions and where he stands on issues including military spending, balancing the budget, and medically assisted death.

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And he wants to be a leader? Wow He's right Next, PeterMacKay will declare that white nationalists are have 'some fine people' on their side. Truth Correct. “the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. It is about a traveller who is stripped of clothing, beaten, and left half dead alongside the road. First a priest and then a Levite comes by, but both avoid the man. “ Another do fo vying to be PM.

Read the Bible much? And he's correct. Is that likeTrump’s “good people on both sides “ when he refers to the white supremacy group? So does this Mohawk. But my vote does to Dr. Lewis. A strong Black female . The racist left wing media is ignoring. The Conservatives do not get it.

MacKay replaces tweet about rail blockades after critics suggest he supports vigilantismFor the second time this month, Mr. MacKay has been embarrassed by a message posted on his social media accounts globepolitics Just what Canada needs = another pussy JeffreyLuscombe globepolitics Wonder who he threw under the bus for making the tweet this time?! globepolitics No more frat boys, Mmmmkay?

Peter MacKay is an overpriviledged, out of touch, dipstick. Love him or hate him, he isn't bright. It’s clear MacKay only cares about Alberta. With that in mind, nobody else from any other province should support him. Your white is showing Prediction... the OPP will publically place the enforcement onus onto the CN Police. The CN Police will then ask for OPP assistance. At which point the OPP will say: 'This is a Federal/ RCMP issue'. Bets anyone? What a joke!

Condescending and patronizing. CTVLethbridge Good samaritans. I thought he called us vigilantes. Why doesnt someone just say it. The next leader of the conservative party will someone from the maritimes or ontario or quebec. Thats why all the contenders from winnipeg east have dropped out. Disgusting.

Totally agree Irresponsible. Chucking red meat to an angry , low information, base of extreme right wing supporters, to troll for votes is at the heart of the failure of our current political culture, to add meaningful debate to complex issues. And they are Wow! What an intelligent man! Must be winning the hearts of blue collared Albertans...hah

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaThis is not a good thing. As JustinTrudeau tries to figure out how to pull up his socks boy leave it to the people to do it.

These guys are gonna start a civil war PeterMacKay It is illegal to walk on or along a railway track. In Canada railways are private property and individuals trespassing on railway tracks or property can face arrest and receive fines. canpoli Nut job! CTVCalgary On one side you have people from not sure where illegally blocking rail service and roads and on the other side people removing those illegal blockades. Which one is the good samaritans. Pretty obvious to me

about time some one agrees So, if someday there anti choice protesters and another pro-choice protesters happen to make the same thing they will also be good Samaritans? Or is it thruth only when he say so.... Reminding people from sea-to-sea-sea that he's just not too bright... PeterMacKay cdnpoli CPC wheresmyhelicopter

EvanLSolomon Picking up litter isn’t ‘counter protesting’. Stop mislabeling normal people trying to get back to normal life. Ahh Mackay it's time for you to either cross the floor to the Liberals where all the wishy washy politicians are, leader for the CPC is not for you, sorry but you blew it awhile ago

Oilers' McDavid 'feeling good,' will travel with team on road trip - Sportsnet.caThere could be good news on the horizon for the Edmonton Oilers as captain Connor McDavid will travel with the team on its upcoming road trip.

those weren't counter protestors. They were far right racist vigilantes and PeterMacKay supports them. I wonder what happened to the rule of law? This is why PeterMacKay must never be Prime Minister. In a Trumpian style he relabels VIGILANTES as “good samaratians”. Now all he needs to say is “I know it and you know it too”.

Just like every other progressive. A fish out of water flop flop flop. If he stands by them, why did he delete them? CTVCalgary Well they are....😘 They are good samaritans. MacKay is right. We need leaders and leadership Helicopter Pete not the genocide you are advocating. Step down before you embarrass Canada any more!

I agree 100%. 'No matter how wrong you are, stick to your rhetoric and tell people you're right and you're do doing a good job and the idiots will believe you. And that's good, they practically outnumber everyone' -every conservative ever Peter MacKay made fun of Andrew Scheer 'missing a breakaway on an empty net.' But now this week, he's scoring own goals.

MacKay replaces tweet about rail blockades after critics suggest he supports vigilantismFor the second time this month, Mr. MacKay has been embarrassed by a message posted on his social media accounts globepolitics Just what Canada needs = another pussy JeffreyLuscombe globepolitics Wonder who he threw under the bus for making the tweet this time?! globepolitics No more frat boys, Mmmmkay?

.RacismDog PeterMacKay's campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party, summed up in a gif..... I agree with Peter. I support the counter protesters. I don't agree with the protesters. It’s funny PeterMacKay because the biblical reference is about loving your neighbor even if your neighbor is your enemy.

Encouraging Good Samaritans is a slippery slope, no one should be surprised if things go south quickly. We need more good Samaritans to dismantle the blockades in Ontario since OPP won't do anything to enforce the injunctions.TorontoStar EvanLSolomon Well done Peter. Liberals appreciate all your help!

EvanLSolomon This guy needs to stop while he behind. More insanity from yesterdays man PeterMacKay The last thing Canada needs is to leave it in the hands of the everyday Canadian. This is an issue that requires leadership. Too bad Canada does not have any.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaThis is the Conservatives in action Should be investigated for incitement, a simple swab would reveal how much human DNA he carries...

Peter MacKay: shittier than you remembered him to be. PeterMacKay is emboldening terrorists. EvanLSolomon What an irresponsible stance. MacKay is not fit to be our Leader! EvanLSolomon right on Peter, cant wait to see the Soft hands crowd cry about the muffins on the picket line. (prob breast fed till they were 25).

The REAL “Canadians” are those who are fully indigenous. We are all here because someone in our family moved from our homelands to Canada. So he should ctvnews Why do you not give equal or more time to the democratically elected Band Council, representing the majority of band members that want the pipeline through their territory, which btw, is supported by many more band councils.

And they are, very proud of people that stand up for themselves One person’s “Good Samaritan” is another’s radical activist. Something about chickens coming home to roost and all that.

The Weeknd plots massive ‘After Hours’ tour, 6 Canadian datesThe musician will play five additional shows in Canada: Edmonton , Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.

After his tweet retraction, I’ve lost all faith in him. EvanLSolomon As they are. We need more groups like them to take peaceful action and remove the barricades Maybe if Trudeau worked as hard as those 'counter protesters' they would not have had to clean up his mess and could have stayed home? EvanLSolomon The party of good govt, law & order...

CTVCalgary Bell end. They are doing the country a service. He’s 100% right I'm confused. I thought he was running for a leadership position. EvanLSolomon Agreed Disqualifying

But teachers and workers using their right to strike will be 'angry thugs' right? EvanLSolomon MacKay obviously doesn't know the story of the Good Samaritan or its meaning. EvanLSolomon Good for him and them......appreciate the support, it is so rare these days.... Encore un populiste qui manque de jugement et de respect

truebluecanadi1 Why are everyday Canadians who want to see illegal blockades stopped somehow the bad guys here? F ewe fake news. He’s not wrong. Pos liberal rag. The MSM is clutching it's pearls so tight it's knuckles are white. They are, urban whites, eco doomers and 5 hereditary chiefs are ruining people's lives of all backgrounds and heritage

What a joke that guy is If PeterMacKay don’t have the spine to stand up and represent us don’t bother running. We already have a bunch of spineless butt kissing gov officials. atRachelGilmore they stopped some of the criminals Right on Peter! These brave Albertans have more of a right to counter-protest than the native protesters, who are breaking the law by ignoring the injunction. We need more brave people to stand up to this reverse racisim. RailBlockade PeterMackay ReverseRacisim

Let me get this straight, all the comments on here are saying, yes, it’s ok, lay of hundreds of ppl bc the others are fighting in a selfish way. Ppl are losing their pay . Bet if it was your paycheque you would be typing something different. Who gives a sh*t what McKay thinks about anything? What is wrong with him Seriously 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

He’s 100% right The better question is, what do you call them? they were peaceful citizens removing illegal blockades and barriers. Please offer a detailed description. Are you impugning law abiding citizens

I call him a Tosser. Is this guy trying to lose the election before he becomes leader? FailureToLaunch Want to know what people call liberals in Alberta? Still praising vigilantes PeterMacKay. It’s awful finding out you had a job you were incapable of. A Trumpeter in the making.... 🙄 Spewing hate just like the other Conservatives... I hoped for better from him.

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