Lowered VW’s owner says speed bumps are ‘discrimination,’ asks town to pay

A young Irishman who spent $4,000 dropping his Passat says he's had to remap his commute route because of the traffic-calming measures


This 23-year-old spent $4,000 lowering his VW Passat, and then complained he had to later his commute when his hometown installed speed bumps, reports drivingdotca:

A young Irishman who spent $4,000 dropping his Passat says he's had to remap his commute route because of the traffic-calming measures

Fitzgibbon modified the car in March of 2016 to sit about four inches above the ground, but he claims the new speed bumps, installed in September of 2018, are six inches high, which means he can’t drive over them.

“It doesn’t matter what speed I’m at either—I could be driving at 5 km/h or 80 km/h and it wouldn’t make a difference.”

He also says he can’t drive into town to visit the post office, the shops or the pub (which you shouldn’t drive to anyway). Now he must use an alternate route that adds more mileage.

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drivingdotca HA ha drivingdotca Maybe we can start a go fund me for this poor chap, kids these days have it so bad! My condolences drivingdotca FirstWorldProblems drivingdotca Loser drivingdotca 🤦‍♂️ this is why reporters are being laid off. drivingdotca Oh poor baby, get a life drivingdotca The car owner tried to fix stupid and not the guy can’t ride his stupid fix.The speed bump did a good job for what it’s designed todo.

drivingdotca If he weren't stupid, he'd be okay. drivingdotca First world problems drivingdotca What does 'later his commute' even mean? Is this written by an ESL journalist? Also, what a stupid idiot to waste $4,000 on CRAP!!! 😂 drivingdotca Beyond the REASON, INSANITY begins. ICBC CRIME REPORT

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drivingdotca How does one later a commute? drivingdotca I had a lowered vette so I had to navigate over these nasty bumps very slow and sideways But boy the corvette looked way to cool drivingdotca Poor investment; he should have gotten airbags for $4k so he could raise his stuff over the speed bumps. Oh well 🤷‍♂️

drivingdotca Let stupid people do stupid things - just don't report about it. The way it was before the internet. drivingdotca 23 years old genius made in Canada eh?$4000 to lower his VW? Birn in Canada!!!! drivingdotca Get a life

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Lorraine Explains: Raising speed limits isn’t a clear-cut solution.drivingdotca’s Lorraine Sommerfeld: “There are a few factors to consider before Ontario increases its highway speed limits”: drivingdotca Bigger pile ups more carnage ! Remember Speed Kills. drivingdotca One aspect that story ignores is long distance traveling. A 500 km trip at 125 km/hr is 4 hours...1 hour less than at 100 km/hr. Making one drive longer isn't necessarily safer if traffic allows that higher speed and I know I'd rather spend less time on highway than more. drivingdotca I'm also pretty sure that many 18 wheelers are driving without a 105 km/hr limiter as I've seen some pass me going faster than 120 km/hr.

Vancouver council unanimously supports 30km/h speed-limit pilot project“This is where our kids play street hockey, this is where I’m teaching my daughter how to ride a bicycle. This is where people live, it’s not just a place for cars.”

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