Live updates: Trucker convoy protest in Ottawa

2022-01-29 10:30:00 PM

Live updates: Trucker convoy protest in Ottawa

Evan Solomon, Don Martin

Live updates: Trucker convoy protest in Ottawa

The 'freedom convoy' of truckers and their supporters are protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Parliament Hill on Saturday. Follow along for live updates from our reporters on the ground in Ottawa .

While the rally has been peaceful, with no reports of arrests, he says that there's a lot of "tough language" from protesters who are frustrated with ongoing pandemic restrictions.2 p.m. EST1:45 p.m. ESTMoe's statement goes on to say that he believes the policy poses a risk to the economy and Saskatchewan's supply chain that will increase the cost of living.

"We've consulted Ottawa Public Health on appropriate protocols. As always, we do not comment on security matters," the PMO said.Outside of Ottawa, people have lined pedestrian overpasses, including one in the suburb of Kanata over Highway 417 that has people cheering as big rigs pass underneath on their way downtown.

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CHOKsarnia Ottawa police update Did you miss the nazi flag photos? PC O’Toole has set a bad influential example with the Truckers Convoy protest . We all have rights with freedoms in Canada without any protest with bad examples for young generations . Maybe start talking on this corporate media Why not raise the rumour going around that Antifa was paid to cause the problems, making it look like it was truckers. Bush coverage.

absolutely terrible biased coverage on tv. no mention of any other cities, repeats of interviews and really inane questions What a difference in coverage of right wing protests va left wing. Ottawa mayor says point made so protestors should move on so city can get back to business. Imagine if BLM was told point made, now get out of our streets and go back home.

The convoy always has been against all mandates. Everyone should understand what their demands are .Not Good. Look I don't like being asked what my vaccine status is to go in a store or restaurant.. but come on really?

Live coverage: Trucker convoy protest kicks off in Ottawa - National | Globalnews.caA convoy of protesters, mostly truckers, dubbed the 'Freedom Convoy' has descended onto Canada's capital, Ottawa , to demonstrate against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Who wants to play Russian roulette? Share your vax lot numbers and I’ll tell you how your game ends. Happy Freedom Day Canada! 🇨🇦

Do some of your own aerial views Come on aren't you gonna make the claim cbc did that russia is fueling this? Lmao How are their demands working out for them? ConvoyForFreedom2022 KarenConvoy Degenerates How is the mandates protecting anyone? If you feel safer wearing a mask or get vaccinated, then do so. That's the difference. No one is taking away your right to do that so don't push ppl to do or take a shot they don't need or feel comfortable with

YOUR KISSAN RALLY theJagmeetSingh NDP YOU ALL KNOW WHO IS FUNDING YOUR RALLY THE ONE WHO FUNDED INDIAN FAKE KISSAN RALLEY … GOOD LUCK TO THE CITIZENS OF CANADA … We've been hearing for days about the right wing extremists. Where are they? Why aren't you showing them? Where's the evidence? I'm in touch with people there and they say the atmosphere is friendly and positive.

Camera so shaky can't watch it !! Giving me vertigo ! Homophobic attacks, threats to an elderly lady in Tim Horton’s F BIDEN F Trudeau Flags flying in front of children Disgusting placards we live 5 minutes from parliament in a building of elderly, & young families:truck horns, screaming obscenities

In photos: Trucker convoy converges on Ottawa Ottawa police and businesses prepare for a convoy of protesters demanding an end to vaccine mandates that began converging on the country’s capital on Saturday, without knowing when the protest will end and with questions about the motives of some involved. if these truckers travel to USA: NEW: All non-U.S. individuals seeking entry into the U.S. via land ports of entry and ferry terminals at the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders must be fully vaccinated for COVID19. Details Rightwards arrow Criminals globepolitics It would be more accurate to call them an anti-vax or anti-federal-government convoy. You don’t have to repeat their framing. Please do better.

TrudeauHasGotToGo It's unmistakably clear: that's sedition! It's one step off in the direction of supporting a full scale separation effort! Citizens should be in an up roar; Ottawa must weigh heavy on their insurgency. This can not stand: Real Canadians do not want a Confederate Canada! CTV is turning the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy into something ugly with your repeating news reels inferring the 2017 mosque attack vigil was cancelled due to fear of violence & racism re the Truckers Freedom Protest. Attempting to divide 2 beautiful groups of Canadians.

Is this your 'freedom convoy' ? Veterans are rolling in their graves right now. Why is the reporter needing to wear a face mask when she's outdoors and away from the crown of people? Bloody ridiculous. Next weekend they all have covid One word: shame Where are the thousands? Actually these Canadian Conservatives are weak


Trucker convoy protest arrives in Ottawa for multi-day demonstration | Globalnews.caThe so-called 'Freedom Convoy' trucker protest against vaccine mandates – and much else – brought downtown Ottawa to a halt Saturday as big rigs blocked the parliamentary precinct. Canada used to be known as a country of polite and friendly people ready to help those in need. This is a cancer on the country that shows how many racist science deniers hide among us. Embarassing truckOff Ok! So What FREEDOMS are actually being taken away? As always, food corporations such as Loblaws, Sobeys (the thieves) & Walmart benefited the most from this 'COVID-19' saga, soaring prices and taking an advantage for racking up profit from people's pockets!

watching your reporters trying to read F Trudeau signs during live brodcasts is priceless. We are the fringeminority we are 'The 90%' 90Percent not the FRINGE Hide your managers, the Karens have arrived. CTV is a joke. Show the real Image don’t only show the Parliament Hill show really how many people there they are there thx.

Theres going to be a mess of discarded piss bottles in Ottawa It’s a bust. Go home—No overthrowing the government for you.

Police preparing for ‘significant’ protests at Parliament Hill as trucker convoy begins to arrive in OttawaTrucks, pickup trucks and other vehicles were driving through downtown Ottawa on Friday, many decked out with upside down Canadian, United States and Ontario flags All those anti vaxxers in one place without masks. What could possibly happen? “Tiny fringe minority” This is absurd. They are going to disrupt everyone's lives based on their bullshit. It's fuccking disgusting. Arrest them all and send them home. What a waste of fuel and time

Evening Update: Police preparing for ‘significant’ protests at Parliament Hill as trucker convoy arrives in OttawaAlso: Ukraine plans to employ sleeper agents behind Russian lines if Moscow invades Waste of fuel Thousands of supporters braved the cold enroute. Too many in the cdnmedia think, 'Grimy 'lower class' people, like truckers, are all violent and racist and should listen to opinions, not voice them. Truckers, stifle yourselves.' Try to be open minded and ignore the Antifa fascists and fake truckers.

Police warn of ‘consequences’ for violence as trucker convoy nears Ottawa - National | Globalnews.caSeveral thousand people are expected in Ottawa as early as Friday as part of the Canada Unity group demanding an end to vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions. But dont Punish those who caused the Problems that Prompted the Hate. so what are they doing about threats already made towards media? let's start the scare tactics sorry only peaceful rally coming your way

It is unclear how long the streets will be closed for.COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other public health measures.Protesters participating in a cross-country trucker convoy protesting measures taken by authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19 and vaccine mandates walk near Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday, Jan.Freedom Convoy ” trucker protest that has been gaining steam and headlines over the last week reached Canada’s capital Friday, with a multi-day demonstration expected to grind official Ottawa’s business to a halt.

2:25 p.m. Trending Stories. EST CTV's Evan Solomon reports that a variety of people have shown up to demonstrate in Ottawa, and their reasons for attending go beyond COVID-19 vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers. Many groups who don't align with the trucking industry have since joined the demonstrations. While the rally has been peaceful, with no reports of arrests, he says that there's a lot of "tough language" from protesters who are frustrated with ongoing pandemic restrictions. 100+ more rigs now in position blockading Wellington from Parliament Hill (here at the Confederation Building) and security personnel says it extends for a few km past the Cdn War Museum onto the SJAM Parkway.

This includes a rented helicopter flying above Parliament Hill featuring an anti-Trudeau expletive on its underside. He said it is difficult to get a sense of how big the protest is as the area around Parliament Hill is enclosed, and demonstrators have been dispersed around the downtown core. To help maintain safety, security officers have been stationed on nearby roofs and RCMP drones are flying above Parliament Hill. 2 p.m.

EST Protesters from the western route of the convoy that stayed overnight in nearby Arnprior are starting to reach Ottawa city limits to join those already in the capital. Supporters have lined the overpasses into the city to greet them. Hundreds more vehicles from Quebec and the Atlantic provinces are expected to arrive in the next few hours. On the ground in Ottawa, a heavy police presence remains as more people continue to gather. Roads around Parliament Hill remain blocked off, and those arriving have to walk to join other protesters.

1:45 p.m. EST In a statement posted to Twitter on Saturday, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe thanked truckers for their continued work getting goods between Canada and the U.S. amid the COVID-19 pandemic and expressed his support for those protesting on Parliament Hill.

Moe said the current federal border policy for truckers "makes no sense," adding that he believes an unvaccinated trucker doesn't pose any greater risk of transmission than one who is fully vaccinated. While this has become a common refrain among those who are hesitant, experts say vaccines provide the best protection against infection, noting that if someone isn't infected with COVID-19, they can't spread the virus. Moe's statement goes on to say that he believes the policy poses a risk to the economy and Saskatchewan's supply chain that will increase the cost of living. Experts have previously told that empty shelves recently spotted in some grocery stores are due to ongoing supply chain issues that began at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, not because of the federal government's vaccine mandate for truckers.

1:30 p.m. EST In a statement to CTV News, the Prime Minister's Office said Trudeau is continuing to isolate in the "National Capital Region and work remotely" amid the protests on Parliament Hill. "We've consulted Ottawa Public Health on appropriate protocols. As always, we do not comment on security matters," the PMO said.

Demonstrators are marching up and down Wellington Street, which runs right in front of Parliament Hill and the Prime Minister's Office, flying flags, carrying signs and cheering. Sidewalks in front of Parliament Hill have become jammed as protesters weave between the semis parked for blocks in Ottawa's downtown core. Officers are keeping emergency lanes open and plan to continue to tow vehicles obstructing those lanes and any other places police need to keep clear for public safety. Some vehicles that have been towed for parking in front of the National War Memorial. Outside of Ottawa, people have lined pedestrian overpasses, including one in the suburb of Kanata over Highway 417 that has people cheering as big rigs pass underneath on their way downtown.

12:52 p.m. EST The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) said in a statement it appears a number of protestors in Ottawa have "no connection" to the trucking industry and are pushing a "separate agenda beyond a disagreement over cross border vaccine requirements." In the statement issued Saturday, the organization said many of those currently protesting on Parliament Hill "do not speak for the industry or represent truckers as a whole." The CTA asks those from the trucking industry who have chosen to participate in the protests continue to do so peacefully.

"Please remember this important responsibility you bear today in delivering your message responsibly but also the impact your actions will have on the image of the majority of your colleagues from coast-to-coast who do not share your opinion but share your passion for the industry and country," the statement read in part. 12:30 p.m. EST While face masks are not required outdoors, coverings are still required in all surrounding restaurants in Ottawa. CTV News' Creeson Agecoutay reports that despite this, some demonstrators have been spotted inside businesses not wearing masks.

12:21 p.m. EST CTV News' Colton Praill reports the crowd on Parliament Hill has "significantly" grown, but remains peaceful for the most part. However, with more expletive-laden signs and decals targeting Trudeau becoming a dominant theme around downtown, concerns remain about safety. The large convoys from surrounding areas are expected to descend on Ottawa at soon.

Holding a sign reading "small fringe minority," a reference to comments Trudeau made in describing the convoy, Montreal resident Chris Eid said many people disagree with what is happening in the country. "And that's why we're here. We're fighting for our freedom and liberty," he told "I just want Justin Trudeau to come talk to the people, to his people.

He's supposed to unite us and he's been doing the opposite, unfortunately." Praill reported that many protesters say they are supportive of vaccines, but not mandating them, such as through the use of vaccine passports and other public health measures. While the federal government has imposed a vaccine mandate for federally-regulated workers and at the border, almost all COVID-19 restrictions fall to provincial jurisdiction. That includes mask mandates, business and school closures, and other public and private gathering limits. 11:48 a.

m. EST Mike Millian, president of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC), told CTV News Channel on Saturday that the organization supports vaccines, but is against vaccine mandates. Millian said he is happy to see that demonstrations in Ottawa have largely remained peaceful and says the PMTC does not condone any hate speech or calls for violence made by some participants. "They have to be disassociated from this convoy, from the trucking industry because it's not what the industry stands for," he said. Millian says vaccine mandates remain a "polarizing topic" and noted that 11:25 a.

m. EST The number of protesters on Parliament Hill continues to grow.'s Rachel Aiello reports that she spoke with participants who said they lost their jobs because they were unvaccinated and hoped the day would remain peaceful. She says others were less open to speaking with the media.

It's unclear how long protesters intend to stay on Parliament Hill. Some protesters have said they won't leave until public-health restrictions and vaccine mandates are lifted, or Trudeau is forced out as prime minister. Ottawa police said officers will remain downtown until crowds disperse. 11:10 a.m.

EST cancelled a planned in-person vigil in Ottawa to mark the fifth anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting that left six men dead and five others wounded. Canadians United Against Hate had organized a candlelight vigil for Saturday night at a human rights monument near Ottawa City Hall, a few blocks south of Parliament Hill. The group now says it will be holding a virtual vigil because of the truckers' protest and threats of violence coming from some attendees. 10:45 a.m.

EST CTV News Ottawa's Natalie van Rooy spoke with Antrim Truck Stop owner Tom Orr this morning on the convoy coming from Arnprior. Orr estimates there are more than 700 vehicles in total that . Orr also said the majority of the people at his truck stop have been respectful and peaceful. CTV News' Mackenzie Gray says the situation on the ground in Ottawa remains "fairly under control," and police have not made any arrests. Some vehicles had parked in front of the National War Memorial, but Ottawa police said in a tweet that they moved when asked.

10:05 a.m. EST Protesters from the western route of the convoy stayed overnight at a large truck stop in Arnprior, just west of Ottawa, and are expected to arrive by noon local time. CTV News' Mackenzie Gray reports that the crowd on Parliament Hill is continuing to grow steadily in size and noise, as the police presence also increases. He says the overall atmosphere is more aggressive than Friday's demonstrations, but remains peaceful so far.

Police are not allowing trucks to park in front of the Prime Minister's Office due to security concerns. Officers from multiple Ontario police forces, including Toronto, York Region, Durham, London and the Ontario Provincial Police, are assisting Ottawa police and the RCMP. Some Conservative MPs, as well as People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, are expected to arrive on Parliament Hill later Saturday to speak and show their support for the protesters. Organizers of the group that mainly planned the convoy, Canada Unity, are also expected to address the crowds Saturday. 9:30 a.

m. EST Protesters began streaming into the grounds early Saturday morning, honking horns and setting off fireworks, with thousands more expected to continue the weekend-long rally opposed to COVID-19 restrictions. The Parliamentary Protective Service expects as many as 10,000 protesters to be in attendance. CTV News' Mackenzie Gray reports that some truckers slept in their trucks outside of Parliament Hill Friday night on Wellington Street. The first hundreds of protesters arrived on Parliament Hill Friday, waving flags, some Canadian flags and others promoting anti-Trudeau messaging.

Confederate flags have also been spotted. Ottawa police say they are in the area and are on alert, having warned about the potential for violence. They're advising residents to stay clear of the downtown core and in particular, and are anticipating "significant traffic delays and disruptions" along several streets. Blockades have been set up at various points in the city and, as a result, many people will have to park elsewhere and walk to Parliament Hill. With files from The Canadian Press   view larger image People make their way on Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill during a rally against COVID-19 restrictions, which began as a cross-country convoy protesting a federal vaccine mandate for truckers, in Ottawa, on Saturday, Jan.

29, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang The 'freedom convoy' of truckers and their supporters are protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Parliament Hill on Saturday. .