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Cdnpoli, Elxn 43

Liberals pledge to boost Canada Child Benefit, remove tax from maternity leave

The Liberals are promising that if re-elected they will boost the Canada Child Benefit and make maternity and parental leave benefits tax free.


Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau said if he’s re-elected, his government would boost funding for the Canada Child Benefit and make maternity and parental benefits tax-exempt. Read more: cdnpoli elxn43

The Liberals are promising that if re-elected they will boost the Canada Child Benefit and make maternity and parental leave benefits tax free.

"In those first few months with a new baby, when it's a struggle to get enough sleep, let alone get to the top of your game at work, it can be an even bigger concern," he said. "People should be focused on spending time with their baby, not worrying about how they'll pay their bills."

The Liberal plan exempts benefits from tax at the source, Trudeau said.

It would amount to an extra $7,000 in payments for the average family claiming the proposed new leave, Trudeau said.

The Liberals won all 32 seats in the region in 2015 and the Conservatives, NDP and Green parties have been working to capitalize on a feeling among some voters that the region has been taken for granted by the Liberal government.

He also made sure to mention former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper's name, accusing him of "betraying" Newfoundland and Labrador on the Atlantic Accord -- a federal-provincial agreement on offshore resource revenues.

Read more: CTV News

Spend, spend, spend. But don’t attach any costs. Only a fool would believe this phoney. He should have done that while he was Prime Minister for 4 years. Instead all he is focused on is what the Harper government did or did not do. I don’t know.. Is Harper running again? Time to move on! Hey meat head where are all the money coming from

That’s great. And CPP Disability? How many Canadians do you know can live on 1300 a month? Oh! And that’s almost too much money to get support from the province. Why not. Come and multiply. We will pay you. Just vote for me. Trudeau cannot be trusted WatchCTVNews No thanks! Who will pay for that.... You are promoting all Lazy Canadians .. making them parasite...

We can’t afford Mr Trudeau being re-elected... Remember 'the budget will balance itself' so keep making more promises we'll forget about the ones from last election ;) He would offer up anything at this point. He’s been governing for 4 years. Why didn’t he do this before - it must have just popped into his little head

Hot Button Issues: Gap is shrinking between Canada and USACraig Button joins James Duthie foe Hot Button Issues and explains why the gap continues to shrink between the number of Canadian and American players drafted each year. CraigJButton They only have 10x the amount of people, bout time they caught up. CraigJButton The US has a massive population advantage over Canada. As hockey grows in the states it's only a matter of time before they produce more players than Canada.

What will Trudeau cut to pay for this? Will he cut healthcare again? Wow! Where have we heard that idea before? Oh I know! It's the same idea from Andrew Scheer brought forward in 2018 and the Liberals voted against..Go figure. What about people who are older, with debt, unable to retire, medical hardships, and care of elderly parents or adult children. Families of all types need a hand, not just young families. We missed out on a lot that young families get today and it shows. When is it our turn?

In other news the media union continues to desperately try and get the liberal party re-elected with their propaganda He's such a joke. My cctb stopped for 6 months still this this day have been given a reason why. Also the amount dropped almost $100, yet my income has been the same for 3 years 🤔🤔 and my marital status hasn't changed.

Reporters can help by asking the Leaders to 3 questions with each spending announcement.1. Provide details. WhyX% or X number of houses, how did you decide that? Cost? PBO vetted? And where is the money coming from, other programs? New taxes or deficit. Make them accountable! Why wouldn't he do that before the election? It drives me nuts that reelection is the deciding factor on doing what's good for the people. (or 'promising' to do what's good for the people)

omg... another spending spree with our money... the canada child benefit is very high.. under the liberals i went from making 136 for 2 kids under 18 to making 1000 per month for 2 kids under 18.. we cant go any higher. no to trudeau.. the budget will balance itself... that is what he said and thinks.. he is crazy.

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier invited to two broadcast debatesPeople's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has secured an invitation Monday to two official leaders' debates in October.

he is a pupil dilating and high on pot....or worse.. do not believe him.. he is on a spending spree that will take us all down More promises to be broken. How is this man even aloud to run for re-election? TrudeauCorruption Why did you not do it before? Awsome My husband and I also get the shaft. I've have over 10 failed fertility treatments ($$$$)and still no child. We aren't childless by choice. All things he's promising none apply to my husband and I. There are segments of the population that always get the shaft from governments.

I can appreciate that, as a family of 6 its tough, I am disabled buying stuff gets harder every year specially with the cuts from the Ford government, so thank you. But please come up with a better way then making everyone else pay for it, Canadians deserve more $ in their wallet cdnpoli elxn43

'Birth tourism' rising fast in Canada; up 13 per cent in one yearBirth tourism is on the rise in Canada, with new data suggesting that 1.4 per cent of all births in the country involve non-resident mothers. Says AndrewScheer or one of his CPC_HQ Think Tanks. That my friends is an oxymoron! ScheerDisaster There used to be many cases before the Health Services Appeal and Review Board where the Appellant attempted to have OHIP pay all hospital and physician costs associated with 'birth tourism'. ohip Should not be allowed. Ever.

And That Kids Is 'Cast in Stone' LOL 1 Month RCMP TeamJackwagon 🤡 BecauseIts a GongShow SNCNormanEthicsKhadrBoyleAtwalChina TrudeauJr PeterPanPM SockBoy UsefulIdiot2TheWorld PeopleKind MagicKingdom Nice to see he’s not as high on coke today he's promising a lot again, his to do list is crammed with promises from his first Majority. Now he needs another majority to full-fill his previous promises

Hey PM JT what about a raise for SENIORS Living with poverty income. So many have to choose Between R/X medication utilities rent & food. Govt would not boost funding, govt has no money - taxpayers would boost funding. Take from you to give back to you, and look like they are doing you a favour. So us seniors get the shaft again. Where's our tax breaks?

Of course he would. Not his fucking money He loves to spend money he doesn’t have. TrudeauMustGo Trudeau thinks women are stupid and will buy into his manipulation again this election. He managed to play a lot of them for fools last election so thinks he can keep doing so.

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier invited to official leaders’ debatesThe invitation, made by the independent Leaders’ Debate Commission, was extended after a review of Bernier’s party and its chances of winning more than one seat in the Oct. 21 election globepolitics No thanks to MSM....... oblivious to the silent majority, imvho. Go MaximeBernier MadMax globepolitics I remember when Ms May was excluded... Maxi Pad whines and voila, he is in. Fuck the fascist patriarchy globepolitics for what comic relief or dog whistles that few hear and know what they mean?

Gas prices in Canada will feel slight impact from Saudi attack, for now: analystsDrivers “pretty much coast to coast” can expect a five-cent increase on gasoline per litre come Wednesday, analysts say. so oil prices drop and were told prices at the pump take weeks to respond because they arent completely correlated..oil prices rise, price at the pumps go up immediately..also why are we buying saudi oil when we have so much here at home. BS all BS charlesadler This driver has put $$$ down on an electric car. Tired of this nonsense.

GM workers strike in the U.S. — how will that impact Canada?The previous strike by UAW members against GM in 2007 lasted only 17 hours and therefore did not have a major impact on production.

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