LeVar Burton bringing his weekly short story podcast to Twitter as livestream series | CBC Books

Burton will read children’s stories on Monday mornings, YA fiction on Wednesday afternoons and short stories on Friday evenings.

2020-04-06 10:00:00 PM

American actor LeVar Burton has announced the launch of LeVar Burton Reads, a Twitter livestream read-aloud video series. | CBCBooks

Burton will read children’s stories on Monday mornings, YA fiction on Wednesday afternoons and short stories on Friday evenings.

·Posted: Apr 03, 2020 10:54 AM ET | Last Updated: April 3LeVar Burton attends the 2020 Breakthrough Prize at NASA Ames Research Center on Nov. 03, 2019 in Mountain View, California. Read more: CBC »

cbcbooks RENEW ANNE WITH AN E!!! renewannewithane cbcDougDirks cbcbooks Yes reading rainbow 🌈 is back. cbcbooks 😍 cbcbooks Renew for ka'kwet cbcbooks SaveAnneWithAnE cbcbooks renewforkakwet cbcbooks Great idea.....the kiddos are really not getting this and we adults try not to freak them out of our very serious this situation is...any different attempt to “Entertain “ them is a welcome jesture...a godsend for parents staying home ....kudos 🙏🇨🇦❤️

cbcbooks The return of...

Pandemic can’t stop hockey’s evolutionThe next decade will bring new rules, more international players and big changes in women’s leagues

Huawei sending millions of masks to Canada as supplies grow shortThe company is said to have already delivered to Canada more than a million masks, 30,000 goggles and 50,000 pairs of gloves And trumpy gets none, again We all know this is political motivated partially but hey! We will take some masks for now. How nice of COMMUNIST China while Trudeau keeps Meng Wanzou under house arrest. Makes sense.

Federal COVID-19 benefits program portal opens today: Here's how to apply | CBC NewsThe federal government opens a web portal Monday where Canadians out of work due to the COVID-19 crisis can apply for emergency income support benefits. Ravinde47176600 Canadian banks pause payments on 10% of mortgages as they field 500,000 requests for deferrals News where can i call to ask kindly for a new season of Anne With an E? There is so much stories to tell, and i was surprised that it got cancelled.

Duffy shares account of kidnapping, rape, says she was ‘drugged for 4 weeks’After a decade out of the public eye, Welsh singer Duffy has shared the details of a harrowing incident that she says drove her away from the spotlight. i dont even know whom she is ? Triggering for some viewer's....how do some people make it through life being so soft?

Diane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump’s medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses homeDiane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump's medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses home Trump had to steal the respirators or he would eat it during the next election. It is in human to pull doctors and if we start a trade war Trump would love to shut the oil valves from Canada. They don’t need the oil. Imagine when the food trucks stop. If they haven't come home yet, guess what. But please keep up with your totalitarian ideas. Just stop this senseless bickering. The USA has always been our greatest friend.

Spit, sweat and high-fives: Three sports habits that could change after coronavirusAs the coronavirus brings the international sports calendar to a grinding halt, AFP Sport looks at three long-standing habits which could change forever once competition resumes. I highly doubt sweat,spit or high fives are gonna stop The change in such close-proximity habits is probably going to propagate through the general community as we gradually recover from the Pandemic. So long huggists and handshake-ists! COVID19 COVID19Pandemic Sweating is not a habit, it’s a bodily function that helps to regulate your temperature. How does an athlete not sweat during sports? 🤔 And no, I didn’t read the article because your headline is stupid.