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Letters to the editor: May 23: ‘We sent our children back to school.’ Readers debate: Should schools in Canada be open or closed? Plus other letters to the editor

In today’s letters to the editor: COVID-19 and masks; schools; 46 ways our world is about to change

2020-05-23 12:04:00 PM

May 23: ‘We sent our children back to school.’ Readers debate: Should schools in Canada be open or closed? Plus other letters to the editor GlobeDebate

In today’s letters to the editor : COVID-19 and masks; schools; 46 ways our world is about to change

(Opinion, May 16): We sent our children back to school. We’re confident in our decision. The statistics we read, about something grave happening to them, reassured us. Frankly, we’re more worried about the kids hurting themselves playing outside.Our No. 1 worry was what the environment would be like with all the protocols. Would it be miserable and unfriendly? In reality: The kids haven’t had one negative comment. They’re thrilled to be back.

George Floyd death draws scrutiny on police use of force. What’s Canada’s protocol? Canada’s unemployment rate reaches record 13.7% Kneeling man who raised his hands shot dead by Calif. police

Story continues below advertisementOther parents can say it’s too soon and choose to stay put. We chose to move forward. It takes one person to lead a group, to leap off the cliff into the water below. We’re a little apprehensive and, like everyone else, we don’t know what will happen. But we’re not afraid.

We’re hopeful that some good will come of this, because we all need something positive right now.Becca AtkinsonGatineau, Que.Nearly 90 per cent of Quebec’s COVID-19 deaths have occurred in long-term care. This is a national tragedy. But the containment of the problem to an easily identifiable group is precisely why François Legault has started to open schools.

Kids should be able to learn, especially those from disadvantaged neighbourhoods where access to private resources is limited, and parents are more likely to be under duress. Read more: The Globe and Mail »

GlobeDebate Not sure what it is they’ve been sent back to but it isn’t school. GlobeDebate The year is over. Reopen properly in September, and by that I mean not forcing kids to wear masks and treat other humans like a walking disease. GlobeDebate OPEN More harm done to kids by keeping them locked up at home.

GlobeDebate just stay closed ...please GlobeDebate They should stay closed until at least next shcool year. GlobeDebate Where is this story from? Not Ontario GlobeDebate I don't know why schools would bother opening at this point? With a month left, why bother? Just make sure everything is good to go for September.

GlobeDebate Open. And all this sanitizer will not be good down the road.

Your daily horoscope: May 23Your daily horoscope In an age of Covid conspiracy theories can we at last dispense with the notion that bullshit like horoscopes are harmless fun? Can we make this middle age horseshit seem like it is - a remnant of ignorant times that we ought to have forgotten long ago?

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Violent offender wanted on Canada-wide warrants may be hiding on Vancouver IslandRCMP are warning that a violent offender who is wanted on 10 Canada-wide warrants may be hiding on Vancouver Island. He's at Trudeaus house .. look at the noggin on it! Where i will locate this MF and F him up lol

Scientists say they may have discovered a skinny geneAccording to new preliminary research published Thursday, scientists may have discovered the gene that helps super-skinny individuals stay slim, potentially opening up a new frontier in treatments to tackle obesity. gremlym skinny nigga Go on.... They didn't find it in me! Apparently I don't have that gene!

Don’t judge those not wearing a face mask, Tam says — they may be asthmaticAsthma Canada president and CEO Vanessa Foran said simply wearing a mask could create risk of an asthma attack Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, don't judge people who don't wear masks. Is there any advice about masks this woman won't give? Tam has proven useless. She needs to go away. Pronto Theuneducated, ignorant responses to this..., people acting as tho those not wearing a mask are somehow heroes, is nauseating. They are not free thinkers, heroes or some kind of intelligent beings that we just don’t “get”. They don’t care if they’re a-symptomatic. Selfish!!

Disqualified Tory Leadership Hopeful May Get 2nd Chance To Join RaceAn Ontario court ruled he can be a candidate if he meets certain criteria in the next 14 days. 'Walied Soliman, a prominent Toronto lawyer, worked years ago on the legalities of financing arrangements that satisfy Islamic restrictions on charging interest. Those restrictions are grounded in Islamic law, known as Shariah.' Actually these are religious rules based upon