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Letters To The Editor, Nopolly

Letters to the editor: June 6: ‘A demonstration of mature leadership, even statesmanship.’ Readers react to Trudeau pause on Trump question, plus other letters to the editor

In today’s letters to the editor: Stockwell Day, racism, Quebec data and COVID-19

2020-06-06 11:39:00 AM

June 6: ‘A demonstration of mature leadership, even statesmanship.’ Readers react to Trudeau pause on Trump question, plus other letters to the editor GlobeDebate

In today’s letters to the editor : Stockwell Day , racism, Quebec data and COVID-19

RePM Fails To Say Whether Canada Will Address History Of Slavery(June 3): Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s 21 seconds of awkward silence before attempting to answer a question related to U.S. President Donald Trump’s use of military, which he miserably failed to answer, can also be interpreted as the helplessness of finding a rationale behind some of Trump’s statements and actions. A lot of sane elements struggle to understand the lucidity behind some of the his actions, comments and rants.

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It could also be interpreted as “a moment of silence” to show Canada’s disappointment over our neighbor’s political and leadership situation. If you look at it this way, the silence was a precise Canadian answer that had a duration of 21 seconds.Story continues below advertisement

Anas KhanBeaumont, Alta.How does one criticize a neighbor in the confines of his own backyard? How does one criticize the action of a head of state, and close ally at that, without breaking diplomatic protocol? Bravado would dictate that the Prime Minister should have ripped Mr. Trump’s actions to shreds, but to what point? By previous standards or norms, of the U.S. presidency, Mr. Trump has shown he is struggling under its weight. I doubt a diatribe against Mr. Trump by Mr. Trudeau would do any good nor would it be in character.

Norman M OstonalNew Westminster B.C.I would respectively submit that Mr. Trudeau’s hesitation to immediately respond to a sensitive but worthy media question on the latest outrageous behaviour of Mr. Trump represented a demonstration of mature leadership, even statesmanship. While assembling his thoughts for 21 seconds, it was clear what his real feelings were, but it was also clear that he was looking for words that reflected a desire to think long term and preserve as good relations as possible with Canada’s most important trading partner, despite the present occupant of the White House.

Certain politicians and other critics accusing Mr. Trudeau of “spinelessness” should all revisit especially the first two lines of that great seminal poem for trying times,Ifby Rudyard Kipling: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you ...”

Leo RyanDay’s remarks and racismRe(June 4):Story continues below advertisementIt is perplexing and hard to understand how a learned person like Stockwell Day does not know the definitions of bullying and racism. Racism is everywhere, even in Canada. We should all pause to look inward. No innocent child is born a racist. That is learned and hateful behaviour. Parents and families instill it, schoolyards propagate it and, by acts and omissions, it is shared in places of work and worship.

Our differences are what make us unique. Our morals and humanity bring us together. The faster we realize this, and change our behaviours, the quicker racism will die out.Marian KingsmillDundas, Ont.Do not be mistaken, Canada, we are racist. Our justice and legal system was built for and supports those of us with white skin. Like every genocide in history, racism starts with dehumanizing another.

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The most important anti-racism work is taught by people of colour with lived experience. Our job as Canadians is to do this work however painful it is. We can do this, Canada. We can do better. Read more: The Globe and Mail »

GlobeDebate It all boils down to which way you vote as to your take on the 21 seconds of silence, like all aspects of the governance of this country, there's no such thing as an unbiased calling exactly for what it is GlobeDebate I though it was an act of real statesmanship. Thanks for all your work n!Justin

GlobeDebate Hmmmmm GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Yes, BLM! I couldn't breath since Sept, 2018 in the condo building of 160 Vanderhoof Ave, Toronto. I absolutely believe Prime minister Trudeau yesterday said that the Canada exist social system race discriminations. White supremacy, racism already existed in the condo for long.

GlobeDebate A demonstration that his ear bud with Gerry in his ear was malfunctioning GlobeDebate jackgo2 GlobeDebate Add u talking about that kid dish Trudeau.. the one who has turned Canada into a sanctuary of all assorted terrorists... Jehadis khalistanis? Last he visited India,he made a fool of himself and was given a total ignore

GlobeDebate I'm all for a leader who doesn't allow everything that wanders through his brain to dribble out of his mouth (or onto his Twitter feed). GlobeDebate This is what true leadership is all about . Well done Sir. GlobeDebate Self-hating 'white drivel' from today's letters: ....Do not be mistaken, Canada, we are racist. Our justice and legal system was built for and supports those of us with white skin. Like every genocide in history, racism starts with dehumanizing another....

GlobeDebate I've heard the readers responses. The majority are not flattering. GlobeDebate Trudeau a PM of inexhaustible blundering, or just silence due to lack of intelligent thoght out words. GlobeDebate DoAsISayNotAsIDo GlobeDebate LEADERSHIP Are you crazy? JustinTrudeau is an entire fool. He’s telling himself dramatic stories in his head that he is some sort of superhero. He’s not. The majority are laughing at him. cdnpoli

GlobeDebate His answer certainly gave much cannon fodder to late night Comedians - it was just embarrassing! Why not just simply say, I will not comment on internal US matters!... that's well tried and tested! Instead it looked like an internal brain scramble was going on! GlobeDebate Really? GlobeDebate More like immature leadership. Would Churchill have hesitated?

GlobeDebate What utter BS! Link that pause with his hypocrisy in joining the crowd after leading us in self isolation all these weeks. GlobeDebate Lmao. He couldn't think of what to say. Let's not offer him the Nobel prize just yet GlobeDebate More like stunned waiting for the handlers to respond through his ear piece.

GlobeDebate The Globe is garbage, no one reads it now. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate How much Justin paid you for this piece? GlobeDebate Yes, it’s terrible that he thinks before he speaks! GlobeDebate I am a child of a poor family, old parents at home, I am unemployed even though I am studying, I don't have money, I don't have any help, Hakim khan standard chartered bank Bangladesh Limited acc no. 24135284001. Islami bank Bangladesh limited acc-sa-20501310205008006

GlobeDebate a great leader..thank you Mr Trudeau for all you do for canadians GlobeDebate Trudeau is a moron. I could hear the hamster wheel in his head go into overdrive as he tried to come up with an answer to the question. He and his handlers should have known that question was coming. Completely unprepared as usual.

GlobeDebate Turd polishing GlobeDebate Trudeau said “we watch in horror” if trump was doing a great job, we wouldn’t be watching in horror. You have to read between the lines with Trudeau, he’s smart enough not to make us a target of trump’s, while still managing to insult him. GlobeDebate A moment of drama. Don’t believe he wasn’t prepared for that question. Not for a moment. Pure theatre.

GlobeDebate While Trudeau joining the protest is good. I think it says a lot more about Canadians how the leader can join in and people keep it peaceful. GlobeDebate Here comes all the Canadian Trump supporters 😭😭😭😭😭 GlobeDebate Blackface racist GlobeDebate He should read his fathers book on calling martial law in Canada.

GlobeDebate A demonstration of lunacy, whoever thinks that was statesmanship or mature. GlobeDebate Fixed. GlobeDebate I wonder how many covidiots and racists support his silence which effectively means he's in agreement with Trump? GlobeDebate I think Trudeau was smart about taking a pause before saying anything about Trump Why feed into the racist/haterd things going on around the world it's better to focus on Canada and let Trump clean up his own mess not add to it Wouldn't make Trudeau any better than Trump

GlobeDebate It was a 21 second brain fart. GlobeDebate Barf. GlobeDebate He was trying to come up with something to say without offending Trump directly. Hardly ''mature leadership, even statementship''. Sitting on a fence is always PM Trudeau's preferred position. GlobeDebate Leaders don’t kneel to the mob. He’s a spineless, virtue signalling pansy.

GlobeDebate Good work Justin!! GlobeDebate Who wants to hear about fuckface Trudeau. 🤬 GlobeDebate When silence speaks louder than words (: GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Trump's not the problem

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