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Beirut Explosion, Beirut

Lebanese have little hope investigation into explosion will bring answers

Lebanese have little hope investigation into explosion will bring answers

2020-08-14 2:01:00 PM

Lebanese have little hope investigation into explosion will bring answers

Iran and Turkey lashed out at their regional rival the United Arab Emirates on Friday over its decision to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, accusing it of betraying the Palestinian cause, even as much of the international community welcomed the move.

Beirut explosion: Anger and sadness as residents mark 1 week since blastIn its last decision before resigning under pressure, six days after the explosion, Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s government referred the port explosion case to the Higher Judicial Council, Lebanon’s highest justice authority, to carry out the investigation.

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An argument then ensued with the outgoing justice minister over the investigation’s lead judge. The outgoing minister proposed a figure whom the panel rejected as too close to Aoun’s party. After wrangling back and forth, they settled on a compromise, Judge Fadi Sawwan, a former military investigating judge.

Story continues below advertisementThe Council itself is made up of 10 people, eight of whom are appointed according to the interests of the various political factions and religious sects in line with Lebanon’s sectarian power-sharing system.READ MORE:

Lebanon facing ‘perfect storm’ of devastation after deadly blast, unrest, expert saysThe authorities have so far arrested at least 19 people in connection to the blast, including the head of the Customs Department and his predecessor, as well as the head of the port.

Lebanese say they want to see top officials who knew about the existence of the ammonium nitrate being investigated.“They will blame the small guys while the ones who are really responsible will get away with their crime, that’s what will happen,” said Jad, a 38-year-old computer engineer who declined to give his full name in line with his company’s regulations not to discuss politics.

“Look, it’s simple. If this time there is no credible, serious investigation that will lead to the punishment of everyone responsible for this disaster, it is goodbye Lebanon. No one will ever want to live in this country again,” he said, standing on a bridge overlooking the decimated port. He had come to inspect the damage.

1:40Lebanon at a tipping point in aftermath of Beirut blastLebanon at a tipping point in aftermath of Beirut blastLebanese forensics expert Omar Nachabe said the public infighting about the name of the lead investigator is a bad sign that casts doubt on the credibility of any local investigation.

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Story continues below advertisement“If I am a Lebanese citizen, my capital (city) has been destroyed. I want a quick and serious investigation, yet the government has not shown until now that it is up to the task,” he told the local channel LBCI. He lamented the time wasted before the explosion was referred to the HJC and the bickering that continues till now.

Explosions have marked a grim timeline in Lebanon’s modern history and have killed presidents, prime ministers and countless journalists and activists during the country’s 1975-90 civil war and beyond.Almost none of the perpetrators were ever arrested or tried, and the truth was invariably buried. Lebanese had high hopes that the U.N.-backed tribunal investigating the 2005 killing of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri would be a chance to end impunity in Lebanon. But it took 15 years and was marred by doubts, politics and more deaths. The tribunal is to issue verdicts Tuesday.

1:44Beirut Explosion: Protesters chastise government in Lebanon’s capitalBeirut Explosion: Protesters chastise government in Lebanon’s capitalInternational involvement in the investigation might bring some truth, but bringing justice is more complicated. Dov Jacobs, an international legal scholar based in the Netherlands, said the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine six years ago might be the closest analogy.

Story continues below advertisementIn that case, international experts had full access to the site, and international prosecutors charged three Russians and a Ukrainian with involvement in bringing down the plane and the murder of all on board. The men are on trial in a Dutch court in absentia, since none have been extradited.

But in Lebanon, Jacobs said, “the investigation itself is a tool of political influence. It’s one of those frustrating moments where immediate calls for justice are faced with a wall which is the political reality on the ground.” Read more: »

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What is PMJT in charge over there too? I have a feeling that we won’t get many answers into he NS tragedy either. The libs want us to keep thinking that 22 people died due to lack of gun control. What 'answers' are they hoping to find? A fire detonated 2700 tons of improperly stored ammonium nitrate.

Iran calls deal between Israel, U.A.E. ‘a stab in the back’ to Muslims worldwideIran, in the ministry statement, called the normalizing of ties between the two countries a dangerous, “shameful” measure. Why? Is it written in a book or something that you’ve gotta hate Jewish people? Nice I support it then

France's Macron warns Iran against 'interference' in LebanonFrench President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday warned Iran against any interference in Lebanon after the gigantic blast last week that has prompted a political crisis in the country.

Iran briefly seizes oil tanker near Strait of Hormuz, U.S. saysThe Iranian navy held the vessel for some five hours before releasing it Wednesday, said a U.S. military official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss details not yet made public.

U.S. says Iran briefly seizes oil tanker near Strait of HormuzThe Iranian navy boarded and briefly seized a Liberian-flagged oil tanker near the strategic Strait of Hormuz amid heightened tensions between Tehran and the U.S., a U.S. military official said Thursday. oh god. not more iran tensions too.

Abandoned by state after explosion, Lebanese help each otherThe explosion, which was centred on Beirut 's port and ripped across the capital, left around a quarter of a million people with homes unfit to live in. But they have not had to crowd into collective shelters or sleep in public parks. That's because in the absence of the state, Lebanese have stepped up to help each other. Every day I am thankful I live is this great country with a leader that cares and help our citizens get through this pandemic. Those poor people Exactly.....We don’t need government. WE CAN TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. Some help while others riot and burn. Which group has more members?

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