Large parts of China relax coronavirus curbs, many places report zero new cases

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Epicentre city of Wuhan allowing healthy people to leave for essential reasons

Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus


Large parts of China relax coronavirus curbs, many places report zero new cases

Epicentre city of Wuhan allowing healthy people to leave for essential reasons

FILE PHOTO: People wearing face masks ride bicycles and scooters on the street, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the new coronavirus, in Beijing, China February 24, 2020. CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS/Reuters Urged to restore economic activity by President Xi Jinping, large parts of China relaxed curbs on transport and movement of people on Monday as reported new cases of the coronavirus outside the worst-hit province fell to the lowest in a month. Figures released by the national health authority on Monday showed 24 out of China’s 31 provinces and regions – including Beijing, Shanghai and populous provinces such as Henan and Anhui – reported zero cases of new infections on Feb. 23, the best showing since it began publishing nationwide figures on Jan. 20. There were just 11 new cases in six other provincial-level jurisdictions, while in Hubei province, the epicentre of the epidemic, the number of new cases fell to 398 from 630 a day earlier. Story continues below advertisement On Sunday, President Xi hailed the positive trend, and urged businesses to resume work and safeguard jobs. He also told low-risk provinces to restore economic activity and output, while high-risk regions focused on controlling the epidemic. Yunnan, Guangdong, Shanxi and Guizhou on Monday lowered their coronavirus emergency response measures from the most serious level, joining the provinces of Gansu and Liaoning in relaxing restrictions on traffic and movement of people. The coronavirus has infected nearly 77,000 people and killed more than 2,500 in China in one of the most serious public health crises in decades. The pathogen has also spread to other countries such as South Korea, Italy and Iran. Whether or not China can defeat the epidemic is “a major test of (Communist) Party organisations, party members and cadres of all levels,” Xi said, warning officials to avoid complacency. Hubei remains virtually cut off from the outside world, although the provincial capital of Wuhan, ground zero of the outbreak, said on Monday it will allow people in good health to leave the city for essential reasons. In the rest of China, factories, businesses and construction sites have already gradually restarted. Large state-owned enterprises have been told to spearhead a recovery in industry while policy-makers roll out measures to support struggling small and medium-sized companies. Story continues below advertisement China’s gross domestic product may slow in the first quarter, possibly easing to 3% growth or even lower, from 6% in the previous quarter – which was already the weakest pace in nearly 30 years, economists estimated. “The risk is that, with the emphasis on the economy and a differentiation of regions based on the number of new infection cases, the quality of new infection data reported by local governments could be compromised again,” Nomura wrote in a research note. “Cover-ups could lead to slack preventions …” it said. Beijing, which has reported two straight days of zero new infections, is not letting down its guard. People not wearing masks in public places will be warned, and office buildings must set upper limits on daily human traffic, municipal authorities said on Monday. U.S. hypermarket chain Costco received a verbal warning from authorities in Shanghai after a large crowd flocked to its newly opened store in the city. Story continues below advertisement At a coffee shop on Friday in the central Futian financial district in Shenzhen, most tables were full, though staff were seen telling patrons to pull their masks back up between sips, and telling them not to dwell over their drinks too long. “You should stay here for only 10 to 15 minutes, sorry,” a customer was told. Related topics Read more: The Globe and Mail

Ha! The joys of dictatorship, when time span does not exist: 1 - There is no problem in Wuhan. 2 -Some doctors have not acted responsibly. There is a problem. - 3 Stay home, follow the rules and shut up. 4 - See how efficient I am. I live in Tianjin. We still need to scan our location at various checkpoints, i.e., leaving/entering apartment complex, stores, stations. Yesterday was the first day that the city reported zero cases. I feel like I can breathe a little easier, both literally and figuratively.

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China promises companies aid, says growth targets can be met amid outbreakRegulators on promised tax cuts and other aid Monday to help companies recover from China's virus outbreak and expressed confidence the ruling Communist Party's growth targets can be achieved despite anti-disease controls that shut down much of the economy. China is becoming a danger to the planet. Donald won't like this.

COVID-19: China sees daily death toll fall slightly as overall deaths number 2,442The number of new cases has seesawed daily but remained under 1,000 for the past four days. Several changes to how the infections are counted, however, have made it difficult to draw conclusions from the figures. Real time monitoring by Johns Hopkins suggests otherwise. Their data shows that we're back to the same infection rate incline in China that was the case before last week's spike. However the green bar chart shows a massive increase outside China.

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Coronavirus outbreak: China reports significant drop in daily cases, down to 397China’s National Health Commission reported on Saturday, Feb. 22 that they had seen a significant drop in the number of cases of COVID-19 , with a daily count...

New coronavirus cases fall in China, but WHO concerned by global spread‘Our biggest concern continues to be the potential for COVID-19 to spread in countries with weaker health systems,’ WHO chief said the hell they do fall...nobody trusts any numbers from china be they financial/economic or societal/healthcare... Is this virus man made? It seems to target humans very quickly with a high death rate so far. And don't give me that crap people have been using antibiotics too much. Pharma companies use live viruses to test antibiotics. Looks like this one got away. Nasty. This is fakenews!

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