Landlord removes windows and doors after Maple Ridge, B.C. mom late with rent

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A landlord in Maple Ridge, B.C., has removed all of the doors and most of the windows from a rental house after the woman who lives there with her two children fell behind on rent payments for July and August.

It’s been a difficult year for Jamie Hemson, who says she recently left an abusive relationship and hasn’t been able to work during the pandemic.

When Hemson returned home last week to find the doors and windows missing, she initially assumed there had been a break in, but quickly learned her landlord was responsible.


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Everybody's struggling right now why do this loser


Money laundering has destroyed real estate on the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. It’s time to put an end to foreign home ownership and get Canadians back into a realistic liveable situation.

fire hazard...hope the FM is called:fire marshall will chew the landlord out for this bs.


There is governing law that covers these situations. You can like or dislike the law, but it must be followed until changed. In this case, what the landlord did, is against the law.

Abuse. Misogyny. Accountability?

Sue him

This is illegal.

being a landlord is not a job

As per the tenancy agreement, rent is due on the first of each month! She breached the contract by living rent-free for 2 months! Woman up! Pay your bills or get the hell outta there.

She should pay rent, maybe the landlord need the money to pay mortgage. If we always chooses to show sympathy to the tenant, then the landlord will be more careful to choose the tenant, so the workless person will always be refuse by the landlord

Do people actually think they shouldn’t have to pay rent? which has a set price attached to it each month as agreed to in the Contract signed between Tenant and Landlord? STOP LOOKING FOR FREE HANDOUTS!!!!!

Lets find his place and take all his .. 🤣

And everyone hates Trump for signing an executive order banning evictions.....

Pay or move out....freeloader.

drop his address i just wanna talk

mom removes landlord's head

Turns out, there's a lot of bleeding hearts. Everyone of them expects this landlord to pay this ladies bills. Exactly none of them are offering this woman an option at their expense. Bleeding hearts are jealous idiots.

I hope nobody ever rents with Tiger Zhang again, disgusting, illegal behaviour. Landlords are worse than leeches.

Make guillotines chop again

Looks like a JERK meets another JERK here to me...

I find this really hard to believe.

I hope everyone makes not of this landlord and don't rent from them. They don't understand the tenancy laws and yet decided to be landlords and clearly acts irrationally. Maybe he should have talked to his tenant and worked out a payment plan.

Which party do you think this landlord voted for in the last election?

Someone went Schitts Creek 2.0...

I propose this: let people who cannot afford to shop at LV, Hermes, Chanel, Cartier, etc to shop there for free. Only those who can afford those $10k handbag should pay.

People need to learn to read... she didn’t lose her job. It clearly states she left a relationship and couldn’t find a job, in other words, she moved into a place she couldn’t afford with no plan to afford it

So two months of CERB, child benefits, child support, GST rebate adds up to more than $4000 dollars easily ......taking advantage of landlord who acted improperly out of frustration.

what a loser.... UNMASK HIM!!!

All these posts about how the landlord is a dipshit, I’d like to see what you’d do if someone didn’t pay for 2 months? Should they wait 4, maybe 6 months? He would never see the money. She has to go! You all need to buy a house and rent it to see how hard it is.

I hardly recognize BC anymore, what’s happened there? Why are people acting so uncanadian all of a sudden?

Why is this news? The tenant didn’t pay rent, get out! The house does not belong to her and the landlord is not her daddy!

You should give the name of the owner....


I had a neighbor once that her landlord shut off her electrical and water b/c she was 2 days late

Landlords provide absolutely no service to society. They own something and then sit on their butts and do nothing while making people pay. Hilarious how you can make money by witholding something people need to live

No need. Should just let them live there for free, like hippies.

Its only two months..shes got two kids..landlord's not allowed to do this anyway let alone during Covid so...... get a grip. It is what it is...and sometimes shit just happens so im on her side lol!

*Revives Mao*


Probably a Chinese landlord, most of them are in Vancouver. I had one do this as well.

landlords are prob the worst shits on earth. they really think their investment is risk free.

The landlord seems to be somewhat of a jerk - the tenant and landlord should have come to an understanding. It would cost him money to put windows and doors back on.

Doesn’t sound like a repayment plan was offered. Chinese landlords acting like fuedal landowners. Let’s check their tax returns.

Fun fact: Leeches are still used in medicine today. They're often used on severed fingers to keep blood flowing. This is interesting and relevant because even literal leeches provide more service to society than landlords do.

Everybody knows that tenants are fucking useless most of the time. Probably deserved worse.

lancas18 YESSS good for u landlord.. my friend in the 80's did that but it was dead of winter in ottawa. Out deadbeats

Something more is going on in this story. Interesting to get the other aide.

Though I'm very sympathetic to her situation it is not up to private citizens to provide social housing. It is his house and he has a mortgage to pay. If she can't afford to live there she should be looking elsewhere to live.

Both are in the wrong The landlord for supposedly not knowing the laws governing his role as landlord The tenant for not paying rent for two months. Which by the way is far from just being “late” paying their rent

Always 2 sides to the story.

Basic needs like a roof over your head SHOULD BE FREE

She should pay. Support landlord

Landlord is just making a case for the tenants. 🤷‍♀️😂

I like it. Rent is not free.

InDaIndica That’s not right

Mommy_Rocks12 Who knew a Donkey would be a landlord.


Sad choice of action. Now let’s make him pay!

Chairman Mao Zedong had one neat trick for dealing with landlords.

Throw the fucker in jail

This is sickening.

I do not agree with the landlords tactics. It is illegall. But I have to wonder, how she can pay someone to board up the windows & doors and also be able to pay another 1st and last month/security deposit on a new place, but not afford the current rent.

The landlord actions are wrong. But if she was recently separated and with not jobb, she had to lie in order to get a place. She received money from CERB and child support. Where the money goes? She found a guy with not notion of the rental conditions and take advantage of it.

Wow. No notice. In a pandemic. What a idiotic landlord perhaps he should read the landlord tenant act. Doesn’t bode well for him

Is there no link to donate to her rent fund?

AxelsonJanalynn Good BC has the misted twisted garbage tenancy laws in Canada. It’s time in Canada people started to stand up to the gov corruption. The bureaucracy in Canada is astounding. Through the losers tenants out. Oh yah, in BC it’s the tenants house. Fa Q BC & Canada.

Who the hell is that landlord? I’m sure there’s a law against that.

Sounds like something a landlord from a foreign country would do. Removing windows & doors from a mom’s home who’s late with rent. He can’t evict her due to Covid Laws. Welcome to Canada,

He said it was a lesson for him to learn how to handle a problem. I have a hunch it will be an expensive lesson. I'm sure she has already been contacted by attorneys, all offering to handle the case for a percentage of a judgement.

I agree 100% with the landlord's if you don't want to pay your rent you don't deserve doors windows electricity or anything else

How about all of you bleeding hearts who are crying about this renter open up your pocketbooks and start pulling out some money to help her you won't do anything but cry open your pocketbook lend some money or stop crying about

She's trying to play the victim card right now too because she left abusive relationship while unfortunately it doesn't matter maybe ask your bleeding-heart friends and family to pay

JustinTrudeau theJagmeetSingh Puglaas ElizabethMay perrybellegarde GOVT shld hv 'harsh' CONSEQUENCES f. landlords 'claiming DUMB' + f. ACTS 'against' tenants esp. SINGLE parents

Landlords are going to start getting more tough on renters because majority of renters don't think they have to pay any rent drone covid-19 that is wrong you should still be paying your rent if I have to pay you have to pay no money get a job

Good for the landlord.

Come on now.

The government is to blame for this mess.

That’s absurd!!! 🤬🤬🤬

Since rent is waived if Landlord violates Maintenence responsibility the tenant will not have ANY back rent to pay and can sue for leaving tenants property unsecured and unsafe. Really stupid Landlord.

I think this might be illegal

When you get tenants who think they can live rent free for months a landlord has to do whatever necessary to get their property back

If the government wants to make it fair and just, it should pay for the rents and put a lien on the tenant’s future income/tax. Landlords are not charities, they have their bills to pay too. The government can’t just be a nice guy by legislation but not taking responsibilities.

You can't pay, you can't stay

Awesome - thinking outside the box in how to get rid of a problem tenant. 😉

What is the name of the landlord? BeKind BeSafe BeSmart Humanity please

OMG 🤦‍♀️

This Tiger Zhang is an Ahole. Please show his picture, profile, work and business. Expose this jerk.

If this is the real picture, he didn’t remove anything he just boarded up the windows and door from the outside. and I’m sure there’s another side to this story.... the tenancy laws favour the tenants.

Window seat to hell buddy

This landlord admits to not knowing the tenant rental laws & should not be able to rent out his properties until he does. I hope she gets to live there rent-free for months in compensation for him doing this. There should be a license or requirement on who can be a landlord.

That's illegal.

How is it that ppl don’t understand that their landlords have bills to pay too!? This is their (landlords) job. Ugh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

This landlord is a complete a-hole who clearly doesn't know Canadian laws. What he did is illegal and she can sue him for it.

There are laws to stop this abuse.

This landlord is a scumbag. And I’m a landlord several times over, so I know there are two sides and landlords have a mortgage payment and all of the jazz, but I would never, ever do this to a tenant, especially due a global pandemic.

What a shame 😢everyone is just trying to survive in these days!

What the Landlord did was wrong & illegal. A Landlord cannot enter unit (unless its a REAL emergency) & make any changes unless there is an order to do so from the Landlord & Tenant Tribunal. Even of a tenant abandons a dwelling the Landlord still has to go to the Tribunal. etc.

Many people are forgetting that there is a process. A Landlord can't just evict because there is an issue with rent etc. A Landlord must first apply to the Landlord & Tenant Tribunal its up to the Tribunal to make a decision in the matter then an order follows.

Heartless! Everyone is going through tough times... a little empathy goes a long way! A single mom with two kids... during a pandemic! Removing windows & doors? Slumlord comes to mind... must be a real peach to rent from.

Dick move

Why is it always the landlords responsible to bear the burden. She has two kids. Child support The 13 year old can watch the other kid while she works. There are jobs if your not looking holding out for middle management like Eddie. The landlord has a Mortgage pymt as well

Its Brad the real estate tycoon.

But he still couldn't kick her out.

Pay your rent plain and simple. The landlord probably has a mortgage to pay and even if they don’t they are still entitled to the rent end of story

I am so disgusted that a landlord would do such a thing!!! It’s beyond my comprehension. I hope the problem will be solved soon. Or that she and her family find another place to live!!!!

Does anyone actually know the whole story before picking sides?

The real shitty thing about all this, landlords have more rights then tenants and that is just wrong in some cases. In NS if they don’t renew your lease they can enter your apt/home anytime frm 9-5 no notice, to show it, hope you don’t sleep days.

By a lot of these comments not many of you fallen unto hard times. Until you are there dont judge and question how she spends her money. You have no idea what debt she has taken on from previous relationship, she could have to buy meds. Be kind

The no eviction law encourages renters to not pay rents The landlord’s action is by far not acceptable or legal This renter is taking advantage of this flawed law. No consequences for ‘stealing’ from the landlord. What did u do with CERB & Child Tax B.?

If landlord was smarter, he could have taken some covert actions for which he would have plausible denial. Like say, introduce vermin into house. Burner phone stunts, yada, yada.

We have to know the full story.. How many time the rent was late ? Renting is a business is no money is comming in it becomes charity..

Throw the book at this landlord. He is the kind who makes bad names for good landlords. Who respect the law.

Pay your dame rent your getting good money with 2 kids ..

I’m sure there’s more to the story than that. The class divide after the race divide is so cliche.

Landlords are scum, vile, absolutely vile scum If you want to know how I feel.

For these saying that she needs to pay the rent, the govbc put a evection freeze since March for obvious reasons. The government said that all landlord must work with their tenants on a repayment plan to pay back outstanding rent by next July.

Nothing like kicking someone when they are down 👇, could not have sat down and talked it out, I understand that landlords have bills to pay, but this isn't the way to do things, 😜😜

People don’t want to go back to work due to getting more from cerb and were is the ex and the 500$ for renters I was a single mom back in the day always paid my bills and had no free ride .


This landlord should be sued period ..being a home owner for profit I understand but this insensitive abusive move during a pandemic and with a mother with 2 children is inexcusable...I hope this piece of crap Landlord is fined to the max!

Well that’s insane 😳

That is awful

who is Landlord?

Really? Hiw insensitive !!!! 🙏

This is like screaming at staff who are following the company policy of their logic, no kindness, not even civility.

Omg I would be livid I would and I couldn’t discribe the actions on Twitter that I would of had to do to justify this


One extreme asshole case but leave up to these assholes to find it. Takes one to know one I guess eh. CTV = Fake News !

Wonderful Landlord!🤦🏼‍♀️ Much does she need? So if we pay her rent ...then what ? All for Money....people are gross and im not impressed with my fellow Canadians lately.....At All! 🇨🇦😷

It use to be when a family fell on hard times they were helped by their family/friends/local community and or church. Now everyone runs straight to the government or Go Fund Me to solve their problems. There’s nothing governments do that citizens can’t do better themselves.

So heartless. Is that even legal? I wish he could get charged with something. 'Tiger zhang' needs to learn how things are done here. bcpoli

Smart man. He can't kick her out, but he can't make his building less comfortable.

The landlord should have consequences for the way he handled this situation. He should’ve found out the rules and regulations of being a landlord before he took on that responsibility.

Sure hope the ‘internet’ is helping deal with ol’Zhang and his ‘little knowledge’ of the renters agreement.

Two sides or not, removing the doors and windows is just grotesque on any level. Not an appropriate response.

Oh boy.. .. is this piece of shit about to be famous . 🤣

It doesn’t make sense lol she was able to borrow money to pay for the house to b boarded up but she can’t pay her rent, something isn’t adding up

What a world we live in. It’s sick It’s sick how money rules. Bankers! Politicians! Why can’t we all be farmers ,carpenters, plumbers. Tree planters. No human should suffer. It all boils down to lazy greedy humans. Bankers and politicians have no survival skills except collect.

Kara's a bitch. I hope this landlord learns that sooner than later. When she moves out, I hope she removes all of the plywood she was forced to borrow money to install. It would be a shame if his house was vandalized after she left, though.



This guy needs to realize she and many others like her are paying his mortgage.

Looking for a new place to stay .. but finds it hard Well no shit .. you don’t pay rent lol!! Borrowed money to pay someone to board up the house?! Well pay rent and the landlord will put the windows and doors back lol .. some people .. are just fu*cked

Rental prices and real state have hit unprecedented levels in terms of pricing. We have inflated the country past it’s citizens limits to be able to live in it. Everybody is choosing between food and roofs. It was this was in the west way before Covid. The system was abused

KARMA. I hope it finds this landlord because doing that to a mother and children after they have already been through hell is disgusting. SHAME on YOU!!! What a terrible human being...

Pandemic or not...unfortunately once a tenant has moved in they have more right than the owner of the place they r renting...

The landlord should apologise and secure the house once agin. He should face fine, not knowing the law is not an excuse. He made his tenant suffer when everyone does somehow during pandemic.

That's a sick landlord. That's so evil of him to do that, especially at this time. Everyone's going through situations. Has he put himself on the other side.

How did he got that idea? So heartless! Unthinkable!

Well let’s start her a gofundme ... raise a million bucks and let her buy the house of deams!!

If you're going to be a landlord: A) know the fucking RTA/rules associated with renting your property to a tenant. B) be prepared to lose some money on your investment because that's how it works and being a landlord is a very risky proposition C) don't be a landlord

Hopefully the landlord is a CCP member. If so, there’s a good chance this property will get seized by the US government.

Classy move

A bit much, I don't think this is legal though and she should take him to court and withhold all the rent till he returns the windows and doors.

Evil prick

and people say landlords are soulless.

Good one! I’ve had to remove the front door on some tenants but I like the window addition. I have also rented the unit for fumigation... it works but can be expensive.


That’s illegal!

Good for the landlord.

Did I leave the stove on before I went shopping for the day.....Tenant insurance covers my stuff, hope the landlord enjoys 2 years of loss income...

This is truely disgusting. The landlord should face some negative consequences

What a POS!!

Wow crazy landlords

Although I am usually pro landlord (within reason) .... this seems like an excessive response especially given the current economic climate.

If she could borrow money to buy plywood, she should have borrowed money to pay her rent. So, explain to me why she didn't.

Now we'll start to see the real effects of the lockdown. Theses effects will be felt by millions.

Who ever would have guessed that a guy with a sweet name like Tiger would turn out to be a colosal douche. The amount of trouble he went through to take the windows and doors without actually learning what he would actually do is what’s wrong with society

Scumbag Landlord !

I hope it costs this landlord a whole lot of fines to learn the rules for being a landlord.

Who does that

Why should the tenant get a free ride? Do what needs to be done.

Do all this people have CTV on speed dial? Dealing with an issue (not just this, but in general) - first thought: call media! 🙄

JustinTrudeau I can’t believe in Canada that this is happening. as Prime Minister please do something

Pay the rent or get the f out of there. It’s as simple as that. There is no such thing as free accommodation!

If you don't pay for the goods, you will be caught in jail by the police. The same reason is that if you don’t pay for your house, you must go to prison 

The only country that has figured out housing is Singapore

Guarantee you have been late with your rent more then 2 times.

Easy pay your bills

Steve35398831 😡

Mr Zhang is going to learn how expensive this is going to cost him, not only in fines but abatements and moving costs and possibly paying her rent for the next 2 years. Oh and he'll also be paying back the money she borrowed to have it boarded up.

Throw the Landlord in JAIL and SUE him for every dime you can.

Both are in the wrong. The landlord for taking this approach and her for not paying her rent.

agingboomer1 Seems logical.

wow. Landlord admits to not knowing the tenancy/landlord rules. As a landlord myself, I know some tenants are difficult but these are crazy times and crazy actions don't help

What an unkind human being

Thank the government and the FakeNews media.

Tenants are scums. I screen twenty of them and very nice face in front of you. Look thru they personal info and the truth will be uncovered.

What’s the full story?

These are trying times for people, landlords, don’t be dicks

When are willing and able to look at affordable, sustainable housing in this country? This is disgusting and clearly breaks bylaws and building codes!

Hahahaha that’s awesome!!! I bet she will come up with the money real quick now!!! payurbills

Money hungry s.o.b..better get up with the rules if he wants to rent fkn need..we have rules boy

You would have to be crazy to invest in a property to rent it out these days. Less landlords = even tighter supply of rental options and higher rents. Which is what people want?

What a giant ass

The laws could not help landlord

Things are getting very tense between landlords and tenants. There was one murder of a landlord who wanted his rent already. Government needs to get some laws in effect to protect both parties as a win- win, asap.

What a horrible person.

Headline should be 'landlord takes scorched earth approach to remove tenant '

Always more than two sides to a story. She claims her landlord did this when she was out? Uhm... out for a couple days or week? Removing all the doors and windows doesn’t take one day. Where was the tenant? Shame on the landlord, but as I say - always two sides.

The landlord is clearly an asshole. He's not allowed to do that, he will be fined for this.

What an asshole. Unfortunately not everyone has a heart.

Landlord is a dick. That’s not the way to treat people, no matter the situation. That being said, I wonder how many landlords will go into foreclosure as a result of COVID-19?


Its amazing how many Landlords take matters into their own hands act in complete defiant of the Residential Tenancy Act & other laws that we have to protect tenants then use the same old sorry excuse 'they didn't know' etc. Sure he didn't know the ins & out. 😏

And what support does the landlord receive vs Cannabis industry et al?

This landlord has no heart and compassion


This is disgusting. We need a balance for protection of tenant and landlords from abuse fraud etc. This behaviour is unacceptable. No evictions during pandemics, make up late rent later geeze. Similarly, no fraud, damaging place on purpose etc. Smh


Tiger Zhang the Landlord admits that he does not know the 'ins & outs of the Residential Tenancy Act' then maybe he ought to Google the Act & learn what the 'ins & outs' are before acting in a manner that is criminal & inhumane. He ought to be criminal charged & fined.

It’s hard, in ON anyways, to evict tenants. Hope this wasn’t an incompassionate landlord tho, with Covid19 being the reason mom was late!

Who is the landlord?

Instead of wasting time with this awful shit landlords should be pushing the government hard to support greater rent relief. Evicting people during a pandemic serves no economic purpose for anyone.

Some of these Landlords are ruthless. It doesn't matter how many laws we put in place to protect tenants. Landlords are still crossing the line with zero consequences against them for the harm they cause tenants.

The landlord should be fined and jailed. And responsible for any hardship the tenant suffers

low income housing

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