Justin Trudeau Prorogued Parliament. What Does That Mean?

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How will this impact the government’s COVID-19 response?

Though not always a contentious step, two prorogations a decade ago under Stephen Harper’s government brought the process into the spotlight. The most notable prorogation in Canadians’ recent memories is likely the action taken by prime minister Stephen Harper in 2008.

Jean told The Canadian Press at the time that she consulted with various constitutional experts and took two hours to make the right decision, using the delay to “send a message — and for people to understand that this warranted reflection.”Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that parliament would be prorogued on Dec. 4 , 2008.the then vice-regal that Parliament would return soon, and that his government would produce a budget that could pass.

“Because if the contrary was the case, any PM could, at any time, for any reason, not only dissolve Parliament, but prorogue it for any length of time for any reason. We wouldn’t have parliamentary government. We would have prime ministerial government.”Many Canadians protested in opposition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's move to suspend parliament for the first few months of 2010.We’ve had a few prorogations since 2008. Harper once again asked for a prorogation on Dec.


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It means they need time to recharge without the blatant games being played by the opposition parties. They've been working their asses off without a break or appreciation for their hard work. The return date indicates they'll wait for initial school data & respond. cdnmedia

I'm glad it was 'Trudeau himself' & not 'Trudeau somebody else'. 🙄 Harper prorogued Parliament 4 times, for less reasons than dealing with COVID19, one of the biggest existential crises in Canadian history. The REAL SCANDAL is opposition parties not working WITH this govt!

Your point

It means that Justin Trudeau is the biggest bullshit artist and hypocrite politician to ever have walked the halls of parliament. cdnpoli

Like when Harper prorogued parliament to avoid a confidence vote?

It means he shuts down the ethics committee investigation. Duh. No flies on that boy. Doing politics differently because its 2015.

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