John Ivison: Bill Morneau gets dumped by a prime minister with a wandering eye

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While the two men were in accord in the first four years of government on the plan to build a more generous social safety net, Trudeau seems to feel he has outgrown his more prudent colleague

On the new Bank of Canada governor, on the expansion of the wage subsidy and on the freeze to employment insurance premiums, Morneau proposed the more cautious line. It must have been exasperating for a man in a hurry like Trudeau to continually be told to wait.


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He’s probably gets a great severance package.

Deeply ignorant take. Carney is long established champion of serious climate action involving a complete make over of Canada’s energy industry. The idea that continuing to support sunsetting oil and gas industries as Trudeau and Morneau is somehow fiscally prudent is moronic.

All In The TrudeauCorruption Family TrudeauMustGo

This is a cop out. Not enough has been done .Trudeau needs to resign immediately.

RobShaw_BC What a conclusion, John IvisonJ . Yikes 😬.

acoyne Income levels were on the rise across the country in the decade prior to 2015 and poverty for seniors and children was much lower than for the general population. Was there really a problem... I call bs on this. One thing this govt has done is reduce child & senior poverty.

Bang on article. The Star's Scoffield article a disgrace!!

Mr Morneau did the honourable thing in our Parliamentary system. What is incomprehensible, is that we have a Prime Minister who has been found guilty by the Conflict Commissioner, just does not take responsibility or do the honourable thing, RESIGN. DESPICABLE

'Hi Gerry, it's Bill. How do you make it look like you're doing the honorable thing and falling on your sword for your leader, and then quietly sneak back in when Canadians forget all about this WE thing?'

acoyne Pretty sure Ivison would be much happier working at The Rebel

Let’s not forget that he’s also a Prime Minister that may have had a sexual relationship with an underaged student when he was a teacher. If not for an alleged settlement and gag order, he could be doing jail time if any of this is true.

Lol!!! Morneau is taking the heat OFF Trudeau for FUNNELLING a half MILLION DOLLARS to his family thru WE...This is just like BUTTS leaving over the SNC Crimes but coming BACK as an ADVISOR for the “Green Plan”...

Wait what? Melanie Joly is the new finance minister? cdnpoli Morneau

Love affair is over?

acoyne Pitch it to CBC — 'Wandering Eye for the Finance Guy'

acoyne and thus begins the end....

10/10 on the headline!


Wandering mind.

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Canada Latest News, Canada Headlines

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