'It's not just about me': McKenna says new measures needed protect politicians from threats

'It's not just about me': McKenna says new measures needed protect politicians from threats

2020-08-14 12:57:00 PM

'It's not just about me': McKenna says new measures needed protect politicians from threats

According to data from the RCMP, first reported by the Toronto Star, there has been an increase in the number of threats made against the prime minister and cabinet when compared to last year

The RCMP say from January to July 2019, protective policing opened 100 investigations into threats, while from January to July 2020 there have been approximately 130 launched.Lisa MacLeod, a member of the Ontario legislature for an Ottawa riding, was reportedly put under police protection this week after she gave an interview speaking out against the abuse faced by female politicians and subsequently received threats of her own.

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Last week, Laura Dudas, an Ottawa city councillor, had a rock hurled through a window of her home while her family was asleep.“While I cannot speak to the motivations of the person behind this disturbing act, it comes as the latest in a string of acts targeting my role as a woman in politics,” she said in a statement posted to social media Thursday.

“There are too many reports of women politicians being the recipients of vicious online abuse, derogatory comments about their gender, and when online vitriol spills into the real world, violent physical attacks. This has to stop.” Read more: National Post »

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It’s not just about her, it’s about the missing billions in tax dollars, and the fact that our government, be it the blue red orange or whatever other colour they want to divide us into, do not give a single fk about us. 'It's not just about me' - as she calls yet another press conference to talk about herself

It's always all about you catherine. How about getting back to work!! Verbal abuse is not a crime....otherwise she would be in jail for all the blatant lies she has told to us She's certainly one of the most vocal in depicting herslef as a victim... IT IS ABOUT YOU & billions missing in infrastructure projects. You are answerable & accountable to the Canadian taxpayer for how their money was spent by YOU. So how did this not become about you CarherineMcKenna? It’s harassment of Canadians. cdnpoli Canada climatebarbie

HAHAHAHAHAHA, THE FRENCH REVOLUTIONS ARE SAYING HELLO. How about Liberals, Cons not behaving like completely polarized assholes, hundreds of miles from the centre-right, the home of good governance? How about that? Problem solved. I need no lectures from McKenna, Poilievre. They’re the problem. cdnpoli cathmckenna PierrePoilievre

WhereIsTheMoneyCatherine Yes on that Bill end lobbyism and lower the protections from charges for elected officials? I'm with you all the way! It is about her. Fact is the compromised cannot fairly report on this issue while accepting $Millions from Trudeau’s media bailout fund Come on Cathrine it’s always about you, and every time someone rips into you it’s bc your arrogance and demeaor make people hate you it’s all self inflicted you are the most hated female MP in Canada bc of how your treat people, it’s now your legacy,

No it’s about block any thing that you’re party doesn’t want to hear The public also needs to be protected from government corruption. Sorry barbie another liberal scandal this time it’s grumpy cat 😾 Wants to ban all guns. Wants additional protection, presumably by people with guns. LiberalHypocrisy People say mean things - need to differentiate those from actual threats.

What about politicians against the people How about she just resigns and maybe someone with a thicker skin can take over. Or just get a flak jacket. Someone yelling at you isn't that big of deal, most contractors deal with that daily... and those people yelling, usually have weapons (tools) readily at hand.

SchmatlochP Sorry infrastructure barbie, but even your mentor Herr Goebbels would tell that this is one lie that's just too obvious dor you to sell no matter how often and loudly you holler it! How bout actually doing your job, that would be an excellent measure. Just Communist Things. The house of commons should run as a court with questions answered directly or you are removed from your position.

Oh...it's ok for you to offer up your opinion on Social Media? So what nobody is allowed to criticize or offer up a rebuttal to your opinion? I would call that hypocrisy! cathmckenna 90% of federal government needs to be abolished and pay cut to max $100,000. Along with certificates completed in your respective departments

WhereIsTheMoneyCatherine There already are criminal code laws against making threats against anyone... or are you saying that political elites are somehow special and more important than everyday Cdns and need special laws cathmckenna ? cdnpoli Nothing more than the usual far left liberal attempts at deflection, misdirection and mass manipulation through their media. LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic LiberalCorruption TrudeauCorruption

Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna let this slip out at a bar 'party' referencing that Canadians are idiots and will believe anything if it's yelled repeatedly. Diversionary tactic - keep the focus on the PMO. Wah wah Good time to ask her where the missing projects and missing money are? This is just a distraction from the incompetence.

So now, and only now, after many comments she realizes that she isn’t being “picked on”.... There is still Freedom of Speech (unless the Lieberals passed another hidden bill) I have every right to hate Catherine McKenna and her sanctimonious, stupid ideas. I have every right to announce my hatred by yelling it aloud on a hilltop. This is Canada, not North Korea.

If she can't handle being called nasty names she should find another job because she isn't tough enough for politics. How about a gay order for corrupt Barbie? Threats happen when government policies impact people so personally they no longer care - how about we look at the reasons why people feel so desperate they need to threaten people?

Perhaps, but CDNs also need more measures (oversight) to protect them/nation from irresponsible decisions made by arrogant politicians... It’s highly suspicious when someone films and then posts their vitriolic, misogynistic assault outside an MP’s office. How can this be difficult for law enforcement to solve when video was posted online, and shared by media outlets?

3 rules to being respected. 1. Don't steal tax payer's money 2. Don't steal tax payer's money 3. Don't steal tax payer's money You want respect, its earned. Now there will be a politicians union , what a joke ? Um we have a criminal code use it Get protection from social workers! Aren't leftists shouting about defunding police and replace with social workers ?!

'protect politicians from threats' It's to protect the delicate feelings of corrupt politicians that are only now starting to realize that the sun doesn't shine out of their butts. So, investigate the genuine threats and leave the vociferous criticism alone. No new laws needed. Show us the money Builder Barbie!! All we want is to know where our money is.

How many times I got to tell ya That calling you a c$$t is not a threat but fact . No threats were made so enough lies to further your agenda. Instead maybe concentrate on finding the billions that you lost McKenna is a cry bully It is actually about you cathmckenna. People are frustrated with your “let them eat cake” attitude.

Regardless of political party and just like every other Canadian, public office holders deserve to be and to feel safe. Why does this keep happening to her? Real simple and inexpensive way to protect politicians - be transparent and answer taxpayers damn questions. Wouldn’t think that’s too much to ask. fordnation JustinTrudeau cathmckenna telfordk WEscandal WhereIsTheMoneyCatherine TrudeauResignNOW morneauresign BardishKW

Find the money Play stupid games cathmckenna win stupid prizes corruptliberals I know you are sick of people asking were is the money is so i won't ask that my question is about the missing climate data that did not meet your requirements in your climate model No it's about stifling Freedoms By 'threats' climatebarbie means people said something that made her upset. So now she needs special treatment, and centuries of satirizing politicians has to stop. cdnpoli

Yes Cath it is about you. In the real world if you cant do your job and or screw it up in monumental ways you get replaced by someone who can do the job. Acting may indeed be the one thing this entire government is good at until the hard questions get asked and word salads ensue. cathmckenna “We need to reflect on this and take action so we can all do our jobs.” Super so WheresTheMoneyCatherine ?

You don’t want to be told you are C**t. Don’t act like one loudmouths like this their own worst enemy Does this means the media can’t investigate the missing money under the management of McKenna? Looks like another media deflection to me. It's always about her ALWAYS If liberals would just answer the questions taxpayers have about what they have done and continue to do with taxpayers money no one would need to threaten anyone just do your damn job! JustinTrudeau Bill_Morneau cathmckenna WEscandal TrudeauCorruption TrudeauCrimeMinister

If you weren't such an incompetent minister throwing our tax dollars to your friends we wouldn't be so upset! Where is the money Catherine?!?!? Where are the projects you spent $billions on WheresTheMoneyCatherine LOL. Look what Trump goes through daily. She would resign in 24 hours if she had to endure that.

Nothing was said about the protesters harassing JohnTory at his condo and during a speech or the absolute abuse hurled at fordnation or Sflecce you may hate their views and politics but the extremists on both the left and right are going too far when it becomes personal No climate barbie, what we need are laws to protect the people from corrupt politicians. cathmckenna WheresTheMoneyCatherine

And the neo-communist conspiracy starts. Disarm the public and armed security for the kleptocracy, because they can't stand mean words. Nice piece feeding this lie from NP on 'someone is gonna get hurt'. People are extremely angry at Government & Politicians for justifiable reasons. Many Politicians have NO idea how to Govern or abuse their Office. Many people do not know how to express their anger. Often expressions of anger/rage is misinterpreted as a threat.

Liberals are pushing for the Chinese way of doing things. You can’t criticize chalange or yell at the government or you be jailed and rehabilitate POLICE should not have to protect criminals Biggest problem is there no common courtesy in this world . You do not have have to respect a person . But common courtesy is must . 👿

Elected officials and their staff deserve to be protected from potential threats. Since this problem is longstanding and escalating, underlying reasons such as vitriolic political attacks and RW media must be examined. Otherwise, tragedy will surely be the outcome. Don’t fall for her attempts to distract Canadians from the corruption and missing billions. It’s disgusting that the Liberals are putting more energy into her hurt feelings than getting the 2 Michael’s home from China. Our government is useless and incompetent.

People have every right to criticize and question government- but when it veers into personal attacks, threats of their safety and/or that of their family? The line needs to be drawn What you sow, you shall reap. There are already last in place to protect all people from personal threats..... from hurting their feelings not so much

Defund Catherine Yaya conservatives have 10x more hate directed towards them. You don’t need any more “special rules” than anyone else. WheresTheMoneyCatherine ? Stop stealing money from tax payers!!! Just a thought 🤔 I guess they fear retribution for their 5 years of stealing from the public!🤔Perhaps we can build Justin and his OCG a nice bomb shelter to hide out in. 👍

And the abuse continues ... Baby boomers are like fucking zombies at this point. canadians would prefer they just resign. it would be a LOT cheaper and safer for our country if they did. Control the media.................. check Shut down parliament............ check Run a dictatorship.................. check People dependent on gov’t.... check Next step! Control voice of the people.... coming soon! Welcome to Communist Canada! TrudeauCorruption BNWcanada

scamdemic imo BREAKING: It is just about her. If these politician activists governed for the welfare of the country & it's peoples instead of some foreign funded globalist NWO cabal, people would not get so upset having their lives destroyed. McKenna lives in a bubble. Deflection story. cathmckenna JustinTrudeau WheresTheMoneyCatherine TrudeauResignNOW ErinOTooleMP LeslynLewis

WheresTheMoneyCatherine It is not just McKenna. There are many out of touch Liberal MP’s that infuriates the average Canadian. You don’t hear opposition MP’s requesting security. Is there a message hear? Can we have more laws to protect Canadians from the various forms of abuse from politicians Or just simply do your job better and get no threats

that’s because people are angry at the politicians for either not doing their jobs right or doing something they are not supposed to do, especially the PM 🇨🇦 Banana Republic 🇨🇦 🔥🍌💰🪱🔥🍌💰🪱🔥🍌💰🪱🔥 First the Disaster Then the Distraction Over & Over & Over WEscandal TrudeauCrimeMinister TeamTrainWreck 🔥 MorneauResign WhereIsTheMoneyCatherine ? MagicKingdom PeterPanPM 🤡🧦🎈❄️👀🤪

McKenna wouldn’t have any of these issues if she’d tell the truth, and had 1/2 a clue about what she’s doing! Her feelings got hurt... we all know you can’t hurt a liberals feelings! Watch the new laws coming... White privilege!! Minorities have it way tougher every day. She was not targeted bc she is a woman. She was targeted bc Trudeau's family is receiving millions from charities.

Cons have lived under a sea of security for decades. Mainly because they don't believe in democracy and must protect their tiny minds from protesters. Not nut jobs are now trying to physically going after democratically elected people. Such's a woman has a position of power. Great so your going to be working with OCH_LCO and JimWatsonOttawa to create newrules for all the new community based housing that are getting built? Having out reach workers going to the home, maybe making cleaning kits, adding a new work program

Measures like getting some new, better politicians. Transparency, and Accountability. That ship sailed decades ago!!! Like Pelle being upset at her inability to account for 20,000 projects and billions of dollars? Politicians get the job because they're willing to be held accountable. If McKenna isn't willing to hear feedback from citizens she should quit. You should be asking about the $$$.

Aaaand now illegal to criticize mother govt. It is just about you McKenna. People really don't like you. Suck it up buttercup. Where’s our money McKenna? Sounds more and more like communism? I say that they should not have any security and have to rely on local policing for protection. If you cannot live in the environment that you govern, then you have not governed correctly. Shows how much the liberal politicians hold themselves above us commoners.

Someone said some bad things to her? She is a liberal politician, surely this is standard fodder. A women walking downtown Edmonton was stabbed in the chest for just being a normal citizen, the ones that we want to reduce protection for. Wait a minute. There is discussions and movements to defend police and in a likelihood we will see a reduction of police that protect the citizens. Now we have a liberal politician, want ping extra protection for politicians that are reducing our police forces?

Yes let's do that. We can give them sweeping powers to protect the Political elites. Hey lets give them cool black uniforms and jack boots too...🙄 Oh really most self absorbed New measures are needed to protect Canadians from politicians. Does anyone remember the youtube video when she was in a bar making fun of Canadians? Google it.

Actually, I would suggest that we need to return to something old: civility, the ability to disagree with respect that results in mutual understanding If we are going to start charging people for insulting or critizing politicians, then we are heading down a very dangerous path. Climate Barbie is like many guys' ex-wife. Always whiney and bitchy. A real Debbie Downer. And she never really DOES do anything worthwhile.

The mean man shouldn't have called you names and yelled at you.. you called the police (the system in place to deal with these kinds of things) Censoring social media to stop people from criticizing you is not a system that needs to be put in place. WheresTheMoneyCatherine Not necessarily Liberal attacks but Liberal attacks if necessary

These are the same people who ally themselves with the cause of defunding police We need measures to protect Canadians from lieberals. Of course it's about her. Everything is about her. That said, I'll give her a pass on this one. Nobody should go to work having to worry about threats of harm. This has to stop.

‘It’s not just about me’: McKenna cites need to protect politicians from threatsMcKenna, who has spoken out in the past about being a target, said she’s heard from many politicians who have experienced similar incidents, some never reported publicly. cathmckenna repeatedly used the holocaust themed slur 'denier' to shame and silence critics of the carbon tax. If name calling is a problem maybe she should lead by example instead of holding out this double standard. It's part of the JOB genius. Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. BTW McKenna is getting sued. Can-Gow Capital Inc. is offering you to become a member of the 'President’s List'. This limited offering gives you the ability to purchase between $100.00 and $6,200.00, of the initial public offering (IPO shares), of Can-Gow. The shares are being offered at $0.10 per share.

'Really Worrying': McKenna Wants More Protection For Politicians Facing Threats“It’s not just about me. There’s been some attention to incidents involving me, but I’ve heard from so many women, from so many men,' the Liberal minister said. What is the specific threat with which she is concerned? At length I remembered the last resort of a great princess who, when told that the peasants had no bread, replied: 'Then let them eat brioches.' — Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Confessions There is a safety problem here & a disconnection problem here. Speaking of doing your job, how about the billion dollars projects that you can’t account for? Who got the funds? Where is the list of projects? Where is the tax payers money? DoYourJob StopTheWaste

MPP Lisa MacLeod under police protection in Ottawa after 'threatening' emails and 'unexplained mischievous incident'MacLeod appeared on CFRA to speak out against the harassment recently faced by MP Catherine McKenna What is going on up in Ottawa? Weird how all our politicians decided to collectively drop the ball at the same time. Wonder when Canadians are gonna wake up that they’re all competing for last place at this point. Obviously it's time to CallAelection.. Time to end this unwanted corrupt government

All Teachers Should Be Tested Before Classes Resume: Alberta’s Top DoctorAlberta has approximately 90,000 teachers and school staff in the province A test for a deadly Flu with a %99 survival rate 😄😂

Biotech company says its anti-viral clothing kills 99.9 per cent of coronavirusA Toronto-based biotech company is a frontrunner in developing a new kind of COVID-19 protection: antiviral clothing, made to protect against the virus. So does hydroxychloroquine...and more! Is it a hazmat suit? If not, they can just fuq off. Bullshit fakenews Chewbaccafan djbeefthief They should make an anti-stupidity helmet for your writers.

'It's not cannabis': Alta. farmer hopes to nip hemp stealing in the budAn Alberta farmer is asking people to stop stealing hemp from his field after multiple people have been spotted taking plants. Shoot on sight like in the states would be a good deterrent Kids these days... All they want to do is steal things to make rope with. We have this problem in Southern Ontario as well. Quite a few local farms are growing industrial hemp; people have been stopping to steal plants thinking it is weed.