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Covıd-19, Canada Coronavirus

Is Canada ready for a widespread coronavirus outbreak? Yes and no, experts say

Is Canada ready for a widespread coronavirus outbreak? Yes and no, experts say


Is Canada ready for a widespread coronavirus outbreak? Yes and no, experts say

Experts say that Canada has all of the necessities for widespread disease outbreak, but hospital overcrowding remains a concern.

As for whether or not Canada has enough beds, supplies, or is fully prepared for a pandemic, Colin Furness, an epidemiologist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto, stressed there was no way to know if any amount of preparation is really enough.

Countries must shift mindset to coronavirus preparedness: WHO expertThe Ontario ministry of health said in a statement to Global News they spent almost $206.8 million since 2019 to support 1,428 acute care spaces and increase the amount of spaces needed for beds in the hospital sector.

In their statement, they said there are 374 isolation rooms distributed throughout Alberta.Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living said they have implemented a Canada-wide Incident Management Structure to coordinate the health system’s activities to share information and responsive techniques to possible cases of COVID-19 with all provinces.

A spokesperson from the Nunavut Department of Health told Global News it had five negative-pressure rooms in its province, including four at its Qikiqtani General Hospital, although they said it was “unlikely” that someone would become infected with the disease.

Possible coronavirus vaccine by U.S. drugmaker ready for testing“In 2003, because we weren’t ready, a relatively small number of cases almost overwhelmed our health system. People don’t like to say that, but it did. It came close to it came closer than most people really want to talk about, and that was only a few hundred cases,” he said.

Coronavirus outbreak: Authorities say risk of infection in Toronto remains lowEtches said that up until now, the country has been focused on individual cases, but if there were a pandemic, the Canadian government would shift to other measures to try to slow down the transmission of the infection in the entire country.

In preparation for an outbreak, Etches suggested Canadians make arrangements to be able to stay home for at least a week, as well as childcare arrangements in order to further prevent the disease from spreading.

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.PattyHajdu is utterly incompetent, utterly negligent. For 3wks canada has done NOTHING to prevent plane loads of chinese from landing in canada. She said there was no risk to canada + that the virus was nothing to worry about. She is either stupid or deliberately lied cdnpoli Can't stop this but we'll stop Climate Change

I'm all stocked up on water and dry food. Bring it on. Chinese citizens spreading throughout the world via Thailand. What is CDA doing to contain Coranovirus CODVID19 ? (Other than not much.) DFriesenGlobal Maybe just maybe If countries are in outbreak/quarantine then we should be wise and suspend flights from those countries?

This virus was man-made from a Wuhan lab and the wild animals used for testing were sold on the black market. Oh the seniors, gosh they had their chance to stop this in January now it's far too late. They could have stopped traffic from China but Canada choose to put Canadian Seniors at risk of COVID19 SARS_CoV_2.

Only the liberals and Democrats are making a big deal of this. Do you know what Canada needs? The Trailer Park Boys giving all Canadians news coverage as our doom happens. While they're still doing what they do in the Park. when? it is. in china, crematoriums working 24/7. portable incinerators brought in. and not for only 2500 or so dead. this has really opened up a, rightly, very, very ugly view of china.

Canada must boost foreign aid for feminist agenda to have sustained impact, experts sayThe Liberal government’s annual budget increases have not resulted in a significant boost in development spending toward the UN target Oh my God! Make it stop! Umm no.... Foreign aid, have you taken a look at what the Canadian military looks like. Can Canada protect itself? What about protecting Canadians from the Coronavirus?

Yes and No...hmm seems like a load of crock, it's up and it's down, its hold and it's cold, its truty and its lies. I'm leaning on the side that NO our officials are not prepared. How is it that Governments world wide have not closed all borders to contain this virus? Until we have this Virus under control i think all borders should be closed no travelling until it is contained. How many more people have to die?

Nope...I can't find hand sanitizer anywhere even! How could we possibly be? We have 8 hour emergency room waits on an AVERAGE weekend. Add to that dozens or hundreds of infected patients... there’s absolutely no way we’re ready. And why have you not done a preparedness story before this? No not at all! In fact yvrairport isn’t even screening or asking health questions. Come on in everyone.

Yes ready to die If you ever went to an emergency ward, you know the answer to this question.... It will be overwhelmed in less time to hang everybody thinks... I'm saying less than 10 days I hope we’re ready No not at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bank of Canada to create its own digital currency as 'contingency,' deputy saysThe country's central bank plans to lay the foundation for its own digital currency as a backstop should the day arise where cash is no longer king, a Bank of Canada deputy says. Bit-loonie How appropriate!! Hey BOC, how's are gold reserves looking? What could go wrong?

Canada names provisional Olympic soccer qualifying roster but no Alphonso Davies, Jonathan David - TSN.caIt's been a good week for Canadian soccer. But success comes at a cost with demands on top players. And so while eligible to play, Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David won't be part of the Canadian men's upcoming Olympic qualifying campaign.

Bank of Canada lays groundwork for digital currencyCentral bank developing prototype that would be ready if needed

Air Canada to let travellers rebook flights to northern Italy as coronavirus spreadsIn a statement, Air Canada said the policy covers travel planned to Milan, Turin, Florence, Venice and Verona for Feb. 24 to March 2 which can be rebooked up to March 31 globebusiness Prends exemple easyJet 💙

3.2M Canadians, including over 560,000 children, living in poverty: Stats CanadaAlthough the child-poverty rate changed little at 8.2 per cent, the agency highlighted the 566,000 children in poverty which in comparison peaked at one million six years earlier. Thanks to the Liberals, it will only get worse. Just wait till trudeau is done with Canada We should have 0 living like these, but so many other countries own our resources, we live like shit

Most Canadians disapprove of Trump’s coronavirus response: Ipsos poll

Coronavirus: Huawei donating masks will not mean quid pro quo on 5G, Trudeau says

Trump threatens to pull back funding from WHO over agency’s coronavirus response

Officials warned Canada couldn’t enforce coronavirus quarantine for travellers from China: memo

Trudeau cringes at his own ‘speaking moistly’ tip for coronavirus masks

Pope says coronavirus pandemic could be nature's response to climate crisis

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