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Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran

Iran’s president says ‘no limit’ to nuclear enrichment since abandoning deal

After the Jan. 3 airstrike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran said it would abandon all restrictions in the nuclear deal.


After the Jan. 3 airstrike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani , Iran said it would abandon all restrictions in the nuclear deal.

Iran continued to abide by the agreement until last summer, saying it would not be bound by the deal if it saw none of its promised economic benefits.

France, Germany and Britain urge Iran to comply with 2015 nuclear deal

The Institute of International Finance published a report estimating that Iran’s economy will contract this fiscal year year ending in March by more 7%, mostly because of the drop in crude oil exports due to sanctions. That’s a stark contrast to 2016, when Iran’s economy grew some 12.5% after sanctions relief. The report found that as a result, Iran’s reserves are expected to dip to $73 billion by March, totalling nearly $40 billion in losses over two years.

EU representative says it’s ‘clear’ U.S. doesn’t want part in Iran nuclear deal

He also acknowledged the steadily rising tensions with the United States.

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There was a clause in the agreement that asked for 'check ups' as in a country was allowed to walk in and sniff around for nuclear weapons Iran balked at it so Obama took it out So Obama delivered tons of cash and a toothless document Obama was a horrible president Right. Their plan was always to abide by the restrictions. Yup.

Time has come to send war planes and bomb Iran for months to come. Iran ant doing shit News flash, they had already done that. They’re just admitting it now. Like they weren’t already. Does CNN tell you what to post? Canada & Iran are natural allies as they both live next to the bully Hegemon. Canada maintains a border and Iran is surround by U.S. bases. Neither Canada or Iran have nukes - and don't want them. But, reality is starting to set in. Israel has nukes. The U.S. has nukes. Iran? 🍻

Iran are liars and can never be trusted with the leaders that run it now. Ah yes, this deal is much better than the one Obama negotiated to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. 🙄 (sarcasm) Fun fact: 3 countries hate Iran: USA Israel Saudi Arabia All 3 countries are currently involved in a massive corruption investigation separately and with each other. Do the math.

Iran abandons nuclear limits, says it is enriching more uranium than ever before‘Pressure has increased on Iran but we continue to progress,’ President Hassan Rouhani said in a televised speech Thursday lovely Well, let’s stop selling them radiation suits. Time to bomb them again.

Iran’s top diplomat says people ‘were lied to’ for days about downing of jetliner Iran 's foreign minister said Iran ians “were lied to” — marking the first time an Iran ian official referred to the 'technical malfunction' that downed the Ukraine flight as a lie. No shit. Let's make it clear, Iran's Gov't, Ayatollah and Mullahs are not nice people. They lied right from the start on the whole situation. They enjoyed the left-wing media carrying their water for them. They just didn't expect their own people to rise up and denounce them. 680CJOB Aladdin Watch 2020 'Technical Malfunction' ✈️🌴🧦😜 Team Train Wreck! 🤡 2.0 TrudeauJr PeterPanPM MagicKingdom

Canada seeking official status in Tehran crash probe, Garneau says Iran 's president levelled threats Wednesday against Europe in response to European countries' new crackdown on his country's violations of their nuclear deal -- a move Canada is also supporting. The plane was shot down. It didn't crash.

Possible Iran nuclear deal sanctions complicates Tehran crash probeThe escalation of rhetoric over the nuclear deal is casting a shadow over a meeting that Canada hopes will lead to justice and financial compensation for the families of the victims What a lame excuse. it's non of western societies business. the only thing that is our business is the plane. iran is not near fabrication of a nuclear weapon. even if they were, it's non of our concern. what is our concern is forward defense of a nuclear weapon coming from anywhere--even home. So Iran killed these innocent people in cold blood, and now refuses to hand over their bodies Where's the UN and Trump? Iran is fishing for excuses to aggravate Canada?! What a tragedy for Canada and these victim's families 😩! Canada now has an exemption not to go to war

Oil rises after U.S.-China deal, IEA forcast limits gainsOil rises after U.S.-China deal, IEA forcast limits gains GlobeBusiness

Iran warns Europe as diplomat says officials 'lied' on crash Iran 's president warned Wednesday that European soldiers in the Mideast 'could be in danger' after three nations challenged Tehran over breaking the limits of its nuclear deal. Tehran's top diplomat meanwhile acknowledged that Iran ians 'were lied to' for days following the Islamic Republic's accidental shoot down of a Ukrainian jetliner that killed 176 people. Just a few precision strikes on the religious leaders and some nuclear sites and it's all over Iran. EUROPEAN soldiers could be in danger ,because all mighty iran and their leftists allies in the west will attack Europe 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm sending all my Ativan ... settle down for the Love of Pete. Hasn't this Dead Horse Been Flogged enough? Find a new gripe for Crimonies Sake. Just be nice !! Kiss your wife hug your kids give gratitude to the little things and everyone mind tour beeswax. caughtinaloop

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