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Bc Pipeline, Bc Pipeline Protest

Indigenous land conflicts to persist unless sovereignty addressed, Wilson-Raybould says

Indigenous land conflicts to persist unless sovereignty addressed, Wilson-Raybould says


Indigenous land conflicts to persist unless sovereignty addressed, Wilson-Raybould says

Tensions between the government and the Wet’suwet’en Nation have been escalating since Dec. 31, when British Columbia's Supreme Court granted Coastal GasLink an expanded injunction.

The hereditary chiefs contend that governments do not have their consent and responded by issuing the company an eviction notice in early January, asserting the company was violating traditional their laws.The RCMP said they had delayed enforcing the injunction for weeks to seek a peaceful resolution, but without one, they had no choice but to follow the court’s orders. On Feb. 6, the situation escalated and six people were arrested at the pipeline construction site by RCMP who were trying to clear the area. Since then, dozens more protesters have been arrested.

Story continues below advertisementThe anger felt by protesters in Wet’suwet’en have inspired protests and demonstrations all over Canada, resulting in massive rail blockades across the country. On Thursday, VIA Rail announced it would be shutting down a majority of its train services in Canada over the blockades.

A protester carries a sign at a rail blockade on the tenth day of demonstration in Tyendinaga, near Belleville, Ont., Feb. 15, 2020.Lars Hagberg / The Canadian PressWilson-Raybould, who was Canada’s first Indigenous attorney general and justice minister, said under the constitution, it is up to the Indigenous Peoples who reside in Wet’suwet’en to determine what happens on their territory.

She emphasized for Indigenous Peoples to have the space to exercise their right of self-determination, self-government and the right to decide who speaks for those who reside in the Wet’suwet’en territory.“The lack of governing institutions, as determined by Indigenous Peoples themselves, are now and will continue to impact resource development projects, will continue to impact other jurisdictions as exercised by the federal government and provincial governments until, as a country, we create the space necessarily… for Indigenous Nations to rebuild within a stronger Canada, said Wilson-Raybould.

Story continues below advertisementWhat you need to know about the Wet’suwet’en protests.What you need to know about the Wet’suwet’en protests.“When we do that, when Indigenous Peoples finally see themselves and can exercise their inherent rights of self-government, the country will be the better for it.”

Wilson-Raybould, a former Liberal, sits as an independent MP after winning 30.7 per cent of the vote in last year’s federal election.Following what was described by Wilson-Raybould as “consistent and sustained” pressure from members of the Trudeau administration to resolve criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin, she was demoted from her position as attorney general and justice minister and dismissed from the Liberal caucus last year. In August, a

by the federal ethics commissioner found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act.— With files from Global News’ Maham Abedi.

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JWR with the goalposts, once again trying to take the Lib gov’t down If they are not part of Canada we should not support them in any way. Then will follow Quebec then we may as well throw confederation right out the window. ABOLISH THE INDIAN ACT. Is it there inherent right though? This land was either conquered or purchased! The treaties weren't very fair either! I guess I'm saying that if it's their inherent right to self govern wouldn't that also mean they're citizenship should be disqualified?

To me JWR is trying to start a civil war. Her vision is 600 individual FN replacing the federal government authority & power over all land & resources . That is what these 2020 foreign funded barricades are really about. Intimidation. Take over Canada. Puglaas And who should the Govt discuss this with as FN's don't seem to be able to make up their minds who speaks for them....Hereditary Chiefs or the Elected Chiefs.....Time FN's got their act together first

Stop the pandering to these protesters. If I was to try to shut down Yonge/King in Toronto I would be immediately arrested. Send in the police/military and restore order now! JWR never answered the questions put to her. SNC she said the rule of law must prevail. Not here though. Did not say the protesters must respect the rule of law. She talked if RCMP having discretion in enforcing injunctions. Surely there is no discretion if a court orders it

They can leave anytime now. After seeing this crap with the protests lately I'm convinced we've got to set them free. No problem , rule yourselves .money is cut off, and then the two nations may have to go to war over land . Sorry that’s how it’s been done on earth for thousands of years . 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Indigenous minister says 'modest' progress made after day-long meeting with Mohawk NationIndigenous Services Minister Marc Miller said that 'modest' progress had been made in his day-long meeting with representatives of the Mohawk Nation who have been taking part in railway blockades in solidarity with the hereditary chiefs of the Wet'suwet'en and land defenders. I thought we didn't negotiate with terrorists? 'modest' progress from MarcMillerVM and JustinTrudeau as they negotiate with terrorists. Another McGill Trudeau sycophant and wedding party attendee, very white.

Unblock. The. Roads. And. Rails. What is “self-govern”? They are like every other 🇨🇦ian. If u want it go after it..we get handed nothing for free. They have a difficult time running their own Reservations without infighting, not sure what JWR is getting at. Puglaas seems to not realize that the ELECTED councils are being railroaded (no pun intended) by the hereditary chiefs. They cannot even get themselves on the same page and they think they can fully self govern Not a chance.

I’m done paying for these folks 😡😡😡😡 Take them all off the reserves, give them Nunavut, wrap a fence around it and let them have at er, a whole little country all to them selves, AdamMacVicar When you have Bellegarde demanding the government step in and mediate between the elected and hereditary chiefs in BC it makes you wonder how they can manage their own affairs?

Sure! Self -government the second they agree to receive ZERO Canadian tax dollars for support and pay equal amounts of federal and provincial taxes!! How many nations within nations does the govt have to negotiate with? Yeah, they have a right to move forward with the development and pipeline because they all said yes. The SJW anti oil have no right protesting under the guise of support. FN want the pipeline! Go home climate activists

As economic impact of rail blockades grows, protesters say fundamental rights are at stakeRail blockades in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. are stalling the nation’s economy, warn business leaders, but protesters say the real issues are Indigenous rights and livelihoods. No they’re not. What about the rights of farmers to move their crops? What about the rights of people to travel, get to work, etc being tramped and ignored Complete and utter People dependent on railway service should start setting up blockades in front of Indigenous owned Casinos in Canada. If that happens those railway blockades will quickly end

Does self governing mean no tax payer money ? Jody is not the heroine you seek. She is a supremist who thinks every tribe is equal to all the rest of us...how many get payments..600 nations 600 battles...Venezuela Norte here we come. I disagree with your statement. We are one country not two. They need to stay on the reservation if they want their own laws - and pay taxes.

Everyone wants self government: the West, Quebec.....everyone already has cultural self government, but it’s always about the money: we all want more of it Then they can support themselves WTF! If they want to self govern then they can stop sucking the federal government teet - police, welfare, health care, taxes. Can’t be both.

Does that mean the majority of their people’s choices and their elected officials actually have some decision making power or is it some teenager in Toronto? Time to scrap the Indian act which is nothing less than apartheid.

Indigenous Services minister says meeting with Mohawk First Nations over blockades a chance to talkIndigenous Services Minister Marc Miller said Saturday at Tyendinaga that his meeting with the Mohawk First Nation over the ongoing blockades was a 'chance t... They should all be arrested. The fact that this is allowed to go on shows that Canada is an unserious nation unworthy of respect. There’s no time to talk the trains must move. People are losing their jobs now and costing business millions of dollars a day!!!!

Ok so heres a question how about we cut all funding to FN and see who blinks first Aboriginal people in total are 4.9% of the population. I agree, time to scrap the Indian act which is nothing less than apartheid and let the First Nations people regain some independence from government support. It is impossible to implement a UN declaration that provides indigenous people with the power to override federal and provincial jurisdictions, obligations and legislation. Come on.

Self government should also then mean self dependence and not dependence on the rest or Canadians to pay their way through life. Hhrrrmmmm...what about all the rest of the Indigenous people who fully support the pipeline? Sovereignty would not necessarily address this problem. Likely cause more trouble again.

When the indigenous people are treated as Canadians we'll be better off ~ they want and want they've had billions $ to their chiefs used for their toys big homes/mansions ☹☹ Would have been nice if JWR had stayed in government to help this situation instead of getting into a snit and trying to overthrow the PM

Blue Jays' McGuire 'will definitely' address fans about arrest, Atkins says - Sportsnet.caToronto Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire wants to address his recent arrest for exposure of sexual organs once he’s completed the legal process, general manager Ross Atkins said Friday. Am sorry isn’t going to cut it . This one , you live with 😂 His balls were new and he wanted to rough them up? He likely just wants to 'expose' the truth.

So no more money from us the tax payer Gidd job she is the frig out of government. And the first step is to have access to education. There is so much untapped potential and without education, it will remain that way. With knowlege comes power. If they self govern than welfare is cut off. Self govern means you can take care of yourselves financially and in legal matters

Geeeee she use be high and mighty justice minister . That preach that ever one is not above the law . But not she preaching if you native Americans it different . 😳 Let’s first get rid of the name The Indian ACt. We won’t get far with that thinking. INDIGENOUS cdnpoli. Puglaas So self government, Does that mean they are a state within the country of Canada or a separate country? Because if they are a state within Canada then the law of the country applies to all of us and if they are their own country then please self support and govern

Why did Ms. Wilson-Raybould not take the position of Minister of Indian Affairs offered to her?

Quebec comic Guy Nantel launches campaign for Parti Québécois leadershipInstead of making jokes, he is now promising to launch a referendum on Quebec sovereignty in his first mandate as premier i liked his suit. And Instantly becomes most qualified Quebec politian in history.

EXPAND CONFEDERATION! 🇨🇦 We are bored about indigenous rights..get another platform!! I heard that interview today, she did not answer 1 damn question, all she did was dribble political lines. The protest should be put against Ottawa but not ordinary working class people who want to take westcoastexpress & go home on time to pick up their kids from day care wo incurring $100 fine

Nope Yes that surely will go down well hundreds of mini countries within a nation..Raybould write that gem up on a cocktail napkin? But yet... she never spoke up for Indians when she had a very powerful position in this a country. Why speak now like she cares. I wish they would do that but wouldn't they lose billions in free taxpayer money?

Self governing? No. If the latest incidents of rail and pipeline access protests are any indication. Time to rid this colonial system. Clear as mud again.

How the OPP’s past relations with Indigenous peoples affect the current situationPolice must consider implications and outcomes from confrontations in years past as they deal with blockade near Belleville, author says New headline: For over a century the RCMP dragged First Nations children from their parents arms and gave them to residential schools where ether were abused. These days they are less inclined to do the governments dirty work. Yeah the OPP suck. Shocker Maybe some real reporters can actually ask the protestors if they even know what they’re protesting and shutting down Canada for

Start an indigenous political party and make the change you want. Quit this political distruption. wereallcanadians Let’s start tomorrow, stop aid, build borders, welcome to the first world! Self government but still relying on money from Canada so the Chiefs can fuck over their people more Wow, she's actually Bat-shit crazy, she's a terrorist sympathizer, as a government rep she should side with the country not her personal mission.

Uh, they did. Their elected officials voted for the Pipeline. aninconvienenttruth Meanwhile Tyendinaga even admits the blockade is more of a general shakedown for fixing water, better treatment, and Mo Money $$$$ from the crown. lawlesscanada So one law for them, and one for us? And nobody sees the problem with that?

GlobalBC Why have two governments? Who pays for that? Look we have been giving out money for years for land , for children snatched from their parent's and placed in schools, for all atrocities the so called white men did to these peoples ancestors. I think we have given enough . You're either working for this country our you're feeding from it. My experience has been the FNs are feeding from it. Change that and you change the course of this country and your people once and for all

Complete ignorance. It’s time to put an end to it. How are rhet going to pay for education, health care, infrastructure. They need to get rid of reserves. Every Canadian treated the same. All she cares about are Indigenous issues and screw the rest of Canada. So sick of her. Unjust what happened to her, however she left behind horrible laws. Libs gave 4.5 billion in their 2019 budget to Indigenous issues & she still wants more.

So if they get self government does that mean no more social services from Canada..no health care,no ei,no welfare,no parents allowances? They dont pay tax now.. They want self government? Fine, they can pay for themselves GlobalBC Sez the sellout who lost out. Next. I would be very interested in stopping all funding and let them rule themselves. Your people would suffer. You no longer have the ability to take care of yourselfs.

Inherent obligations to self fund their inherent rights? Or wards of the state pretending to govern while living off $$handouts from Canada? Which one? I get your point but does that mean Quebec gets their own government also and so on and so on 🤷‍♂️ When we break the rule of law we cry foul except when it concerns me....

No it's time for natives to accept that their Canadian and stop trying to form their own governments.

GlobalBC Secret tape recorder back in the headlines! GlobalBC Like providing acceptable alternate routes. Funny how big corporations come in and say what's what and not ask the locals what would be best. Too bad she turned down the opportunity to be the Minister of Aboriginal Affaires. Huh? Did that not make sense to me because I’m not indigenous? The only people that make sense to me in this mess are the elected leaders standing up for jobs, schools, hospitals, housing, etc. What exactly do the hereditary chiefs want? Specifics, please.

Every country in the world has been occupied and re occupied. Canada is no different. Cut off treaty payments How does self government for indigenous people look? GlobalBC What does a completed reconciliation look like exactly? Sorry, who is that?🤣 People forget. THE NATIVES were here first. WE TOOK THEIR LAND. Even here in Canada, Natives/ Indigenous are treated like SHIT. They were always treated like shit. LOADS of hate/ racism here in Canada towards them. SHAMEFUL, to say the very least

GlobalBC Nation within nation has never and will never work. No they won’t. The fallacy that the Indian Act and ongoing talks about reconciliation will fix anything is a smoke screen. My country of origin has both occupied 10’s of nations and has been occupied and defeated by 10’s of nations. Who should govern my home country exactly?

GlobalBC Indigenous people first have to settle their own governence. The current events clearly demonstrate their own division on whether to accept their own democratically elected counsel's leadership or follow hereditary monarch style of governance. GlobalBC More segregation is what she is saying. Let’s make the rift bigger. Let’s keep hatred and animosity going. Wow, what a piece of work Wilson-Raybould.

GlobalBC Wilson-Raybould is trying to make herself relevant as the luster has long since left her as an independent. She has nothing to offer in this conversation other than to try and swing the FN vote she didn’t get the first time around. She also knows has little chance of re-elections GlobalBC Self Government? Whatever that is. Concerning that this comes from the mouth of someone who is, in her mind, smarter than most people. 👎🇨🇦

GlobalBC Let's get on with it then. If self government is the answer let's get er done. Each nation can then negotiate deals just like the USMCA. GlobalBC Do not agree with you at all, time for Native Act to end. All Canadians need to be equal.

ahhh, NOPE! = NO economy by protest. = delays on anything = compensation FOREVER! Oh! Jody, came to life to bad you couldn not speak on behalf of ALL Canadians, you will not ever get my vote, we are all one unless Wrong. ALL Canadians should be working, paying taxes and contributing to ONE country, not living in some parallel universe. Divisiveness is detrimental to any country. Libtards are a cancer to Canada.

No that will never work the fact there are 21 FNs involved in the Wetsuweten Coastal Link project dispute now and can't agree and have 5 disgruntled hereditary chiefs holding up the whole project is the tip of the iceberg as to getting consensus from FNs on ANYTHING! How do you reasonably come to a consensus with indigenous people when you have 634 First Nations with different opinions, different needs, different agendas and different indigenous laws?

Would self governance mean, my tax dollars wouldn't go to supporting them then If that's the case giver GlobalBC Trudeau senior and Chretien would disagree they wanted no special status for aboriginals let along self government Jody Wilson-Raybould understands fully the situation. What a huge error Trudeau made when he shifted her out of Attorney General bringing about her resignation from cabinet and expulsion from Liberal Party. The current Trudeau government has shown itself completely incapable.

Amicable solution? The protesters need to stand down, get out of the way. What an idiot. The longer this issue goes on the less likely that 'self-government' by a subset of the population will ever come about. It is hard to see how a subset of a Province or Municipality can ever veto the senior Government. PS look what is going on in the world for reality check

Who is she ? GlobalBC Does that mean the Government of Canada wil no longer be required to support Native population financially? You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to mess with Canada's economy just as we will reserve our rights to blockade your reserves. Anything you smuggle or sell on a reserve can and will be used against you.

When Indigenous Bands treat everyone that are part of their reserve with fairness and honesty , then by all means , self-government should happen! Until then , that’s a big NO! I have worked with elders that say the same thing ! This is why when so many conservatives were like ‘Jody come and join us’ I was like ‘nope’.

Build around their land. Cut off all benifits the line would have. Do not hire anyone from that territory. Cant have it both ways. Her comments are interesting, situated in her recent occupation of ministerial offices a few months back. It appears indigenous people are not really sure which of the people in their own nations speak for them. Band council, heredity chiefs or the AFN? Until this is worked out by the indigenous people themselves it will always be unclear to Canadians who actually has authority.

GlobalBC For JWR’s interview by TheWestBlock MercedesGlobal listen to the original in order to get Puglaas entire interview in context. TheWestBlock is on 📺 78 Global Toronto 8:30 pm PST, + on BC1 at 10:30. It’s excellent.

What about the rights of white people who are being ignored by the so called justice system No one cares what she says. GlobalBC Sovereignty requires independence. So no 'foreign' aide from Canada, responsible for their own infrastructure, pay duty on goods purchased in Canada, I don't think they want to go down this road.

Enforce the law or you don't have a country. I hope people start taking justice into their own hands when they can't heat their homes. Canada is a joke internationally. This is ridiculous Is it possible to have two governments in one country, does that also mean different laws ? One, or two currencies ? Were does the money come from ? ...... so many questions. The notion that this is even a question is ridicules.

Ya, sure And these kind of coast to coast shutdowns will be a monthly occurrence End race-based law. Countries within countries only breeds conflict. GlobalBC Since she's not a MP, has she morphed back into First Nations Jody Wilson-Raybould? Because she certainly didn't stick up for them when she had a seat in the House of Commons.

GlobalBC NO the country will be better off when WE ALL ARE GOVERNED BY THE SAME LAWS!

Their Ancestors made BAD DECISIONS MANY MANY YEARS AGO!! But my Generation and Generations that follow should NOT have to continue to pay for this nonsense!! Remove Reserves and integrate them into Canadian Society. Time for them to PAY THEIR WAY!! EndTheFreeRideForNatives This would ring true if it was indigenous people exercising their inherent rights, but it’s not. Puglaas is wrong on this

MercedesGlobal Nobody knows what that means including aboriginals, so many issues, opinions, counter opinions, legalities, economic realities within and between both communities. Far too many spokespersons and decision makers.. I am all for FN self govt. It is long past due that the Canadian Govt passes all responsibility for services to FN people. This will save the Canadian taxpayers billions every year. All FN taxes collected can now go to FN services.

Self govern? They cannot even budget a small amount-of money 💰, They can’t manage themselves without us Sovereignty? So we're to turn Canada into a patch work country of little nations? What a jurisdictional nightmare of epic proportions! There would be civil war breaking out in FN territories and a further breakdown of social order...everyone for themselves. Trudeau wins!

This is why mandatory indigenous nations education in Canada should be mandated to study the history of Canada in all Canadian & private institutions. Lack of education to Canadian, migrants,new immigrants creates a unfair, uneducated, unethical business practices or stereotypes Many of these comments illustrate a vast misunderstanding of what sovereignty is! Wow! Wilson-Raybould knows of what she speaks.

MercedesGlobal Native indigenous land owners must learn to respect their own Elders first is a must.!! Identity of their own Mongol roots they don't recognize nor accept Declaring birth Right of the land without being born First.!! Eventually They will Learn to Respect.!Mongol War may erupt.! True indigenous self-government will never be realized as long as they rely on money from government elected by non-indigenous voters. They need to be financially independent. Resource deals, like pipelines, are a stepping stone in that direction.

Yeah, that 100 year old issue should be solved in a week or so...😳😳😳 I dont know if the internal reserve infrastructures and enterprise will pay for a self government but why not. Just please help us safely clear people from the railroad tracks. As I am watching and listening I have tried to understand and watched the many different opinions I still have no idea who anyone would deal with. I would love to know who has the say

What does that mean? ...protests ok but not when others' rights are infringed eg access to necessities such as foods water medicines propane etc! Insane If the indigenous people would build their own economy and not rely on the government than they could have their own control of their own society By building their own Financial foundation they would not have to rely on anything from the feds. Could have more clout to run things

So, you want to have your Own Country within our Country? Quebec tried that, and it failed to 'gell'. MercedesGlobal Look up UNDRIP people. Ron Vaillant has some videos of it, including Cariboo Recovery. This fits into the plan. Free education...no taxes... wtf do y'all want more?

Thought they did with elected chiefs? Apparently hereditary chiefs don’t like self government. The problem is that so many have had self-government and they have abused their power by spending the money on themselves, abandoning their children's rights to medicine, education and safe homes. So they can cry a river all they want. So few bands have shown they can self-govern

MercedesGlobal No thanks, just another nasty liberal. So how long is long enough. How much will ever be enough. How many generations will pay for this? Enough is enough. I love and respect Indigenous culture but not at the expense of the rest of Canadians who pay taxes Puglaas how would self governance rein in abusive hereditary chiefs and councils? You know they exist.

What does this mean exactly? What do the Indiginous people owe the generations of people who have paid for the development of natural resources and technology? They already show how corrupt they are In order to get anything accomplished, they will need some kind of majority rules arrangement, otherwise will it ever be possible to reach a consensus?

Quebec calls itself a nation and they get to do whatever they want..and JT condones it. Not going to happen, you can’t be self sufficient.

Hahaha arguably the dumbest comment any government official has made. That's saying something to when you consider jt is our pm so separation from Canada? seems like most Canadians are in favour of this right now boo fuckin shi. They can't even self-govern their own house. You mean the indigenous Wetsuweten exercising their right to have a pipeline built across their land? And a bunch of white kids telling them no, they can't?

It will never be addressed.. because indigenous requests are never ending Interesting to hear her voice in this, considering her occupation of ministerial offices recently. wouldn't Soverignty mean financial independance? as in, nothing from Canada? You can't have it both ways, folks. Either you're Canadian, or you're not. and if you're not, you get zip.

As I recall (rightfully or wrongly)... all lands and all countries (yes, including all claimed native lands) are a result of conquering people. That’s what we as humans did. .. these protests are a result of appeasement and this is what appeasement gets you! JWR is the second most hatred woman in Canada. Arrest them all

It had the approval of literally all 20 tribes it passes through. These are paid activists with illegitimate claims. The sovereignty of the people and tribes that need the jobs comes before them because they’ve already decided in a democratic way I guess equality is not important to first Nations. This is quite true. Until Aboriginal law versus aboriginal law is addressed, this type of conflict will continue.

Wouldn’t sovereignty imply financial self sufficiency? Make her go away. Stop giving her free ink. 20 FN are doing exactly what JWR says must be done! Partnership in an enterprise and the economic opportunities that come with it! Yet those FN stakeholders are completely overlooked by Federal politicians, Indigenous autonomy supporters and anti-pipeline activists of course!

Well blocking railways won’t help there cause !! At least in Canada our natives live among us and have rights. The same cannot be said for other countries that Canada supports like Israel. If native Canadians cannot accept our current agreement, maybe Canada should do the same as Isreal. Fence them off & take away their rights.

They are not sovereign they are still in their infancy and still need to be administered by the crown, until they realize the power in numbers and take their lands back. Either you're Canadian or you're not. Sovereignty issues solved.

If they don't want to be Canadian, then we should take away all their Canadian benefits. Including their Canadian rights. However, if they do want to be Canadian then they should be entitled to the same rights as every other Canadian. Nothing more, nothing less Sovereignty? Really? Ok then, don’t expect any Canadian programs..

Fine, let’s removal ALL public infrastructure and services, move all existing infrastructure off their land, and see what happens. Who wants to bet they’ll demand its put back at our expense?

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