In photos: Trucker convoy converges on Ottawa

2022-01-29 6:09:00 PM

In photos: Trucker convoy converges on Ottawa

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In photos: Trucker convoy converges on Ottawa

Ottawa police and businesses prepare for a convoy of protesters demanding an end to vaccine mandates that began converging on the country’s capital on Saturday, without knowing when the protest will end and with questions about the motives of some involved.

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globepolitics What was there message? Hatred? defacing Terry Fox and disrespecting the Unknown Soldier FluTrucksClan disgraceful 😑 AdamScotti AdamScotti. The only thing worse than flying a Nazi flag parliament is the PM JustinTrudeau 's henchmen framing protesters. Trend this hashtag! AdamScotti

What else should one expect from these hooligans because they've no respect for statues and monuments. Also, dragging our PM's name in the dirt indicates a lousy upbringing. I find that simply disrespectful and that the opposition still wants to capitalize on that's reprehensible Here’s another one. These idiots do not speak for me or the vast majority of Canadians.

'I served my country for my freedom' lol when Trucker? Pretty sure that word starts with F. FluTrucksKlan Could you cover some of the demonstrations taking place in the other provinces? People are gathering in solidarity all across Canada, not just in Ottawa. Haven’t those Canadian truckers have anything better to do? Refusing to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others is worth causing this chaos?

Globe is apparently one of the greatest supporters ! your coverage seems like a coming out party

Police warn of ‘consequences’ for violence as trucker convoy nears Ottawa - National | Globalnews.caSeveral thousand people are expected in Ottawa as early as Friday as part of the Canada Unity group demanding an end to vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions. But dont Punish those who caused the Problems that Prompted the Hate. so what are they doing about threats already made towards media? let's start the scare tactics sorry only peaceful rally coming your way

TrashTantrum2022 Where'd your 'Small fringe group' of 'nazi' 'Anti-vaxxers' narrative go? globepolitics It would be more accurate to call them an anti-vax or anti-federal-government convoy. You don’t have to repeat their framing. Please do better. Criminals if these truckers travel to USA: NEW: All non-U.S. individuals seeking entry into the U.S. via land ports of entry and ferry terminals at the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders must be fully vaccinated for COVID19. Details Rightwards arrow

Police preparing for ‘significant’ protests at Parliament Hill as trucker convoy begins to arrive in OttawaTrucks, pickup trucks and other vehicles were driving through downtown Ottawa on Friday, many decked out with upside down Canadian, United States and Ontario flags All those anti vaxxers in one place without masks. What could possibly happen? “Tiny fringe minority” This is absurd. They are going to disrupt everyone's lives based on their bullshit. It's fuccking disgusting. Arrest them all and send them home. What a waste of fuel and time

Evening Update: Police preparing for ‘significant’ protests at Parliament Hill as trucker convoy arrives in OttawaAlso: Ukraine plans to employ sleeper agents behind Russian lines if Moscow invades Waste of fuel Thousands of supporters braved the cold enroute. Too many in the cdnmedia think, 'Grimy 'lower class' people, like truckers, are all violent and racist and should listen to opinions, not voice them. Truckers, stifle yourselves.' Try to be open minded and ignore the Antifa fascists and fake truckers.

Coronavirus Update: Ottawa police preparing as truckers’ protest convoy nears OttawaJan. 27: Security forces on Parliament Hill are preparing for up to 10,000 protesters to set up camp in downtown Ottawa this weekend to push back against lockdowns and vaccination mandates Normal for any protest. They'll be liasing with protestor leads, RCMP, RCMP VIP, and have a team in sheilds ready to roll. All normal. God Bless these Truckers If these men fail - Canada will be gone forever. Hire back our nurses, healthcare workers, truckers, all who have been illegally fired. If you support mandates you are NOT Canadian, your are a 1930’s German. Forget the police. War measures act just like daddy. Get ready to take these idiots down with the Canadian military. FreedomConvoy2022 vaccinate

Parliamentary security, police preparing as truckers’ protest convoy nears Ottawa | National NewswatchNational Newswatch: Canada's most comprehensive site for political news and views. Make it a daily habit.

Federal leaders respond to truck convoy as it heads to OttawaThousands of truck drivers and supporters lined highways across Canada today on their way to Ottawa to protest against the federal vaccine mandate for cross border truck divers and COVID restrictions. In November, the government announced that beginning on Jan. 15 most essential workers crossing the border into Canada, including transport truck drivers, must be fully vaccinated, […] We all know Andrew Scheer would be avoiding them just as Erin O'Toole is if he was still the Conservative leader right?

Protesters participating in a cross-country trucker convoy protesting measures taken by authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19 and vaccine mandates walk near Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday, Jan.Copy article link Copy link Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says nobody wants a planned anti-vaccination protest on Parliament Hill this weekend to turn into a violent attempt to overthrow the government and warned people not to dismiss the protesters as simple freedom fighters.and some carrying signs with obscenities directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.A Ukrainian serviceman ducks in a trench on the front line in the Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine, Jan.

29, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press . Some of the group’s leaders are calling for a peaceful event, but statements from some associated with the group have included threats of violence.