If the next presidential election reveals the U.S. hurtling toward possible violence and autocracy, should Canada try to intervene?

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We need to engage with the United States, however it evolves, but Canadians need to be prepared for a future in which the United States is no longer our ally and friend

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If the next presidential election reveals the United States is hurtling toward political instability and even violence, what can Canada do?

I don’t believe the future is that grim. The United States’ culture and economy remain robust and resilient, able to withstand high levels of political dysfunction. Stephanie Carvin researches security issues at Carleton University. She believes Canada acting on its own would have little impact on the American election. “Our voice does not ring loud in the conversations that are happening in the United States,” she said in an interview.

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JohnIbbitson globeandmail Canada intervene? Are you nuts ?

JohnIbbitson globeandmail We could plant a hedge of sea buckthorn, russian olive, and roses along the 49th.

JohnIbbitson globeandmail Is JohnIbbitson okay?

JohnIbbitson globeandmail You break it, you fix it…

JohnIbbitson globeandmail

JohnIbbitson globeandmail With thoughts and prayers?

JohnIbbitson globeandmail Pretty sure Biden is already autocratic

JohnIbbitson globeandmail An autocratic, white-nationalist, far-right, Q-anon inspired American State? Instead of discussing 'intervention', Canada better have a serious discussion at the highest levels of its military institutions!

JohnIbbitson globeandmail How TF could we intervene? The notion is beyond delusional.

JohnIbbitson globeandmail If they went all the way to a non-democratic dictatorship we could provide a home for a government in exile, I suppose.

JohnIbbitson globeandmail Close our borders

JohnIbbitson globeandmail Paywalled = click bait. 👎

JohnIbbitson globeandmail An autocratic USA would eventually seek to widen the border northward to size our natural resources...all the way to the Arctic.

JohnIbbitson globeandmail Now that's a bizarre suggestion.

JohnIbbitson globeandmail And do what ?

JohnIbbitson globeandmail You know the old saying as crude as it is : Don't P*** into a wind!

JohnIbbitson globeandmail It is so sad to watch what is happening to our neighbours to the south...

JohnIbbitson globeandmail r u suggesting brown face will sort them out....dont make us laugh

JohnIbbitson globeandmail Nope!

JohnIbbitson globeandmail In the national interest, no. Bad idea.

JohnIbbitson globeandmail Probably not?

Stay out of that foreign quagmire

This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen today - idiotic

How? With maple syrup?


I think we need to talk about how to buffer ourselves from a variety of possible scenarios. Once we have that all worked out, then we can put our mind to possible interventions.

You are kidding, right? Too ridiculous to be an actual suggestion.


If the USA is indeed hurtling toward violence and autocracy then let them. It is their country & system. Why is anything other than Canadian Liberalism considered a threat. The USA is a democracy led by a many layered bureaucratic governance that will survive, thrive & revive.

Why would the current Canadian government intervene? They support and want their own autocratic government.

We should offer thoughts and prayers.

No we should build a wall

OFFS. Get a grip. What an idiotic premise.

G&M's too cute assumption is that Canada, unlike the US, is somehow a a standard-bearer of democracy😄

Nope cuz our own country is so divided & not by COVID that our own unity is in crisis we need to focus on our own problems

We should mind our own business. Have enough problems to deal with.

'try' 😂😂😂😂

Canada owes the US nothing - for all the protectionism and shit talking Canada has had to endure, absolutely Not!

If you ever feel inadequate at your job or down in the dumps because you made a big mistake, just take comfort in knowing it can’t be that bad, since you didn’t write this and have it shared with the world.

JohnIbbitson Sure send butter tarts and Tim bits

Lol government sponsored alarmist propaganda. How much did they pay you for this one?

Cut all ties, until the USA grows a consciousness and comes from a place of genuine UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ! CLOSE THE BORDERS ! Canada needs to dismantle! Get rid of Provincial & Municipal Government’s! We only need ONE ! Think of the $ saved from the salary’s !

No, just build the damn wall!

Uh, how, exactly?

Didn’t know Globe publishes fantasy fiction. Or too much cannabis on New Year’s Eve?

Yeah, that'll work.

With what? Water pistols? They don't even know we exist!

We should be preparing a refugee policy, gaming the scenarios for us of a civil war there, strengthening our communication and transportation infrastructure......

Does who ever wrote this get paid? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Should write about all the political nonsense in our own country for a change. Wow!!


globepolitics Already in progress.


Intervene?!? With what....polite language🙄

The January 6th committee better hurry up with their process and get Trump in jail before the next election!

Intervene how?they are a sovereign country

What?! I had to check which “deep thinker” came up with such an idea. Oh, John Ibbitson. Nothing to see here, people. Let’s move on.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣- Infinity

You kidding me!

Canada should be worried of domestic autocracy.

Most Americans - especially Trumpists - don't really know where Canada is. Let's be nice quiet Canadians and keep it that way.

What are they going to do 😂😂🤡🤡


What the fuck?

NO !!!!~!!

Nah let the place burn

No we should leave other people alone and stop 'intervening' in their affairs. Canada should take care of its own problems.

What, are we going to send a strongly worded letter? That oughta show 'em!

LMMFAO. the utter pomposity oozing from this broken news org is mind blowing.

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