If Raptors and Celtics stage a boycott, it would be worth remembering

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There was more talk on Wednesday that the Raptors and Celtics might stage a boycott in protest of police violence in the U.S. The two clubs got together on Tuesday night to discuss the idea, among others

Toronto Raptors and head coach Nick Nurse kneel for the national anthem before game four of the first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs at The Field House.If we’re going to get historical about it, the sports animus between Toronto and Boston reaches back to 1933 – the Ace Bailey incident. Then it ends.

But it can’t be said to have ended fairly. Shore had arguably the greatest pre-war NHL career. Bailey, only 30 at the time, never played again. New York can exist without the Yankees. London would be fine without Arsenal or Spurs. Paris doesn’t have a team anyone in Paris cares about.But there can be no Boston without Fenway, and Torontonians would have nothing to yell at each other about in bars if it weren’t for the Leafs. More or less, sports glues the two places together.

Thus far, the Raptors have no natural enemies in the wild. The team spent so much of its history being terrible, that it has no history to speak of.It’s time to start making some. I suppose Philadelphia has potential. It does like a fight. Milwaukee is in the same talent bracket. New York would be good if New York was good, and it is not.


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This time must be different. The assaults must stop. We support our Raptors boycotting Game 1. Add your name:

Sending the wrong message, why are people fighting police and resisting police when being arrested!

Why not protest the black on black violence in Chicago every weekend? 🤔

when you boycott work you are paid to do, its a work stoppage, a strike. the bucks are on strike for black lives. I hope the Raptors follow suit. justiceforblacklives


It will mean the death of the franchise. They boycott a game in support of a rapist that was shot when he didn't comply with police, pushed right by them and went in to his car to get a gun? It's a testament to the culture of the NBA.

Exhausting to see the spoiled elite make half assed statements without as much as an investigation done

Yes. We all need to do something to stop racism. Killing. Do something

Worth remembering but it won’t accomplish anything.

Not for me! Do your job. You do this crap on your own time! I am out!

Could Hollywood and sports just do their job and stay away from little children and politics?

It'll just be remembered by the players

NBA, a shitty game.

For what? To stand up for a wife-beating sexual predator that was violently fighting police and had already got tazed and cops decided to protect their lives from what he was reaching for in his car? Cops know THAT situation ALL TO WELL! BoycottRaptors



I'm already boycotting the nba.

Oh - So now they are not taking money from China who uses modern day slaves? I thought not

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Canada Latest News, Canada Headlines

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