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Huawei CFO Meng's family granted federal travel exemption to visit Canada

Huawei CFO Meng's family granted federal travel exemption to visit Canada

2021-01-13 10:00:00 PM

Huawei CFO Meng's family granted federal travel exemption to visit Canada

Immigration Canada has granted the husband and two children of detained Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou COVID-19 travel exemptions to visit her in Vancouver.

Syrine Khoury, a spokesperson for the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ office, confirmed to CTV News in a statement that “Ms. Meng’s family was authorized by IRCC officials to travel to Canada.”Liu arrived in October and was followed by the children in December. They remain in Canada.

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Foreign nationals are currently barred from non-essential travel to Canada unless they are visiting immediate family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Meng Wanzhou is not a Canadian citizen and has not been a permanent resident since 2009.

However, under the current COVID-19 travel restrictions, Immigration Canada can grant travel exemptions for the purpose of reunification with an immediate family member who is in Canada on a temporary basis.While Meng’s family arrived in Canada for a visit, Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor marked two years in a Chinese prison in December.

Spavor last received consular access on Dec. 14 and Kovrig on Dec. 15. Both meetings were held virtually with Canadian Ambassador Dominic Barton. Neither of them was granted any consular access between January and November of last year, and since the pandemic what few meetings there have been are virtual.

Kovrig and Spavor were arrested in China in December 2018 and later charged with espionage. The Canadian government calls their detention arbitrary and many in the diplomatic community view it as retaliation for the arrest of Meng.Meng is facing extradition to the United States on fraud charges – which she and Huawei deny – and remains under house arrest in Vancouver.

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Absolutely disgraceful Why can’t Canadians demand an independent investigation into this Criminal Spy and Justin Trudeau’s action to harbour this criminal? We need to change our Constitution to include mechanisms to investigate, prosecute and impeach corrupt politicians like Justin Trudeau. Todd Noel Toronto, Canada 01-09-21

mariaDadd This is an outrage to the two Michaels. She should be in jail. This is so wrong when we have two Canadians living in poor prisons while she lives in luxury, she should be in jail, shame on our Immigration system. 'Detained' Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is now more free than all than all the people in Ontario.

Worry not chinese communists, ctvnationalnews will shut up, sit, and stay as soon as trudeau tells them to. Its all good. She's treated like a Liberal MP. No. Just no. Why? Are the two Michael's receiving similar privileges? No, they're subject to horrible detention conditions and denied basic rights. Meng's detention should mirror theirs. JustinTrudeau stand up for our lads, throw her in jail.

The canadian government didnt want canadian citizens to visit their families in person over the holidays Obviously!! China owns the liberals Can't you see that China owns Trudeau and Canada? SHE JUST ASKED TO HAVE HER GUARDS REMOVED TO PREVENT COVID EXPOSURE. AT THE SAME TIME AS DEMANDING CROSS WORLD VISITS FROM PEOPLE. BETTER REVOKE THE VISITATION RIGHTS! REMOVE HER SERVANT STAFF TOO! SHE IS A COVID RISK SHE SAYS!

Trudeau and China 🤝 BFF THIS IS AN ABOMINATION More like Mr. Trudeau granted those unfair privileges. Welcome to Trudeaus Communist Canada Concessions to her when her dad's thug friends in the Communist Party are holding Canadians hostage is an outrage and should be grounds for resignation. People need to start taking seriously the corruption of every level of our government/media/business by the CCP. It is much worse than you think and its a national security threat to Canadians. Follow the money.

I guess FIPA has its privileges. Hey, thanks Stephen and Conservatives! If America found her a threatening take her by now. Seriously she should be allowed visits from her family. How long is this going on? Our Canadian tax dollars should finally ship her off either to the states or back home. Enough already.

What does “non essential” even fucking mean? REALLY? 🤨 This is so insulting and fucking disgusting!!! WTF is happening in Canada!!! Two innocent men kidnapped by the Chinese regime two years ago! Yet this Huawei executive gets circumvent the rules. Total bullshit!!! michael_house9 Trudeau probably sent his jet to China to pick them up. TrudeauMustGo

We need this liberal government out now. So all prisoners get this treatment? Are you crazy? JustinTrudeau get a hold of this now, this is not on. I’d like to go see my grandkids in New Brunswick can you arrange for me to do that too. Stop this insanity as it won’t bode well at a time when more than half the country is on lockdown.

Is that because they are bringing the Canadian hostages with them? Absolutely not! Wtf Oh what money, power, and expensive lawyers can buy. You have to love our legal system. This is ridiculous. Canadians are not allowed to see their families during a pandemic, but a non-Canadian, under house arrest, is allowed to have her family come from China. Liberal hypocrisy again.

Why the heck are we coddling her? Are the two Michaels having visitors ? We are so nice in Canada. She should not have been detained in the beginning. If the U.S. wants her they should get her now. How about the Michaels in China on phoney charges? Do your jobs, GAC_Corporate CCP_is_terrorist Did the Chinese allow the Michael's to get a visit from their families for Christmas in a mansion like Meng? If not, why wouldn't you negotiate that before allowing her family into Canada? Rob_Oliphant ottnews CanadianPM CTV_PowerPlay ctvqp EvanLSolomon MarcGarneau

Joe Citizen is being ordered not to earn a living but if you're a politician, rich or well connected? Well... then you do whatever you damn well want. Canada has become a banana republic. JustinTrudeau perhaps u should read these peoples comments. Crazy This can’t be true, can it? Of course they were. JustinTrudeau real priorities eh

Is this a joke? JustinTrudeau are you kidding? How about the 2 Michael’s who are held like dirt and you condone this! Haha. How soft. I'm glad we don't have the kind of privilege for the wealthy America has.... ....oh Id be interested to hear from someone with experience in such things... Would the pmo have known about this, or is this a routine thing that a civil servant functionary does without notifying anyone?

oh hell no And how are the two Michael’s’ families getting “granting” from the Chinese for them to travel? This is a remarkable situation. cdnpoli TrudeauCorruption TrudeauCrimeMinister JustinTrudeau TrudeauWorstPMEver LiberalCorruption TrudeauMustGo shit... Justin is weak. I wonder, have our citizens (two Michaels) been granted family visits? I wish Trudeau would stop genuflecting to the communist party of China. Stand up for Canadians, against a genocidal regime. It should be a no brainer.

The two reporters in China being held in jail, can they see their family then ? This must be some kind of joke. It's just plain wrong while the two Michaels languish in a Chinese gulag. I thought the Canadian Government has a policy of not paying ransom to kidnappers. Corruption at it's finest. Do as we say not as we do!

And what did China do for the 2 Michael's? And, what has Justin done for the 2 Michaels? Anyone feel a sell-out? This is disgusting Disgusted & where are the 2 Michaels I weep for them 🥲 Explain this fordnation Wow our pm is a real bitch what a disgrace. Any chance that they can put our two citizens on that plane?

JustinTrudeau ... come on- grow a pair. This country is becoming the laughing stock of the world. Trudeau always taking care of his first love....China Total out and out bullshit. She goes shopping eating out in restaurants. And our innocent citizens are in a cell WTF Yes come and get arrested! Prime Minister JustinTrudeau needs to put a stop to this. This is totally unacceptable, and comes at a time when many Canadians are facing threat of jail time for seeing their families. Disgusting. brianlilley anthonyfurey davidakin EvanLSolomon ezralevant SheilaGunnReid

Unfortunately Foreign Affairs dropped the ball. Canadian Government is in the midst of a fight between the US Government and China. Yes, Canada has a conflict of interest because of 5yes, however this has gone on far too long now. China, North Korea and Russia are now after us. Great, maybe they can take the 2 Michael’s along with them. 😒

Champagne shuffle? cdnpoli cdnfp Zero benefit to the LIBs on this unless they feel it helps in their long term plans to get the Michaels free. SouljeruvGod I would like to be granted a travel exemption to see my family in Newfoundland. I guess if I was rich enough I could bribe an official. newfoundlandtravelban

There has to be no way! We are locked down and this happens? What is wrong with our Judges and society! epicfail attack on our country. Send our two Michels back or stick her in a cell stop playing around! I guarantee you they won’t have to quarantine. You watch And yet we are told over and over and over...JUST STAY HOME..I am all for staying home but letting this family come to Canada to visit their family is WRONG..I can't even go visit my grandkids that live 3 blocks away.

We want them OUT not more of these dummies in!! How nice, maybe they can bring a gift back for the two Michaels when they’re all done visiting beautiful BC. What a poor decision, based on money and entitlement!! This is the result of media blind following this is how liberal_party trashed constitution. Laws for ordinary Canadians plus tax then max benefit and enjoy for left elites. 🤬😡

Jesus. Liberals literally can't get anything right. Two Canadians rot in prison in China and THIS is allowed? This is disgusting! This is ridiculous. How much more proof do people need to see how utterly incompetent the liberals are from Trudeau on down. Canadians should be livid over this. Feel so bad for the families.

JustinTrudeau is trying to trigger an election. That can be the only reason they would pull this crap! Add this to some of other antics lately such as using meatheads TOAdamVaughan & MarkGerretsen spewing their hate & it is lining up for a spicy HOC. TrudeauWorstPMEver I hate this country a little more everyday.

Absolutely infuriating! It should have been contingent on releasing the two Michael’s! But why is Canada still abiding by the Trump administration’s anti-Iran & anti-China fiasco and continuing to incarcerate Meng Wanzhou? Are we not a sovereign nation that can make an ethical decision free from US intimidation and release her?

This is so wrong. What about the family of the 2 Michaels? Our weak leader is showing his yellow belly with this deal. Unbelievable! How can this happen? She's living in the lap of luxury while the 2 Michael's r being abused and living in dreadful conditions. The Liberals r showing themselves to be woefully unprepared, inexperienced and completely out of their depth.

Makes me wondering what is happening with the two Michaels?! Holy shitheads Ok how wrong is this? AEvanoff_TheAce So we can't see our families, but she can AND we pay for it? 🤡🤡🙄🙄🙄 Unbelievable!! Our 2 Michaels, while being held in China aren’t getting to spend time with their families. Other Canadians here couldn’t have their families come visit!!

This is disgusting !! Did China allow family of the 2 Canadian men held hostage NO Right and I can't see my partner nor my family. However, she can... Chinada!!! WTF Why are they allowed to come in. What is happening to our prisoners out there. Weak leader. You gotta be fucking kidding. Can the Canadian boys in jail have fa.ily visits?

Will JustinTrudeau be there to greet them..?.. Wtf is the matter with turdeau. The answer is no stay home and get your daughter to drop her bullshit defence THE 'PANDEMIC' IS OVER. If the feds can grant travel exemptions to foreigners coming into Canada, all while imposing lockdowns and restrictions on their own citizens, they can go to hell. The bullshit ends now. The 'pandemic' has been proven false by their actions.

Of course cause they are Chinese who own most of the properties downtown Toronto The biggest bullshit ever Fucking bullshit! fuckchina Makes sense since Canada is infiltrated by CCP This has to be a joke revoke this request immediately and fire the Minister who authorized it Disgusting I will withdraw my support for liberal_party on this platform if they do not act to have the 2Michaels released. Huawei China

And the 2 michaels can't...this government is ridiculous Heads should roll, now tell me little 🥔 isn’t in the pocket of China Why put her in a prison Uhhhhh, what? Can someone please investigate to see if the Skippy Liberals 'pressured' for this decision? 🖕 FFS! 🤦‍♂️ I'm so disgusted, yet again, by the actions of JustinTrudeau

You got to be joking!!! Not until the Michaels are released. WHAT?!!!!!!!!! Why is she still under house arrest. Let her go already. How do you let this happen marcomendicino you are the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship right? Did your office okay this visit? Canadian families can not visit each other and China holds two Canadians hostage. Why do you let this happen?

When are our boys coming home meanwhile This is ridiculous. Do the Michaels get the same privileges. Lets put her a frigging dungeon until china releases them. Friging princess! Who ever approved this should be fired Double-you tee eff. In the middle of a pandemic while the Michaels are in a dungeon somewhere in a country with no rule of law? Disgraceful!

CTV lackeys downplay the charges against Meng as simple fraud, a dirty lie by omission. Under the watch of her Communist masters, Meng enabled Iran, stole technology, destroyed evidence and made witnesses disappear. She destroyed lives. TwoMichaels jeannetix Where their Covid test negative? Lock them all up

Why can’t the Liberals work on getting the two Michaels out of prison TrudeauMustGo TrudeauWorstPMEver TrudeauCorruption I’m a child, I LIVE in Canada, and I haven’t been able to visit my 77 year old mother in New Brunswick in over a year. But Trudeau would never try to incite resentment for Chinese people by giving them more freedom of mobility in our country than us.

Repeatedly slapping Canadians in the face. BillBlair or whoever granted this needs to be removed immediately. This woman needs to be cut loose. Take a shit or get off the pot amigo. Only the Trudeau government would make a deal like this. Meng's family gets granted permission to come to Canada to visit her, while Kovrig's and Spavor's family aren't being granted access to visit them in China. This stinks. TrudeauMustGo

What a joke. Do you think the Chinese will grant visitation rights to the 2 Michael's? Capitulation. We have two men imprisoned in China not allowed visitors. Liberals love Commies thats a man. Ridiculous! Are our two Michaels allowed visitors? Unbelievable! She should be in prison. Maybe Canadians with knowledge and the ability should stop this. Someone like a politician that we have elected to do what's right. If anyone knows how to stop this please stand up and do something.

Are you kidding me. What about China granting the two Michaels passage home to visit their families? Totally unfair. But you lock down Canada! This country has truly lost it's direction. Hope the government is getting a good deal for the two Canadians the CCP is holding captive - this sure looks like they aren't. JustinTrudeau cafreeland

This makes my blood boil. So not right. JustinTrudeau this is disgusting. Are the families of the 2 Michael’s allowed to visit them? Is our embassy staff in China allowed to visit them? Is anything being done to get them home? Are you fucking kidding me right now? How spineless you are Canada! geoffregan DarrenFisherNS BernJordanMP While two Canadians lanquish in a Chinese Jail as retribution for holding this person you allow her family to visit? I assume your silence means you agree with this.

What a weak weak government we have!!!! Who granted it? So a week before she will be released , her family now gets to come visit her in the mansion prison . How are those Canadian prisoners , arrested as revenge living ? You have got to be kidding me. Disgusting. TrudeauMustGo I cannot comment or I will go to Twitter jail :(

What about COViD? Is this essential What about the two Michaels? Are they being treated as nicely and fairly and humanely as we are treating her? Somehow, I doubt it. 😢 Just as I thought 🇨🇦Borders open to Tourists What a beautiful receding hairline. Um- that photo of them was dec 10... how long have they actually been here?

This is disappointing to hear.. given how China has treated our 2 Michaels. I says PARDON? {the champ} Rules for thee... Get used to it. liberal_party Corruption ZiadSatNam Probably bunking at Trudopes 😡😡😡😡😡 Maybe we should arrest them for espionage & throw them in solitary confinement? The west really has to separate from all this Ottawa bs..!!!!!!

Well done JustinTrudeau . way to stand up for Canada. FireTrudeau Can’t see any national security issues with that at all..... So we can travel, awesome. Diplomacy. You don't get to complain about a diplomatic move that may hasten the Michaels' release, especially when you're so fucking whiny about it. You have no idea what's happening behind the scenes and MSM counts on us losing our shit over every headline. Feel manipulated?

your traitorous liberal government in action. MPMarilynGladu COVID19 Travel Maybe our government should kidnap them and hold them until they release the TwoMichaels ... just kidding, of course ... we shouldn’t let them into the country in the first place . So, to be clear...I can’t visit my family in the next town based on government rules but her family can fly to Canada for a wee visit?! We are lost. Complete disarray at the federal level. Course, what to expect with the level of corruption and lack of ethics or honesty. 😔😔

But no visit and nothing for ITS OWN CANADIANS, rotting in a chinese prison. 🖕 Really. How terrible for the two Michaels not even allowed consular visits let alone family. Common Canada. Grow up. Of course. JustinTrudeau allows that. Not like there's a global pandemic going on. 👎 But I can’t visit my sister two towns away

emeraldtyger Well a real leader would of ask for the same for the two Michel s Just saying It's time for Canada to 'S--t or got off the pot'. Either have a trial for the poor woman, or drop this, and let her go home. If we (or the States) don't like the way she does business, don't do business with her.

thats bullshit You have to be frigging kidding me, sowe can't do any international traveling but her family is allowed to come to canada, we are such an ass Backwards goddamn country it's sickening. How much are they paying you Trudeau. JustinTrudeau and the liberal_party will do anything for their CCP masters

THATS GREAT NICE TO SEE CANADIAN PRISONERS ARE NOT TREATED LIKE THE TWO MIC HEALS IN CHINA We are not ‘all in this together’. more liberal stupidity WOW!! Coruption!!! So infuriating but completely expected. This can't happen. STOP SUCKING UP TO THE BLOODY CHINESE until the two Michaels are free. Get with it.

That’s just ridiculous on so many levels. So so wrong. It’s just wrong. just what we need more infected chinese coming into canada, are the to canadian hostages able to get visits from their family trudeau treats xii like trump treats putin Are the family bringing with them the 2 Michaels ? Excuse me While many of us have not been able to see our family since March of 2020? This is so backwards, I cannot stand this government. This is a kick in the teeth.

this is truly disgusting. My heart breaks for the 2 Michaels and their families. And all people isolated from their own families and who live in the same country! Just WOW! WHY? Disgraceful! If those who voted Liberal are not outraged then you are on your own. Really we r all in lock down If I am the families of the 2 Michaels I would be so pissed off. It would be nothing short of a slap in the face. Some one from this government needs to explain this. Hardly wait to here from Skippy on this one.

China owns Canada, no other explanation. Disgusting. She is living large while our two Michael’s are being forgotten and left to die. Does Canada stand for ANYTHING anymore? Why? Of course they are. The LPC and JustinTrudeau CanadianPM care a hell of a lot more about China than Canada. Where are the Michael’s? Liberals don’t know and don’t care. corrupt TrudeauMustGo

Disgusting. WHAT THE F***! Hey BillBlair; Travel Restrictions? “Closed Border”? Accused in custody family wants to visit “SURE, COME ON OVER!!!” What a Feckless yesboy you have become.....🙄 Family is good...check all cakes for prison bar files OMG. I have seen it all. irresponsible BillBlair politics before CommonSense This is clearly a political decision not a decision based on need.

Can I get a travel exemption in order to take care of my deceased mother’s estate More of BillBlair antics . Trudeau Double standards Huawei bordersclosed cdnpoli If and only the two Michaels and their families are granted the same privileges... Right This spineless government is not protecting Canadians at all.

Who are the people that liked this tweet? Unbelievable So they can buy a few more $8 million dollar homes? Funny how that happened, did Biden call in a favour? 10 percent for the big guy? TheRoyGreenShow BillBlair MariekeWalsh CandiceMalcolm WeAreCanProud WTF⁉️⁉️ This wrong on so many fronts. Being told to “stay at home“ I can’t see families & then I read this. 🤬🤬🤬 Canada lockdownontario

Wow!! What the hell are you doing JustinTrudeau ..this is outrageous What in serious hell is this? Can you imagine the fireworks had the plane been rerouted to land in Seattle! oh that 'pandemic', not an issue for the elites. BULLSHIT UNBELIEVABLE Did the Chinese government grant special exemption for the families of the two Michael’s to travel to visit them? When is this liberal government going to grow a pair and do what is right for our people being mistreated in China?

People should be outraged. I am! And how many visits have the two Micheals had? The Liberal government is in bed with China. This is completely unacceptable during these times. Lol no shit hey. China military and now this... wakeupcanada corruptliberals firetrudeau And normal people can't go to funeral

How come I assume we traded this for allowing the two Michaels to live freely as she is, and to have family visits. Obviously. No government would be dumb enough to just do this for nothing. JustinTrudeau ... 'Hold my beer' . MarcGarneau happy you inherited this fun? Trudeau says we are all it together.

What the hell is wrong with this entire picture. The Michaels should come first and foremost. Chinada here we come thanks to Trudeau...prayers for our Michael’s. Release the hounds Ridiculous I can see the headlines now: “BREAKING: Huawei CFO Meng escaped Canada with her family after Trudeau’s government granted federal travel exemption”

KolbyRizzo Yup, Trudeau is sure standing up to China, this is what 'working hard' is to free the two Michaels. Hey there Trudeau Kool-Aid Kids, how are we liking the Build Back Better plan? Are you kidding me? Will the govt throw a party for them too? FFS FreeTheMichaels cdnpoli JustinTrudeau MarcGarneau

WTF Great 👍🏻 news! China has incriminating photos of Trudeau. Weak. What do the families of the 2 Michaels have to say? There we go again kissing ass to China I thought Canadian borders are closed to non-essential travel? Our Michaels haven't been afforded consular visits. Once again, Trudeau bends over and spreads them for his boss, Xi.

BAD MOVE🤬🤬🤬 The drama teacher obeying his Chinese owners once again Unfortunately Torontonians are OK with it But we couldn't meet with our family Go home Shame on the Federal government wow they hold Canadians prisoner and we are allowing her to remain in house arrest with family visits. liberal_party rolling out red carpet instead of standing up for Canadians

That is so wrong. I can not to fly to NL to see my sick mother but we allow this. I am so fed up with this with the government. Ugn 😡 Lol why would they come over anyway... to have more of their family members arrested? Trade her for the 2 Canadians held captive...unless they're organs have already been donated

TrudeauIsAFraud Huh? That’s BS what about the Michael Living the TrudeauIncompetencePM decline of Canada’s democracy dream Will the families of the two men being held in China get the same benefit? In related news, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor remain in a Chinese detention centre. Allowing Meng's family into Canada is a spineless move by CitImmCanada.

A very, very weak move on the part of the Canadian government. They have zero backbone when it comes to the Chinese. Doesn’t that go against the BC health orders as well ? Why! Until GovernChina grants unimpeded private visits to the families of Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor JustinTrudeau MUST REFUSE bowing to pressure from Xi. PMJET's actions an affront to decency & justice. Meng 'may' be entitled to equal treatment under law ONLY when Xi agrees 🤥

Well surprise, surprise...not! Will they be exempt from taking the test for covid as well? That's stupid, why play nice. Bullshit and Our seniors can’t visit their families! 👺 Well yeah... We need to make sure our masters are pleased with us. She should have been extradited to the USA already but we've chosen Communism over Democracy.

Why? When the Chinese government is holding two of our citizens hostage, this is unconscionable! WHY? Disgraceful! Until the 2 Michaels are released from Chinese prisons she does not deserve the courtesy of family visits. Great bring more covid-19 to Canada. 😠 Damn how could this even happen? The princess has her privileges over Canadians?!!!!

Now that Trump is gone with the possibility of his shady 'deals', spells very bad news for Meng. It's time to return to procedural bureaucracy now. Lmao, of course they can, remember this government last March said closing the borders wouldn't beneficial, it just shows they are thinking with their ass then try to talk their way out of it. Good job

NO Any chance the Federal Liberals ever had of getting my vote is now gone Ok, now whoever is in charge is out of control. Ask JT about this, I don’t think it’s cool. I hope they quarantine! Oh, Chinada! Omg..and the Michael's.. are they allowed to come and visit their families ? Are they afforded the same living conditions? Now with visitors? Will they quarantine? Where? Will Canada provide her with the vaccine?