How climate change played a role in the B.C. floods

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Climate change, wildfires, and towns being built on former lakes played major roles in the flooding across British Columbia, says a climate researcher at Queen’s University.

“We've really grossly underestimated what needs to be done to mitigate the flooding that is going to occur in the future,” Edward Struzik, a fellow at Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy in Kingston, Ont., told during a video interview on Tuesday.

Failing to do this will mean the fallout from future flooding is “going to get worse before it gets any better,” he said. Struzik, the author of “Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs and the Improbable World of Peat,” lays out four human influences that played roles in the recent flooding in the province.

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Ohh that darn climate change. Someone should just nuke the sun. That would show it who’s boss!

People= climate change

Or maybe not build a town below sea level!

It didn’t…

The climate has been changing for billions of years. Silly taxes and prayers aren't going to change that.

In other news, if the media quit talking about the climate, they might have to talk about the economy, energy, infrastructure or the government, and the climate would cease to be a crisis.

developed in a dry lake bed, clear cutting, not doing as many controlled burns to remove fuel for larger fires which go out of control in a hurry. And yes climate change is a piece of the pie. Environmental mismanagement is as much to blame as climate change. Stop CCP as a start

No. Eco cults…

Nuclear winter will wipe us out long before as climate change

Bunk. Stop promoting climate hysteria. Even the UN IPCC, after studying the matter, finds NO CONNECTION between extreme weather events and 'climate change':

Do you think that’s the first time it has rained like that ever

This is something that has repeated itself more than once. This has been happening long before what you call climate change.

Maybe they shouldn’t have drained a lake in the first place

Canada’s CNN

In other news BC is a rainforest and water falls from the sky

It didn’t

How about how the lack of planning and recognition of clear warnings about urgent infrastructure upgrades and how they have been ignored by governments.

Climate change, fires, clear cutting, draining ancient lakes, building on known flood plains etc are the cause here. And it’s only going to get worse because people will be encouraged or forced to stay in these areas.

do better CTV news

It didn’t.

The politicians knew these dikes we’re going to fail years ago but, decided to spend money on other things instead of fixing them.

Came anticipating the same old climate change denying echo chamber from the usual socks and bots, wasn't disappointed.

Or not

1)A lot of $hit in Report &Dude knowing $hit No Help; areas he refers too was approved by Dicks &He urged engineers to team up with climate scientists& meteorologists rethink infrastructure as bridges railways&roads with climate change in mind=wasn't 50years ago &Remain No Know!

Drain a lake, remove the old growth rainforest with clear cutting. Disregard for any future. Capital greed. This natural disaster is the result.

It didn't. Stop spreading incorrect information. BC knew that having a city in a flood plain was a problem many, many years ago and chose to do nothing about it. Liars.

It’s called Mother Nature, climate changes constantly

It played no role

I think f'ing with Mother Nature is....she is coming to take back what's hers.

2015 BC was told that this was on the verge of a disaster. Their response was to tax people's gas, food and heating. Sound familiar?

...and the east coast too

Climate change since time began.

Yep, there has never been a flood or draught in the history of the world! What the hell is wrong with you?

Holy shit. There's no weather any more. Just like there was no influenza, right?

And here we go 🙄

How the news media blame EVERYTHING that happens ON A FLOOD PLAIN as Climate Change. A 2007 report WARNED of this kind of flooding and mentioned dams, flood plain 47 times & climate change only once

Lots of comments from the Flat Earthers Society who all attended The School of Hard Knocks.

In coming right-wingers to regurgitate talking points they got from oil billionaires.

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