How Canada became an environmental outlier -

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Tom Mulcair: Justin Trudeau and Peter MacKay, Trudeau's likely Conservative opponent in the next federal election, represent the same generation—one that has failed on the environment.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at the signing ceremony for the Paris Agreement on climate change at the United Nations headquarters in New York on April 22, 2016. Fifty years ago, Canada became a major, credible player in the world of environmental protection with the creation of our first department of the environment by former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

Since then, we have witnessed what Christopher Orr, McGill researcher and bioresource engineering Ph.D. student, calls a “troubling environmental backslide” that has seen Canada go from leader to laggard. In the early ‘90s, Canada was front and centre at the Rio Summit where the notion of sustainable development was coined. Former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlemlandmark report on sustainable development, which preached the need for governments to take into account the effect of all of their decisions on future generations. They were called upon to assess the environmental, social and economic aspects of all of their policies.

the Kyoto Protocol a “socialist scheme designed to suck money from rich countries”. Chretien and Harper had results that were similar, but one approach was welcoming to environmentalists and the other, to the oil patch.Canada didn’t have any plan to meet the Kyoto targets and it was mostly about “galvanizing public opinion”, in other words, it was largely an exercise in political communication.


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How nice of Tom to pick the CPC leader successor.

What is Mulcair smoking? Peter MacKay? He’s nuts

They have the same rich friends and I am sure McKay will take care of them just like Trudeau has CPC_HQ theJagmeetSingh ontario_liberal NDP TrudeauCorruption

Not a chance with MacKay. Nice try

The best declined to run for the leadership.

The big elephant in the room is Ethics, Judicial Reform and RCMP corruption! Wake the hell up! Covid-19 is a medical issue but Police Corruption and Systemic Racism and Judicial Reform are the fabric of our society. We need a collective multi-party plan gong forward! Hello?

Justin MacKay next opponent ? ...........not

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Canada Latest News, Canada Headlines

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