Coronavirus Social Distancing Society And Culture Homelessness And Housing

Coronavirus Social Distancing Society And Culture Homelessness And Housing

Homeless Canadians Face Increasing Danger Because Of COVID-19 Lockdowns

Social distancing is a hard ask for those in the shelter system.

2020-04-01 8:35:00 AM

“From a mental health standpoint, people are drained. They were already living in a crisis state. The triggers they’re experiencing in shelters are heightened.'

Social distancing is a hard ask for those in the shelter system.

F.J. Jimenez via Getty ImagesLy turned to stairwells and bathrooms when he needed a safe place after he was kicked out of his family's home. In spite of the hardships, substance-use struggles, and family trauma he’s healing from, Ly considers himself lucky. In a treatment centre, he can practice social distancing as he progresses in his recovery. Locals he knows who also have no fixed addresses are having an even harder time navigating their already precarious worlds during this pandemic.

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His friends have no restaurants nor public libraries to keep warm in. The closure of public spaces and confusion about where they can be has left many homeless and street-involved Canadians in vulnerable positions, with the frontline workers that advocate for them stretched perilously thin.

Homeless take care of their health needs in public spacesJenna Davies, 33, is a Toronto-based social worker said the city’s vulnerable use public spaces in different ways in order to take care of themselves. For her clients who were institutionalized before the pandemic, she’s needed to emphasize they can no longer access spaces that would typically offer sanctuary.

“I have to hammer home that the places they go to, the McDonald’s and the libraries, the places they sleep for a bit aren’t open,” she told HuffPost Canada, adding that the closure of shopping malls has been a huge hit.“They’re telling everybody to go inside to their homes. The

is closed,” one client told her. “What happens if you don’t have a home?”Thelack of public toilets in Canadameans many rely on restaurant restrooms to stay on top of their hygiene. Without access to running water, regular hand-washing is either impossible or takes place with inadequate resources; a reporter from Victoria, B.C. noticed a tent city had hand-washing stations set up with buckets.

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Majority of Canadians think COVID-19 pandemic will get worse: NanosA majority of Canadians say they are pessimistic about the outlook of the COVID-19 pandemic but support the federal government's response to the crisis, according to the latest survey from Nanos Research. I overheard someone the other day say the past 3 years they weren't even aware deputy PM existed, but was proud when they realized she was a woman. These are who are part of the voter pool, at least in Milton. Obviously you can tell in Milton. Ostrich culture. 🤮 I must have the ones that don't care in my area, as lots of gatherings and house parties going on, and the municipality don't care about that. The bell curves I'm seeing suggest it might actually be getting better. I'm not an expert by any means, but I think the MSM in Canada should stop its fear-mongering.

John Wright: The COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of CanadiansWhen it comes to their own personal or family financial situation over the next three months, one in five Canadians say they will be either ‘pressured and anxious,’ or ‘dire and d… Why is it that NP constantly focuses on questioning the competence of leadership in Canada when it is clear that Canada does extremely well on most measures👇Conversely, Trump is rarely excoriated for his lack of competence or leadership when the facts are clear.

World hungry for Canadian grain amid pandemic, with shipments abroad risingCanadian grain is in high demand as shippers try to feed a growing appetite from mills and governments seeking to shore up staple reserves amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Good. Less focus on the dying oil industry and more focus on commodities that are in demand! Liberalism is destroying everything in Canada Good thing the carbon tax is increasing by 50% tomorrow which directly affects farming and agriculture. Great job Socks McBlackface 👍🏻

Canadian nurses working with COVID-19 patients demand legal right to wear N95 masksNurses in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta have cited occupational health and safety legislation that allows employees to refuse work they believe is unsafe They... They don't ALREADY have a right to wear the correct PPE while working with hazards in the workplace? I know there are different regulations for unsafe work with emergency services but come on; that's ridiculous. Just do it. You can’t wait for an answer from a leader who only works 15, minutes in the morning. Do what you need to do to protect yourselfs. WearAMask

Ottawa to spend $2-billion on medical gear as Canadian industry retools to battle COVID-19Trudeau said two Canadian startups will provide innovative solutions that will allow for one million tests for coronavirus in the next year and the production of 500 ventilator units in the coming months How much of that $2 billion is going to China? No doubt, Trudeau will also thank them.