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Breakıng, Coronavirus

Health officials announce ‘presumptive’ case of coronavirus in Toronto

The victim is a man in his 50s who recently travelled to Wuhan, China.


BREAKING : Ontario health officials are expected to announce that a “presumptive case” of coronavirus has been confirmed in Toronto.

The victim is a man in his 50s who recently travelled to Wuhan, China.

His condition is stable, officials said. READ MORE: The illness has sickened more than 1,200 people and killed at least 41 in China. Australia and Malaysia reported their first cases Saturday — four each– and Japan, its third. France confirmed three cases Friday, the first in Europe, and the U.S. identified its second, a woman in Chicago who had returned from China. Story continues below advertisement – With files from the Canadian Press © 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. Read more:

Another Coronavirus update. This is incredibly unbelievable. North America guard yourself. That's what happens when people in that country eat cats, dogs & wild animals. China is 1 of the biggest unsanitary countries on earth, Every single deadly viral infections start in china and quickly spreads the whole world. China should be permanently quarantined. PERMANENTLY

Gear up Vancouver it's a mater of time... So no more flights leaving Canada lest we infect other countries. For people who asked to stop flight from China seems never travelled the glob . Travellers can have stop over any country while in their way to Canada . So do we stop all flights from outside Canada ? This is not the solution. This is normal flue virus so we shouldn’t panic

If the government tells you there’s nothing to worry about! Their lying! Stop all flights from China!... until it’s cleaned up! Can I just put it out there? Can we stop all this nonsense talk about firearm Confiscation until we're 100% sure that real life isn't about to reenact '28 days later'? TWilsonOttawa CCFR_CCDAF

Is the person even a Canadian citizen is my question , and yes all inbound flights from China should have ended two weeks ago So the Leafs are making the playoffs or what? Use common decency China & stay home! Shut the borders, stop all flights coming from china, who cares.

The distance, costs and health problems make a journey to the red planet incredibly riskyTaking mankind’s first steps on Mars will be a costly and risky endeavour for the first astronauts who will head to the red planet. Nothing at all happenong on planet earth worth writing about? Nothing? Thanks tips We can't even get back to the moon ffs.

When is JustinTrudeau and the liberal_party going to WAKEUP and protect Canada 🇨🇦? Ban ALL PEOPLE FROM TRAVELING IN AND OUT OF CHINA TO CANADA. WHY ARE THE PASSENGERS NOT ISOLATED AND SCREENED BEFORE LEAVING THE AIRPORT? This will spread like wildfire Unreliable source of information. is paid propaganda regurgitating. Not to be trusted.

Quarantine Toronto... Oh, wait, the Corona virus? Yeah... yeah... because of that. You were saying? It’s rona season boys. I’ve been waiting for this Keep it in Toronto... it was only a matter of time...CANCEL ALL OF THOSE FLIGHTS!!!!!! As a start, how about restricting flights to and from the most severely affected region? coronavirus

i believe the presumption is that this is the FIRST case in canada ... they presume this is the first one to arrive but the first may still be undiagnosed is what they are saying

B.C. health officials prepare for possible virus spread after containing SARSThey’re applying lessons learned from the SARS outbreak 17 years ago as they prepare for another deadly virus.

I’m sure drug Ford has it under sticker control! ANARCHY ANARCHY!! OMFG OMG OMFG OMG... Leave it to Canada to not protect us citizens. This was so expected. Viruses travel everywhere please stop frickin out. Measures will be taken and people will be treated. Regular flu is dangerous too. 🙄 It's too late to stop this. The Doctor that spoke after said the Genie is out of the bottle.

Its just a matter of time until Vancouver gets their first case. I just hope they get it under control by then. I got to stop watching this daily its freaking me out. Liars! Just heard them. Said you had to have symptoms to be contagious. Not true. Where else other than third world country called Toronto 🤣😂😆 Hopefully we won't get it in Vancouver ,and he didn't spread it all over the airport.


Amplify: My daughter’s mental-health crisis is forcing me to speak upIn this issue of Amplify, guest editor Lindsey Lowy writes about raising a teen with depression: ‘For a long time, I thought talking about it might make things worse. But my silence might be doing more harm than good’ lindseylowy Rddddddr lindseylowy Therapy & counselling only covered by OHIP for in-pts. Legislators: OHIP should cover out-pt therapy by registered professionals at masters level ie: occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers.

9 flights will land in Vancouver from China tomorrow Damn. What a coincidence again, my guess, tax payers are going to forced to pay for shots again, funny thing is though, this virus was patented in 2018, I wonder if the drug company is going to sue the bats for copying their virus Stop the Chinese at the borders and check them ALL! If you don't, it's not fair to the rest of the demographics in the world. It is the only way these days. This is not funny and china lies about their numbers

clerysboy This is on our idiot leader for not shutting down travel. Plane from Wuhang to TO?! WHAT?!?!?! BradWestPoCo Stop the damn planes from that country! Cue the public outcry. Be loud and often. We don't want anything close to a repeat of Sars. coronavirus Wow, sounds like you're happy now. Cool eh, we got it too, we got it too!!

Thank the Pirbright_Inst for the coronavirus. They own the patent on it. Erica Bickerton, Sarah Keep & Paul Britton are the inventors. I'm guessing they are mass producing the cure to it right now but it would be more profitable if they wait until more people are infected. Here we go🙄

Canada preparing after health officials say coronovirus will ‘likely’ hit countryChina's National Health Commission reported the death toll from the new coronavirus has climbed to 41, with the number of people infected rising to 1,287. Sure lol people do not stay home if they are sick. this is wishful thinking. as if self reporting will work LOL They stopped doing that on cruise ships as people would lie through their teeth or they wouldn't get on the cruise.

Curious....was he on business or visiting relatives? Wow The man was asymptomatic on Jan 21 and in hospital the following day? Really? WAS he asymptomatic I feel for those passengers and everyone in Customs or at Torinto airport. How many ppl flew in the plane where this index pt came from? How many may got on infected and how many left the plane infected? That’s what we need to know! And how many other planes have flown in from China last week/month? Toronto coronovirus nCoV2019

Credit to the victim who has done everything right since suspecting he was infectious. If everyone could be so responsible, this will not be a big issue. Yes please ban all flights If the politicians could only get their collective heads out of China’s ass we might be able to control this thing CoronaOutbreak coronarovirus

Savage dirt-meat loving, gut flinging, pangolin obsessed, cess-assed, 3rd world in the mountains, marching troops into atomic blasts, too many, too many, spillover..... Theyre eating mice, rats, dogs & bats. CoronaVirus WuhanLockDown WuFlu Wuhan coronavirus

Experts fact-check health claims in Netflix’s ‘The Goop Lab’The six-part series worries some experts who say claims made by Goop employees and guests invited on the show appear to be misleading or even false. I have to admit, I was disappointed with Paltrow's cooter candle. Reminds me of the time my friend bought a 'penis enlarger' on Ebay. When it arrived, he opened the box and pulled out a magnifying glass with instructions 'don't use in sun'. Her vagina scented candle cured my AIDS. Fact. Got money to throw away? Send it to Goop.

I hope Trudeau is safe 🤞🏼 how many people are flying from china to canada per day after chinese new year? 😱😱😱😱 😣😣 Wait they have money to do this announcement? I thought ford slashed their funding They let a plane from Wuhang land in Toronto ? Who is in charge in Ottawa?! A total and complete failure by our federal government. “Voluntary screening” while continuing inbound flights from highly infected regions is insanity.

We need to deport all mainlanders back to China Already hearing from staff at sunnybrook that there is more than 1 case there. Govt already hiding things from us Oh FFS ... this is ridiculous fear mongering. Simmer the f down

'Now is not the time': WHO says coronavirus not yet global health emergencyThe World Health Organization said Thursday that 'now is not the time' to call a global health emergency related to a new coronavirus that has left 17 dead and more than 500 others infected in China. The Allen Ginsberg Twins escaped from jail! Just because it’s not a global crisis...YET...doesn’t mean we should just ignore it. Cancel All Flights from Asia to North America .

are you kidding me Here we go.... Let everyone in, thatll solve everything Meanwhile BC LAdy says no need to wear a mask Its not presumptive stop playing with words on Sunny Brook's own twitter page they confirm it.... Obviously with so many Chinese travelers to China all the time ? That's the results and who pay the consequences now and put our Country in a risk.

Should we not disallow air travel from Chine to Canada? It seems very irresponsible to risk the lives of Canadians when there is a way to deter them from falling ill. People are dying from this. Do we really want an epidemic here? I am dumbfounded how the question period doesn’t have a microphone for those asking questions. Alternatively, having the person responding repeat the question for everyone to hear would work.

This is how china blocking their cities & towns....!!

They let a Man who traveled to Wuhan, the epicenter of this newest Pandemic fly back to canada.... like who the hell has no brains I hope no one is surprised All these crazy viruses come from Communist country’s IntyMedia 加拿大首例 this is terrifying Yes and they are educating the public with more information on what to do if you get the virus. Would have been even more amazing if they shut down travel from China a month ago but hey. Lets just lay down and take it.

What has the USA done? Snowbirdsix1000 A travel ban should've been slapped on Chonanthe second this broke out.

Sun is down, freezin' cold That's how we already know corona’s here This is exactly what urban Canada needs. Sunny ways comrades. Nooooooooo howroute NOW IN CANADA Debisha_MCGA Gee, let me guess; in Chinatown possibly Of course they are And now it starts. Stop all flights from China and any and all flights coming to Canada from any country affected with coronavirus.

Geeeez....worldwide plane travel... did the experts ACTUALLY think it wasn’t going to spread! Dumbasses! When will they announce if it's a confirmed case? And so it happens here🇨🇦

The border should’ve been closed to China days ago when it was clear the Chinese government was witholding information and completely mishandling the situation. Now it’s too late Shocking!!! This is way worse then the government is telling us I think. 2 week incubation and reproduction rate of 4 - it’s here.

That’s a little presumptive of them don’t you think? You want to be heard by the populace? Use normal freaking words. A possible case. See how easy that was? It’s an issue that won’t be controlled because countries are permitting the Chinese to travel by putting capitalism ahead of common sense. This is how any future biological weapon will be spread. Pure stupidity. coronoavirus

Fuck I guess we have no choice but to nuke Toronto, sorry you didnt get to see the Leafs win the cup boys This is exactly what my Plague Inc. said would happen. Doug Ford must be happy now that he cut community health services 2020 is the year from hell

Airport screenings are useless because symptoms can show later. They need to ban flights from the affected areas. Period! Pandora's box is already open, it jumped to humans, and has jumped to all parts of the globe. airport screening doesn't work until symptoms show days later. hopefully they are doing something progressive and save innocent lives

Just keep it in Toronto 'expected ' so no factual news... This is not what a 'news' station is. Just trying to get a headline 👎👎👎 This is so unsettling. There needs to be stricter rules to prevent this. How long has this outbreak been public for? Had enough time to prepare. Team Stupid in Ottawa needs to wake up. This lethal and virulent coronavirus has a 5 to 10 day incubation period. Inbound passengers stepping off planes with the virus incubating show no symptoms. Without quarantine, they go off into the wild infecting everyone they come across.

Why aren't they dropping flights into Canada? Our health minister should resign

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