Harry and Meghan have left Canada for Los Angeles, Britain’s Sun newspaper says

Harry And Meghan, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Harry and Meghan have left Canada for Los Angeles, Britain's Sun newspaper says

Harry And Meghan, Meghan Markle


Harry and Meghan have left Canada for Los Angeles, Britain's Sun newspaper says

‘This move was planned for some time. They realized Canada would not work out for various reasons,’ the Sun quoted an unidentified royal insider as saying

LONDON — Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have left Canada and moved to Los Angeles, where they plan to make a permanent home after stepping back from their royal duties, Britain’s Sun newspaper reported on Thursday. The Sun said the couple took a private flight to Los Angeles but did not say when. Last week, the United States and Canada agreed to close their border to non-essential travel to ease the strain on health systems caused by the coronavirus. A spokeswoman for Prince Harry declined to comment on the report, which The Sun dubbed as an exclusive. Harry and Meghan will cease their royal duties at the end of March as they carve out “a progressive new role,” mainly based in North America, which they aim to finance themselves. They had been living for several months with their son Archie on Vancouver Island in Canada. “This move was planned for some time. They realized Canada would not work out for various reasons and they want to be based in the Los Angeles area,” the Sun quoted an unidentified royal insider as saying. Meghan Markle was raised in the Los Angeles area and her mother Doria still lives there. People magazine, citing an unidentified source, said on Thursday the couple had already settled into a home in the Los Angeles area and had not ventured out. California imposed a state-wide stay at home order last week in a bid to contain the coronavirus. The report was published the same day that Disney announced that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, had narrated a nature documentary that will be released on its Disney+ streaming platform on April 3. It is the first job for the former Suits television series actress since she and Harry announced in January that they were stepping down from their royal duties. The film, titled Elephant, follows the journey of a family of elephants across Africa. The film will raise money for the charity Elephants without Borders. Read more: National Post

Bye... Really LA is in Lockdown. They cant stay with mother.. theres a COVID-19 enforcement out there! If this is true I knew that was coming when they first talked about leaving England so no surprise there !!! Yeah! Are they nuts? NGAF Here's hoping they stay gone Pay your goddamn security bill!! It is what she wanted all along...wouldn’t Diana be disappointed.

Bye bye.. Canada doesn't need any more unnecessary expenses now for sure.

Athletics Canada issues lifetime ban to coach Dave Scott-Thomas - Sportsnet.caAthletics Canada has issued a lifetime ban to national distance coach Dave Scott-Thomas in response to an allegation that he violated its code of conduct, the organization announced Wednesday. Another pedophile being protected. Shocking. When are people going to deal with these monsters appropriately? Banned for banging a few athletes... But Catholic priests molest children and are allowed to preach about a god

Seriously who actually cares?!? Charles has tested positive for the virus, Meghan had to do something to get the spotlight back on her. Canada is happy you left. Meghan the attention seeking gold digger. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I didn’t know they were still in Canada ? That’s how much I care...

Does anyone give a rat arse? Bubye and don't come back. Wonder if they are questioning that decision, right about now? Good riddance, catch the flu and don't come back. Byyyyyyyyye!

WestJet cuts 6,900 staff; Air Canada to furlough up to 600 pilots as coronavirus slashes flightsCarriers are making unprecedented cuts to flights, costs and staffing Cure coronavirus. Stop the 5G network rollout! boycott5G covid19 curecovid 5G

Oh, good! 🙌 Private flight? So much for his Climate change. They left 🇨🇦because their Security was suspended. whateverman My opinion would be to cut ties with the 'ROYALS' entirely. This would require some political adjustments but would definitely speed things up. As to the unroyal couple, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

Bon Voyage! Of course they have. That’s what a superficial dimwit, leading her husband around by the.....well, you know what I mean, does. There was never any doubt. The royal family is better off without them. 👏👏👏 Good riddan...Er, I mean Good bye. Kiss our Canadian asses Harry and Megs

Canada to help world's poor cope with COVID-19, amid UN appeal: aid ministerInternational Development Minister Karina Gould says Canada will spend millions to help the world's most desperate people fight COVID-19 because it is in the country's long-term security interest as well as being the right thing to do. Why? Why are we sending money anywhere but Canadians? We're already pulling almost $100 billion out of thin air, why are we printing more money to send to the third world? Why? Canada has done its part already. We need a 'Canada First' policy. Canada is about to BECOME the World's poor with this.

Pro freeload. With the way COVID19 is spreading in the US I’m surprised they left Canada If they’re leaving it’s cause you know Canada is fucked. Ahhhh So that’s why Trump wants the military at the border :) Isn't the border closed? 🤣🤣🤣 Good! Go, don’t come back. Don’t let the door.... The leeches have left because the money has dried up.. They have left Canada with a HUGE BILL. Not even a virus will stop these Megan from the cash!!

Good and stay the fuck out... C’mon, not news! Not even close to news! I am a follower on Twitter but this is a new low for NP!

Massive stimulus packages in Canada, U.S. put cash on Main Street in departure from 2008 crisisThe triggers were so different they almost ran in reverse this time I don’t remember there being an unprecedented power grab contained in any legislation in 2008 I don’t remember a PM in my lifetime even thinking it would be acceptable to attempt one. Japan has just announced that no one who has been in China Iran Italy .....in last 14 days is allowed to enter Japan. Canada has done nothing to protect Canadians.

Are we still paying for their security? Funny boarder is closed. Just not to them. Fuck off already. Glad u left. That because we stopped paying the security bill. Ok See what happens when you can’t find CoCoPuffs at the grocery store! Yay!! Purrrfect. Divorce in 3, 2, .... HarryandMeghan I thought they hated realDonaldTrump so much that they wanted to wait until he left office Guess they couldn’t wait 4 more years. Trump2020

Good riddance!

Posthaste: Here’s what would happen to Canada if coronavirus social distancing lasts until AugustPosthaste: Here's what would happen to Canada if coronavirus social distancing lasts until August Scarier than the virus itself!! Short answer: there won't be an economy to come back to. Eventually, ban or on, people are gonna say 'screw it' and take their chances with a return to normalcy, government approved or not. Now do an analysis of what the economy would look like if 80% of the population got sick and 3.4% of the population were dead.

We got played. So, they stayed just long enough for Canadians to pay their security bill. When that security gravy train ran out, they moved along. How about they pay us taxpayers back? Toodles Perfect Well they are damned stupid! California is one of the worst places for corona virus. 😜 Thank god. I only hope we never hear from them again

Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out !!!!! Are they bringing adrenochrome for their buddies on lockdown? It was all about MM. Once Canadian tax dollars cut off bye bye. Note one day before borders shutdown they took a PRIVATE JET out. Wouldn't want to be holed up in a mansion with Archie by themselves and no publicity now would they? Thanks for leaving truth is so obvious

Bank of Canada says retailers shouldn't refuse cash amid COVID-19 outbreakThe Bank of Canada is encouraging retailers to continue to accept cash, despite ramped-up health precautions by all levels of government to thwart the spread of COVID-19. Give me a break. Still use cash and debit but when machines go down I still can get what need as I always have cash so to each his or her own They all are

Just before the US troops closed the border. Donald fails again. Good but they should pay back the money that was spent on their securoty detail that we canadians didnt want to pay for Does anyone actually care one iota.? Good for them, I guess now we don’t have to pay for their security!! No free security so they leave It really seems that way.

And how is this considered essential travel? or are the rich exempt? I love the way that The National Enquirer keeps us updated on the latest antics of celebrities. Oh wait, it’s The National Post (aka Canada’s favourite tabloid). Thought they wouldn’t while Trump was President?

Yeah they just used Canada and had us pay for their security. Spoiled narcissists. I’m amazed really that they would want to move to the country that is the epicentre of this outbreak now. I bet they will be back in a week saying “oh we just went to visit family, we weren’t moving there....” They know Trump is still in charge?

Good, let me know when we get a cheque from the UK for the cost of their security. How Wow. Who cares? Wow. Should they not stay put for the time being? They're yesterday's news. May as well throw my royal wedding mug in the bin So they are travelling to the US during a pandemic. I hope they stay there until it is over and don’t come back with it.

Good bye to bad rubbish. Seriously? I’ve left my living room and moved to my kitchen. COVOD19 IsolationLife Hahaha idiots! Finally Harry & Meghan have done something useful. Dragged the MSM headlines away from Covid19. Quick, insert more stories and we can break this deadlock of never ending news cycle of the doom & gloom coronavirus Armageddon media coverage.

Divorce and custody laws in California would heavily favour madam, would they not Harry doesn't have a clue. Crawnvirus is gone!!! It’s about time they social distances themselves from the colonies. 😷 Buh-bye......don't let the door hit your asses on the way out. Borders aren’t on lockdown for the rich?

Does he look happy to you? Good luck in Hollywood Harry?

Good Good. Don't come back. Good, I hope they stay there. Did they remember to take Archie? Good ! And don’t come back ! don't go away mad, just go away... That dude is going to wake up one day and say What the fook did I do? Finally some good news. good Just when Canada was no longer obligated to pay for their security. It wasn't that long ago that Meghan said she would not move to America as long as Trump was President...I guess she couldn't wait 4 more years.

I know one little old lady in Victoria who will care. Not another single Canadian though. Finally! She wants to act. I don't know why b/c she was not even a B actress. They thought they could freeload of Canada but we stuck up for ourselves. She will be with her own kind there. Harry is not going to do well there but I don't think she cares. She gets what she wants.

🤣 Already folding 🤡🤡 Oh boy! This doesn't look good! Stay safe DavidStaplesYEG But I thought they weren’t going to live in the US til that mean ol Donald Trump wasn’t president anymore 🧐🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I think with CanadianPM response to the current crisis they would be safer/smarter to stay in BC That was the plan from the beginning. There was a hidden agenda. But Canada must feel as 'had' as U.K. They've burned through a lot of credibility and a lot of goodwill.

But how? Excellent!

DavidStaplesYEG Good riddance Yay! Great don't come back We need Canadian troops on our border to prevent them getting back into Canada ;) DavidStaplesYEG Finally some good news. And the security budget will balance itself Good riddance TBH. Now we're spared from shouldering the bill for their security and getting the unwanted attention that are unnecessarily affecting Canadians esp British Columbians.

And note that reference to a “progressive role.” Yep No they are voice for some cartoon being done. They went for work.

Don’t come back. Good riddance to royal rubbish Who cares. There are more important things going on. They don’t like paparazzi so LA makes perfect sense. Who cares!!! Doesn't matter Good, fuck em! Why are people so shocked? She’s from there and her mom lives there. Canada is a beautiful place for them to decompress and be on their way. Good luck H & M and whatever path they go.

And that's a good thing. Used Canada as a transition did they? For permits, immigration, what... Bye bye , good luck! Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha! Thank god!

COVIDIDIOT What...I thought not until Trump is out of office? During a pandemic? Flew to LA by private jet. I’m concerned for their sanity. What are they thinking? Why would anyone want to leave Canada. Silly really, when you think of all the BEAUTIFUL properties here. They could have had their pick. But LA, really!!!

Does anyone care? Seriously? Fuhk em. Who fukin cares Cheers to these two who want to thrive and not just survive but as Canadians suffering financially through a world wide pandemic, let’s not forget, we, as their stop over, just got stuck with their 5 month security bill! Good.

DavidStaplesYEG That’s sad to hear Who cares? Great News. Good Choice- Never comeback again, you had enough Canadian Hospitality when you were nesting here trying to get pregnant as ticket to Royal Title. That did not work right? Please make sure not to collect charity from Canada for ur Trust-stick to UK and USA!!

Got that free security and it's time to move on. Don't come back. During a pandemic? Can you blame them? Good now stop reporting on the Twatwaffles That should be illegal, at this time

Good grief they need to make up their minds on where they're calling home. I'd ask how they were allowed to travel but having high status people choose the US is the crap realDonaldTrump lives for! More eyess on him and 'his country.' Okay, they're gone. QUICK! Slam the border shut! Ticked off because we wouldn't pay for their security?

I guess we didn't care much and there are no paparazzi here She will have him dressed up in a Woody from Toy Story costume within a month...running him around from audition to audition. Uhh, not the best time to do that Byyyeeeee Keep that border closed Good news! Oh thank you for that. Maybe now Disney can pay for their security as it was a complete joke that Canadian taxpayers were on the hook for their security detail!

Finally some good news! Brilliant! I hear LA is nice at this time of year! Don’t forget your pooper scooper That’s just stupid... yikes.... good luck 😳 Because there is NO media glare or paparazzi in California and COVID risk is soooooooo low in USA. 👍 Good riddance! Have fun in Trump’s cesspool! CBP , question: how in the hell can these 2 move freely between 3 countries, when the USA fucked me around on my green card as a legal PR as a lineman working my fucking ass off to keep the lights on for Americans ?

Thank God. Hopefully permanently. Is it an essential travel Get her to show us her tits Finally.

Good riddance to bad rubbish..

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