Hamilton police warn protesters blocking rail lines to leave area following injunction

Hamilton Police, Hamilton Rail Blockade, Hamilton Rail Way, Rail Blockade, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Wet'suwet'en, Wet’Suwet’En Protest

Hamilton police warn protesters blocking a rail line near Hamilton to leave peacefully after CN rail served them with an injunction. READ MORE:

Hamilton Police, Hamilton Rail Blockade


Hamilton police warn protesters blocking a rail line near Hamilton to leave peacefully after CN rail served them with an injunction. READ MORE:

'At this point in time, the protesters have been served with an injunction by CN rail. We are encouraging them to abide by that injunction and to leave the area peacefully,' Hamilton Police said.

GO train cancellations between Niagara Falls and Aldershot stations due to rail blockade The blockade has caused GO Transit disruptions and train service has been suspended since Monday evening at Niagara Falls GO, St. Catharines GO, Hamilton GO or West Harbour GO stations. Shuttle buses have been running between those stations to Aldershot GO. According to the Wet’suwet’en Strong: Hamilton in Solidarity Facebook group, a post on Tuesday morning said: “It’s a new day, and we started it by burning the injunction delivered by CN rail.” It also encouraged others to join the protest. “Hamilton police does respect the right of people’s freedom of assembly and peaceful assembly and expression of freedom,” Stewart added. “However, we have a court injunction that’s in place right now and we are here to enforce that injunction if need be. Story continues below advertisement “Hopefully we don’t get to that stage. Hopefully, people will leave the area peacefully.” 2:21 Read more: Globalnews.ca

Threaten to hold their welfare cheques and you'll see the barricade come down in 15 minutes. welfare getajob bums Injunction Hell run Over the silly Sods bunch lazy good for O GlobalRegina Hard working blue collar people just like me. A stern warning no doubt. What a completely wimpy response ... as orchestrated by our PM.

Get these 20 asshats outta the way. What an embarrassment for Canada TrudeauMustGo TrudeauNotFitForOffice And of course wearing masks, like the criminals they are How about do your job as the police and remove these people we are so pathetic in this country If the OPP isn't there to remove the blockade, then, why are they there? To show support and make sure that someone, maybe from a province in the west, doesn't come and tear it down I'm embarrassed to be a Canadian right now.

Beware the misinformation. This is a paid propaganda organization reporting.

Ontario Police Attempt To Remove Rail Blockade On Mohawk TerritoryOPP officers are moving to clear the blockade near Belleville, Ont., after a deadline was ignored About time.... but this will be another Trudeau fail It’s about bloody time!

Run the over. Oh wow......Hamilton police warn the protesters.... Just remove the indigenous terrorists. Bring back the internment camps and lock them up Put the Tim’s coffee down boys and get to work... Sorry, It’s going to require a bit more than handing a speeding ticket out... Get it done... Get them off the rails, Why are the police sitting looking this...

Why is the police standing by letting this happen...? How is it that GO transit makes announcements to all passengers that crossing or being on the tracks is illegal on every train but yet these protesters are not being arrested and removed? Just bringing animosity towards their cause not support. Why is there a warning? If someone gets caught drunk driving do they get a period of time where they just need to stop doing it to avoid arrest?

Warn! Wow. That’s going to fix it 🤯🤯🤯 Could someone kindly give these people a map. They appear to be lost, no where near a pipeline. It is a criminal offense. They need to have a criminal charge attached to their ID and passport/ driver license. They will not be able to travel. If a foreigner a lifetime ban in Canada.

Ontario Rail Blockade Survives Past Deadline On Mohawk TerritoryProtesters were given until midnight to clear the tracks, but they refused Surprise! Maybe it’s about time we boycott buying things from Natives...like illegal pot....illegal cigarettes....and illegal guns.....

Get the trains moving and run them over if they don’t move GlobalLeth 2 words: Train Plow Start up the trains and go, have no respect for them anymore The T.H.&B. should sue them for lost revenue. Screw the Warning How can these fuckers be on private property and not be arrested for trespassing. protests

BC1 Put the renegades in jail...this is a game for Indigenous people to gain support for no pipelines on their land. BUT pipelines generate profits to pay their benefits. They can't have it both ways. Vote for me and the trains will run regardless. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. GlobalRegina Maybe hire Chinese police to deal with them, mobile water cannons and rubber bullets

Conjunction junction, what’s your function

Ontario Police Move To Clear Rail Blockade On Mohawk TerritoryThe barricade is still up even after the prime minister said they must come down Hey ! .. You believe everything Trudeau tells you .. Gawd, the man's been a train wreck from day one .. He is not a real (Primer) ministre, not too many listen to him..

Where are these hardworking stranded people? Get together, go down there and start dismantling. What are the police going to do? Arrest you all? Show these “protestors” that you will not stand by while they have a temper tantrum GlobalEdmonton what a bunch ..the new me 2 where my money 2 ARREST THEM FOR TRESPASSING

am640 For every dollar they cost people an equal amount should be taken away from indigenous funding. Watch how fast they stop. Enjoy Trudeau supporters. You voted for this. There's ISIS TERRORISTS joining in with some of the protesters I saw on FB. This is what Soros pays $15/hour for. Its called foreign funded environmentalism.

GlobalEdmonton Hi how are you, Hi how are you, hi..OMG my eyes... there’s actually pepper in this spray!!! Ahhhhhhh.... AM980News Good for them, go protest somewhere safe and away from the trains. I’m sure their mothers told them not to play around trains. Blocking train tracks is illegal as I’m sure their mothers told them too. Stay warm though or block the tracks and go to jail where it is warmer.

I thought burning wood and plastics was harmful to the environment ? Wonder how many of these losers have taken a tree planting job for the summer months?

Police move in on Tyendinaga Mohawk rail protesters after deadline to clear site passesBy 8:30 a.m. EST Monday, reports indicated that police had begun to make moves to clear the site Stop pandering to self serving politicians and activists and show some respect for the Wet’suwet’en First Nations community itself who not only approved the project in question but who have made it clear that the protesters and Herediatry Chiefs do not speak for them About time. How many minutes (not weeks) would I last on tracks holding up a sign? Let's get them moved it needs to be done I just hope nobody gets hurt please leave peacefully

Global News...😂😂🤣 Please leave. We’ll carry your luggage. Stop warning start arresting. Don't warn, act! Garbage that these pricks are treated with kid gloves ikwilson Just run them over... no one will learn until THEY LEARN‼️ Enough warnings More policing Arrest all of them themadsloth Who the hell allows this f*****g mess!! That good 4 nothing useless piece of dirt in Ottawa should have the RCMP arrest EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON A BLOCKADE. ALL AMERICANS SHOULD RECEIVE A 5 YEAR BAN FROM CANADA! Every blockade person should receive a $100,000 fine for burning tires

No welfare check see how fast the leave themadsloth Can anyone in government, anyone at all, introduce a bill that would make it ILLEGAL to block our railway lines and highways? WTF AndrewScheer PierrePoilievre MichelleRempel CandiceBergenMP fordnation

Global National: Feb. 24, 2020 | Rail blockades come down but tensions remainOntario Provincial Police dismantled a rail blockade in Tyendinaga Mohawk territory on Monday, arresting a number of protesters. But as David Akin reports, t...

GlobalEdmonton “Criminals” - fixed it for you Global_Montreal Why the fuck do the police stand there doing nothing? Arrest these terrorists and be done with this nonsense. What's the reason to have this continue so the media have something to talk about. CKNW At least OPP finally has some balls unlike Vancouver PD who just sit and observe. Useless pigs

Time to start cracking heads It’s the working class that pays the taxes the government funnels to the indigenous people why would they stop them from going to work I donate twice a month already Arrest and charge them Those people are so selfish. They don’t care about the passengers’ safety. Why should we care about them? CBCPolitics

680CJOB These people r not endearing themselves to general public by these disruptions to our economy nation wide. Move them off with whatever means necessary and sit down with them like normal people are forced to do and get resolved. We are supposed to be one nation, now act like it! Keep voting Liberal! I love it! Sit there and enjoy Union Station chaos! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Looks like a homeless camp. Not surpised. Get a job.

As midnight deadline expires, Tyendinaga Mohawks don't budge from blockadeSupporters of the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs remained at a rail blockade in Tyendinaga , Ont., outside Belleville, as the midnight deadline to leave the railway and avoid possible police charges expired. Shocking... Put a fucking train through them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They want a war.

GlobalEdmonton Get them out of there now !CANADIAN ARE SICK AND TIRED WITH THESE PROTESTERS ! The general public is going start attack these protesters! Never mind the warnings!Give them 15 minutes to get the hell off private property! Put them in jail for 90 days not a big deal they won’t be missed at work will they? Lmao

...and yet Mr. Novelty Socks professes that Canada is a rule of law. Or else what? The liberal_party is enabling criminal actions,and economic sabotage from openly criminal elements as well as not following the rest of the world by banning travel to and from covid-19 hot-spots which is irrational and irresponsible JustinTrudeau's gov is inept & negligent

GlobalEdmonton These people need to get off their butts and go to work. We ALL know you would he singing a different tune if you owned the pipelines.. but hey.. govt is paying you anyways to not work so its close enough you idiots. No govt money =no welfare Or what, they will hit them with their handbags? What a joke this country is, including the paid media.

I'd imagine a 100 tonne train engine barreling down the tracks at 100km/h would probably be convincing enough to move. AM900CHML Do any of these people even have jobs lmao.

Best way to stop a train is if you jump in front of it. Be brave Way to protect 5 corrupt Indigenous government officials from allowing 1000s of other indigenous people and chiefs from having jobs that all want and signed on for! I hope you like helping keep those families in poverty! Rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons, tasers...i can’t NOT think of easy ways to deal with these thugs.

Bring out the water cannons! Clear the debris. CKWS_TV I am guessing this is not on their reserve? If not move them out. If it is, still move them out. Thia is getting ridiculous. LOCK UP & FINE 💰 All theses protesters. Throw some work boots and job apps at them. They’ll scatter like wet cats... 770CHQR So why aren't they upholding the law? Why are the Police allowing for these illegal actions to continue?

Business as usual. let the trains roll. Haven’t we had enough of this?

I ran into a few of these clowns on the way home drivers were slowing down to give them the finger it was hilarious. If they been served and not leaving arrest them all CKNW Pepper spray and or water cannons please GlobalBarrie Thank you JustinTrudeau cafreeland Bill_Morneau liberal_party for your powerless voice and incompetence to keep Canada running.

But did they use their most non-threatening, inclusive big boy and big girl voices? Why are the police babysitting these idiots? 630CHED Just hose them, they’ll leave. Promise Show them the injunction. give them 15 minutes to read it. Arrest anyone that hasn't left. Nip this bullshit in the bud or it is going to escalate. People wont stop if they know nothing is going to happen to them.

JustinTrudeau CanadianPM Hey JT! Is this really going to be your final hour? Is this how we are going to remember you as PM? Absolutely horrible leadership as Canada is held hostage to this. Reconciliation? They are the ones separating us from them! CBCNews

So what happens now ? Please charge them with littering and harming the environment with their tire fires while you're at it.... the irony seems to be lost on them. Also, considering there's no toilet facilities where they're blockading, they're creating a biohazard as well. Ew Or they will ask them again and again and again and then sit in their cars and pout

Urban terrorists! This happened yesterday in the Vancouver area. Police had to bring in trained dogs and specialized equipment to make sure the track weren’t sabotaged Jail time for every single one of them. Break the law, pay the price. That goes for Trudeau as well. By not doing anything in the first place, you have set a precedent 😡

HamiltonPolice Water cannons.

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