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Trinity Bellwoods Park, Covıd-19

'Grow up': Toronto councillor warns people who packed downtown park

'Grow up' Toronto councillor warns people who packed downtown park

2020-05-24 2:53:00 AM

'Grow up' Toronto councillor warns people who packed downtown park

Physical distancing rules appeared to have been ignored at some of Toronto's parks and beaches, where thousands of people gathered Saturday to enjoy the summer-like weather.

Toronto Public Health reported 220 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, bringing the city's total to 9,835. Of those cases, 750 have died while 7,202 have recovered.Ward 10 Councillor Joe Cressy said he is disappointed to see that many were not following the rules.

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"It's dangerous, and frankly, it's selfish," Cressy said. "We are by no means out of the woods yet."He said Ontario has not spiked the curve, and large crowds make the potential for a second wave into a reality.It's just unacceptable behaviour, Cressy said.

Groups of more than five people were also spotted at the downtown park, which violates the province's emergency order prohibiting gatherings of more than five people who are not members of the same household.According to the city, it has seen a notable increase in complaints related to park use and physical distancing after weeks of declining number of complaints. Cressy said the city has received many troubling reports Saturday regarding the situation at the downtown park.

Toronto reopened some park amenities and city services this weekend as part of the province's reopening plan.The city said additional officers have been deployed to problematic parks, including Trinity Bellwoods. However, some officers told CP24 that it was impossible to enforce by-laws given the thousands of people who have descended upon the downtown park.

Cressy said officers have told him that with this type of crowd, their own safety is at risk.He said he has been in touch with city staff to adjust the planning to avoid another gathering of large crowds on Sunday."We want to make sure that people can get outside," Cressy said. "But if people don't respect the rules, we can't allow it to happen."

"You're putting yourself, your parents, your grandparents, and your friends at risk. So, grow up."RELATED IMAGESLarge crowds were seen at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Read more: CTV News »

You folks are playing with fire. This is so White I can't see shit They are young and feel confident they can survive the symptoms All this yesterday should have never even happened. Parks among other things should not even be opened. Everything has opened way too fast, and to early. Ford and Tory, you need to do better. A lot better!!

COVID-19 does not discriminate. I compare this gathering to a Petrie dish. Not okay. Foolish. Wow , unbelievably. Especially since Ontario is still have 300+ new cases a day! Proud of them ! CTV is FakeNews When this is over Covid will have cleaned the air, made us rethink our eccessiveness, made us appreciate our families and first responders, and just maybe, will have wiped out all the STUPID PEOPLE in the world.

The knowingly know what there doing is wrong.They should have all been charged and are all selfish people Irresponsible! So this is okay but an American wanting to go to thier home in Canada cannot do so I see dead people! This family got 880 for rollerblading. These 500+ people did not get a feather ruffled. Is Toronto afraid of their big, bad, wolf lawyers?

But everyone's been couped up for so long, and perfect weather comes around. It should have been expected covidmorons Lol Toronto councilor needs to mind his own fucking business. Its called freedom. Looks like some people need to experience the water cannon to help make them understand. Some of them may never grow up if the get COVID-19. Please respect our healthcare workers and stop doing these stupid things.

Sorry but I’m not going to divide myself because people chose their freedom over fear. I applaud them and I don’t hate them. I’m not going to allow the media or government to turn me against my neighbor. So 🖕🏻 fordnation WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS Stand up and take a stand! Show me what a true leader looks like! ENFORCE THE DAMN LAW OR LOCK IT ALL DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

Close the park!! I’ve also seen people visiting each other, having dinner or drinks. As soon as the mayor said the rules were relaxed a little because phase 2 was in place, a lot of people took it as permission to forget about everything It was no better at colonel smith park. There were so many people biking, walking, running and walking their dogs, it was hard to maintain distances, so I avoided the park and left with my dogs. The sad though’s nice out people don’t care

Selfish pricks joe_cressy you grow up mate! Stop fear mongering. The reality is this virus is not dangerous at all for young people. There is jo guarantee of a vaccine and it's here to stay likely until we get herd immunity. We have to face it and deal with it. Lockdowns have become cruel They should be exempt from healthcare support. Such reckless disregard for others is outside of the taxpayer‘s obligation.

Shut down the GTA! Do not punish the rest of Ontario for these city folks ignorance!!! I live in Niagara wine country and us country people know respect of social distancing so don’t punish us all!! Are you kidding Put a fence around them & keep them there. DO NOT let them out or tax our health care workers with their stupidity!!!

JohnTory leading by example. 'In Canada, the individual rate of death from COVID-19 for people under 65 years of age is six per million people, or 0.0006 per cent. This is roughly equivalent to the risk of dying from a motor vehicle accident during the same time period.' This will be the reason why we can have the business close again that just started to open and ruin the economy further. Not surprised that infection ’s going up, low testing = community spread. Selfish!!

nobody ever has the proper info on 'asymptomatic' cases and make up their own threat level. Calgary tested 3400 asymptomatic. 75 were real asymptomatic meaning tracing couldn't find how they got infected and they weren't sick. Come on you guys. Your Canadians! Your better than that! Stop thinking you know better and just listen to those who know what they KNOW!!

You cannot teach stupid!!!!! This is people that will not live like animals locked up in a cage. They will not listen to the communist ways of Trudeau. Let’s go join them. Canada is so sick Canadian have no right to be smug when it comes to criticizing America. They should force these morons to sign a legal document giving up their Universal health care in Canada if they come down with the CoronaVirus! Idiots.

Such dumb ppl are the cause of hundreds n thousands of cases. This is attempt to murder. Causing others the harm n risk of infecting everyone. While Ontario n Quebec are still far from flattening the curve, it’s shocking how these ppl think that COVID-19 is gone. It's absolutely pathetic the municipal and provincial police/bylaw officers refuse to do anything about this or Queens Park due to 'large crowd size' gee I feel so safe now thanks guys! Do your jobs.

When this councillor comes knocking on your door asking for your votes remind him to get lost and grow old People went nuts today, they make bbq parties Rich, entitled, selfish, obstinant assholes who think the rules don't apply to them 🤬 83,000 died of the flu, 80,000 died of cancer, 790,000 died of aids, 1.25 million died of a car accident. very little amount of people died of this virus only 5,000. You have a better chance dying in a car accident on your way 2 pick up your groceries than dying of this virus.

Oh the conspiracy theories. You all keep me entertained! This is happening in Ontario, what a surprise! This is ridiculous behaviour! We are NOT at that point yet, people! I wish we were, but people gathering together on this scale and disregarding medical authorities are endangering their own as well as others' lives! PhysicalDistancing COVID19 Covid_19 staysafe COVIDIOTS

Wow this is quite disappointing considering Toronto’s numbers. Because people are sick of the fake fear mongering over something that has affected 0.006% of the population? If you're under 40, staying isolated because you might die of CV is the same as staying isolated because you might die in a car crash. Hundreds of vulnerable Ontarians have died. When are we going to admit the way we fought the virus hasn't worked?

And then the ones that get sick will try and sue the city for not protecting them, let them get sick it deserves them right just for being stupid. 📢👮‍♀️👮‍♂️I wonder why the police didn’t use a megaphone to remind them the rules, and inform they were going start handling tickets to offenders 💵 📢👮‍♀️👮‍♂️wonder why the police didn’t use a megaphone to remind them the rules, and inform they were going start handling tickets to offenders 💵

This people really is so estuped soon goin UCI There seems to always phone with cameras to take these pictures but no one uses the phone to call the authorities. Let them have a virus. They'll realized after Trim Toronto council further Close IT DoWN Premier, They Dont deserve it LOCK IT Down! fordnation

You should go to Walmart in Edmonton south common it’s disgusting To hard to fence, issue correct number of daily tickets and create some security jobs. Get a bulb hat on councillor. 100% fake.. only way you’ll get sick is going to a nursing home 🤦. The past two days it’s been like the 400 in cottage country..

Part of growing up is taking YOUR welfare into YOUR OWN hands. I am so disappointed. So many are busting their asses and risking their lives to help others and this behaviour is a mucho slap in the face to all essential workers. Not cool Canada! Be better! So disappointing. All the hard work. All the doctors and nurses risking their lives, the people who have died, and this is what people chose to do today? They should be ashamed of themselves.

Sounds like a councillor needs to be voted out of office. Hopefully he just shuts up until then. They risk not only themselves as well others. COVID-19 doesn’t care if you’re young or old, rich or poor. It has infected without discrimination over 5 million people worldwide and killed over 342,000. It’s okay to live your life but not at the risk of other peoples lives 🤬

I’m squinting my eyes and sees no asians. Lmao Live people the councillors like the rest of our politicians think that Canadians have no access to other information related to covid the difference is we are not being paid by Big Pharma to keep people in fear & ignorance so some can line their pockets.

I would rather that they sit in the sun than get into other trouble young people tend to get into. city should hand out free body bags Liberal Toronto hypocrisy at its finest right there...covid guidelines are for everyone else but me. Order ventilators The models were wrong the first wave never came MSM is reporting BS what do you expect

All the unemployed bums collecting CERB payments. Can’t fix stupid. Don’t even realize this will just force govt to close it all up again after they kill 1000s of people. Morons! Bunch of yahoos Brain dead! Watch closely, we don’t often see idiots gathering all in one place in the wild, a rare sight indeed.

It’s that mating age. Very hard to control the need to hook up. There’s got to be a way to get through to them. Let’s see what happens in 2-3 weeks. I agree with the healthcare workers, those people should sign a waiver. My neighbors are doing the same thing having different people over everyday. I see mostly young people who haven't been dating for last couple of months! There will be less physical distancing in upcoming days!

Grow old would be better because right now, getting older might be a good goal for these folks Drain the Universal healthcare system. These people are putting their family, city, province and country at risk. Reading some of the responses on this matter makes me sick. In our family we have members as front line workers and good friends at various medical facilities. People wake the hell up this is no joke.

I understand people are fed up with being quarantined but this behaviour is definitely not going to help. They all look very young. Looks like Florida - you know the state Canadian media were disparaging just a few days ago - now Toronto looks more like Arkansas- love the delicious irony..!!!! People should sign a waiver. If you wanna go to the packed parks, doctors would have the right to refuse care.

Hey cdnlaw community, would actions like rise to the level of criminality such as under the cc offence of 'criminal negligence' - doing anything OR omitting to do anything that it is his legal duty to do, shows wanton/reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons. Nice angle 👌🏻. It just struck me this is a perfect, visual representation of why the fight against climate change doesn't stand a chance. This is humanity, selfish when we started abusing the planet and selfish still today.

Easy solution...identify the people at the park no arrests no fines. Then when they get sick and go to a local hospital just send them home that will teach them and make it public Look at all those people enjoying their lives. And this is why the numbers keep climbing in Ontario and Quebec. This looks fake, not a single mask in this pic? Not even one?

idiots Center of universe collides. It’s about time people take their lives back, government has no right to take our freedoms and control of our lives.. 🚨 Fear is the currency of Control 🚨 I knew these millennials would serve a purpose, keeping them locked up is like trying to lock down a bunch of horny bulls. End the lockdown

Lock up Ontario now but open up Quebec 100% Gfy councilor Thank God I dont live there. More graves needed... They will be the smartest people in the graveyard.🙃 Hey look, it’s the entitled, it can’t happen to me group! Let’s put these people to work in the long term care facilities riddled with the Coronavirus and see how well they handle it, instead of being selfish, partying and wasting their lives.

Is this meant to be surprising? This was always going to happen lol. So, like, let's just open up then, this is getting stupid JohnTory You have encouraged this by closing off highways for Active TO as if this was a 'after pandemic' parade. This is the message you've sent. Its selfish and a complete disrespect to healthcare workers and people at risk.

Grow up BreakingFakeCTVNews - 0.022% infection rate across Canada! Well is ok to say That but you hare the ones who opened the parks so grow up your self you call your self a leader Good on them, people need to take a stand against this bullshit Geez 🤬 Bad shot going to happen and Ford going to shut you guys down again and by the way stay the fuck out of Manitoba

fordnation why did they not receive fines Yet a family rollerblading does...different rules for the cidiots! CLOSE THE PARKS AGAIN. This is ridiculous and irresponsible behaviour in Toronto! Why do I see the law enforcement officers and people without masks in the coverage? Is it time for people to sign this US style waiver? ColinDMello fordnation MaskLawForCanada

And that’s why they are called cidiots Grow up! You peasants really have no right to complain about not being able to make a livelihood. Us chosen ones continue to pull in a paycheck, so we care little for you mere pee-ons. Toronto Genocide! good god come on people Reckless They already forgot how many Canadians died because of the virus! So sad! 🇨🇦

Zooming in on the picture tells me everything I need to know about this group of covidiots Good for Toronto finally standing up. Maybe there is hope. Send them all back like the canned fish, they prefer that way, let them BE....SMH!!! Toronto, USA.. Go back to work councillor Canada Man o man! Grow up! Hopefully they all received fines

They are definitely not scared enough, the media failed them. Almost 65% of cases are in the GTA and the rest of Ontario pays for it fordnation time to consider Regional openings instead of Provincial. Don't make everyone pay for T.O.s selfishness Good end Tyranny, enough with this phony virus Totally stupid

Yeah, this is enough to keep my immunosuppressed fanny inside. P..O..L..I..C..E katsil1 So many Libtards. Speaking Moistly. What could go wrong. Between Ontario and Quebec we'll never be able to fully open up. THESE are the people holding us back. Thanks a lot, morons Mostly all young selfish assholes, it's all good until one of there parents or grandparents die from it ...real classy Toronto ...

History has a way of repeating itself - people should read about the Spanish flu of 1918 - second wave back then was worse than the first wave and lasted almost 2 years. Spoiled Undisciplined Careless Self Absorbed This is why we can’t have nice things idiots... Quarantine them all together!!🤔 Stupidity to the highest level

We need eugenics! Enough with the indiscriminate breeding. Nothing good comes of it. And she told 2 people, and they told 2 people... And not even 1 Trump voter in the crowd..... Clearly the real issue is the amount of green space the city has. All these people should be exempted from public healthcare. Join the culling of 2020.

Anyone notice the age demographic? Well, once again stupidity has a habit of getting its way. I have no sympathy for them if they get sick Public shaming. People are sandwiched in to space spaces and have been listening to a failed drama teacher tell them what to do for months. Really! I try to keep with positive comments on Twitter but honestly What are you all thinking! I done not want to go into another lockdown Toronto!

they all should of been fined! And this is why the s are going up 😷🤬😥 So sad they actually think they are invincible from the virus. They could even be a 'carrier', not knowing & spreading it to others. Grow up is understated. We did what we were told to do for the last few months, now it's time for people to start living their lives and get the economy going. I sat on a restaurant patio today, and not the least bit concerned

To shame people for going outside shows there is another agenda going on. vaccine endthelockdown Good for them. June Headlines : Local Surge Identified as TBPCC20 (Trinity-Bellwoods Park Cross-Contamination). What grow up. Just take a stand with the city and and close the parks down. 😳 Oh no 🤦‍♀️ As a society, people just (apparently) don't care. Just jump to the next step and prepare.

Irresponsible. Medical workers, doctors and nurses have to look after them! I wonder how many off these kids are independent and don’t have to go home to older more vulnerable people? 🤔 You cant force healthy people to keep doing this quarantine forever... I think they were fools, but Cressy getting 'upset' with them is laughable and so typical of Joe. No one is more condescending than Joe Cressy.

So what are they going to do about it then? Good for them. The ppl have had enough Good for those people living life. As long as they don’t visit a nursing home after all will be fine. This is shameful. fordnation JohnTory your move. Let's hope they have the opportunity to grow up Councillor Karen can suck a fat one

These are the carrier's. They make all the others suffer and die...selfish bastard's.

Fears grow that Tanzania’s government is hiding true scale of country’s coronavirus outbreakWhile many African countries have been praised for their response to the coronavirus, Tanzania is the most dramatic exception, run by a president who questions – or fires – his own health experts and has refused to limit people’s movements Can’t expect better out of shit hole country’s. Does this have anything to do with the video set saw the Tanzanian exposing Gross mistesting in his country by a lab? In this article does the Globe Mail talk about his credentials before he became leader Corruption in Tanzania? Shocking. Who would have seen that coming?

York Regional Police say they’ve dismantled a drug– and gun-trafficking ringPolice say they’ve charged 17 people and seized 15 guns in the probe that stretched throughout the Toronto area and Sudbury, Ont. We're any of the guns from legal Canadian gun owners? Did they buy them back or nah?

Two teenagers charged in shooting death of Toronto tow truck driverTwo teenagers charged in shooting death of Toronto tow truck driver GlobeToronto globetoronto What was their motive, I don’t really know. This is simply madness globetoronto JustinTrudeau & BillBlair When does your gun ban kick in to prevent these things? Maybe you need to ban teens from obtaining guns? Just a suggestion. Oh right, it's already done. globetoronto Damn firearm owners with a PAL and properly stored firearms did this I bet.

Crews battle wildfire near Chester Grant, N.S.Fire has grown to more than 20 hectares; some structures reportedly destroyed Remember Canadian dickhead head to the towns ye F32king useless F32king w2nkers. 6 of 7 trucks were in McMurray dump when 2579 homes burnt.

Canada needs a plan to prevent hostile post-coronavirus foreign takeovers, experts warnThere have been calls for the government to protect companies that are at risk of being acquired by foreign takeovers. If anyone thinks trudeau will protect them fr foreigners they must be joking. That would be a dream for the libs Unless they are Chinese right? Trudeau worked really hard to destroy the economy so these companies would be cheap to acquire for his masters When the nation is eating nothing but potatoes, then it'll get it.

Electrical fire breaks out at highrise condo in Toronto’s north endEmergency crews were called to Sheppard Avenue East, just east of Yonge Street, at around 9 p.m. Thursday after the fire alarm went off.