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Coronavirus, Coroanvirus Essentail Workers

Grocery store employees are essential during coronavirus, but they’re scared

Grocery store employees are essential during coronavirus, but they’re scared

2020-04-06 2:50:00 PM

Grocery store employees are essential during coronavirus, but they’re scared

Every day, grocery workers are restocking toilet paper, eggs, produce and canned goods as fast as the items fly off the shelves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Most of us are terrified,” Pinelli said. But he stays on because he wants to help.“I have not only bills to pay, but it’s the only way right now I feel like I can do anything for my community and help out,” Pinelli said.Some have fallen sick.The Shaw’s supermarket chain told workers last week at six stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont that one of its employees had been diagnosed with COVID-19. The company reminded workers to wash their hands regularly and stay home if they don’t feel well.

Wuhan tests 10 million people, finds few infections Trudeau positions Canada as champion of co-ordinated global recovery plan Trump says it’s ‘common sense’ for Putin to be invited to G7 meetings

1:11Coronavirus outbreak: Trump says U.S. has received COVID-19 test results for 1.67 million AmericansCoronavirus outbreak: Trump says U.S. has received COVID-19 test results for 1.67 million AmericansAt the Organic Food Depot in Norfolk, Virginia, cash is no longer used. Customers can’t bring reusable bags. Children under 16 are banned.

“If somebody fell sick in the store, the store is most likely going to shut down,” manager Jamie Gass said.Gass, 47, said his wife has asthma, which means she would be more vulnerable to the coronavirus. Yet he feels pride going to a job that helps ensure people get fed in a crisis.

Story continues below advertisement“Am I scared that I could catch this? Absolutely,” Gass said. “But I’m sure everybody is in that position. I’m just taking as many precautions as I can, so I don’t have to worry as much.”READ MORE:Thinking about death amid coronavirus? A living will could help

In Italy, where more than 14,000 people have d of COVID-19, consumers seem to prefer smaller, family-run stores and markets.One of them, the Innocenzi grocery store in Rome, was established in 1884 by Emanuela Innocenzi’s grandfather. Its wooden shelves, marble entrance steps and cherished custom of clerks waiting on each customer hearken back to another era. The small store now allows in only two customers at a time.

0:49Coronavirus outbreak: Trump gives well wishes to Britain’s Boris Johnson after latter hospitalized for COVID-19Coronavirus outbreak: Trump gives well wishes to Britain’s Boris Johnson after latter hospitalized for COVID-19A dentist’s office provided masks, which employees wipe down with alcohol each day and reuse.

Emanuela Innocenzi shrugged off the pope’s praise.

All front line workers, ALL not just nurses and such but grocery clerks too, be provided with N95 masks and gloves. It can be done. Trudeau needs to address the shortage and retool/repurpose more manufacturing! It can be done ! Enough's enough ! Protect everyone! 🤔 . You had a story on Mar 17th regarding a trial using HCQ at a nursing home in BC. What are the results of the trial?

thankthefarmers Their literal pay is mostly hazard pay already They should, at the very least, get shares in the store they work for.... Yes MichelleRempel When little covid critters start crawling all over grocery store employees and start yelling threatening messages, saying they are going to kill you and your family, THAT is when you paranoid freaks need to put the meth pipe down, wash your hands 50 times and repent. sinners...

Of course. ALL essential services should have more protection. All of them. If they’re not worthy of protecting, the service they’re providing isn’t essential. SELF SERVE!!!!! JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE THIS IS 2020 NOT 1984. It’s not just grocery store employees. It’s ANY employee out there dealing with the public. And there are lots of them just as concerned and fearful

More self checkouts? Times the store closes in the day for a extra clean and stocking of shelves so they can do their work an avoid people? kstokesvies I was in Superstore last week and a staff member walked up to within inches of my face to point out the next open checkout. I was inhaling his exhale. I could not back away and it caused serious anxiety in me. It still worries me. Maybe staff need some training too.

Hazard pay I feel my local grocery store is setting a good example. They clean the cart before giving it to you. Sanitizer is available if you like before you enter. There are arrows on the floor now with space distancing lines. You can't go back if you forget once you passed that aisle. From every store worker

MichelleRempel Lay them all off like everyone else As I work at one,I can honestly say that there is not much more they can do,other than closing completely,and that would hurt everyone MichelleRempel More pick up options. Close all tills and have nobody allowed into the store except staff. They all now work as personal shoppers and pick, pack and deliver to the trunks only if waiting Cars.

The Govt should be paying hardship allowances to those who they say are essential services. To everyone that has to go to work to keep us alive. I thank everyone who is staying at home when I get into an empty train when I have to go to work. notafraidycat I’m terrified being in the stores for 20 minutes. I can’t imagine an entire shift. We need to be doing more to protect them.

They should be shielded floor to ceiling behind a plastic curtain like this bubble tea cafe in Vancouver. 2 flaps : 1 for taking card payment and 2nd for your drink. MichelleRempel You are not there to visit! getinandgetout would help us out a lot! Please one member per family! You need us, please don’t knock us out! 🙏🌎❤️

Limit numbers inside and more directional cues. It is impossible to practise physical distancing when people are allowed to go in both directions in the aisle. Well done to stores who are already doing this saveonfoods needs to step it up I’m afraid. MichelleRempel They are the safe ones, no one else is given gloves or forced to take any safety measures... Supply shoppers with masks and gloves at the door and force them to wear them, we will all be safe then.

MichelleRempel Why are they not wearing masks ? MichelleRempel The lottery corporations need to shut down in store lottery and scratch ticket sales. Many points of contact exchanging customer slips and lottery tickets. People brining in their own filled out slips from who knows where. Online purchases are available

MichelleRempel Masks... Singapore Taiwan korea hong Kong they are pervasive and have been key to lower virus propagation MichelleRempel They made a choice to go to work just like my fellow professional drivers did. They get a paycheck just like everyone else. I am glad I retired when I did the Trucking industry is a unrewarding profession and it is only getting worse.

MichelleRempel I want my son to wear a mask, he refuses unless AtlSuperStore starts encouraging it, they do not. He says he doesnt want to scare the customers. I am scared he will bring it home and I may take it to the nursing home where I work. Please encourage Masks4All They should maybe wear face shields?

MichelleRempel Masks and plexiglass around cashiers MichelleRempel Who are you surveying none of the clerks we deal with see any problem , more fake news Home delivery is best option MichelleRempel I think it all depends which grocer they work for. I notice some companies are far better than others in protecting their workers/shoppers.

Several weeks ago we switched our grocery store operations to orders by phone or online, pick up and delivery. No public in store. It was the only way to keep our customers & staff safe. Our customers really appreciate it. It also helps ensure continuity of operations. Wearing mask is necessary What about the nurses Is $27/hr, minus union & parking, enough?

Self checkout counters The barrier should be 'D' shaped to cup the clerk because some people will try and stick their head around the barrier. Clerks should also be less friendly to prevent talking and being entertainment for the lonely. Lol they have gloves and a full divider, they are fine, they just want to be able to get paid $2000 with CERB and not work

Stores need to change to pick up or deliveries. However their apps are horrible. 8% said no Shaking my f*cking head … Perhaps hazmat suites? 😏 Please help all people who work at grocery stores. Please allow them to wear masks ( not surgical ones). Omg I work on transports, deal with coughing drivers that just flew back from India. I wash my hands constantly. I hate seeing people wear gloves and never change them. They handle money and your groceries. They just need to wash thier hands during thier breaks.

force mask to employees and customers It’s not a virus, it’s radiation poisoning!! This all started in March 2020 and Canada kicked off there G5 cell network!! I think as a grocery store clerk , we are in good hands , there’s only so much we can do to protect ourselves, it’s the slow shoppers that are frustrating and the ones who leave buggies in the middle of the aisle , be aware of how you shop , please

All stores yes, most definitely. I feel they the real heroes. They deserve better pay and protects How is that even an option. We know there are idiots and 'you cant tell me what to do' folks out there. Who are the asshole 8% that day no? I want to say UCP supporters Making gloves and masks (PPE) mandatory for workers exposed to the public.

More safety measures for those in factories providing foods and goods for those stores too please. Hell, yes! They're also front line workers! Stop letting merchandisers in the stores to stock toys and magazines! The merchandisers are going into 15 or more stores in a week, in different cities. Even being extra careful, that's a lot of unnecessary risk for both the store staff and the customers!

How about people stay home... If you need something from the store message friends and family if any of them plan on going out, work together to keep eachother safe. Also many grocery stores now allow online orders and you just pick it up. Be smart. Protect workers. They're front line workers! Hell, 'Yes', a thousand times over.

They need to be educated about sterile techniques. Like a surgeon. No cross contamination. PPE for grocery store employees who are exposed to hundreds of people per day. Their life is NO LESS VALUABLE. A lot are told not to wear masks. Might scare the customers More measures? Are you people psychopaths?

It would be good to close all stores sundays Give them proper masks and face shields Common sense measures for sure. That being the case, the hysteria being peddled given the numbers will ensure economic collapse for us. Not all of use get a taxpayer funded bailout like you guys. Rain or shine. Soon there will be no stores in which to spend your ill gotten gains.

My heart goes out to all those who are working right now...... It’s not about measures it’s the amount of disrespectful people in the stores They should also be making more per hour. Masks just like everyone else curbside pickup and delivery only They need gloves & surgical masks Free Hotel accommodation for family separation if requested

PPE + hazard pay We can't even purchase a larger-than-personal-size of hand sanitizer!!! I asked the walmart greeter if they had hand sanitizer and he said, ' it's purse-size and you have to ask for it at customer service'. WHY? We give examples of China... in most places groceries were delivery only there! and at the stores all employees wore masks

I think if you don't feel safe you should go home and not be fired. I don't like how work force you to come in. Unfortunately for me if I don't feel safe my boss says I can go home. I feel completely safe what I do Always. Do they have safety meetings at the start of every shift? They need to be brought to focus & have the opportunity to express safety concerns to alert each other.

Face shields. No one should be afraid to go to work. Maybe ask Justin at the next JustinOClock how many face masks were sent to China. CottageCoward yes they need protection! masks, gloves... Hazmat suits if possible! Yes. Increasing the capacity of “click and collect” orders while reducing the wait times would encourage persons to order online, pay online and then pick up outside grocery stores thus reducing the amount of people they come in contact with. COVID19 groceryshopping LoblawsON

They should be wearing ppe also. Gloves and masks. They are front line also Gloves and masks. Closed to public, leave a list at the door or online and pick-up outside the store when ready, these grocery stores will become nests for this virus and the workers risks their lives, close them now to public.

Self Check-Out This is what should be done to keep them safe! We need to use technology like described in this video. Lets keep them safe!!! Heroes! Guaranteed employment for life. Wage increase. Promotions. Hire more help. Clean product at Shipping/Receiving before stocking shelves, require all shoppers to wear protection...

Who are the sadistic fucks that voted no? They need more PPE. HONG KONG 👇 ☑️ No social distancing ☑️ No strict by-laws ☑️ No movement restrictions ☑️ Twice the density of any city here ☑️ Exposed to the virus 3 months ahead of us ☑️ Only 800 infections and 4 deaths Why? Directive to wear masks since January 👇

just like the LCBO these employers came in very very late with protection still far behind the curve so to speak … soon to be sued by the frantic legal community YIKES And they need a hell of a lot higher pay. They should all be receiving hazard pay. I saw a young fellow doing extra cleaning at the store I go to and he tucked his face in his sweater every time someone walked by. I felt really scared and sad for him. He was obviously worried.

And these companies are not giving them masks to wear either 👏And so they should! GRATEFUL💕 They absolutely should be praised along with the truckers. Thank you❤️❤️❤️

UN chief calls for action to address ‘horrifying surge’ in domestic violence during coronavirus crisisFollowing his call on March 23 for an immediate ceasefire in all armed conflicts, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it was time to appeal for an end to all violence, ‘everywhere, now’ Forced narrative! Please stop.

Tiger At Bronx Zoo Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Contact With WorkerSix other big cats have also developed symptoms, the zoo said in a statement.

U.S., Britain brace for wave of deaths as coronavirus crisis deepensThe United States and Britain braced for one of their darkest weeks in living memory on Monday as the social and financial toll of the coronavirus pandemic deepened. It will be less than a bad flu year. Got quite a ways to go before we top the casualties of WWII

Japan set to declare state of emergency to bolster coronavirus measuresJapanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says that he will declare a state of emergency for Tokyo and six other prefectures as early as Tuesday to bolster measures to fight the coronavirus outbreak, but that there will be no hard lockdowns. It's far from over.