Greta Thunberg is self-isolating after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

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Greta Thunberg is self-isolating after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

Covıd-19, Coronavirus


Greta Thunberg is self-isolating after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

Teen activist Greta Thunberg announced on Instagram that she has been self-isolating in Sweden for the past 10 days, after coming down with symptoms of COVID-19.

Rachel Ferguson writer Published Tuesday, March 24, 2020 1:49PM EDT Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg addresses guests at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Probst) SHARE TORONTO -- In an Instagram post on Tuesday, teen activist Greta Thunberg announced that she has been self-isolating in Sweden for the past 10 days, after coming down with symptoms of COVID-19. Thunberg and her father had just returned home from travelling around Central Europe when they began showing symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Despite not being tested for the virus, the two determined it was the most likely culprit given their symptoms and recent travel history. To keep her mother and sister safe, the young environmentalist has been self-isolating in a rented apartment in Sweden. For Thunberg, the symptoms were minor. “I was feeling tired, had shivers, a sore throat and coughed. My dad experienced the same symptoms, but much more intense and with a fever,” Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox She ended the post with a plea to her peers to take whatever steps possible to mitigate the spread of the illness. She emphasized that for many young people the symptoms may appear so minor that they can often go undetected, making it easy to spread to high risk groups. “We who don’t belong to a risk group have an enormous responsibility, our actions can be the difference between life and death for many others. Please keep that in mind, follow the advice from experts and your local authorities and to slow the spread of the virus,” she wrote. “And remember to always take care of each other and help those in need.” Read more: CTV News

So, this is her fathets latest and greatest idea? Using the carona virus to garner sympathy for his daughter because she has been pushed out of the limelight? so shes finally going home? Garbage Patch Kid Um, yeah it was only for 50 minutes. 50 minutes she was cured. Carry on. Too bad so sad Wtf MNSI INTERNET IS DOWN EVERYWHERE N EVERY NUMBER FOR THEM IS BUSY AT TIMES LIKE THIS WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO IM LOOSING MY SHIT

That girl needs to stay home and stop travelling about. Unlike her, who has access to special quarantine apartments while she thinks she may be infected, the rest of us peasants self-quarantine with family members in the same household. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!! Damn the media dropped her sooner than i expected.

Big deal. So are thousands of others. Don't worry Greta. Western civilization will end before China gets rid of you.

Isolated with you: Tips to avoid couples' quarrels amid COVID-19 crisisWhile the COVID-19 crisis may put some quarantined couples in a romantic pressure cooker, an expert says partners can build skills to cope with this situation without too much interpersonal conflict. Remember: napping is good, hugging is caring, we are all in this together. Go for a quick, brisk, walk in the cool air, just 5 minutes will do wonders Just du it. Quarrels between couple, damn I am quarreling with myself!

Take care little one the world needs you! Soooo. Spreading it around the world flying around country to country spreading Soros’ propaganda. “How Dare you”!!! I hope she continues to self-isolate; her 15 minutes of fame is over The amount of fragile male egos on here pissed off and ranting about an underage girl who's fighting for the environment is appaling.

Well they have a lot of money from climate change maybe they will tune in on another way to milk the system! How dare you covid theme! Who the heck is greta thunberg? First thing first IF this is true I’m sorry for her and that’s a big IF, however won’t it be funny she dies god forbid to a virus that has noting to do with how she clams everyone else is going to die ?

Permanently we can only hope.....CARMA

How do I know if I have COVID-19? A guide to explains the common symptoms of COVID-19, how the disease spreads, and what anyone who fears they may have been infected should do. The test, that's how you will know. EOS You know you had coronavirus is when you remember that you've lost your sense of smell and taste during that time. It does come back. The coughing almost killed me. I spit up tiny pieces that looked like burgundy red chunks of liver. It took 4 weeks to get better. be safe! COVID-19 is CRAZY FAKE NAMED, coronavirus Wuhan OR China Virus is REAL NAME.

Go gretta go. Gretta for world leader world trump idiot It’s sad to see so many adults have so much hatred for a child that they are glad to see she has symptoms. Pathetic Nothing better to report then your Antifa friends .. She should be in quarantine for at least two decades. Who cares I'm self isolating and no one gives a damn about me

A. Bullshit B. Who cares C. firejessallen Greta: stomping her feet “daddy, I haven’t been in the news lately b/c of some disease! Greta’s dad/business manager counting money “that’s okay Meal Ticket, I have a FABULOUS idea!” Is her hair purple or is that lighting? Isolate for 10 years now.

Blue Jays Shapiro says players, staff have not needed testing for COVID-19Toronto Blue Jays president and CEO Mark Shapiro says none of the team's players or staff have had symptoms that warranted being tested for COVID-19. And you don't need to speak about things you have no idea...

It’s her fault. Not news! No one cares!! If she drops dead...oh well she is being deceptive.. Greta had a near covid19 experience.a possible one . she was not tested. Stay safe and healthy....sending love and prayers to you......🙏🇨🇦❤️❤️🥰😘 Who the fuck cares “Why aren’t they listening to my paid UN climate change speeches?”, “I now have COVID 19 give me more attention”

So what, so are millions, she is merely a puppet Ahhh who cares? I’m 100% is fake news

‘Big Brother Canada’ ups coronavirus protection for houseguests'A medical professional has verified that there are no symptoms of COVID-19 in the house,' read a statement from Insight Productions. BigBrotherCA Why is this continuing? I wouldn’t call it a necessary “job”. BigBrotherCA

Who cares You people make me sick. That’s someones child. It’s unfortunate to hear of anyone getting the virus, and yes, to those who say “who cares, we’re isolating too”, you may be right; but perhaps the good is that it may inspire millions more to isolate as well. Aaaannnd Who cares This poor kid The lazy

So is most of the what? her abusive handlers are to blame. I feel so sorry for this used and mentally abused child. I hope she recovers and can carry on being a normal free spirited youth instead of the monster she is forced to be for evil selfish adults.

7-Eleven warns Calgary customers after employee tests positive for COVID-19A 7-Eleven in Calgary has asked staff to “self-isolate with pay for 14 days,” adding that it wants customers who were in the store between March 4 and 17 to contact Alberta Health Services. But yet after the mass 'closure' announcement from Ontario Quebec ...... Almost no changes are actually made. FlattenTheCuve or just appear we want to 'with pay' 👍 CP24 fordnation JustinTrudeau Wow, if 7-eleven can pay its workers, why aren’t more larger companies doing the same...? They are just handing out ROE’s. What is the money the government setting aside for companies for..? I thought it was to pay workers...

Don’t care. Let’s get back to when should we prepare for NationalPurgeDay So many lies from here family, it's hard to believe them this time Ok. Bs just needs the lime light find real news to report! Adverse reaction from WHO secret vaccine given to rich and un elite. ZFG Well she found out that this was a real threat, unlike climate change 😆

For a young girl, Greta sure has thin hair. Is she sick?

Canada refuses to go to Tokyo Olympics unless Games postponedCanadian Olympic Committee says Games must be pushed back by 12 months amid COVID-19 pandemic Globe_Sports 2021 summer Olympics! Globe_Sports Encourage EACH 2 write daily next few weeks WHO they had contact with should they become SICK. BECAUSE Public Health have 2 trace people ensure notified to isolate TRACKING any spread without dates & who is impossible to contain YOU may not show covid19 symptoms YET Globe_Sports Go for gold in 2021

When thinking of COVID-19.... She said Flu like symptoms and has been tested wait for results. Too all the Bastards saying good she deserves it. Well now you do too. Oh no hope she gets better She is a scam artist... Sad! Who really gives a shit about the brat. She’s just looking for attention can’t complain about the environment thus no money for her and her Daddy.

Who fucking cares? She probably thinks global warming made her catch it. 😆 everyone commenting on this post: do y’all feel good bullying a child? because that’s what you’re doing, you goddamn weirdos. The transmission must be from reusable stainless steel drinking straws or coffee refills... TruthAboutRecycle

She is the least of our worries right now. Please don’t make this about her😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬 Clone malfunction.... Machino God Bless Her soul. Who gives a shit, just another attention seeking ploy by her parents. So am I and thousand of others. I’m sure she’s faking like JT, just to get attention. Be well 💕💕💕

80 years to life would be grand. I take just a publicity stunt to keep this Soros puppet in the news!

Sure hope her parents have some “green” options for their dear child if her health takes a turn for the worse. Poor girl being used as a pawn. So? Not news. Aren’t we all? Regardless of symptoms? So many grown men and women here making fun of and getting upset over a child with autism. What the hell is wrong you with you people

That is the best news I have heard in a long long time!! That little Liberal turd deserves it. Twelve months. She shouldn’t have been flying all over the world trying to save it. It’s not a suprise. Lol who cares.

Who cares? Too bad , Greta, should take advice from smarter folks: Stay Home. You are a waste of skin, in any event!! Stay home and let smarter folks look after EVOLUTION I guess she shoulda stayed in school and not run around all over the place. Yeah we care ! Otherwise replies are ridiculous ! Hope she’s ok !

Which house will she stay in? Only 1 servant? Here come the boomers Please report/retweet this every minute. Every hour ain’t enough Good, lets not hear anymore garbage from her anymore. who really cares. Who is she?

Who cares? NorthernOntario So are 300'000 other people soon to be 1 million. Desperate for attention. Sad. This isn't news Good CTVAtlantic Attention hound Aaaah. Peace and quiet. Why she didn't believe there was a virus...She had a different opinion...🤔 very bad timing for travel.....wish here good recovery.

Hope she's feeling better soon. Nobody cares about this news... Wanna stay relevant to the cultural zeitgeist? Say you have Covid symptoms and are self isolating. DRAMA QUEEN ...Antifa girl Who? Well we know she didn't go to china.

There’s a silver lining to everything I guess Stay home! She’s got the flu The China Virus is stealing her childhood Praying g for her. And to the Bastards saying good. I hope you Suffer from this virus you now deserve it. I will just say nothing... How can she show symptoms when she's the Red Queen. Great news! Don't have to listen to her spreading negative energy.

Why do we need to know this!

Who is she ? CTVAtlantic Greta I hope you're smarter than these people making mean comments, and don't read them. Get well. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Good! Hope she is OK, but it’s kinda nice not to be seeing her lately. Hope that part lasts. Please prove yourself to be above this and report news that is important on the measure of informative and true.

CTVAtlantic Her reaction getting diagnosed with Coronavirus: Hands up, all those that give a shit. Hey, same as over 400 000 other people. Consider this is a demented child that wished to destroy the livelihood of people around the world! Do you think they care about this news! CTVAtlantic Good

Does this brat and her PARENTS ever get tired of trying to grab the spotlight? WHOOOHHO... Is she missing attention? Poor girl... There are hundreds of thousands of girls and people in hospital.. why does she think to be so special I feel sorry for ALL PEOPLE who is now struggling for their lives! Finally! Out of the public eye. No one stick a mic or camera in her isolation tent.

The alt-right trolls just showing their true colors. Just like now they refuse to believe in science, they refused to listen to a littlel girl and now all they have is to troll here. Because they're just sad and angry people and this is all they have. Who cares , Truly disgusted at some of the immature and stupid comments directed at a kid just because you don't like her environmental views. Is this really what the world is becoming!

less jet flying for her... good for the environment She hasn’t been in the news in the last months and was feeling “self isolated” already so she had to make her self “newsworthy” somehow...

Stay safe and healthy....sending love and prayers......🙏🙏🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️💕 Maybe she created this virus and spread it all over the world to bring down pollution world wide and it worked. please self isolate Greta but do it for at least 3 years. Great news!! What is stealing her childhood now? Hey, she is a kid that was exploited by the 'Climate Change' movement and those behind it. As much as, I dislike her message, she is still a child that doesn't deserve the meanness being given out.

FEEZYDoesIT I hope it ISN'T COVID-19 and she's ok. Oh no! Get well soon GretaThunberg 🙏🏻 Surprise surprise Too bad so sad! I have no sympathy for her or her father, they chose to travel!

I hope she recovers as she is a child. I think to be safe though, she should quarantine for 6 or 7 years. Carbon emissions have been have got your wish in a “monkey’s paw “ sort of way ? God bless you my dear to heal - you’re a sweet innocent child that stood up for mankind and mother earths wellbeing. Shame on you if your posting derogatory remarks. You have my prayers Greta ❤️🙏

Now the high school graduate wanna be is a Doctor...... Sad Whatever makes this troll go away. Covid 19. How dare you! Conservatives hope she passes away. Avalon709 Oh no they’ve stolen her childhood!

Unbelievable the negative hateful crap some of you are getting on with!! She’s a kid who’s trying to make a difference in the world and is now sick with a potentially deadly virus!! Unreal! It must be the global warming!!!!! Even got the purple hair now, hope it’s worth polluting the environment with all the dye chemicals and plastics involved. Pfft

Oh lord, the irony in this Greta should have stayed home Karma These replies are absolute gold some people going in, she's like 17 bruv calm down. And here comes the flood of morons in hate.

I wish her well, just wondering who she's blaming for it? Looks good on her! Who cares? My aunt’s husband is also suffering from COVID-19. Why is THAT not all over the news Be safe wee girl 👍😘 Covid19 is all her fault Can't blame climate change for that. Just China. No body cares about the Antifa girl CTV get it threw your heads ..her 15 minutes of Fake fame is over ...

See the rednecks are out in force .. lols Good stupid little girl your deserve it

Who cares The virus must be caused by global warming and right wing gun nuts. Gretard Good shut her up that kid stresses me out!!!

Although I disagree with her stance on cc, and am disgusted about how she is being used by activists, I hope she recovers. I hope her parents or anyone else she might have had close contact with doesn’t get it either. Hope she is ok and doesn’t need any oil byproducts to feel better! Could be a problem unless it is painted GREEN

A perfect place for her... keep her away from the internet too. When did she morph into a Kardashian Doing anything for publicity Sorry to hear that.. Please do not blame this to the climate change which is SCAM. Oh oh. Here come the sad pathetic people with nothing more to do than celebrate another human being getting sick with a disease that's killing thousands around the world. It's time we pass a law that these disgusting people can't hide behind fake accounts, and are accountable.

Good since you're isolated hit the books and actually learned something in school homeschool. She’s faking it!! Just want to stay in the news. Self centred family with no class.

I’m no fan of hers but Covid-19 is an ugly virus and if Greta is actually infected, I wish her a full and speedy recovery. Wait, her mother said Greta can see CO2 molecules with her naked eye, and yet can't see comparatively gigantic virus particles?🤔 she will survive, like what the expert says she’s still young 🤦🏻‍♂️

She doesn’t have it, just 👀 for clicks and likes Clearly something's going on with her. The girls hair is purple for Christ's sake....... I guess Karma has similar symptoms 🤷‍♂️👋👋👋 Hey better soon She missed the spotlight. Go away. (Feel better). I hope she’s ok

Probably cuz of climate change Pathetic old men. Would you wish this in your daughter or granddaughter? You people aredisgusting. Ya sure its not a brain tumor? Who cares I don’t care much for her but ...she looks like a Greta. When you think of that name that’s the face I picture 😆 VirginRadioTO Get well soon GretaThunberg!

Let me fix this for you: Truent student with mental health issues, possibly positive for Covid-19 after refusing to stay home; went socializing for donations instead. You're welcome. Who cares tell me more about the royals. Her and Sophie. Who cares, thousands of people have it why does she need special attention?

Wow there's some fucked up humans out there.. 🙄 She's a kid.. this is some dark and evil shit right here.. adhoclala only thing that can save the world is social distancing, not your god nor your believe Conflicting interests? 🤔 I cannot believe the responses from adults to this tweet! Regardless of opinions and what is right vs wrong GretaThunberg is a child. Nobody should wish this on anyone. ShameOnYou

adhoclala god doesn't exist in this context and virus doesn't give a shit about politocs I hope you get better soon! 🙏🙏🙏 Who? So many brainwashed morons in these comments lol. She’s a positive advocate for a good cause at such a young age. She’s already impacted the world more than any of the idiots in these comments saying karma or good riddance.

Get well soon kid the world needs more propaganda paid for by the rich and famous that profit from everything your against! Omg, what a bunch of horrible people in this thread. The worst of times brings out the best in some....others, not so much.

She is back again? Give me a break. Greta please isolate yourself and quit. Thank you. It’ll give her time to compare perspectives So what is robbing her of her childhood now? Why is she a news item. Cdn_Eliana Isolate for a year please And this is news because...? She hasn't been in the news lately so she needs to do something to grab a headline

Should have self isolated 2 years ago. Is she using any oil by products to keep warm and take her medicine?

Bahahaha Who gives a shit really this is suppose to be news. She is just trying to keep her name in the news. Keep her isolated for 10 years for all I care. God bless you young lady! Greta to the coronavirus...... God does exist! The only celebrity I’d care has it. She is a celebrity because she made it her mission to improve the planet while the rest of them just in movies! Fuck them! Well except Leonardo D and Phoenix! Lol

Mother nature doesn't like Greta How dare she! Cue nasty comments about a minor by adults who should know better. Hopefully she stays in isolation and never comes out, nobody needsto hear her bullshit

Little miss crazy may be getting her wish, The Lord is healing the earth with everything shut down while getting back at those who she believes polluted her world. This is God's world and he has always been in control... Get well soon, GretaThunberg !!! And? Hope she recovers soon and takes a good look around. Be thankful for what you had.

“... just returned home from traveling around Central Europe”. During a global flu pandemic. Let’s listen to this wise person on climate policy. better question is why are they travelling around Europe when the virus is killing thousands of people in Europe, proof that these activists and environmentalist think they’re immune to every thing that is killing everyone else, living in a mental bubble

She should have self isolated a year ago. I hope she buys mask at And don’t care.

I’m appalled. Anyone would would wish I’ll on anyone... ffs. What if it were your child! Who are these people Smh. Violently. That's called KARMA. Now f off please Gretta Lyin POS just wants more attention And? Let's talk about something relevant, please. If she'd self-isolated prior, she would not have shown the symptoms.

Hopefully she self isolates for about 50 yrs Go Covid Go!!!!!!!!!!!! Karma.

Well we know she didn't go to china. Knew the replies to this were gonna make me mad, read them anyway, got mad. Hopefully she gets well soon Not to mention she's joined the purple hair cult. Sweden's not doing nearly enough to curb this virus Caught it purposefully to remain’s ok though doesn’t seem to be to harsh on the young so probably a good strategy

Trigger Alert 🚨

It's just autism Who?

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