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Abortion Access, Abortion İn New Brunswick

Greens won’t support throne speech unless Fredericton abortion clinic receives funding

Clinic 554 is a family practice that is at risk of closing without provincial funding.


May also said the Green Party 'will not vote a single vote for the Trudeau administration without a commitment to a climate plan that aligns with the advice of the scientific community.'

Clinic 554 is a family practice that is at risk of closing without provincial funding.

Jenica Atwin is the MP for Fredericton, who became the first Green MP elected in Atlantic Canada in the 2019 election.

NDP Leader in Fredericton this weekend to support Clinic 554

He said he wants the prime minister to deliver on his promise made during the campaign.

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Which “scientific community” ElizabethMay ? Do you mean the 11,000 fake scientists that signed that letter? cdnpoli She needs middle Eastern fuel I guess. Has her new husband sold his gas guzzling Corvette for an electric Prius yet And what about the scientific community that disagrees with her? Whatever fits her party's narrative I guess.

😂😂 I say pull the PLUG on grandma cdnpoli May has three seats. Not exactly the balance of power she thinks it is. She's just an opportunist like jagmeet Singh. We deserve better. Not everything that the scientists want us to do can be accomplished without damaging the Canadian economy Canada needs a lot of help from America and China and Brazil and India if we’re going to tackle climate change

ElizabethMay cdnpoli ClimateChange Elizabeth May is in one of the trees in this video. Can you spot her? Answer at end. Nope not buying it one bit and here’s why in this short clip. Big Deal!

McGill student won’t have to step down from student society for accepting free trip to IsraelThe Students’ Society of McGill University board of directors has rejected a motion from its legislature demanding that one of its members step down for accepting a free trip to Israel. The executive members offered their “deepest sympathies” to Jordyn Wright, a second-year science student. What if she was Muslim and the trip was to Iran? This is news? Oh, it’s from CTV, carry on.

Why should abortion clinics have 'provincial funding'? By '...aligns with the scientific community' she means adhering to the Paris Accord, which is not scientific, but political. No one cares Liz These idiots got 3 votes last election. What on earth empowers their leader to think she's got any kind of cache, and worse, why does the media continue to pay this party of no discernable consequence any kind of attention at all?

Whatever will we do without those 3 votes? Elizabeth May: I will step down as Green Party leader. Also Elizabeth May: The party will follow my lead. How about the scientific community of 700 scientists who challenge the UN on the climate emergency scam? COP25 I thought she was gone? Does anyone care about the Green Party?

The scientific community, not the UN's fake scientists, think the climate crisis is a farce. Great let's have another election!

Speaking of gender: A National Post debate about gender identity and free speechJonathan Kay and Mercedes Allen discuss the issue, including how the concepts of biological sex and gender identity collide The only time I have read both sides in a single place, what I have been waiting for. Was not 'a waste of time' nor are questions erasing anyone's existence. Does not seem to be one area where the movement shows any concern for anyone else, just a campaign to silence.

A climate Nazi and a baby killer... How nice.. This doesn’t sound good. Environment before everything else. Dangerous mind if she speaks her mind. Dangerous kind if she’s lying. Either way, this woman should not gain any more power. A Dictator on the rise. None of these climate hoaxters deserve your votes. They're just globalist theives angling for their cut of the trillion dollar doomsday prophecies they promote Same as the fake news taliban who exploit those unfortunates among us who believe they control the climate of worlds

I thought she stepped down as leader. Is anyone going to point out that the Green party does not align with the science? It is very commonly accepted in the scientific community that the greens are one of the most anti-science political parties in Canada. Thank you for standing up for science and evidence based policy Ms May.

...all three of them! The Liberal & Green Party Science or the truth that climate changes regardless of how much tax money is collected?

Winnipeg man receives jail time for six separate Liquor Mart theftsA judge has ruled jail time is needed after a Winnipeg man pleaded guilty to six separate thefts from Manitoba Liquor Marts over the past year. He got a 6 pack

Nova Scotia girl receives bravery award for saving family from van that plunged into riverSophia Grace LeBlanc – who was six at the time – unbuckled her sister’s seat belt and got her out of the vehicle before climbing out to flag down another motorist for help

Canucks' Alex Edler to miss minimum two weeks with upper-body injury - Sportsnet.caVeteran Vancouver Canucks defenceman Alexander Edler will miss a minimum of two weeks with an upper-body injury, head coach Travis Green announced Tuesday night. SuleimanDamji Canucks Not shocked , where’s Juolevi ?

Alberta's Fair Deal Panel met with mix of support and suspicion at Edmonton town hallPremier Jason Kenney created the Fair Deal Panel to come up with recommendations on how to best advance Alberta’s economic interests within Confederation :-P 🙋😂 You mean redmonton where the n d p reigns supreme These town halls are political feel-good missions. They're like being stuck in the snow--wheels are spinning, speedometer says 100 but you're not moving. What is Plan B when 'Fair Deal' crashes and burns?

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